“Thriving Under Pressure”

July 5th, 2017

Will be “crucial” again.

It seems Jacquizz Rodgers likes pressure.

That’s the insinuation from Bonnie Mott of USA Today. Typing on BucsWire.com, Mott believes once again, unheralded Jacquizz Rodgers will be a big time key in the Bucs offense come regular season. Again.

It’s no secret that Rodgers helped the Bucs out immensely this season as the team’s unsung hero as he played a vital role in aiding and establishing the running game. He produced 560 rushing yards on 126 carries in ten games and had a solid campaign overall even with the Bucs top’ tailbacks out with serious injuries. Rodgers stepped up to the plate in both Martin and Charles Sims’ absence as both running backs were out with lingering injuries and is expected to play a crucial role in the Buccaneers offensive scheme again this season.

There have been many questions surrounding Martin and his status with the Bucs all offseason. However, it appears the franchise is confident in Martin’s ability to bounce back and Rodgers ability to fill the void in his absence. Therefore, you can expect Rodgers to once again be the franchise’s unsung hero this season and be a critical piece to the offense once again this season. Fortunately for Tampa Bay, Rodgers already has a history of thriving under pressure considering his performance in 2016 which is good news for Bucs Nation.

To Joe, this is one of the most under-reported stories of the 2016 season. Look, Rodgers, never known as a stud running back, couldn’t even make the roster of the brutal Bears. Think about that for a second. Rodgers couldn’t even be a backup on one of the worst teams in the NFL for a coach who likes ground-and-pound football.

Lucky for him he played for winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter when the two were in Atlanta. Koetter pulled Rodgers off the street and perhaps saved his career. In turn, Rodgers became the best running back on the Bucs in 2016.

Just a great story.

14 Responses to ““Thriving Under Pressure””

  1. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Look, Rodgers, never known as a stud running back, couldn’t even make the roster of the brutal Bears. Think about that for a second…….

    Another good reason to be grateful for Licht and our coaching staff!!!!

    In Licht We Trust!!!

  2. RayJameisStadium Says:

    Oh the Bears!!! Good Luck Glennon!

  3. ndog Says:

    To be fair the Bears had one of the best backfields in the NFL last year and that was with no passing game to speak of. Just saying.

  4. DBS Says:

    Glennon needs no luck now. He is a millionaire . He can use the same excuses as JBF did for Jameis. No weapons!!

  5. AC Says:

    “Think about that for a second. Rodgers couldn’t even be a backup on one of the worst teams in the NFL for a coach who likes ground-and-pound football.”

    Politics in football just like in every other field of work. I know many guys who are great at what they do but for whatever reason the guys in charge didnt like them so guess what they were fired. Happens all the time nothing new Joe

  6. Leighroy Says:

    2nd that, ndog.

    Rodgers/Martin/Sims/McNichols/Barber is a fine way to address RB this year. But someone needs to either emerge as the long-term solution or upgrade this position in a big way next year.

  7. German Buc Says:

    @DBS: Don’t you think the Bears won’t look for excuses but will hold a parade if Glennon surpasses 4,000 yds next season without weapons

  8. BigHogHaynesi Says:

    Should have drafted MIXON! Problem solved at RB!!! …ohh but wait a minute I have an Agenda!!!!!! I’m sorry the little girl didn’t know how to act in public!!! But MIXON would have been “THE MITIGATING FACTOR” and we wiffed, fumbled, gutless just damn gutless!!!! BUT we are the BUCS and I put my faith in Martin!!!!

  9. Xandtar Says:

    If the Bucs had had the 48th pick we probably would have drafted Mixon. But every single team in the NFL passed him by in the first round, ergo he was not first round talent.

    I was led to understand we tried to trade up in the second and couldn’t find a partner willing to deal.

    Get over this Mixon fetish, BHH, it wasn’t going to happen because someone wanted him more and now they get to live with their decision. That’s the nature of the draft, you know? Most of the players you’d like to get, someone else chooses first…

  10. DBS Says:

    @ German Buc
    What did you not under stand about the word HE. I did not say a word about the Bears. But yes the Bears would and they would hold HIM responsible also. They would still give credit the other player got him 4000 yards less weapons or not. Not make it like he is a God and did it all on his own.

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    Now Chicago has a giraffe to go along with the scruffy bears at the zoo.

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    Xandtar – If we did try to move up in the 2nd – it was either for Budda Baker or Dalvin Cook. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have drafted Mixon even if he was sitting there at #50.

  13. BigHogHaynesi Says:

    @Xandtar…not a first round talent..that’s the only statement of yours that I disagree with…may be there was some other things in play here like …prejudice, ignorance, black balling, I’m going to let the season play out and then decide whether he was s first round talent or not!!!!! I believe in Martin!!!

  14. SB Says:

    @Xandtar… Don’t worry big hog is one of our Shortbus posters around here. Tmax is the driver