Taco Time In Tampa?

April 13th, 2017

Visited Bucs.

Yes, most of Bucs fandom focused in with laser-like detail on the news that the Bucs had a sitdown with Dalvin Cook this week. Rightly so.

What was lost, it seems, was another sitdown the Bucs had yesterday.

Per Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs hosted Michigan defensive end Taco Charlton. Hhhmmm.

Now some readers of this here site may disagree, but outside of #WeaponsForWinston, the greatest need for this team is an edge rusher (not safety).

Sure, the Bucs drafted Noah Spence last year who Joe loves. Again, how he responds to his postseason shoulder surgery is open for debate. Sure, he may look like “an animal,” but workout warriors and Mr. Americas aren’t always NFL stars. Joe is more of a results guy than a hope and promise guy.

An even further question mark is Jacquies Smith. Yeah, he’s talented… when he can get on the field. Dude is always hurt and is coming off major knee surgery. Sorry if Joe isn’t all warm and fuzzy with confidence Smith can rack up double-digit sacks this year.

Until or unless someone, anyone, can get 10 @#$%^n sacks, this team needs a pass rush. In a pass-happy league, this is critical.

What a complete disgrace this franchise has done to p!ss away the cream of Gerald McCoy’s career by simply ignoring and/or constantly striking out on finding a top edge rusher. In some circles, this is truly a crime against football humanity.

Someone should be brought before an international tribunal in The Hague for this NFL atrocity.

42 Responses to “Taco Time In Tampa?”

  1. Tampabayucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Taco time in Tampa”…….Pablo is offended by this racially insensitive phrase. I guess we will have “Taco” parties and name a special “Taco” at the Raymond James concessions”

  2. bucsfaninchina Says:

    YES! Taco is a boss. Should he be picked at 19 I will be one happy dude.

  3. bucsfaninchina Says:

    pablo lmao

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    What’s a complete disgrace joe is the effort that mccoy led defenses has produced. lack of talent is one thing but coming out flat and uninspired and getting blown out on multiple occasions is a true disgrace. defenses led by the leader of the losing culture have came out uninspired and have quit on too many coaches that’s the real disgrace.

  5. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m fine with Taco.

    Corey Davis/John Ross/Mike Williams
    Dalvin Cook/McCaffery
    Derek Barnet/Taco Charlton
    OJ Howard/David Njoku

    I’m fine with any of them at R1 honestly.

    Another guy we haven’t shown interest in that I’m curious about is Tre’Davious White – CB from LSU. He seems to be consistently mocked R1 as high as like top 11. He has great KR/PR ability but seems to have been more of a pure CB than adoree jackson

  6. redblud Says:

    I would much rather have Taco than Dalvin Cook. Don’t be fooled by what the Cowboys did, never, ever, draft a RB in the first round. Name the recenr Super Bowl winners who’s RB was a RB round pick.

  7. martinii Says:

    I’ve been saying since the underclassman announced that we really can’t lose in this draft. Unless we pull a Ditka and trade the entire team for a Top five QB we are going to land some good players. This draft is Deep and loaded with prospects that can start or groom as back-ups. I honestly believe that we could (With the exception of a QB) pull a number from 1 to 32 out of a hat and wind up with a big time contributor.

  8. DB55 Says:

    Charles Harris is better. Has better moves, hands and is a mean sob. I’ll take black ice on one side and spawn on the other. Speed ki11s.

  9. Steven007 Says:

    Actually I like Takk McKinley better than any edge rusher we could get at 19 except perhaps for Barnett. Best motor by far and an attitude that is still lacking on the D line.

  10. Steven007 Says:

    @DB – I don’t mind Harris either in that vicinity.

  11. Guzzie Says:

    No thanks he’s Adrian Slowborn all over again, some of the 3rd-4th round small school players look better than Soft Taco

  12. Guzzie Says:

    But I love Charles Harris

  13. Kalind Says:

    If you use a 5 man rotation or a 4 man (post Smith injury) how you going to get 10 sacks? Good lord Joe. Stop this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s safety, WR, RB OR TE and that’s it for rd 1. Full stop. It won’t be a DE. I can guarantee it.

  14. Eric Denman Says:

    Taco is gonna be a bust.

  15. America's Commenter Says:

    You can tell it’s a smokescreen because they had him visit on a Wednesday. Everybody knows Tacos are for Tuesdays!

  16. Bradinator Says:

    He’s just Will Gholston with a cooler nickname. Run stopping DE first, possible pass rusher second. I like Gholston a lot, we suffered vs the run when he went out, but I don’t think we need another guy to do the same thing. Especially not in round 1. I agree we could use another Edge rusher, but Charelton ain’t it.

  17. Skipper Says:

    Google top all time rushers in the NFL and tell me how many non 1st round backs are in the top 20. Not many! Total nonsense suggesting you never draft a running back in the first round.

  18. DallasBuc Says:

    “Someone should be brought before an international tribunal in The Hague for this NFL atrocity.”
    But whatever you do don’t blame the man in charge of acquiring the talent that plays on this football team for the last 3.5 years. That would apparently somehow be unfair to a very close friend and business partner.
    Blame the libtards and Killary and that Kenyan Obama because that just feels better!

  19. rayjay1122 Says:

    I have no problem with a DE in the 1st. Spence, Cook, GMC and Ayers are not a bad group but a stud DE to split duty or be a starter if they beat out a veteran is a good scenario as it would improve the pass rush and our depth would be improved.

    During the Super Bowl season and especially in the Super Bowl, we had a great pass rush which helped the secondary control a top rated Raider Offense. Yes I realize we were so familiar with the Raider offense that Gruden put in place but without a great defense to execute that intel, the familiarity would not have been such an advantage. Rice was a force and had Gannon frustrated.

    We need a pass rush like that again as it will make our secondary better.

    We also need a RB and if we go DE at #19, perhaps we can still get a very good RB in the 2nd. Maybe we make a trade and move up in the 2nd if one of the Bucs targeted RB’s is still on the board.

    I would also love to see a WR, TE and Safety drafted and hope they all become starting caliber players eventually.

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    Much rather have Barnett or perhaps Harris over Taco if we are going DE in the 1st round. As already pointed out – we just paid Gholston pretty good $ to serve the roll that Taco likely would for the Bucs. He’s more of a run stopper than a pass rusher. Pass.

  21. Kobe Faker Says:

    For Mike Smith defense to be effective he need to stop the run….he was very effective patching up/disguising the backend pass defense to stop the opponents

    *Mike Smith was indeed the MVP of the 2016 season

    Mike Smith cant do nothing without a run defense

    If Carolina gets Fournette, they are going back to the superbowl

    Fournette will slow down ATLs/anybodys offense

    We dont have enough good defensive players to go to the playoffs (2016 Draft was a huge ####UP!)…We need to give Jaboo weapons to out score teams to win

    Kobe has posted and it shall be

  22. ARGH_M8E Says:


  23. ARGH_M8E Says:

    Tribunal @ The Hague lmao joe, funny stuff

  24. Captainjimbo Says:

    Exactly! Pickgrin

  25. bucs_365 Says:

    I don’t know about Taco Time…. I don’t want a DE named Taco, but I’d take an impact pass rusher in round one over Dalvin Cook. Better value considering the depth of the RB class. Plus, I just can’t get past 3 shoulder surgeries, fumbling issues, and off-field thuggery. And animal abuse? I have a hard time forgiving that.

  26. BUC55 Says:

    We will NOT select a DE with our first 4 picks. Possibly not at all. If we select a d lineman at all there is at least a 50% chance it will be a DT.
    WR, RB, TE, S, CB will happen first. Even LB is likely to happen before DE.
    Any talk about the Bucs taking a DE high is a waste of time.

  27. Doctor_Berto Says:

    Redblud….Seattle and marshawn lynch

  28. tnew Says:

    I’m going to keep beating this drum.. Malik McDowell. If he could have switched places with Taco and not been forced to be a team player and play every position along the line of scrimmage.. yes 0-9. That is a square nose to a wide outside rusher and everything in between, this kid would have been a top 5 (I believe a top 3) pick. Don’t believe me. Do some research. Don’t just listen to the sheep that say, no work ethic, no love for the game. I’ve since my last post contacted some of my MSU buddies. They said he was the most dominant force on either side of the ball for three years but the coaching staff had no idea what to do with him. There may be some stories that are out there. I know Daniel Jeremiah had a pretty harsh assessment of him at the combine in comparing him to Taco, but now that I’ve done my research, I whole-heartedly disagree.

    Go look at his games.. not his highlights, his games vs. Notre Dame (mcGlinchy at left tackle, projected as a top 10 pick next year) and vs. Wisconsin (Ramczk) Tell me the guy has a motor issue. The more you watch him the more you feel for him. Joe, if you feel sorry for the misuse of GMC over his career, go watch this kid this year. He had to do everything. One of my favorite moments that I saw was against Furman of all teams. He was killing it, wreaking total havoc, then he got fooled a little and was off balance, a tight end put him on his butt. The next play, he destroyed his blocks and chased down the ball carrier for a big loss. It was Waterboy type stuff.

    I know many will say Cancer, work rate, doesn’t respect family (his Mom wouldn’t let him sign at MSU,where he wanted to go and she refused to sign until the 11th hour.. helicopter much?) etc because that is what Kiper says. Go check him out.. I dare you. Anyone that would take Taco vs McDowell, is a Michigan man.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    Someone named Taco Charlton is not going to be a top player at DE, it just won’t happen. Players need to have a certain name to be a success, DE’s can be bland names or something that sounds like they’re from Uganda, but Taco Charlton – that name makes no sense, you got Taco as the first name then Charlton as the 2nd, another awful name, in particular for a DE. Mark it down, Taco will be a bust.

  30. redblud Says:

    Skipper, I’m not worried finding an all time rusher. I couldn’t careless about personal standings. We’re trying to build a team. Also, this is 2017, and the game has changed. This is a passing league. You can find RBs all through the draft and even undrafted ones. It happens to Super Bowl teams all the time. Look at the teams that consistently compete and ask yourself how many 1St round RBs they have. RBs studs are not a necessity to win superbowls anymore. RB are important at the rec level. Anything above that, but everything else first.

  31. Broy34 Says:

    Notice people don’t even comment on tmaxipads posts anymore. They’re so repetitive and laughable. Anyway don’t want taco. Read too many negatives

  32. Fred E. Buc Says:

    I would be shocked if they drafted a RB at first round because the class of RBs is so deep and they still have Martin, whom I’m betting will be fine, along with good depth in Rodgers, Sims, and Barber. If they draft a third round RB he can still be really good and they can even trade Martin if need be b/4 the trade deadline if the new guy pans out. That said, DE is a possibility to draft high, but unless they really really really like AND trust Tandy and Conte to go with Wilcox, I still think they will draft a safety with their top pick.

  33. Chris Says:

    Rod, Baseball Card bible says, guys with bad names always suck. Agree with Taco, no way is he a Reggie White or Simeon Rice.

  34. ImJustHereForJameisNews Says:

    Think any way we can snag my guy Demarcus Walker in the 2nd or later? Watched every snap of that mans career at FSU and we’d be getting a true leader type, just a versatile absolute dog. Cook in 1st and Walker in 2nd w Godwin in the 3rd? Maybe grab that Te from Toledo in the 4th and Freddie Stevenson in the 5th+.

  35. Pa Privateer Says:

    If you look at which DEs the Bucs have brought in Taco is a possibility. The Bucs had a Private visit with taco, But he will not be drafted by the Bucs at 19. The only DE they will draft at 19 is Barnett based on visits and prospect rankings. If the Bucs trade back they could select Taco but I repeat it will not be at 19.

    The next Prospect Litch will consider based on interest and rankings will be TE Njoku at 19.

    You can hate me for saying that, but based on the public data and analysis that is what will happen.

  36. Pa Privateer Says:

    The Bucs have also brought in DE Jordan Willis (R3) and DE Trey Hendrickson (R4). I like those guys more than Taco.

    DE Jordan Willis has met with the Bucs Multiple times, had a Private Workout and had of the lucrative Private Meetings.

  37. Pa Privateer Says:

    ^^^***one of the

  38. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ive believed for a couple months, That Taco was likely going to be our selection.
    I still think so..
    There are two types of players- that teams covet above all else
    Franchise QBs, and Pass rushing DEs.
    Both are very rare, and hard to find.
    The two hardest positions to fill
    We are lucky to have one now.
    This draft, we hope to aquire the other.

  39. Buccfan37 Says:

    I read earlier on a mock at Cup of Joe the Saints will take Taco and be the surprise SB team. The guessing game goes on.

  40. tnew Says:

    Honest question. What traits has Taco consistently shown on film.. not highlight reel stuff, that indicate that he is has the potential to be worthy of a first round pick. He has the body and the length, but that is where it ends. He has difficulty disengaging blocks. Regardless of what Kiper says, he is not overly polished. Has difficulty beating double teams.

    Most of his sacks come on free releases or horrible sets from offensive lineman on the right side. Athletic offensive lineman, like in the NFL, shut him down. Donovan Smith wouldn’t allow this guy near the QB. Heck, Taco would make Dotson look good

  41. Joe Says:


    Honest question. What traits has Taco consistently shown on film

    Reminds Joe a lot of Adrian Clayborn.


  42. tnew Says:

    I saw a lot more potential in Adrian Clayborn. More power, more want, better motor, but hard to say that Clayborn was worthy of that 1st round pick looking at it in hindsight. If we draft Taco, I would HOPE, that he could be as good a Clayborn. I saw way more in Clayborn than I see now in Charlton.

    I like Malik McDowell way more. Not saying we pick him at 19, I think you could get him in the late 20s and pick up another pick. Maybe roll the dice and see if he falls all the way to the second round. Would have to trade up to get him there tho.