GMC Talks Criticism

July 28th, 2017

Coy about tweets.

Gerald McCoy is keeping some information close to the vest.

The Bucs’ stud defensive tackle last weekend went off on Twitter but it was unclear who GMC was referring to.

It is still unclear.

After practice today, GMC was asked who his tweets were directed at. Many believe it was at former Bucs great cornerback Ronde Barber for saying GMC wasn’t a “badass.”

But GMC wasn’t biting. Or saying who the target was.

“It is whoever you think it is,” GMC said.

When columnist Ira Kaufman asked GMC point blank if the target was Ronde Barber, GMC replied, “If that’s who you think it is but I never said that.

“Listen, since I have been drafted, I have received criticism. You had Lee Roy Selmon and Warren Sapp and I was supposed to be the next coming of whatever. And if you don’t live up to whatever someone expects you to be, then you will get criticism. That’s not just me. That’s Jameis, that’s Doug [Martin], that’s Mike [Evans], that’s DJax, that’s O.J. [Howard] now. It is whoever. Everybody wants you to be a certain way and if you are not what the think you should be, then it is not enough.

“As long as everybody in this building cares about each other, that’s all that matters.”

You know, GMC has a point. Despite America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, putting up historic NFL numbers, people still b!tch and scream he is not good enough. Bucs fans roasted Mike Evans his first two years, despite putting up 1,000-yards a season each year. Those are just two examples.

So GMC, who said he bought his kimono in Japan on vacation and was sporting new Hulk cleats today, has one helluva point.

36 Responses to “GMC Talks Criticism”

  1. Broy34 Says:

    Aaaaand cue the McCoy bashers. Tmax now you can talk

  2. '74 Bucs fan Says:

    Tmax in 3, 2, 1…

  3. Pickgrin Says:

    The haters aren’t worth your time or acknowledgment GMC. Just be the best NFL player you can be and continue to work hard.

    Having a big year and helping the Buccaneers make some noise in the post season should shut some of these hardcore critics up. Not all obviously. Some are actually ignorant enough to believe this team is better off without GMC than with him – SMH.

  4. Pit Says:

    yeah Joe didnt you call Mike Evans K&Y hands? i am sure you will find some technicality to get out of this too 😛

    Still Love you Joe

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    I think that there will be so much focus on the offense that all this stuff with Gerald will get lost in the wash. In the end, I fully expect this team to be in the playoffs WITH GMC leading the way on the D-line.

  6. BradentonBuc Says:

    Considering the two/three DT’s that MAY be better then him are unlikely to hit the FA market anytime soon, I would hope all the dreamers out there would just realize he may be the best we can get right now and that you can’t get much better. Contract aside. Nobody here has to front that check every game, the Bucs still rank as one of the top teams in terms of ticket value, have ranked there for nearly a decade. So despite all that money they paid him and (and we still have millions in cap space) they still charge us near the bottom of what NFL teams charge to see games. The guy is worth every penny.

  7. Lord Cornelius Says:

    The difference between GMC and others is that he shows everyone that the hate gets to him; which just motivates people like tmax to keep at it

  8. Oj "I Got The Juice" Howard Says:

    Joe you are among those echo roasted the hell out of Evans during his infamous “KY Jelly hands” period. We all are guilty of wanting to see top notch production from our star players. Football is an emotional sport, as fans we may take our criticisms overboard occasionally (tmax) but the players should never let it get to them to the point that they’re replying on Twitter. You can’t get any sacks or qb pressures on Twitter. Just let your play do the talking.

  9. K2 Says:

    McCoy …remember Mike Evans… KY hands. Some comments don’t help our team, but effort, coaching, and team make a big difference.

  10. tmaxcon Says:


    if any player lets a comment affect them in anyway posted by anonymous people on the internet they are too mentally weak to win a championship and must be eradicated from the roster. This is big boy pro sports not tee ball. If a player is as mentally weak as both lvd and gmc prove time and time again how are they supposed to win a championship when the entire world is watching and commenting.

  11. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I will always defend GMC’s production for his salary; but I’m not the biggest fan of his personality.

    He’s already praised by all the NFL talking heads as a top player. That should be good enough for him and he should never be vocal about being upset by fan comments. Don’t feed the trolls.

    Kwon complaining about getting no recognition for his play is a valid complaint. Chris Conte doesn’t sound bitter and he has gotten way more random hate than McCoy throughout his career.

    He just needs to drop this sh1t. Stop feeding the haters man. Stop caring about the attention and all that. Stop caring about perception and stop talking about perception. Stop talking about all this sh1t.

    Speak softly off the field and loudly on it. Not for the sake of the haters but for the sake of GMC himself. It isn’t good for him or anyone to feed trolls and play into those narratives

  12. tmaxcon Says:

    Lord Cornelius

    i don’t hate GMC nor am I motivated by Hate. I don’t like his game. He’s a good player but his joyous celebrations after loses has done permanent damage to some of the hold overs. GMC made losing fun. I only care about my TEAM i could careless of flash in the pan overrated DT that no one will remember in 5 years while jameis and the rest of the champions are winning and being relevant. It’s about championships and gmc is not a champion. not to mention quitting on multiple coaches and laying down like a cheap street walker during some of those blowouts were just more proof he does not have the drive nor heart of a champion. good player but not a champion. only champions matter.

  13. Fritz50 Says:

    Well, relentless criticiism, week after week, year after year would get to anyone. Regardless of the person, or job, it’s impossible to maintain perfection for long periods of time. It’s how you and your co-workers handle the inevitable errors that determines the outcome. Good teams recognize this and work on compensating for each other. Hence the emphasis on communication last season. I’ve been the target of someone like the GMC haters, always picked one person he deemed the ‘weak link’ in the team & kept a journal of their mistakes (against company rules & the union contract) till he ran them off. Went through 4 people, on a six man team, before he got to me. I fought him & the company & won, then left to a better position in the company. Have been there 29 years since. The difference, we work as a team, not a bunch of slaves under a tin-pot dictator expecting perfection in those under him, while he lies, cheats, & ignores company policies & expects his underlings to cover it for him…sorry, sensitive subject.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    GMC wouldn’t be human if the “hate”/criticism didn’t get to him. I think most of the complaints about GMC can be categorized as unmet expectations…..and with that he has lots of company.
    Players play for more than money….this is proof of that.

  15. gotbbucs Says:

    He brings it on himself.

  16. Miko Says:

    Twiiter is the end of civilization and the NFL…shut your yap, block out the crap and get the QB in your lap…

  17. Joe Says:

    Yes, Mike Evans had drops his second season. A bunch. In fact he had a very bad drop rate. This has been well-chronicled. And it was accurate.

    Remember, in Todd Monken’s own words, he was hired to “fix Mike Evans.” You don’t necessarily fix things that are not broken.

  18. tnew Says:

    So.. GMC has made a ton of money. But he was really unlucky to be the best player on a very dysfunctional organisation for the entire time. This has made him the lightning rod for the franchise during this time period. Its easy for some fans to see him and because they want to take out their frustrations somewhere, they just go after GMC, because he has been around the longest. Makes no sense to bash Freeman, Dominik, Morris, Schiano, Lovie, Jim Bates, Bill Sheridan (yeh I had to go to wikipedia to get all of the coordinator names because it is comedic), Leslie Frazier, letting Micheal Bennett walk, the Bowers experience or Adrian Claiborne. All of which represent the true reasons why the Bucs sucked during that time period. Instead, its just easier to bash GMC.

    The number of schemes and coaches and coordinators and position coaches are not the ideal to achieve sucess. He had three defensive line coaches in 2011, twice a head coach demoted the defensive coordinator so they could take that job over, thats insane

    I don’t totally blame the fans. This was a TRAGIC section of Bucs history and many are anxious to purge every vestige of this era (including the uniforms for me) and that unfortunately includes McCoy.

    I watched a ton of film over the last two weeks. I isolated on GMC for at least 6 hours of it. I’m still trying to process it so that I can make a proper argument for why the Bucs have to have GMC to play well and why he might not always end up on the stat sheet. The impact that he has on the game is undeniable for the good and the bad when you breakdown the film.

  19. DB55 Says:

    Bucs fans roasted Mike Evans his first two years, despite putting up 1,000-yards a season each year. Those are just two examples.
    Man that’s complete bs, the only one hating on Evans was you.

  20. Kobe Faker Says:


    Can I butt in here?

    16 million per year

    6 years 96 million contract

    “Getting tired of GMC swollen virginia”

    Kobe Faker

  21. tmaxcon Says:


    you are very right in your assessment. if gmc came to an organization that was solid he would never had the unrealistic expectations of being a leader put on him. maybe things would have been different if glazers did not use the bucs and bucfans to clear man u debt and other financial agendas.

  22. unbelievable Says:

    “Bucs fans roasted Mike Evans his first two years”

    And who came up with the ‘KY hands’ moniker? 🤔🤔

    Oh that’s right, it was Joe lol.

  23. tnew Says:

    TMAX.. Speaking of ManU.. Why don’t they ever play in Tampa during their Summer US tours? It would bring money in to Tampa much like a bowl game? Its the least the Glazers could do.

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    @tmax- You said, “if gmc came to an organization that was solid he would never had the unrealistic expectations of being a leader put on him.”

    You are dangerously close to being reasonable with that statement! I expect more (or less!) from you!

  25. tmaxcon Says:


    you know sir that is a very excellent point you bring up. the revenue that would bring into the community would be HUGE…


    sorry i had a brief moment of clarity. I wont let it happen again

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    ^^^All good my friend! Carry on!

  27. GhostofSchiano Says:

    tmaxcon Says:

    Lord Cornelius

    i don’t hate GMC nor am I motivated by Hate. I don’t like his game. He’s a good player……………..

    I can finally agree with tmaxcon on his opinion of GMC.

    The only thing missing is the times he has taken the field hurt, played through injury, lest we forget how he is double teamed most of the time (not all the time).

    GMC never had any “Nasty” in him. He was not in the mold of Sapp, Alzado, etc. He is in the mold of Tebow. He is a Christian athlete and hence his penchant to assist opposing players up off the ground.

    As Tebow has showed that he does not have the skill set to truly succeed in the NFL he did have the heart. The desire to win, the will to succeed, sacrifice his own body for an extra yard. tmaxcon is right that you just don’t see that same intensity in GMC. Maybe he needs motivation, maybe he needs Ayers foot up his @$$ to motivate him. I don’t know. I love GMC for his sportsmanship, but when he worked with Sapp I wish he could have taken on more of Sapp’s personality than just his skills.

  28. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Just more proof of the soft side of Mcoy –

    Tebow could do this and the next play he would go for your throat. If he only had the skill set. I hope he does great in baseball.

  29. Defense Rules Says:

    @Miko … “…shut your yap, block out the crap and get the QB in your lap”. Miko hit the nail right on the head. Everyone in this world, no matter who they are, is subject to (and deserving of) criticism. Can’t please everyone. All anyone can do … even GMC … is their best on any given day and try to improve constantly. If that’s not good enough for others, then tough. Suck it up and press on.

  30. Curse of Gruden Says:

    “If any player lets a comment affect them in anyway posted by anonymous people on the internet they are too mentally weak to win a championship.”

    Yes, Yes & YES!

    It couldn’t be better said.

  31. DooshLaRue Says:

    GMC talks like he plays…….


  32. ATrain Says:

    You won’t change peoples minds on GMC

    He is not a leader

    He has shown little concern over losing
    And yes I know it’s a team but the leader should be pissed and not happy after a loss

  33. Bird Says:


    You are absolutely right. The joes gave it to “KY” mike Evans , the best player on the team. Yet when Jamie’s made a mistake it was ok cause young guys make mistakes , (joes man Crush)

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Gerald McCoy: “In closing, I would like to say $%& TMax and the horse he rode in on.”

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “If any player lets a comment affect them in anyway posted by anonymous people on the internet…”


  36. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    At the end of the day you have got to be able to go home and look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself those questions. Did I do everything that I could? Am I doing the right thing? Am I humble enough to know I am not perfect? Do I honestly care about others? Forget the finger pointing and go home happy answering those questions and you will be ok. Go Bucs!! It’s time….