July 15th, 2017

Time to dominate? (Photo courtesy of

Each year, as the days get closer to training camp, it is always fun to try to guess which Bucs player will rise up.

Some call this a “breakout player.” At least, that is what Bonnie Mott of calls is. Mott, typing for the USA Today outfit, has four Buccaneers she expects to break out. Two are rookies and two are veterans.

She has Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard as breakout players. Joe cannot classify rookies that way. Let’s see if they can play first. One thing to dominate against children, quite another to work over grown arse men.

The two veterans? Well, one is DeSean Jackson. Joe thinks that is outrageous. Jackson has proven he can ball out in the NFL. Come on! But the veteran Joe thinks Mott may have landed a direct hit is with the selection of Keith Tandy.

The veteran safety, after fan favorite Chris Conte got hurt late in the season, balled out big time. He looked like a Pro Bowler. Mott thinks Tandy can do that for the 2017 season and be a true breakout star.

…Tandy embraced the starting role and made an immediate impact for the Bucs this past season. The fifth-year Pro who started the season as a spot safety, worked his way into a starting position with the Buccaneers, and is just scratching the surface of what he’s truly capable of. Tandy wrapped up his 2016 campaign with 40 tackles (30 solo) and four interceptions over the final four games of the season, including two crucial game-winning interceptions in back-to-back victories against the Chargers and Saints.

Tandy originally signed a two-year deal back in March and has helped the team out tremendously since then. He consistently made plays and displayed phenomenal coverage while leading the Bucs to several key victories. The veteran safety went from being a career back up to a making a very strong case as to why he deserves a starting role this season … Tandy is set to have another solid season for Tampa Bay.

There is nothing to not like about Tandy as a person. Joe can tell why he’s a Schiano Man. The only thing Tandy wants to do is play football. Everything else, including any type of interviews, Tandy usually stays away from like it’s the Ebola virus.

Joe remembers asking a Bucs honcho just what the Bucs think they have in Tandy. Is it the early-season Tandy who got clowned by Tavon Austin or the late-season Tandy who played like a Pro Bowler?

The Bucs suit perked up, his eyes shined and said, “We think the latter.”

18 Responses to “Breakout”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I think the turnover in coaches has something to do with it, new staffs mean players can’t develop over the course of a couple seasons with new schemes always being replace every 2-3 years. Tandy has been solid enough to stick with 3 coaches and he will benefit from being on a stable team now. He wants to be a coach someday and has a chance to be the leader of our secondary for years to come.

  2. BradentonBuc Says:

    Tandy is by far one of the biggest question marks going into this season. If he continues to play at the level he played at towards the end of the season the secondary could be really solid


    Candyman Tandy!!

    Consistency on the coaching staff and with scheme should equal big results for this years Tandy edition!!

    Go Bucs!!!

    Carry a Big MFN Stick!!!!!

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree that draft picks shouldn’t be breakout players….especially high picks….but lower picks 5-7….OK.

    So, here are my hopes for breakout players

    Ryan Smith
    Devonte Bond
    Caleb Benenoch
    Jeremy McNichols

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    It’s too early. But I loved the way he played. He was a huge part of that streak. X factor if he continues to play like that we our chances for playoffs is like 95 percent

  6. Bobby Says:

    Chris Godwin is the one player I think who’s going to be all pro. He has amazing hands amazing body control and a great ability to adjust to the ball. Combine that with better than avg speed and a quarterback who likes to push the ball deep and I see this guy being an outstanding receiver. Without a question we have the most dangerous group of receivers in the NFL.

  7. WesTampaBuc Says:

    This is our year and this is the Hit of the century Bucs Fans.
    Best Bucs song ever By D-Calico:

  8. Oj "I Got The Juice" Howard Says:

    All hail the Tandy Man

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Keith Tandy is definitely one of those feel-good stories for the Bucs. Folks say he’s just now maturing as a safety, but many forget I think that Tandy hasn’t been a safety all that long. According to this 2-yr old piece about him ( Keith was a high school QB, and a VERY good one. He was primarily a corner in college, and yes, a VERY good one. Bucs made him a safety but he really doesn’t have years and years of experience at that position like some do (although having been a QB & CB is probably helping him big-time right now). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he continues his upward trajectory and starts at safety.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Tandyman looked really strong the final few games. If he can ball like that consistently this year – he’s looking at a likely Pro Bowl nomination and a BIG raise in pay heading into next year.

    That would be so sweet if the lightbulb for this 6th rd pick finally went on in his 5th season and stays on at the level Kieth displayed for a 5 game stretch end of last year.

  11. Bucamania Says:

    I believe in the Tandyman. He’s a smart, dedicated player and he’s figuring it out.

    My breakout player this year is Donovan Smith. He’ll start to reach his huge potential this season. He’s completely underrated by Bucs fans, He has the size and athleticism to be a top LT. Word is he’s slimmed down and ready to rock in 2017.

  12. martinii Says:

    Gee, I like Tandy and Donovan, agree with joe, rookies just need to make the roster. It’s kind of hard to say Zeke Elliot had a breakout year. The one factor I think that will define which player has a breakout year (providing they stay healthy) are the players around him. It might be harder for a RB to excel if his OL is weak. It might be tough for a receiver to put up big numbers if his QB can’t hit him or if there are 4 other WR putting up big numbers, I guess I want everyone to do well, stay healthy and put forth a consistent team effort.

  13. SOEbuc Says:

    I think it’s all about Smitty’s D. A lot of these guys have picked it up and that defensive run at the end of last season was not just a spur of the moment type thing. I’ve been excited to see what Tandy will do this year since the end of last season and I think he can continue his excellent play because he’s finally found his fit in the right scheme.

  14. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    I told you guys about Keith!!! Not outspoken, very humble, very smart, team player, and a student of the game that is always prepared!! Those last 5 games were not a fluke folks it was real…. Just like Keith….REAL!!!! Coached him in HS, know how he’s wrapped!!! A winner that will be a leader this year on this Team that will compete for Conference Championship and will again play at a Pro Bowl level… Come back and tell me how wise of wisdom I am when this awesome season is over!!! Go Bucs and Tandyman my man!!

  15. Owlykat Says:

    I have been posting for Tandy to start for at least three years! He had that same ability the whole time. He is fast as he has shown on special teams his whole five years here. He is tough and durable. He is a great tackler. And a student of the game who puts in long hours of preparation. He will be a STAR for us all year and an All Pro. He was overlooked by our Coaches because he is not big and because he was only a sixth round pick; plus he was so good on special teams they didn’t want to make him a starter. The latter is also what hamstrung Shepard’s chance to Star at WR here and get paid accordingly. He will prove how dumb our coaches were along with Licht to let him leave. He will Star at WR for Charlotte!

  16. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Owlykat!!! You absolutely hit the nail on the head. Don’t know why it played out that way for Keith but I knew all along what you stated in your post. I guess it is probably hard as a Coach because they are all pros and all have special talents or they wouldn’t be playing in the league! Guess it really doesn’t matter now because Keith has gotten his chance and will be an impact player on this team and is still young and will finally get the respect he deserves!!! Go Bucs!!! Just Glad Lovie is gone as that was part of the problem.

  17. Locked In Says:

    I would add another defender to the list for breakout season… Noah Spence.

  18. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Good call Locked In!!! Another kid with Kentucky Ties!!! Was a great player that finished up at Eastern Kentucky University!! I agree he’s going to be a great player!!! High Motor!! I like his game.