Bring It!

May 31st, 2017

Dare ya.

So a favorite subject of late from national NFL media types is trying to figure out how to defend the Bucs passing game.

With Mike Evans on one side, DeSean Jackson on the other and O.J. Howard and Cam Brate in the middle, what the hell is a defense to do?

It seems a guy known for thinking outside the box was thinking outside the box this morning with a novel approach. And that was the creator, curator and overall guru of, the great Mike Florio.

Speaking on his fantastic weekday morning show, “PFT Live,” which smart folks enjoy on NBC Sports Network, Florio all but said a team cannot stop Evans and Jackson, but a defense might be able to stop America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

“I don’t care about ‘Hard Knocks’ angle,” Florio said of the upcoming NFL Films-produced reality show featuring the Bucs this summer on HBO. “I care about opposing defenses figuring out which poison they are going to consume. Who are you going to take out of the game? Who are you going to gameplan for? You have to deal with both of them [Evans and Jackson].

“When you deal with that situation, you just load up on the quarterback and you get to Jameis Winston and you keep him from throwing to either one. Good luck with that though. Their offensive line is improving.”

Ah, ha! And right there Florio identifies the catch in such a theory. Teams can go ahead and bring the kitchen sink at Jameis and they’ve fallen into perhaps the worst Venus flytrap for defenses in the NFL.

Joe had a short back-and-forth last night on Twitter with Scott Kacsmar of Football Outsiders, a thinktank Joe respects. Kacsmar noted no quarterback under pressure was more dangerous than Jameis in the NFL last season. He led the league for average yards per completion under pressure at 11.2 yards a completion.

And that was without Jackson.

And that was without Howard.

And that was without Chris Godwin.

And that was with the likes of Josh Huff and Freddie Martino, the pride of the velvet-lined lounge of the Vero Beach Ramada Inn.

So if opponents think they can stop the passing game of the Bucs by sending heat at Jameis, Joe has one request:

Bring it!

59 Responses to “Bring It!”

  1. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Thought the same thing Joe. Jameis is money against the blitz, and is also an escape artist.

    Not to mention if any defense wants to load the box, that leaves Guys like Mikey, Djax, Cam, O.J. and Chris Godwin with 1 on 1 match-ups down the field.

    Any way you try to slice it, the fact remains that if they stay relatively healthy as a unit, our Offense will be lethal.

  2. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    We are just one health break and one player away from fielding a truly brutal offense.

    If Sweezy is healthy and can regain his Seattle form…and if we find a competent RT…our OL could become excellent.

    And McNichols is an upgrade as a blocking back and OJ is a great blocking TE and surely a blocking improvement over Brate.

    I think we get #3 a bit more time this year and I think our passing attack and OL is going to make our running game hum no matter who is playing RB.

  3. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Best completion percentage when blitzed in the entire nfl. Even you should be able to appreciate that tampa tonya.

  4. Tampa Tony Says:

    Play zone and force Jameis to dink and dunk down the field and take what the d gives him. Which he refused to do in 2016, he’s very aggressive and impatient and looks to force things. If defense’s force him to string together 8-10 play drives he might get frustrated and start turning it over like he has for 2 years.

    But let’s hope he’s learning and stops making the same mistakes

  5. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Attention nfl please load the box. Be My Guess.

  6. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Sounds like you just described ya boy marita tonya. You know that guy who will always be in Fameis shadow.

  7. TheShaz Says:

    Want to cool the jets on the Bucs “Best offense ever talk”. I expect them to start ok at the beginning of the season and get better as the season progresses.

  8. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Let me know when he pitch a perfect game like Fameis did his rookie season in philly. 6 for 6 tonya,you seen it. You of the most astoot assessment in all. Joke😄@$$.

  9. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    “Cool the jets” you can’t be serious dude. Name a year that will contend with the numbers this one about to put up next season. 2015,maybe.

  10. GhostofSchiano Says:


    Could you expand on Florio’s comment “The offensive line is improving” in a future story?

    Thank You

  11. Tampa Tony Says:


    You big coward who hid during the draft when the idol of your wet dreams fell in the draft and the Bucs passed on him for a superior talent.

    But back to game talk, in the glory days of the Bucs d they frustrated QB’s like Jameis who wanted to push the ball downfield and refused to dink and dunk and forced them into bad throws with their zone coverage and 4 man pass rush.

    Re watch some games not amateur games on Saturday but actual Bucs games and you will see how Jameis forced throws instead of keep drives alive by what the d gave him.

    Hopefully he learns from his mistakes and stacks those w’s like he says

  12. Tampa Tony Says:

    Nole- 6 For 6? What are you talking about? You might’ve swallowed too much of Cook on draft night.

    Jameis threw 5 tds vs philly

  13. Tom Edrington Says:

    After reading this post and all the comments you wonder why the over/under number in Vegas is 8…….

  14. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Got’em. tonya you slow I knew you would take that bait. Seeing is how you watch Fameis wit a microscope.

  15. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Firstly I have a life dude,I do jbf mostly on the fly. Secondly how many defenses in this league are comparable to the Bucs defense that won that supwrbowl??? I’ll wait homeboy.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’ve searched and searched and I simply can’t find a Ramada Inn in Vero Beach.

    Too bad……must have closed down after Freddie left for his gig with the Bucs.

  17. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    And to give you an example of a QB like Fameis. It took us a few trys to beat Donavan and those eagles. Just so you know.

  18. Tampa Tony Says:


    Don’t play it off like that, no one is buying that bull. Man up admit you were talking out of your arse and move on you’ve lost here.

    Come back when you know your stuff

  19. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    tonya I just dismanlted you dude. You said our defense use handle QBs like Fameis. Go and check McNabb record against us dude.

  20. Tampa Tony Says:

    Nole- You are almost as slow as the Joes when it comes to our o line.

    Everyone compares Winston to Farve not McNabb where have you been, don’t answer no one cares.

    Farve always forced bad throws when playing the Bucs d as he wasn’t patient with the ball. Jameis is very similar in that facet and until he changes we won’t know how he will attack defense’s who use this same method to stop him.

  21. tnew Says:

    This year is a classic situation where adding parts will have an exponential rather than linear effect. I think the running game will be huge his year as well. Sweezy, Marpet and Howard are such a net upgrade to the offensive line and Godwin LOVES to block for runs.

  22. juan lugo jr Says:

    Please the season, hasn’t started we are alreadry unstoppable. Please resign Jackson to veteran minium

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:

    In the glory days the Bucs D frustrated pretty much every QB…

    Winston definitely forced too many throws last year; but I disagree with anyone who thinks he left a bunch of yards / 1st downs / TDs on the field because he neglected a wide open WR frequently.

    Did it happen? Sure – but not anymore than with any other QB who misses a look. Probably much less often than an average QB. I don’t recall our non Mike Evans WRs getting much separation whatsoever…

    If you WRs can’t get open then your QB is going to have to force it or punt more.

    Go look up Aaron Rodgers numbers from 2015 vs 2016. That’s a guy that doesn’t force it or ever throw many interceptions regardless; but you can still see the effect of not having weapons.

    In 2015 he only had 3800 passing yards and 31 TDs on 61% completion. That was the year that Jordy Nelson was out all season and Randall Cobb was the #1 but also dealing with injury. Their WRs couldn’t separate at all and that was a big story all year.

    Fast forward to last year with the same starting O-line and RBs as 2015; and the dude had 4400 yards and 40 TDs while averaging an entire yard more per attempt and completing at a higher rate (65%). That’s the difference that a healthy Jordy made. That’s the difference an improved Davante Adams / Ty Montgomory made along with adding a Jared Cook instead of settling with a guy like Richard Rodgers.

    That’s probably one of the better recent examples that show the importance of having weapons that can get open / command respect from the D

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Tom Edrington says
    “After reading this post and all the comments you wonder why the over/under number in Vegas is 8……”


    Honestly, I think they are doing that to get suckers to bet against the Bucs. That way they’ll make money.

  25. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Didn’t think you would look it up tonya. But you right tho our back then did frustrate most QBs. McNabb bring the exception. Again you said “like Jameis”. So I gave you one. When you done looking up his record against us (if you get around) check out good passer yards and TDs. Mine you he didn’t have Big time WRs.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It’s not fair to say ‘quarterbacks like Jameis’ because there as never been one like him. He’s a gunslinger like Favre, a scramble like Russell, and a thinker like Peyton.

    And THEN he is also a unique motivator.

    As he matures, he will be unstoppable.

    As to the offense, I think Joe is assuming a lot on an unproven offensive line. RT still sucks, and a guard & center is untested with this team. Not to mention the running game is up in the air.

    If all of that works out though, look out nfl!

  27. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Agree Bonzai. He is his own breed.

    I remember during the pre-draft buzz there was some article breaking down Winston that basically said a QB with his stats / physical measurable’s / etc has never succeeded in the NFL

    So much for that sh1t. Can’t put that man in a box

  28. Drew Says:

    Also note… the backs catching passes out of the back field. Holy Sheet Dick Tracy! I am sincerely pumped for some Buccaneer football.

  29. martinii Says:

    Agree with most of above comments. Getting to Jamies may be a little tougher than it sounds. My only concern is that Jameis in his 3rd year continues to perfect his game. Needs to work on long ball, interceptions, and in general timing with several new weapons. I am confident he will. The only one who can stop Jameis is Jameis.

  30. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Glad to see everyone has everything figured out. Tampa Tony is the only one who tried to give an answer to stop the Bucs. Go ahead and crown our a$$ now! Just like Denny Green (RIP) once said. paper champs, just like 31 other teams right now.

  31. GhostofTedford Says:

    I agree with previous post’s that RT is a question mark as is Sweezy. Will he return to form or be hampered with this injury?

    Why was there flirting with moving marpet to center? Has Hawley lost a step? Does an injury concern exist? Are they thinking of upgrading?

    The O-line was my biggest concern after the draft, had hoped Licht would have been more active in FA and address the O-line.

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    I posted this once before weeks ago so I don’t think it’s overkill to do it again, but I went through and watched every pick thrown by Winston and these are my thoughts on each one, how I see the film, etc.

    1 – Week 1 @ATL, quarter 1 – Throwing to Vincent Jackson, cuts off route, miscommunication? Not under pressure
    2 – Week 2 @AZ, quarter 1 – Throw to Evans, 50/50 ball, INT by Patrick Peterson, slight overthrow. Not under pressure
    3 – Week 2 @AZ, quarter 2 – Throwing to Vincent Jackson who didn’t turn around to look for ball, looks like a good throw. Not under pressure
    4 – Week 2 @AZ, quarter 3 – Throwing ball outside to Chris Simms on a screen, pass is tipped/deflected by defensive lineman. Under pressure
    5 – Week 2 @AZ, quarter 4 – Hail Mary pass to end game, pass to Evans. Under pressure, rolling out of pocket.
    6 – Week 3 LA Rams, quarter 2 – Throwing to Chris Simms who bobbles ball, is hit, ball is deflected into air for INT. Good throw. No pressure.
    7 – Week 4 Broncos, quarter 1 – Throw to Humphries, too far in front. Bad INT. No pressure.
    8 – Week 4 Broncos, quarter 2 – Throw to Evans, Talib makes a great play for INT. Bad INT. No pressure.
    9 – Week 7 @49ers, quarter 1 – Throw to Evans, pass deflected. Forced pass. No pressure.
    10 – Week 10 Bears, quarter 1 – Throw to Cecil Shorts, off his hands, bobbled ball, deflected for INT. No pressure.
    11 – Week 12 Seattle, quarter 4 – Throw to Evans in end zone, double coverage, bad throw. No pressure.
    12 – Week 13 @SD, quarter 1 – Throw to Evans, slightly outside, good coverage, bad throw. Some pressure.
    13 – Week 15 @Dallas, quarter 2 – Throw to Evans, Hail Mary at halftime
    14 – Week 15 @Dallas, quarter 4 – Throw to Humphries, overthrow, bad throw, heavy pressure.
    15 – Week 15 @Dallas, quarter 4 – Throw to Russell Shepard, 4th down play, forced pass, no one open, some pressure
    16 – Week 16 @NO, quarter 3 – Throw to Evans, INT, overthrow, little pressure
    17 – Week 16 @NO, quarter 4 – Throw to Russell Shepard, heavy pressure, double coverage
    18 – Week 17 Car, quarter 1 – Throw to Humphries, bobbles ball, deflected pass, good pass, no pressure

    Evans – 8
    Jackson – 2
    Simms – 2
    Shorts – 1
    Shepard – 2
    Humphries – 3

    Hail Mary – 3 (including 4th down no one open play to end Dallas game)
    Bobbled/Should have been caught – 3
    Bad Throw / Forced Throw –8
    Communication error? – 2
    Deflected pass, no bobble – 2

    Quarter 1 – 7
    Quarter 2 – 4 (1 hail mary)
    Quarter 3 – 2
    Quarter 4 – 5 (2 hail mary)

    Under pressure – 8
    No pressure – 10

    Note – No INT’s while throwing to the TE position.

  33. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Dewey Selmon Says:
    May 31st, 2017 at 4:15 pm
    Glad to see everyone has everything figured out. Tampa Tony is the only one who tried to give an answer to stop the Bucs. Go ahead and crown our a$$ now! Just like Denny Green (RIP) once said. paper champs, just like 31 other teams right now.”

    No one is crowning sh1t. We’re excited for our team… wtf is wrong with that?

    I just don’t buy Tampa Tony’s “Winston can’t dink and dunk” concept..

    We were 10th in average plays per drive, 13th in average time of possession; and 9th at no 3 and outs; and 10th in terms of punt % on a drive. We also were the worst team in the league in big explosive plays.. None of that adds up to a QB who can’t move the chains in the short to intermediate game…

    Turnovers is definitely the biggest problem on offense we had (along with no run game) and the biggest weakness of Winston. That’s where we sucked on an average amount per drive.. I won’t deny that.

  34. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Interesting numbers Rod. 6 interceptions (or 1/3 of all of them) between Hail Mary’s and bobble’d catches would seem pretty high? I may be wrong tho

  35. Tampa Tony Says:

    Great break down Munch

    I will point out the bobble by Charles Simms in the Rams game is on #3. He threw it to him while a guy is right on him, bad decision making. Gotta give your guy a chance at a play.

    If Jameis can clean up the decision making, become more accurate and pick his spots on when to be aggressive and stop with the unforced errors he could be a top 10 QB. But he’s gotta fix these issues. I can live with the Hail Mary INT’s but the unforced turnovers gotta stop.

    You can’t give away possessions or field position in this league games are too close

  36. GhostofTedford Says:

    The roster on the Bucs website has kirwin from Alabama listed as a tackle….he played Guard. What the?

    Kirven, listed on the Crimson Tide roster as being 6 foot 4, 311 pounds, wasn’t selected in the 2017 NFL Draft. He was signed as an undrafted free agent.

    He played in 26 career games, including all 15 during the 2016 season, and slid into a starting role at right guard when Alabama played Mississippi State on November 12.

    Kirven ended up starting six games as a senior.

    Beyond Benoch, pamphil and EDS I worry about the quality of back up players on this O-line. Like to see Licht sign Mangold, could get him cheap at this point.

  37. Rod Munch Says:

    Cornelius – I actually thought Winston had more hail mary passes before I watched the film. Two are absolute without a doubt hail mary’s and one was on the 4th down and long play at Dallas where he had no one open and tried to make a play and just sort of threw it up, I count that as a hail mary. For the bobbles those are just that, plays where it hit the receiver on the hands and they didn’t catch it. There isn’t a single compilation on YouTube so this took some time to put together, but I didn’t think Winston had a TO issue last year, certainly not past the first few games, and I think the film shows that’s the case. I’m not sure what the normal number for a QB is to have bobbles and hail mary’s turn into TO’s but 6 does seem high.

    Overall I didn’t really see a lot of truly bad throws or reads by Winston that results in INTs. If that is correct then Winston’s INT number could drop dramatically this year if he just has better luck. Then again I’ve always thought Winston is more Brett Favre than Aaron Rodgers, so forcing passes and relying on his arm and play making ability is going to mean you have bad INTs – and it also means you make some big plays that you had no reason to be making.

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    Tampa Tony, the week 3 INT is here,

    That’s an open receiver in the NFL. Sims bobbled it while taking 2 steps then was hit. Not bashing Sims, I like the guy, but that’s on Sims, not on Winston – you have to catch that ball there.

  39. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Hey Lord, nothing is wrong with being excited. but if we go 9-7 the same people will be ripping the team apart. I didn’t say Tony was right, but he tried to give a alternative view like a def cord would do. But he was right in concept. It’s all good,

  40. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ Dewey – yeah sorry man had a long day today lol. Good talk n stats in this thread.

    @ Rod Munch – yeah I kind of expect Winston to be more turnover prone than guys like Rodgers and that’s fine with me. Given the franchise’ history at QB; I just appreciate everything we have with Winston. He also seems to have a few bad games each year that really inflate his turnover #s – like 4 against Arizona and 3 against Dallas. That’s almost 1/2 of the season’s interceptions in 2 games. Only 11 interceptions in the other 14 games; which include a few hail mary’s and dropped passes. I’d like to see him under 15 interceptions for 2017. Gotta live with some of the bad

  41. Bob in valrico Says:

    After the Arizona game in one of his pressers, Koetter said the interception by Peterson was supposed to be a post route. So if Jameis threw the ball between Evans and
    toward the goalpost Evans would have a better chance to make the play.Peterson would not.

  42. destinjohnny Says:

    single D jack?? good luck
    single 13??? haha
    cover oj with a backer or safety???? see Bama vs Clemson
    dont sleep on Brate or Hump they can both play
    the rookie from penn state and then the fsu kid can play.

    o line??? running game???? you can debate that. you cant debate anything else.

  43. JimmyJack Says:

    We all want Jamies to become great and there is only one way that is ever going to happen. Just look at all the great QB’s that have ever played and most-all all of them have had superb blocking for them up front.

    Winston is going to need the same that all the other greats before him have had. The good thing is that Licht and Dirk are trying to surround him with just that. Every RB and TE we have put on the field is, at the least, capable and willing to throw their noses into a blitzer and you don’t see us miss those assignments very often. It will be imperative for OJ and McNicols to make good blocks if they want to see much field.

    Our O-Line is just fine because they are very young and improved from year 1 to year 2. It is expected they improve again and it better happen.

    The good thing about Winston is like you guys are saying with him making plays under extreme pressure. That’s all fine and dandy for now. We are still gonna need a few of those plays from Winston but your going to need to rely on more then that if think your going to make a playoff run and become great.

  44. SB Says:

    Hee Hee….This is a funny thread tonight. Take a breath guys we still have 3 months until football. Let’s just all get along.
    “Funny coming from the banned guy”

  45. SB Says:

    As far as the article goes…..SPOT ON Joe! DC’s will sleep less the week before they play us than most teams on their schedule.

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    Rod I don’t think you can say that Winston just needs better luck. He made a lot of horrible reads last year and did try to force too much. You gotta think about more then just the INTs.

    For every time he threw a pick he got away with one too now. He caught his fair share of luck. He going to need the throw the ball away more, especially near the red zone. He’s always gonna throw a decent amount of picks because he isn’t scared to try to make a play. He just needs to tighten up and be a little bit more choosy. He’s still learning so I’m pretty confident.

  47. bucinjax Says:

    This is the best thread I’ve ever read on JBF. Sure wish I could remember all the smart stuff you guys share. (I’m also glad certain other posters were missing.)

  48. Atlbuc28 Says:

    Winston just needs a real OC to take the next step… Love coach K as our head coach!… Now that Winston is no longer a rookie….. give the young man a real OC… say ..someone like Gruden .. before I get flamed or shot down… Look what wade Phillips did in Denver….. ESPN is cleaning house… all the love Chucky is getting in house… lets do it.. #CHUCKY2018.. 😮

  49. SB Says:

    Lol bucinjax. Well said.

  50. Atlbuc28 Says:

    #CHUCKYOC2018…… Think about it.. Coach K + Gruden OC + Smith DC w Bucs could dominate with the talent they have!…. no paper champions… That staff would rock the talent!

  51. thespiritof76 Says:

    This is neither here nor there folks, but do you any of you old timers (like me) remember when Ray Perkins punched Ron Heller b/c Perkins heard Heller imploring a teammate NOT to quit and Perkins thought he was telling him TO quit ?

    Perkins the idiot trades Heller, who then goes on to have a good career.

    My point ?

    1.) Ray Perkins was the WORST coach in team history. FAR worse than Leeman Bennett and definitely worse than Schiano or Lovie.

    2.) If Doug Williams signs a long term extension James Wilder doesn’t get run into the ground, Hugh Green doesn’t demand a trade, we never go 2-14 for two straight years, we don’t get embarrassed by the entire Bo Jackson fiasco, never end up drafting Vinny, and ergo, never end up having to hire that idiot Perkins.


  52. biff barker Says:

    Go ahead and send em’. The dink and dunk is why you’ve got guys like McNichols and Sims types. Bill Walsh’s ghost suggests a little flare outside.

  53. Howard Cosell Says: many weapons…

    …lord have mercy..


    It’s russian roulette for opposing defenses

  54. Joe Says:


    Could you expand on Florio’s comment “The offensive line is improving” in a future story?

    Written about this lots of times over the past couple of months. Even Joe’s getting bored writing about it; am sure readers are bored with it as well.

  55. Rod Munch Says:

    thespiritof76 – I do not remember that story about Perkins, but sounds like something he’d do. My favorite thing about Perkins was that he could pronounce Donald Igwebuike’s name so he just called him Donald Kicker. I carry on the tradition to this day calling all our kickers only by the name kicker.

    As for your scenario, play it out a bit differently, say the Bucs do lose out on Doug Williams but they don’t trade away Steve Young and they keep that Bo Jackson pick and actually sign him – you have the greatest Tecmo Bowl team ever. In that situation say the Bucs keep Bo and Steve Young and still manage to draft Mark Carrier, plus they had a very good TE by the late 80s in Ron Hall, man, that offense could have been amazing, it could have been so good in fact that even Ray Perkins middle school offense could have looked like an NFL team.

  56. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack – I wasn’t saying Jameis needs better luck, I said if he HAS better luck. I gave my breakdown of every single one of his INTs, go review each one and tell me where I’m wrong. I wasn’t being a fanboy when putting the stuff together, I was just honestly looking to see where this idea comes from that Winston has an issue with turnovers, it’s just not true unless you only look at box scores. Anyways if you want your NFL QB to only throw the ball to guys who are clearly open, then you’re never going to have a QB. In the NFL you must throw the ball to guys who are “covered” if you’re to do anything more than get sacked on nearly every play. Again my comparison is Favre, watching Favre early on on those Packers teams come to Tampa and play, they didn’t have a lot of talent around him and he forced everything – and turned the ball over too – it’s what you do when you’re a gunslinger. If you want Mike Glennon back there to never turn the ball over then I’m sure Chicago is willing to listen to trade offers.

  57. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Great work, Rod. I always appreciate and respect fans who do the research instead of claiming their opinion is fact.

    Atlbuc28, sorry buddy, but Jon Gruden would only return to coaching if in a head coaching role. He would probably want full control too. So not going to happen.

    On the topic of Winston, I believe most of his incomplete passes were drops by WRs. The theme this year has been to get reliable pass catchers. I like it.

    I believe only Evans, Humphries and Martino will be kept from last year’s group, barring an injury forcing a change. That would mean the Bucs have flipped 50% of the WR group. Five WRs will have proven track records for catching well, leaving Martino as a developmental player.

    Said it before…


    That’s the most likely opening day WR group.

  58. Brandon Says:

    Rod Munch… good work… one thing though… Chris Simms? How bad was our RB situation last year that we brought back the spleenless lefty QB to play RB? Charles Sims maybe?

  59. Brandon Says:

    Tampa Tony Says:
    May 31st, 2017 at 3:08 pm
    Nole- You are almost as slow as the Joes when it comes to our o line.

    Everyone compares Winston to Farve not McNabb where have you been, don’t answer no one cares.

    Farve always forced bad throws when playing the Bucs d as he wasn’t patient with the ball. Jameis is very similar in that facet and until he changes we won’t know how he will attack defense’s who use this same method to stop him.


    It’s F-A-V-R-E… he’s a Hall of Fame player, you should probably know how to spell his name by now… and BTW, he had a 15-8 record all-time as a Packer vs the Bucs… so he must not have done too poorly…

    Oh, and FYI, it’s R-O-N-D-E before you go screwing up and calling him Rhonde like some other clowns on here.