Buccaneers Empty In 2018 Compensatory Picks Projection

June 10th, 2017

Losses not enough, NFL.com explains.

Over and over and over again, Joe was hammered and called an idiot by many Bucs fans for suggesting Tampa Bay should have traded Mike Glennon when it had the chance.

There was a common theme among the haters.

“No, Joe. No. You’re stupid. If the Bucs trade Glennon, then they won’t get a top compensatory draft pick for him after Glennon signs a massive contract with a new team in free agency. And Joe, ESPN says the Bucs will end up with a third-round pick for Glennon. So stop being an idiot.”

Joe defended the attacks, telling fans that compensatory picks are complicated, BSPN was reckless and the Bucs were unlikely to end up with any free draft picks.

Enter Lance Zierlein of NFL.com, who just wrote the most intelligent piece on compensatory picks Joe has read in many years. Zierlein made a lot of sense of the confusion, and he projected the 32 compensatory picks to be awarded by the NFL for the 2018 season.

The Bucs won’t get one, he explains.

… To qualify for compensatory picks, teams must end up with more or better compensatory free agents lost than gained in a particular year.

Teams are awarded compensatory draft picks in Rounds 3-7 based upon a formula, which is not released by the league, that takes into account a player’s average salary per year (APY), snap count and postseason awards. While there is a general expected level of compensation for a player based upon the amount he has signed for, playing time (or lack thereof), will often alter the expectation by the end of the season.

The compensatory picks for the 2018 draft won’t be determined by the NFL Management Council until after the 2017 season is over, but in this post I will attempt to project and explain who might be getting picks and where they could fall.

If you’re a draft freak, read the post linked above.

If you just care about what the Bucs might be able to squeak out of the NFL Management Council, then your hopes likely lie in Glennon starting for a full season and landing in the Pro Bowl. Also, you’ll want to hope Bradley McDougald somehow cracks the Seahawks’ loaded secondary and thrives.

Maybe that combination will fetch the Bucs an extra seventh-round pick next year. Maybe.

Under the category of “the rich get richer, Zierlein projects the Cowboys and Packers to each be awarded four compensatory picks next season.

30 Responses to “Buccaneers Empty In 2018 Compensatory Picks Projection”

  1. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Not too worried Joe. I think we’re finally there. We’re no longer desperate and so if we simply keep our normal draft picks we’ll be fine.

    Now our talent level goes to the next level…where we have depth and very talented young guys make older vets available for trades for even more draft picks…once we get it rolling who knows what can happen.

  2. Fred E. Bucs Says:

    To me compensatory picks are never about a happy story. It’s like the bank taking someone’s house but agreeing to give back the escrow they finally paid albeit too late. Letting Glennon go…and of course, we will see him back here on opening day. 50/50 if he starts.

  3. Fred E. Bucs Says:

    Add to my last…more like 20-80. No way will Glennon get through a pre-season in Chicago without calling for the new guy over the former Busch Gardens fav.

  4. bucs_365 Says:

    Who effing cares. The reason not to trade Glennon had nothing to do with compensatory picks and everything to do with having a decent insurance policy if Jameis went down. I was never part of the comp pick bandwagon.

  5. reelbuc Says:

    Haven’t been on in a while,due to the amount of negativity that most of the posters used to spew profusely.I’m going to give it another shot but,it just seems like ur splitting hairs Joe.IMHO there has got to be something more important than complaining about compensatory pick or,saying I told you so..First article back nowhere near compelling enough to make me want to stay on this page.No offense I listen to you on iheart sometimes during the season and I like u guys a whole lot better than Duemig but that’s another story.Just keeping it real if you want to block my comment let er’ rip tater chip..
    Why would Joe block a comment like this? Don’t be ridiculous. Second, there are at least a dozen current posts (plus practice video & podcasts) on the home page here on a variety of Bucs topics. If you want to complain about Joe sharing current info from NFL.com on compensatory picks, then have at it. The Bucs fans here regularly know that Joe delivers Bucs news and nuggets with great variety. As for the “posters,” less than 1 percent ever post a comment. Joe suggests you consider not reading them.

  6. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Well, I think we were definitely slated to get one before we signed Fitzpatrick.

  7. Jeremy Says:

    Thankfully Licht runs the team and not Joe. A stupid move like trading your veteran back-up insurance policy for a 3rd pick in the middle of the season is what costs you fans and gets you fired. Thankfully Jameis did not get hurt, but if he did, and Ryan griffin was the back-up imagine how bad it would have been

  8. theodore Says:

    The entertainment in watching the Bears outbid themselves for Glennon more than compensates for any draft pick we could have gotten from them.

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    All FA activity relating to comp picks ended on May 1st Blake. We lost more FAs than we signed. I say there is still a decent chance we get a comp pick. Joe may be right though in Glennon’s playing time being a factor. It’s BS that the NFL keeps the criteria for earning compensatory picks a “secret”.

    BTW – its not inconceivable that Mike Glennon comes back to be back up QB for the Bucs in a year or two if things don’t go well for him in Chicago. Da Bears have an out as early as next year – they can take a $4.5M cap hit to save $11.5M of Glennon’s $16M salary in 2018 if they decide to cut him. Or a $1M cap hit for $15M savings in 2019.

  10. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    We always get screwed imo

  11. SB Says:

    Hahahaha Patriots Superbowl ring has 283 diamonds (28-3). Focking perfect!

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    “The rich get richer” is so true when it comes to compensatory picks. In the 24 years the NFL has been doing this (in order to “soften blows for teams that have suffered losses in free agency”) some pretty big names have been comp picks. Larry Allen, Cowboys, 1994 and Hines Ward, Steelers, 1998 for starters. Marques Colston, Saints, 2006 and Antoine Bethea, Colts, 2006. Most prominent comp pick would probably be Tom Brady, Patriots, 2000 … yup, the rich get richer. BTW, our own Ryan Fitzpatrick was also a comp pick with the Rams back in 2005.

  13. Dave Says:

    The comp picks are dumb to me.
    I think they should do away with them completely.

  14. Howard Cosell Says:

    I try to tease you sometimes Joe, but I want to say that the site is awesome. Your charm lies in the fact that you’re pretty much agenda-less relative to the sports msm. Your main motivation is a sincere love for all things Buccaneer and it shows.

    JUst for the record you were exactly 100% correct in your sage-like assertions in 2013 and 2014 that the Bucs had to address the franchise QB problem. Wow. What a ride that has been. I couldn’t think of a recent QB I’d rather have than Americas QB Jameis Winston.

    …and it looks like you we’re probably right about the whole Glennon saga too (but don’t make me bring up Manziel tho!)

  15. bucs_365 Says:

    You have to HAVE good players to lose good players. Up until now, they’ve mostly kept the guys who would otherwise get us comp picks… When we start having to make hard decisions about letting good players go, then we’ll start seeing compensatory picks.

  16. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Arizona gets 4 picks, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th. They get the 6th round pick for losing D.J. Swearinger, a guy that the Bucs cut. I said this a thousand times, teams wouldn’t give the Bucs a Ham Sandwich on Rye for Mike Glennon.

  17. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The Bucs traded or cut their GOOD players over the years. That’s why they haven’t been getting any comp picks. You don’t earn comp picks for players that you cut or traded. And they mostly got a bag of beans for the players that they traded.

  18. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The Bucs traded Aqib Talib and a 7th round pick to NE for the Patriots 4th round pick. Then when Talib left after playing 19 games for the Pats, they get a 3rd round comp pick.

  19. Fsuking Says:

    We always “win” free agency too hard to get any picks. But if they only factored in performance instead of salary and playing time, the Bucs would be dancing on a pile of 3rd round picks

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If it’s rounds 3-7 only, then why were they given out in rounds 1 & 2 this year?

  21. Brett Says:

    They shouldn’t have cur Jonathan Banks late in the year. 2nd round pick signing elsewhere would have helped.

  22. tnew Says:

    No first and second round comp picks any more. Joe you have been right on the comp picks.. some of us have echoed you. It will be a couple of more seasons before we get one… Comp picks are a bad deal. It means your team just got worse a little. Blake, doubt the Fitz signing put us over the limit for any kind of premium pick, at best hoping for a 6 or 7. The DJax/Glennon were a wash. Baker/Wilcox for Spence/McDougal that leaves Sheppard which I guess was evened out by Fitz.

    I hate to live in hindsight and speculation, but here goes a ton of it. Not trading Glennon in the 2016 draft, for a future 4th in 2017 (we heard 3rds were possible) could’ve cost the Bucs the Bucs the ammo they needed to trade up in the second for Dalvin Cook. Every once in a while I find myself daydreaming about the Bucs roster with him in the backfield.

  23. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Joe, I appreciated the article. I am assuming that reelbuc isn’t a regular reader and doesn’t realize how many posters just blindly believed the Bucs were getting a 3rd round compensatory pick for Glennon. I knew there was zero chance of that happening and your article may finally stop the uninformed comments stating that holding on to Glennon last year was the right move.

  24. Rrsrq Says:

    Compensatory picks reward teams for not resigning their players, stupidest thing. Why you reward a team for being in salary cap hell or just letting players walkhopefully we keep players we develop

  25. Kalind Says:

    Little known secret: compensatory picks are awarded to popular teams. Period.

    It’s nothing but a popularity contest. Hence the ‘rich getting richer’. It wouldn’t matter if we lost Jameis or Mike Evans. That MIGHT translate to a single 7th rd pick. Goodell’s corrupt office has proven to be in the bag for the teams with large fan bases. The penalties, the compensatory picks, fines and suspensions all bear this out.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    tnew Says
    “No first and second round comp picks any more.”

    When did that start? After this last draft? Because there were over 40 picks in round one this year…for 32 teams.

  27. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol at Kalind. Stop reading about conspiracy theories dude.

  28. bucs_365 Says:

    No, Bonzai, there weren’t “over 40 picks in round one this year.” There were 32.

  29. Buccfan37 Says:

    I want to see Glennon have a good year with Chicago except against the Bucs here.

  30. reelbuc Says:

    I know you have good content on here and nugs,and insider tidbits thats y I come here.I musta hit a nerve..I didnt mean any disrespect to the Joes I appreciate most of what you do.When i drove semi’s I even put Joe bucs fan.com,along with America’s QB Jameis winston,on my trailer.I even saw fans of ur site way out in Nevada as they waved and,showed their Bucs flags.I’ve been on here getting bucs info since 09 when Jay Cutler was the big fish we were looking at