Warrick Dunn, Bruce Arians & Jameis

July 13th, 2017


See that JoeBucsFan.com logo? That’s Warrick Dunn’s number 28 in there.

There was a reason for that choice.

What a class Buccaneer Dunn was, and he brought that same personal brilliance to the Falcons, where he now is a partner in the team.

In this new NFL Network video, Dunn talks about how he sees in America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, a young man “suited for the NFL” coming out of college and a man now poised for greatness.

“I thought he was prepared mentally and physically [coming out of college], the way he can lead. He was throwing footballs in double coverage. I mean, he took chances, and to be a great player in this league you have to take chances,” Dunn said.

“I think his leadership is there. And most people will say, ‘Oh, well, he’s immature.’ Well, when a kid is 19, 20 years old, they still have to grow. I think over these last three years he’s really grown into a great leader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tampa Bay community. And I think he’s come into his own. So he should be a guy that [should] be around because he’s studying his craft. I think that’s probably one of the most important things — that this is a guy that’s taking his job seriously. He’s studying his craft.”

Cool stuff from Dunn, who had even more to say about Jameis and why he likes him.

(Man, it pained Joe to see gray on Dunn’s head. Joe is feeling old.)

And then there was Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, who coached several superstar quarterbacks, such as Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. He just released a new book, The Quarterback Whisperer, and Arians spoke on WFAN-AM New York sports radio about it yesterday.

You can listed to the A+ interview here.

It was as if Arians was talking about Jameis being the ideal quarterback prospect. Arians dives into a lot about a successful quarterback’s demeanor, extreme confidence and decision-making. Joe recommends the listen. Arians might be the only NFL head coach whose candor rivals Dirk Koetter’s.

The more Joe pays attention, the more impossible it is to find an NFL insider or true expert who thinks Jameis will regress or hit a wall this season.

Forget about the rest of the Bucs, if Jameis can actually take a significant step forward in his development this year, that alone should make the Bucs a 10-win team.

16 Responses to “Warrick Dunn, Bruce Arians & Jameis”

  1. Bucsalltheway Says:

    Deep ball accuracy is the key to the puzzle. If we can generate a score at will explosive offense it will not matter what the defense does.

  2. K2 Says:

    If Jameis can reduce turnovers he will become a great QB and begin the Buc’s march toward a powerhouse.

  3. JA Says:

    That’s Warrick Dunn? Yeah, I knew that-dead ringer for the real deal.

  4. Bobby M. Says:

    The Bucs won with Brad Johnson…Ravens with Dilfer. We can win with Winston but until he snaps out of consistently slow starts, costly turnovers on our side of the field and burying the team with deficits, the “greatness” of his leadership is meaningless to me. If we keep missing the playoffs, Winston will have a similar perception as McCoy.

  5. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    That’s right!!

  6. mark2001 Says:

    Bobby…give me a break…he is only starting his third season….I’d bet he will figure it out and take it to the next level. This is a QB…not a RB. Way to early to talk about snapping out of those issues.

  7. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Hoping he’s on the pathway of Luck:

    First 2 Andrew Luck seasons: 57% for 8196 yards, 55 TD (9 rushing), 27 Ints, 14 fumbles

    First 2 Jameis Winston seasons: 60% for 8132 yards, 57 TD (7 rushing), 33 Ints, 9 fumbles

    Those #s are extremely similar. When taking into account fumbles Luck had just 1 less turnover than Jameis and 2 less TDs. Luck was less accurate and also put those #s up on more attempts (1197 vs 1102); and had Reggie Wayne / TY Hilton / Coby Fleener / Dwayne Allen his first 2 years (& Moncrief his 2nd year+).

    Andrew Luck season 3?

    61% 4761 yards 43 TD (3 rushing) 16 Interceptions, 8 fumbles

    Crazy how we have Bucs fan who question if Winston is even a franchise QB when he’s basically been Andrew Luck his first 2 seasons – the guy everyone always said was a franchise QB. Hoping he bests his year 3 numbers to continue the trend

  8. Joe Says:

    The Bucs won with Brad Johnson…Ravens

    Only way you can win without a quartetback is to have a legendary defense with multiple Hall of Famers. Good luck with that.

  9. NFLNut Says:

    Jameis is well ahead of Luck’s pace … it’s actually not even close as Jameis is well ahead of every QB that has ever played the game’s pace.

  10. NFLNut Says:

    BTW … Dunn is a Falcon now… and I LOVE Bruce Arians!

  11. darin Says:

    Dunn is a class act. What a great man, and a hell of a running back. Ahhhhh the memories. Go bucs

  12. BigHogHaynes Says:

    The Bucs must continue to get the best players available and continue to build this team …Jameis can’t do it by himself…we must continue to build a wall and build our receiving group!!!

  13. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    There’s only 1 number you need at the top. #63.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    Compare the overall numbers, rushing/receiving of Dunn and Bettis, then explain to me why Dunn isn’t even considered for the HOF? Dunn is in the top 20 ALL-TIME in yards from scrimmage – that means you’re talking about RBs and WRs in that category and Dunn is 18th, yet he’s never even mention as even making the first cut of the HOF list. It makes no sense. Bettis absolutely does not belong in the HOF, but to compound that by not even considering Dunn, it’s ridiculous.

  15. BoJim Says:

    (Man, it pained Joe to see gray on Dunn’s head. Joe is feeling old.)

    It gets worse.
    JA Says:
    July 13th, 2017 at 1:31 pm
    That’s Warrick Dunn? Yeah, I knew that-dead ringer for the real deal.

    He looked a lot different on TV. Weird.

  16. BucTrooper Says:

    I had a class with Warrick Dunn at FSU… now we’re both going gray…….. I will be drinking tonight