Crushing On Jameis

July 13th, 2017

Attracted to America.

It’s getting steamy in the Manhattan studio of NFL Network.

For the past few months, Joe has been convinced the popular co-host of “Good Morning, Football,” Kay Adams, has had a crush on the Bucs. Well, it appears perhaps Joe might have been a tad off there.

Adams (“Don’t ask me about my business, Kay”) still seems to possess a deep fondness for the Bucs. But it is America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, who appears to be the direct target of Adams’ emotions.

In a recent segment of “Good Morning, Football,” seen weekdays, Adams described Jameis as “cute” and offered that her fantasy football team is named after Jameis.

Well now.

Adams, the it-girl for Bucs fans, went on to recite why because of intrigue, Jameis will come out of “Hard Knocks” this summer as a shining star in the NFL.

(For those just sobering up from a two-month bender, the Bucs were selected to be the featured team for “Hard Knocks” this summer, the annual NFL Films-produced reality series broadcast on HBO.)

“There is intrigue cause [Jameis] is on ‘Hard Knocks,’ right? He’s going to be a star. There’s intrigue because he is electric and sort of magnetic and you hear that from everybody that has ever been on the field with him,” Adams said.

“And he’s not loved by everybody, right? There is some controversy surrounding Jameis Winston as well. I can’t wait to see ‘Hard Knocks,’ right? … And he has new weapons. He has 6-6 O.J. Howard and he has DeSean Jackson, a veteran who seems genuinely excited about working with his QB.

“[Jameis] told ‘Total Access’ not long ago he wants to be the greatest of all time. I love those words. I think he can do it. Fifty touchdowns in his first two seasons in the league. That’s fifth all-time which is wild. He throws a ton of interceptions. I always bring it back to a fantasy perspective. Can he clean that up? … I’m going to give Jameis the love there.”

There are so many ways Joe can take the focus of this story, but just because it’s a late-July Thursday morning, Joe will keep it straight (though you are welcome to insert any fantasies in the comments).

The cool thing about “Hard Knocks,” is what most Bucs fans know about Jameis will be highlighted for all the world to see through the lens of NFL Films. Jameis is a natural in front of the camera with his infectious personality and that will shine on HBO.

Jameis, however, won’t be the only story of “Hard Knocks” and Joe will go out on a limb and predict he may not be the lone star to emerge. A lot of folks think it will also be Kwon Alexander. Joe isn’t so sure because Alexander, believe it or not, is sort of a reserved personality. Instead, don’t be surprised if Robert Ayers or Ali Marpet find newfound fame.

Oh, and there is the obvious choice of the person who might just come through “Hard Knocks” with a spinoff on another network. That would be Miko Grimes.

To watch the full segment on Jameis and the Bucs and “Hard Knocks,” click here.

16 Responses to “Crushing On Jameis”

  1. JTHV Says:

    I read a lot of the fan comments on various sites when it comes to Bucs stories and if it’s not pedestrian Jameis crab leg digs, it’s the more serious rape accusations but as those are starting to fade away the more prominent personal bash on Jameis is on his vernacular. People from a distant do not realize how bright and intelligent he is (see his Scholarship offer from Stanford) and most comment to attack his “ghetto vocabulary”. However, when I listen to him all I here is a country boy from Alabama that damn sure sounds like he’s from Alabama

    Talk about his aggressive nature causing him to throw too many INT’s but let’s stop attacking the kid personally.

  2. MagicMarpet Says:

    I guess miss Kay will suffice in the absence of the morning cup of joe ladies. She’s mighty purdy.

  3. Pa Privateer Says:

    @ Magic

    I agree, a different Miss Kay picture everyday will do just fine for morning cup of Joe

  4. al121976 Says:

    I love this site because you guys post what you want and what you think your readers want; please bring back “Morning cup of Joe”. you cant please everybody but your only going to disappoint the masses if you try to appease the few. thanks Joe(s)
    Joe never tries to appease the few. You really shouldn’t assume you know why Morning Cup is taking a week off.–Joe

  5. George Says:

    “late July”? Pretty sure it’s the 13th, not even to the halfway point. Of July. Which has 31 days. Stellar counting and reporting.

  6. Rick Says:

    I have to agree about the Morning Cup of Joe! Those pictures are sent to a group of guys every morning to start our day off right here in California.

  7. Joe Says:

    Stellar counting and reporting.

    You are welcome!

  8. J 2.0 Says:

    @al121976 – I like morning cup of Joe, but I come here for excellent Bucs insight and top-notch coverage of my favorite team.

    @JTHV – It is very sad and disappointing going into the comments section on most national Jameis stories. I don’t care what anyone says about it there are racial undertones to a lot of those personal attacks and it is sickening. And it is always directed at the QB position more than any other on the field for some reason. Jameis is a brilliant kid with a very bright future beyond the field. He got accused of something totally horrific and falso (proven time and time again.) and also did some immature stuff in college. Good thing I didn’t have anywhere near half of the scrutiny this kid had on him in college. I did plenty of immature crap. Joe’s we love the Jameis coverage. He might not be the G.O.A.T. when he retires, but I feel very comfortable saying he has a shot at being the first QB in Canton wearing a Bucs helmet. GO BUCS!!!

  9. uckinator Says:

    I luv Morning Cup of Joe, but, I must admit; When I got a Playboy Mag, I not only read the articles, but ogled the fine examples of women hood as well. Don’t forget the Jiggily girls when it comes back.

  10. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    I really hope they don’t spotlight ayers. Guy is a bum who has maybe one more year with the team. Show us the younger guys who will Be around the league for some time.

  11. Joe Says:

    I really hope they don’t spotlight ayers. Guy is a bum who has maybe one more year with the team. Show us the younger guys who will Be around the league for some time.

    That isn’t HBO’s concern in any way. They are looking for the most compelling story/personality in August 2017, not the future. Remember: This is a television show. It’s all about eyeballs, not football. In fact, football is more backdrop than anything.

  12. Omarah Ortiz Says:

    Yea…. Back up… Ms. Winston to be has stakes and takes there… And she has back up… Sooo…. Have several seats barbie.

  13. NFLNut Says:

    Aguayo v. Folk
    Big Stevie
    Other rookies (Evans, McNichols)

    Lots of great “characters” and story lines for Hard Knocks

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Even on a football perspective Ayers is one of our better D-lineman.

    He had 6.5 sacks in 12 games. That paces for 8.5 sacks for a season. He’s making like $6 mill per year. Olivier Vernon got paid $17 mill last year; and had 8.5 sacks… that’s called a value signing for DB55 and any other Light hater.

    You could visibly see that our pass rush and entire D-line suffered in the games Ayers missed. To me it seemed pretty obvious…

    Dirks Great Granpappy needs some new glasses to watch the games with

  15. BucYouBuccers Says:

    C’mon, man. Let’s keep it remotely related to football and far way from the race card. –Joe

  16. unbelievable Says:

    In fact, football is more backdrop than anything.

    Perfect way to describe it Joe. It’s a reality TV show– they want intrigue, drama, and heart wrenching stories with a dash of comedy and real football sprinkled in.