Reason To Worry

July 15th, 2017

Jameis is the Bucs.

In so many words, a respected NFL analyst said as long as the arrow is pointing up for America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, so too are the fortunes of the Bucs.

But Louis Riddick is worried. The former NFL safety and player personnel director of the Redskins and Eagles is concerned because if Jameis doesn’t continue to improve, then he things Bucs just might crash and burn.

That’s basically what he wrote in a quick Bucs preview for 2017.

Biggest worry: Keeping Winston’s development trajectory on the right angle should be priority No. 1, and that starts with a clean, comfortable pocket. Winston was pressured on 35 percent of dropbacks in 2016 (fourth highest), up from 31 percent in 2015. His interception total also jumped from 15 to 18 in Year 2. While the signing of Jackson is big, I’d argue the first-round selection of Howard is even bigger for Winston. Jameis has to be better on middle-of-the-field throws for this offense to really take off, and Howard is a huge asset in that regard.

Now this is interesting. Riddick believes O.J. Howard will have more of an impact on Jameis than DeSean Jackson. Jameis is already pretty good on middle-of-the-field throws down the seams. That’s why he and Cam Brate have such a good chemistry.

If Jameis can find Brate open, surely he should do the same with Howard.

This just makes Joe want to shotgun another beer.

12 Responses to “Reason To Worry”

  1. Lamarcus Says:

    He doesn’t even have to “improve” anything. Better talent will inflate his stats and make look better.

  2. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    Riddick has obviously not paid ANY attention to the Bucs the past 2 seasons, and has no clue about #3 the person & football player, #AlphaMale. And wow, what a big surprise, a talking head doesn’t have a clue when talking about the Bucs…That’s only been going on for what..30+ years now? Must be nice to be paid like he is to be captain obvious…”Well sports fans if (insert QB name here) doesn’t continue to improve your team might suck this year…What brilliant insight.

  3. tnew Says:

    He’s just restating a popular opinion. The interesting thing is none of these guys are saying anything. Most of these “predictions” regarding Jameis, the “expert” can say, “This is what I said in preseason, Jameis was poised to break out especially with the addition of all of the new weapons.” Or, the “expert” can say, “This is what I said in preseason. I was concerned with the amount of interceptions and Jameis’ decision making.”

    I much prefer the analysts that say, “Jameis is overrated and a disappointment and here’s why” or the one that say “Jameis is on the trajectory of a multiple Super Bowl champion and a future Hall of Famer with multiple MVPs. (this is where I sit btw, my only fear is that he ends up not in a bigger market, outside of Tampa at some point, where the fanbase would treat him better. It is disturbing how many “Buc Fans” are still upset about this draft pick, just waiting to pounce on every int, every missed throw or any mistake in the public sector)

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    tnew, Riddick isn’t just restating a ‘popular opinion’, he’s also predicting the obvious. As the article says, “if Jameis doesn’t continue to improve, then he thinks Bucs just might crash and burn.” Words like ‘just might’ don’t really say much … no ‘Nostradamus Award’ there. Focusing on Jameis’ increase in INTs last year (as the measure of concern) is misleading without putting it in its’ proper context (as in lots of injuries to his receivers, OLine protection spotty at times, etc). It also fails to note that 9 of those INTs (50%) occurred in 3 games last year (Cardinals, Broncos, Cowboys) … all losses (duh). Ugly stat, but Bucs went 9-4 in those games where Jameis threw 0-2 INTs. Perhaps there was something more going on in those 3 games than met the eye?

    I do like his point about drafting OJ though. If used properly (and assuming that he stays healthy of course), the Jameis-to-OJ connection could become legendary. But comparing the values of DJax & OJ is unnecessary; both bring unique capabilities to the team that Koetter & Jameis can capitalize on.

  5. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Jameis works hard at his craft and he continues to try to become the leader on and off the field for this team. Will his hard work transform to the field as better play?…YES is the answer if we continue to BUILD A WALL…if we find a way to consistently put PRESSURE ON THE OPPOSING QUARTER BACK….if we can find a way to UPGRADE the back end of our RECEIVING GROUP!!!

  6. darin Says:

    Shotgun another…then one for me

  7. JWBUCS Says:

    I am agreeing with BigHogHaynes here: The Bucs Future weighs heavily on the personal commitment Jameis displays…. Hard work, Sincere Desire to Improve, His True Alpha Male Characteristics Playing IntoTeam Leadership and Role Modeling. The Two Big adjustments in Jameis future are, 1) Accepting That Some Plays are Best When Aborted and 2) Developing More Consistency with Accuracy…. I believe His Personal Drive will get Him and The Bucs to the Promise Land!

    100% of The Bucs Fan Base need to Support Jameis and This progressing Team in the same Fashion as the AWESOME Coaching Staff and Front Office we now have in place!

  8. Kobe Faker Says:

    Get the ball out of his handd faster

    Short high percentage passing

    We now have. Oj and godwin both yac recievers who can hurt defenses by the short game

    Until our offense repeatedly call te screens to oj and slands and short crossing patterns to godwin, then the defenses will be hopeless when we go vertical downfield

    “Then, then they will fear us.”

    Kobe faker

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    To hell with all of this talk. Jameis needs to come out of the gate faster, more accurate and less turnovers for us to have a chance. The NFC South will be tough and other teams improved also. I still say the big measuring tape for us will be how our defense starts. If Jameis starts he usually does, we’re gonna need bigtime stops and sacks. So before you all get your Ya yas out, You’d better better hope and pray our defense starts real fast.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Winston’s interceptions went up because of batted up passes by bad pass catchers. His incompletions were bad because of drops.

    This isn’t to say he was perfect. He wasn’t. But he was much better than the stats show.

  11. NFLNut Says:

    It sounds like Louis is worried about the Bucs OFFENSIVE LINE, not about Jameis himself.

    It irks me that Dotson is still starting … I’m fine with Marpet, Donovan, Pamphile and Sweezy (with Bennenoch backing him up) … but Dotson is a weak-link and I wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucs draft a starting quality tackle in the 1st or 2nd round next year (and a CB as well as Grimes is getting long in the tooth).

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    Weapons this year. Oline and Dline (and CB) next year.

    In a short period of time OJ Howard will be one of the best TEs in the NFL. Jameis likes hitting his TEs over the middle as much or better than any other option. I wouldn’t be surprised to see OJ get more than one 1000 yard season in his career and he’ll probably average at least 700-800 yards and 7 or 8 TDs per year once he gets comfortable at the NFL level. This on top of being a huge assist to the running game with stellar blocking which will show itself from day 1.

    Dude is gonna be mismatch city downfield vs opposing LBers, Safeties and nickle CBs. Can’t wait to see that come to fruition. No “if” about it – simply a matter of “when”. OJ is a generational TE talent and paired with Brate in 2 TE sets along with Evans and DJax on the outside – wow. Good luck to DCs stopping that chit if Winston is feeling it.