“He’s Never Satisfied”

May 13th, 2017

Defends maligned Bucs DT.

Don’t throw junk science at Mike Smith.

Earlier this offseason, a seemingly dejected Gerald McCoy drooped over the podium at One Buc Palace and appeared to be throwing himself on a sword saying he doesn’t make enough plays in the fourth quarter. And the Bucs’ stud defensive tackle concluded that is why the Bucs failed to make the playoffs.

Of course, the howling jackals that have tried to run GMC out of town for years erupted with glee. But not Smith, the Bucs’ defensive coordinator.

Smith spoke with the Tampa Bay pen and mic club and defended GMC and believes analytics that suggest GMC tails off in the fourth quarter just aren’t accurate.

“I know that Gerald is probably his own worst critic in terms of his game and evaluating his game,” Smith said. “I think that somebody had done some analytics on what he was talking about and I don’t know that it necessarily bared out. He made just as many big plays in the fourth quarter as he did at the beginning of the game.

“One thing that I’ve learned about Gerald is he’s never satisfied; he always feels like he could’ve done better. And when you have guys that have that type of attitude, you’re going to be enhancing your chances of being successful. You want it to rub off on other guys in the room.”

Joe, looked at the numbers Tom Bassinger of The Tampa Bay Times dug up and they suggested GMC was way overly critical of himself. A third of his sacks came in the fourth quarter.

If a guy is getting a third of his sacks in the final minutes of a contest, to Joe, tjat indicates GMC is ratcheting up his game when it counts the most.

45 Responses to ““He’s Never Satisfied””

  1. Bucco bruce Says:

    Gmc gets help for first time in career. He will be defensive player of the year this year but fans.ur own notice nfl.Tampaaaa

  2. Mojiska Says:

    Out of his 4th quarter sacks, how many were sack fumbles? And how many did he stomp on the guy and spit in his face? And how many were on the last play of the game when we were holding on to a 1 score lead? Thats what i thought, NONE!!!! He is a joke, i would rather have play defense with 10 guys than with him.

  3. Jack Says:

    “i would rather have play defense with 10 guys than with him.”

    Then you’re stupid.

  4. OJ Howard Says:

    DT is a strength on this team. If Geraldine would try playing one year with a mean streak, I think that would translate to even better performance and improved peer and fan perception.

  5. teacherman777 Says:


    Are u tmaxipads brother?


    You need a nickname too…

    How about?


  6. tnew Says:

    This isn’t about him being a “nice guy” or getting injured or me trying to “run him out of town” I have always said he is an asset and you don’t run off your assets as long as they make fiscal sense. (I see the Martin as an asset too btw) But this GMC stuff. Mike Smith has also been on record supporting GMC’s desire to elevate his game.

    Great ones make the plays at the end of the games.. They are known for these moments. GMC says he wants to be one of the great players. I’m supporting him 100% in this desire. My grandmother taught me something years ago that stuck with me and GMC sounds like he finally is realizing it. The last 5% of the job takes 95% of the work and .5% of the people are willing to do it.

    Now I know the numbers are pulled out of the sky, but this is what GMC is referring to. Good is the enemy of Great and I’m not talking about nice. I’m talking about the satisfaction of making pro bowls, being the best on a bad unit (which is turning into a solid group) and being well perceived by the media. I’m making a bold (especially on this board) prediction. If he stays healthy, this will be GMC’s signature season. We will see the GMC that he can be. No more excuses. He has more talent immediately around him than he has ever had (ok, one could argue Micheal Bennett, I’m trying to expunge that screw up) Plus with all of the offensive weapons, we should be able to start winning time of possession.


  7. Bird Says:

    Agree Just like jameis, there is no excuses this year. The talent around these guys is immense. These guys don’t have to single handedly win a game. Expecting both guys to kick some arse!

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    There’s no question in my mind that the Bucs are much better off with GMC in the trenches than without him. And that’s really the bottom line to me. Gerald’s main problem IMO is that he’s on the field for too many defensive snaps each game (which is another way of saying that the other DTs have all left something to be desired?).

    There’s an interesting website called SportingCharts.com which can be tailored to show how many snaps players/teams are taking (among many other things). Only goes back 4 yrs for that category, but just focusing on DTs around the league is interesting.

    In 2016, GMC played 794 of 1,062 defensive snaps for the Bucs (74.8%). Ranked 7th among NFL DTs based on that. Played in 15 games, while others above him played in 16 games (had he played in 16 games he would’ve ranked 3rd among NFL DTs last yr).

    In 2015, GMC played in 802 of 1,098 defensive snaps for the Bucs (73.0%). Ranked 7th again among NFL DTs based on that. Played in 15 games, while others above him played in 16 games (had he played in 16 games he would’ve ranked 5th among NFL DTs in 2015).

    In 2014, GMC played in 664 of 1,108 defensive snaps for the Bucs (59.9%). Ranked 21st again among NFL DTs based on that. Played in 13 games, while most others above him played in 16 games (had he played in 16 games he would’ve ranked 4th among NFL DTs in 2014).

    In 2013, GMC played in 962 of 1,059 defensive snaps for the Bucs (90.8%). Ranked 2nd among NFL DTs based on that. Played in all 16 games.

    GMC’s played in 59 of 64 games the last 4 yrs & played in 74.4% of our total defensive snaps despite missing those 5 games. In the games he played in, he was in for well over 80% of the defensive snaps and would’ve ranked 3rd in the NFL in that category. I don’t care if you’re Superman, you can’t stay fresh when you’re in the trenches that much. No doubt in my mind that having Chris Baker will help tremendously, and hopefully Clinton McDonald can stay healthy also to rotate in and take some of the load off.

    Sorry about the long post, but comments like “He is a joke, i would rather have play defense with 10 guys than with him” show that some GMC-haters don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

  9. tnew Says:

    Defense Rules. 100% agree with your take on snaps. This is part of the equation that he has to learn. I remember so many times, late in games, Sapp would be on the sideline, belt unbuckled for situations that I though were super important only to come in 2 or 3 plays later to make the game changing play. This is a learned behavior. If he allows himself to get beat down so that he can’t function at the end, he might be being a “good team player” He has too many skills to be a “good team player”. If this means raising his hand to come out a few more times, especially early, so be it.


  10. LocalJoker Says:

    All hands on deck. Need teamwork. No time for heroes. Everybody plays all the time!

  11. DEFF JEFF Says:

    Shut up haters! the man has played his entire career with zero help.

    63>99>97>93>every other buccaneer lineman in history

  12. Kevinthepainterimagine Says:

    I dont think mccoy is just talki g about the fourth quartet, but key moments in the fourth quarter. But with out secondary as bad as it is in playing soft coverage its hard to not see someone open and somewhere for the qb to.dump the ball. I they lined up and played just a little more aggresivley the dline would get more.time to get there….period.

  13. Phreakybucfan Says:

    GMC is a very good player. The only reason he is not great is a possible lack of killer instinct. It was the same with LeBron James early in his career. I think this year that changes. I think this year he finally plays angry. Just sayin’

  14. Seattle Buc Says:

    About the meanstreak.. it does seems that Gerald pulls up on sacks sometimes instead of suplexing or flattening a QB. See his 4th quarter sack on Russell Wilson last year. I dont have any problem with GMacs game. I hope he stays healthy and has his best year yet.

  15. El_Buc941 Says:

    @mojiska how about you TRY to play getting double teamed every play?!I guarantee you couldn’t even beat Aguayo for a roster spot.lol.

  16. Eric Denman Says:

    GMC haters are just plain retarded. I mean the guy has been a top tier DT since he was drafted and people still hate on him. There is only one 99 to grace this defensive line and their will never be another like him. I’m glad GMC is a Buc and if you don’t like it then you can suck on by big mf’in stick!

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe is cruel to run a GMC article early……before Tmaxcon is up…..Tmax will be joining this party late.

    I’m looking forward to the two sacks GMC gets on Glennon.

  18. The Buc Realist Says:

    Kudos for DC Coach Smitty!!!!!! That is what good coaches do!!! They protech their players and he was obviously “inflating” a very deflated GMC93!!!!!! He is trying to get the former “face of the franchise”, former “leader of the defense” ready for the season!!! We do need GMC93 at his best this season!!!!

    And I really do hope that Big Baker has a great year, but I do not know all about this , ” GMC finally has help” narrative!!! I mean we have seen, free-agents, first rounder draft pick,and draft picks come and go, and no one can say that they had thier “best years” with gmc93!!! That they had infalted stats because they played next to GMC93!!!!!!!

    So instead of wrongly saying that GMC93 makes everyone better, Lets all hope that we now have stars on the D-line that will now make GMC93 better!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ptwalk Says:

    Gmc has been the best player here, every since he walked through the door.

  20. Ndog Says:

    This no help crap is getting old. In 1999 Sapp won the Defensive player of the year and played with the Defensive linemen below. Please tell me who of that group was any good. Chidi average, Culpepper average at best, Jackson backup, Jones average, McFarland always hurt, White averge backup. So you mean to tell me McCoy has less talent than that during his entire career? And we are not saying he had to be DPOY but dang can he dominant a game or two a year! ?

    72 Chidi Ahanotu DE
    77 Brad Culpepper DT
    97 Tyoka Jackson DE
    78 Marcus Jones DE
    92 Anthony McFarland DT
    94 Steve White DE

  21. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    And how many did he stomp on the guy and spit in his face?

    Is this for real? Seriously! Is this how we want to play the game? Have we become “Raider Nation”?

  22. Ptwalk Says:

    @Ndog, I feelya but he also had Brooks, Lynch and Barber. Without them that Defense does not rank like it did and I don’t believe he wins that award.

  23. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Great post. Good use of a longer post. When people plan to provide statistical info for review it takes up more space in the post but I always appreciate the increased info.

    Excellent point backed up by FACTS.

  24. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Silly me, here I thought a couple of unnamed Buc greats pulled him to the side and told him that he was not living up to expectations. That’s why he did his “podium” thing. It had nothing to do with stats.

  25. Stanglassman Says:

    I thought Mojiska was just doing the Mike Singletary rant in the video above. No way he was serious, just trolling the GMC haters.

  26. Ndog Says:

    While LVD, Kwon and Grimes are not Brooks Lynch and Barber they are not chumps and again we are not asking him to be all pro just to make a freaking play to impact the game when it counts more than once every 2 years! Again I am not a hater but if we want to win, bigtime he HAS to do more.

  27. Phreakybucfan Says:

    Just a thought but George Johnson had 6 sacks next to Sue. 0 next to GMC. Ndog might have a point. Just sayin’

  28. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @Stanglassman …I agree. Excellent trolling I might add @Mo

  29. Destinjohnny Says:

    A stud dt can never be all be can be without a badass De to compliment.
    Gerald has never had one. If Gerald played with Simeon rice he would be a 10 sack guy

  30. Ndog Says:

    Again DestinJohnny Sapp won DPOY with the below dine so how can you say you can’t be your best without a dominant de?

    72 Chidi Ahanotu DE
    77 Brad Culpepper DT
    97 Tyoka Jackson DE
    78 Marcus Jones DE
    92 Anthony McFarland DT
    94 Steve White DE

  31. '79Defense Says:

    Amazing how thoroughly these players are critiqued by all of us in this day and age. I bet some fans would even bash Lee Roy if he were playing in today’s game, saying that he was too nice or find fault with some aspect of his game.

    I like GMC and his dedication to the team and I think his teammates do as well. I’m sure the players get a laugh out of us working class people saying how much they suck while most of us never played the game at any level, let alone made it to the NFL. I think it’s often overlooked how much work these guys put in, and that they should be given some credit even if they aren’t necessarily a candidate for the hall of fame.

  32. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Ndog…Marcus Jones 7.0 sacks…Chidi Ahanotu 6.5 sacks..Brad Culpepper 6.0 sacks in 1999.

  33. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Also in in 2000 when Sapp got 16.5 sacks, Marcus Jones got 13 sacks.

  34. Steven007 Says:

    As I’ve been saying for a while now it’s a tired argument. If GMC had some Superstars around him he would probably be seen much like Ronde given his reserved nature and lack of true leadership capabilities. And we should remember that much of the time when Ronde was making plays he had two Hall of Famers on the field with him not to mention some very good teammates who might still make it like Lynch and Rice. GMC will be just fine.

  35. LakeLandBuc Says:

    And if you have good pass coverage, the QB tends to hold the ball longer. In 1999 we had Donnie Abraham, Ronde Barber and Brian Kelley at CB, 3 excellent cover CBs. Derrick Brooks, Hardy Nickerson, Shelton Quarles, 3 excellent LBs in coverage. Damien Robinson and John Lynch at Safety, again excellent cover guys. In 1999 we were 2nd in pass defense, we gave up 2873 yards. Last season we gave up 4012 yards passing. In 2015 we gave up 3840 yards. In 2014 we gave up 4084 yards. In 2013 we gave up 3806 passing yards. In 2012 we gave up 4758 passing yards. In 2011 we gave up 3814 passing yards. Just a few stats from the stat guy. It takes 11 players on a defensive unit to make it function correctly.

  36. LakeLandBuc Says:

    We have had some ‘awful’ pass defenses. And that has been the weakness of this defense. I was thinking the other day….how many of our former CBs or Safeties are still in the League? The few that’s still in the league are bench players or playing another position.

  37. R.O. Says:

    Haven’t I read this somewhere already?

  38. Mojiska Says:

    Hey guys, sorry i didnt put the #sarcastic at the bottom. In no way was that serious. Ive stood up for him for quite a while, and im still on his side.

  39. tnew Says:

    When you have to surround yourself with superstars to be a superstar yourself, then you probably aren’t a superstar.

    One more thing to look at. Micheal Bennett flat out is pretty close to a superstar in the league. Playing next to GMC the best he could get was a one year prove-it contract in Seattle for 4.5 million.

    That’s not this article, tho. This is about GMC becoming the best player he can possibly become. It seems that many on here think that he should be satisfied with who he is. It even seems that many want him to not strive for improvement but just keep on keeping on. When he says he wants to improve, you argue, no your good enough already Gerald. i say.. Don’t listen Gerald.. You can be great.

    Gerald’s initial comments had nothing to do with the percentage of sacks in the fourth quarter. He said he was told by “credible sources” that he had the ability to do more to enable his team to win. “credible sources” said he could do more.

    In Ira’s column Smith had zero problems with the idea that GMC should strive for improvement:

    “Like so many Buc fans, Smith has no problem with the idea.

    “We don’t ever want our players to be satisfied,” he says. “Gerald’s a heck of a player and a heck of a man. I think he knows that you never max out in this league. He’s probably his own worst critic.””

    GMC has been through one of the worst time periods in the history of Buccaneer Football. Not his fault but I’m not crying because he was pretty well paid. Well now the table has turned. He looks around and there are Baller’s all around. He has a solid, imaginary DC for the second straight season who will use his skill sets to the maximum. A d-line coach that has been celebrated as special. An offense that will at least force teams to respect them. A tandem or more than respectable linebackers, a pair of capable corners, a young “animal” for a edge guy, plus Ayers, Mcdonald and Baker to help him on the interior and one of the best, if not the best run stopping DE’s in the game. Everything is in place. He knows it. He sees it. He is at the apex of his physical and mental game.

    This is his season.


  40. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Michael Bennett went to a great situation..3 Pro Bowl players on the back end. When was the last time we had a Pro-Bowl DB…other than the year Darrelle Revis was voted in on his reputation. I believe it was Ronde Barber in 2008.

  41. The Buc Realist Says:


    To be fair to the players, it is very difficult to look good and make a pro-bowl with the incompetent one!!!!! while coach my scheme is getting “the worse” out of the roster!! and making moves to get his guys to start!!!! Head Coach Schiano was getting the most!!!! That is why GMC, LVD and revis all went to the pro-bowl!!!!!!!

    That is why Coach Schiano is at a national competitive college and the incompetent one is at a third rate school!!!!!!!

  42. Destinjohnny Says:

    Sapp also had this guy by the name on Derrick Brooks
    Maybe you heard of him. He is in this thing called that hof
    He also played with the guy by the name of John 47.
    He also had booger and Simeon rice.
    Having said that gmc is not as good as 99.
    But give him some stable mates and he would get 10 sacks

  43. stanglassman Says:

    Mojiska- I got a laugh, I just watched that Mike Singletary video so it was pretty evident to me you were joking. I tried to point it out but some don’t listen even when it’s explained to them.

  44. BuccoDav Says:

    tnew Says:
    May 13th, 2017 at 11:59 am
    When you have to surround yourself with superstars to be a superstar yourself, then you probably aren’t a superstar.

    I guess there was no need for “weapons for Winston”, then.

  45. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    BuccoDave very good point!