Bounce Back

July 7th, 2017

Strong season predicted.

The three awful seasons out of five and the banned substance hassle will be things of the past.

That’s what heavy metal headbanging Jason La Canfora believes is in the cards for embattled Bucs running back Doug Martin. The CBS Sports NFL columnist looks at players he expects to revive their careers this fall and among is Martin.

He seems to be putting his life back in order, and he has a decent line in front of him and what could emerge as one of the best passing attacks in the NFC. Teams can’t stack the box, and if he can stay out of trouble this sets up nicely as a possible redemptive season. The draft fell in his favor as well, with Tampa having tight end O.J. Howard fall to them in the first round and them not taking a running back, which was strongly under consideration.

Martin knows this is his last shot. As recently as 2015 this guy averaged 4.9 yards per carry and went over 1,400 yards, and while I don’t think he’ll be that sort of force, this is one OTA feel-good story I am buying, and I don’t buy many (former teammate Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, now with the Jets, is another I think could prove legit, too, FWIW).

OMG! Did you read that, PFF tribe??? La Canfora typed the Bucs have a decent line. Imagine that!

At any rate, La Canfora admits he’s “buying” into Martin being motivated if he can stay away from whatever haunts him.

Clearly, Martin’s health and livelihood are the most important thing here. But the thing that turns Joe off is when folks say Martin “will be motivated.” That just rubs Joe the wrong way. If a near-$6 million salary and respect for his teammates isn’t motivation enough, then what’s the point?

When the pro-Martin crowd qualifies their comments with “if he is motivated,” Joe mentally turns the page. Just being able to collect a check in the NFL ought to be enough motivation, much less helping your teammates.

41 Responses to “Bounce Back”

  1. Dreambig Says:

    Hard to judge without knowing the type and extent of the substance abuse but it sure seems like Dougie is missing the heart of a champion. It best for the Bucs if he does get his ship in order and come back from suspension and set the NFL on fire. Hopefully by the time he is back it wont matter because one of the other running backs is already killing it!

  2. carry that mofostick Says:

    Mcnichols going to bust the move

  3. Buc50 Says:

    He also threw in an ASJ nugget. From a human aspect, I hope he’s right for both players.

  4. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Amen brother! Preach it. Can I take it a step farther?

    There is beyond more than enough money to motivate anybody to play in the NFL. Agree completely. I do not buy this playing for a contract. I’m not saying it NEVER happens…just that it’s not that prevalent. They are all VERY WEALTHY already. If I knew a player played for a contract I wouldn’t want him on my team.

    Because….virtually every great player I’ve seen in all professional sports…played because they loved the game. This is a GAME that has been turned into a business. If you miss out on the game part…the lovable part…then in the end you are part of the world’s oldest profession with just a different product.

    I really do not want that kind of whore on our team. I was never a giant Sapp fan…especially off the field…but I always respected his effort..and his reason for playing the game. Some guys realize the game is actually bigger than they are and that they owe the game their 100% and the chance to play in “The League” is something to be respected.

    I think we have a lot of players like that now beginning with the leader!
    #3 gets it. I honestly believe when it gets down to the $$$ for #3 he’s not simply going to be concerned with his bank account…it will be jam full under any scenario…I think #3 will also be thinking about contract structures that give the Bucs cap relief and therefore give #3 a better team to compete for SB’s.

    I think a QB has already done that and he is now widely considered the best QB ever…which after all is #3’s ultimate goal.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    So many unknowns but bucket loads of high hopes all around for this Bucs edition.

  6. rrsrq Says:

    For some reason, why is it you think the money NFL players get does not make them susceptible to the same human frailties as anyone else. Nobody knows what led to the situation Doug found himself in, my guess is he did not sign a fat contract and say I am going to blow it and get on drugs or whatever. NFL players are people to, their community is a microcosm of all communities. Like you said Joe, the most important thing is getting his life together, especially for after he hangs up the cleats. Some do take it for granted, some have issues from their past growing up, in other words, they all have issues, you have to if you like banging your head against very large and fast men constantly, that’s why they are NFL players and people.

  7. SCBucsFan Says:

    Joe – using your point, you think every player in the NFL is motivated 100% every day, every snap? I’m guessing you think they should but that isn’t feasible, like with Spinal Tap some times you need to reach deep and turn the amps up to 11. Are you 100% motivated every column to put out your best, and if not why not? Life just doesn’t work that way.

  8. Bucsfan4life Says:

    Joe if there is no such thing as a player playing when they are motivated can y explain randy moss to me?

  9. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The year Martin hurt his shoulder on one of the dumbest play calls in Bucs history… I don’t consider that a bad year for Martin.. I think it was a bad year for G Olsen and Schiano…

  10. martinii Says:

    I think Martin will bounce back strong. With all the judgmental press, drug problems, and “Cut,” comments he is now playing the last chance underdog role. The question of “Heart,” will be replaced with “Pride,” and anybody thats ever been kicked to the gutter like Doug, can become very dangerous. Especially someone with his talent.

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    Alan….did you watch the games that year? Specifically Martin? I had season tickets and I was amped up for Martin to have a good season. Well… before the injury sucked balls. The o-line caught the blame for Martins 2 yard runs. Then Martin goes down, Rainey and James have big games and no one is blaming the o-line anymore. Folks ARE however wondering about DM. That was back then.

    All that happened before the torn labrum and the stupid wheel route. Doug looked like trash. I sat in the stands with my Martin jersey on in disbelief. Doug looked like trash.

    He didn’t get injured prior to the torn labrum, and unless you call 2 yard carries studly he looked like trash.

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    Not trying to argue, but every once and awhile I see a fan say Martin was having a fine season in 2013 before he got injured. When that’s not so…

  13. Lamarcus Says:

    Urrr Martin is not going anywhere. Motivated or not. I think Licht knows as well if he cuts him a year into deal like Anothing Collins and Michael Johnson then he is toast. So yea salvage him.

  14. BigHogHaynesi Says:

    I think the Bucs have decided to let this issue with Martin play itself out…leaving all options on the table until it’s time to make a move…that being said, Doug is the only back we have that can carry the load!!

  15. tmaxcon Says:

    If a near-$6 million salary and respect for his teammates isn’t motivation enough, then what’s the point?

    And that is exactly why Licht and Koetter WILL NOT TRUST MARTIN!!!!!!

    Licht gave martin that payday knowing he had issues to work on. martin screwed licht and his teammates. only way bucs keep martin is if it’s a very LAST RESORT… Good riddance he has sucked way more than he has been good. it’s mind boggling that fanboys are such denial of his poor performances. the fanboys cling to these meaningless garbage yards he gets but never factor in his unreliability and lack of TD production. Not to mention he is clearly a member of GMC’s losing culture squad.

  16. tmaxcon Says:


    that is the stupidest thing I have read here in a long time. Licht has probably the most Job Security in the NFL at this point. You think if he can’t reclaim a total POS running back that is barely good and nowhere near great is going to cost him his job. dude that is about as likely as BigHog and Trump making out next weekend.

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I wouldn’t call myself Pro Martin…more like Pro Bucs.

    Besides, predicting whether he makes the final roster is not solely about Martin…it’s about predicting what Jason Licht and Koetter will do.

    I think they have made up their minds to keep him, but they are waiting to make it official in case they are given reasons not to.

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    I like how when it’s a player that fans have grown to love to hate we throw in “lack of respect for teammates”, or, “screwed his teammates.”
    I think it bears mentioning that these same statements weren’t nearly as prevalent when Kwon “accidentally” ingested a banned substance and was suspended for the SAME 4 game suspension. Just saying!
    Until proven otherwise by the dancing Sims, diminutive Rodgers, 2nd and 1st year guys, Martin is STILL the best back on the roster.

  19. chris Says:

    How was that wheel route stupid? Martin had the guy beat, the Rams ran it all the time with Caulk, New England did it with their rbs back then. It’s only stupid because Martin misses it and falls wrong on his shoulder, stupid call?

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    The RB situation will be allowed to play itself out over the next 2 1/2 months.

    Whoever looks best will be the #1 RB on the depth chart as camp and pre-season unfold – just like any other position. To this point – Martin has been working with the ones all through mini camp and OTAs.

    He will likely retain that position throughout August and resume his role as #1 RB when he comes back from suspension end of Sept.

    I said likely… highest probability IMO.

    Doug is a high level RB talent when healthy and coach K knows it would be foolish to discard him at the onset of a season which holds such promise. Especially considering he just saw his 1,2 and 3 RBs get injured within the 1st few games of the 2016 season.

    Other thinks can happen though…

    Doug might get hurt.

    McNichols might wrestle the starting job away from Quizz for the 1st 3 games and look fantastic vs teams like Miami and Chicago’s less than stellar defenses. Then what? That 2nd scenario would be a good “problem” to have wouldn’t it?

    It sure makes for an interesting side story that will last all the way to the beginning of week 4 when the decision about what DMs role with the team (if any) is in 2017.

    The Joe’s are holding tight to a mis-guided position (again – LOL) by stating over and over in various ways and in numerous articles that Martin is unlikely to be a part of this team when his suspension is concluded.

    Martin is more likely than not to play a big role for the Buccaneers in 2017….

  21. Pickgrin Says:

    Other THINGS…

    Where’s that edit button Joe? Geez guys – its high time for some upgrades to your site’s format, features and user experience.

  22. tmaxcon Says:


    kwon did not have the history that the unreliable gerbil has had. the rumors of martin’s alleged issues have been swirling

    how is he the best back on the roster. all you guys hold onto is the fact he was top 5 in yards twice. How many times has he been in the top 5 of scoring???? Scoring wins games garbage yards and being dragged down from behind time after time does not win games. martin is irrelevant to the bucs future unless major injuries take place during camp and even then grabbing a back of the garbage heap is probably less of a gamble than counting on martin given his history of failures and let downs.

  23. tmaxcon Says:


    so when you are wrong about Martin’s “big role” this season; I look forward to the excuses why it was not martin’s fault.

    again there is more reason to assume that he will fail than he will bounce back and be great given the previous history of more bad games & seasons than good ones. he has never been a top scoring back, his pass catching is average to below average and pass protection is nothing special… Pretty much a one dimensional back without speed. Please explain why he is so great in your mind. I could give a rats arse about being top 5 in yards twice… yards don’t win games points do.

  24. mike10 Says:

    Joe, I don’t take “decent line” as being a complement. If there was any signee that we fell short on it was adding insurance on that Oline – by far the biggest question mark going into 2017.

    As far as Marin, he works best with his back up against the wall. Having him as a “AAA September call up” is gong to be a huge boost to this team.

  25. Pickgrin Says:

    tmax says:
    “I could give a rats arse about being top 5 in yards twice… ”

    SMH… What other RB on the roster could you say that about or even dream to project? Until proven otherwise – Martin is the most talented RB on our roster and Koetter is not likely to discard that potential asset without some additional compelling reason to do so.

  26. Trevor Says:

    a few weeks into training camp, some team will lose their RB for the season with an injury and then Martin will be traded for a 4th round pick, with a clause that escalates it to a 3rd round pick if he has big stats.

  27. Dewey Selmon Says:

    If our running game is humming weeks 1-3 martin could be used for trade bait to a struggling team, cut, or just inactive. I think our passing game will open up holes for the running game. Just going to let it play out, it will be interesting for sure. GO BUCS!!!

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    @tmax- Who’s better on OUR roster? The short, correct answer is “NOBODY”. And, that IS taking into account him being injury-prone AND inconsistent. I’m not sure why this is such a mystery. Nobody else on the roster has accomplished what Doug has. Even as insignificant as you believe it to be. So, what does that say about the other backs that aren’t rookies?!

  29. tmaxcon Says:

    ok so if I give you both he maybe the best back on roster. answer this so in your mind is his proven unreliability and his lack of scoring (bottom of league) not enough to take a chance on mcnichols or barber. hell i say it’s 50/50 doug plays another good game in the nfl and it’s at least 50/50 that barber or mcnichols are decent. you choose to gamble on a proven loser and I want to gamble on something new that’s all.

  30. tmaxcon Says:

    make no mistake about it… Either option is a Gamble

  31. tmaxcon Says:


    yes the yards are meaningless. How many games did all those yards win??? How man points did all the take downs from behind cost the team??? The object is to score and win the game yards are meaningless at the end of the day. obviously all those yards he ran for those two years did carry the bucs to the playoffs. and no i am not blaming doug martin the fact is results are all that matters and even during his good years the results have been embarrassing.

    it’s funny a lot of you folks want to carry on about how legendary GMC, VJAX, Martin etc etc etc Yet all those guys were together for years and did nothing but lose and embarrass themselves. It took an alleged bad character 20 year old QB to change the direction of the team. So much for your legends leadership abilities. Let go of the losers from the past they sucked! the results prove it! no excuses please no excuses RESULTS. embrace the future young guys. gamble on youth not has been proven failures.

  32. Pickgrin Says:

    A few of those “losers from the past” will become “leaders of the winning culture” here over the next couple of years. Specifically GMC and LD54 – and perhaps Doug Martin as well.

    Its a team game numnuts. Its not GMC’s or any or player’s “fault” this team has been a loser for far too long.

    Instead of constantly blaming one of our best players for the “losing culture” – how about you get real and assign blame where it belongs – squarely in the hands of loser GMs Bruce Allen and Mark Dominik.

  33. Bucsfanman Says:

    Tmax, if he gets beat out I am 100% OK with it. Taking a “gamble” on the unknown could cost you your job if you’re Koetter.
    It’s not so much about Martin individually, it’s more about this team winning games, whether that is with or without Martin.

  34. tmaxcon Says:


    gmc is overrated and every single criticism i have of him is valid. he disappears when it matters most, he is often injured, he is soft and is a liability in the run game. a 3 rd overall pick needs to be a difference maker. gmc has never made a difference. his love of losing just makes it easy to have no respect for him. gmc is a good player hardly great and not a leader in any sense of the word. bucs have too many young talented winners to take care of in the near future. wasting that kind of money on a one dimensional dt who does not have a win at all costs mindset is assinie.

  35. Alanbucsfan Says:

    To Buc1987:

    2013 season,
    The Jet game, martin fumbled and David gave the game away with a stupid penalty
    The Cardinals game, That was Glennon’s 1st start as rookie,
    Even though Cards defense stacked box, Martin scored only Bucs td and Bucs took 10-0 lead to 4th qtr until P Peterson picked off Glennon twice

    The other games before injury Martin was solid and Martin was on pace for 1200-1300 yd season

  36. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Perspective on Martin’s career

  37. Howard Cosell Says:

    In high school the head of the PFF tribe got a swirly from an offensive lineman who looked just like Donovan Smith.

    Mystery solved

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    Alanbucsfan…I showed you the stats. Before the injury…. which was what kept him out for the rest of the season….

    Yeah 1,300 yards with a bazillion carries… in 2013. Look at those long gains he made…

    I don’t trust Doug Martin anymore. With good reason.

  39. Lamarcus Says:

    Thanks alanbucsfan

    That was a good article. I always knew something about martin that he gets better during the year. Injury in the middle hampers those stats and make him look like a bad player which he is not. I’m on that if stats never existed Martin is still a top back in the NFL and defensive coordinators know it. I gaurantee that they won’t buy into those 2.9 a carry crap. Every other year blahaha is bs. Last year i saw him struggle. I also saw that defenses plans where to take out Martin and let Winston beat you schemes. Martin was running hard but pressing. But this year no more stacked boxes and Martin will be ok even If suspend.

  40. Dave Says:

    I see Jacquizz as the starter. McNichols spelling him some and if Martin comes back healthy and motivated he ends up taking over.
    The odd man out becomes Simms
    If Martin doesn’t come back and perform, he’s done.

  41. Wesley Says:

    Doug is gonna shut all the haters up, and I can’t freaking wait!