Godwin Reflects On Monken’s Coaching

June 29th, 2017

Talks about getting coached up.

Seems like Bucs offensive coordinator/receivers coach Todd Monken is working his magic again.

Monken has a helluva college coaching resumé and it sure seemed to Joe that the job he did turning around Southern Miss — and his background with Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher and Mike Gundy — Monken was on the fast track for a big time Power-5 gig.

But the allure of the NFL came calling and the chance to reunite with winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter. So Monken put college ball in his rearview mirror.

Last year, Monken was given one main task when he came to work for Koetter (again): fix Mike Evans. And boy, look at the results.

Now, it seems, Monken is doing the same with rookie wide receiver Chris Godwin. In an interview with Justin Melo for “For the Win,” a USA Today site, Godwin talked about his early relationship with Monken and how much Monken is helping him.

JM: Is there anything specific that receivers coach Todd Monken has you working on every single day?

CG: There’s not one thing in particular. We’re just trying to continue to grow my game and allow me to have more tools in my toolbox to implement when the time is needed. We’re all working on our individual things. For me, I wanna be the best route runner that I can be. That’s something that Coach Monken is always pushing me to be. If I do something wrong, he’s right there telling me why I did it wrong or how I need to go about doing it better. That’s what you look for in a coach; a guy that’s gonna push you to be your best.

Yes, Joe knows it was underwear football and Joe is jaded by the routine. But it sure looked like Godwin belongs. In about a month, we will see him put on pads and get a real test.

But with Monken looking for every wrinkle that Godwin is doing wrong to correct, it can’t help but buoy Bucs fans enthusiasm for the Penn State product.

20 Responses to “Godwin Reflects On Monken’s Coaching”

  1. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Godwin is a God send!

  2. Kobe Faker Says:

    Kobe likes monkens fire

    Monken is brash and emotional and the incident with Djax wasnt played out like he really wanted…

    But there is no doubt who is boss and no one will stop or deter him from doing his best coaching or his expectation from the players

    Doesnt matter what a player did before in the past or how much he makes

    Koetter and monken makes a good cop/bad cop tandem…

    Very similar to The Buc Realist and Kobe Faker

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Anyone notice we hardly hear anything about our number one draft pick ?
    Lately, as far as receivers goes, it seems to be all about Godwin.

  4. K2 Says:

    Monken keeps it real…I don’t think he was trying to dis Djax. I think the media stirred that pot, but the coach is all about getting players to improve. Because if you’re not getting better…you’re in decline.

  5. Ben the Ga Buc Says:

    Godwin feels different than other later-round/UFA receivers the Bucs have acquired in the last few years. I think he’s not only going to stick, but he’s going to be a stud for the Bucs for a few years.

  6. feelthepewterpower Says:

    K2 Says:
    June 29th, 2017 at 9:06 am
    Monken keeps it real…I don’t think he was trying to dis Djax. I think the media stirred that pot, but the coach is all about getting players to improve. Because if you’re not getting better…you’re in decline.

    That’s what great coaches do – get the most out of their players regardless of the name on their jersey.

  7. Tnew Says:

    Everything I’ve heard about Howard has been very positive, but let’s be real, he’s gonna shine once the pads get on and contact is allowed. Regarding Godwin, in most drafts he’s a late first early second type guy but with the depth of good players in this draft he fell through the cracks a bit. Coming in as a third rounder, it’s hard to not be excited, because he’s playing like a first rounder.

    I was beside myself upset the Bucs passes on him in the second round. Being able to chose him in the third was akin to picking Howard at 19. Godwin should dominate in underwear football. What excites me is how good he looks setting up his routes in camp. Saying this is a point of emphasis with monken just shows that the work is paying off.

  8. The Buc Realist Says:

    Kobe liar is wrong again!!!!!! Coach Monken basically told Djax to get in line and do your job and you don’t even see it!!!!! Its called setting a precedent!!!!!! Just like the moment that forged the Bucs Last year when ASJ was thrown out of practice and then later cut from the team!!!!! That is establishing an expectation of accountability!!!!!!! The coaches have set a standard for the roster!!!! and we are seeing the results!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mick Says:

    @Ben since when is a 3rd round a late round pick?

  10. Lunchbox Says:

    @Realist-easy on damned exclamation points, jeez. Using that many takes away from your points. Leave all the extra (unnecessary) punctuation to 12yo girls.

  11. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    That’s been his signature for years Lunchbox.

  12. LongSeason Says:

    Artificial Joes, great article. I don’t agree with everything ya’ll say, but you are building up a great brand with this website. Glad Rock Riley and Ira Kaufman have come aboard.

    As for Godwin, I have high hopes for him and can’t wait for training camp to start. Preseason will tell us a lot more about Godwin.

  13. SOEbuc Says:

    I had been looking at Godwin and wanting him since the Bucs took a lot of interest in him while recruiting. When we did get the needed safety in Evans I was like man I would’ve liked to get Godwin. He was projected to go middle of the second by almost every anylast and when we picked him up in the middle third was a God-Win send (I should do stand up). Excited to see what he can do and if he balls hard like he’s been doing in underwear, Mike, DJax, and Godwin in the slot will be sick. And he’s depth for #1 and #2 WR.

  14. Owlykat Says:

    And Godwin is a good blocker too and will be insurance if number 1 or Nr 2 go down. He can be a reliable reliever to!

  15. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Evans!!!!!! Godwin!!!!!! Howard!!!!!!! These guys came into the league ready to play with the big boys!!!!!! I’ll only concede that Hump….no hard work got Hump his spot!!!!!! Groom me a 5th and 6th receiver that can contribute throughout the season!!!!!! And please Moken, stop trying to play mind tricks with DJax…you won’t win!!!!!!

  16. tmaxcon Says:


    the only mind playing tricks is your own… take a few deep breaths put on your favorite Trump Tshirt and let reality set in….. Moken is HUGE upgrade over that pathetic personal assistant your mancrush bad character lovie had coaching WR’s

  17. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Tmaxcon: your president makes the human-race look bad!!!!

  18. Issic Haggins Says:

    But he just got NATO to kick in troops and money that the previous 12 years didn’t and he did it in 6 months.

    More money for hotdogs at a Bucs game

  19. Joe Says:


    Thank you!

  20. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Issic Haggins: now let’s see how many will die… While you choke on that hot-dog!!!!