Best In The South

June 8th, 2017

Presence felt in 2016.

Talk to Bucs types about middle linebacker Kwon Alexander and it takes but a quick second for them to break out into smiles.

Bucs suits and coaches like to refer to Alexander as the “Jameis of the defense.” If you knew just how much the Bucs are in love with Jameis, then that should tell you how much they think of Alexander.

One reason the Bucs call Alexander the “Jameis of the defense” is the guy’s relentless pursuit of making himself the best he can be. He regularly arrives for practice way before he is supposed to so he can sit down with defensive coordinator Mike Smith and pick his brain for more wisdom. Smith is only too happy to oblige.

Of course, like Jameis, Alexander brings an unbridled passion for football to both the building and practice. Others feed off that. But it may not just be the intangibles that make Alexander so important. That is, if you believe the PFF tribe.

Per their charting, no inside linebacker in the NFC South had as many stops last year as Alexander. Now to be fair, warrior Luke Kuechly of the Stinking Panthers missed the last six games of the season due to a nasty concussion.

Still, that’s impressive to see what Alexander did in just his second season as a starter, and first with Smith as coordinator.

3 Responses to “Best In The South”

  1. BuccaneerByBirth Says:

    “Im a mixed breed! I’m a lion! I’m a tiger! And I’m a gorilla in one! You can only find me in the jungle, you feel me!?!” -Kwon

  2. RayJameisStadium Says:

    KA, JW, NS and RA have the intangibles for a solid foundation in the Dynasty being built by Licht. Sweezy might join this crew with his performance this season.

    They are hungry wolves!!!!! The pack is coming together nicely!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!

  3. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Sounds like a accurate assessment to me Bybirth. I said when he was drafted he has a little Ray Lewis essence sprinkled on him. Not surprised by the fact that Lewis was(is) his favorite athlete.