“Soul-Searching” Gerald McCoy

April 17th, 2017

Down on himself after self-evaluation

Yes, Joe needed a stiff vodka tonic after listening to Gerald McCoy address the media at One Buc Palace today.

Joe wasn’t sure if McCoy should have been on a shrink’s couch or in a confessional, or somewhere other than a welcome-2017-season news conference.

It was vintage McCoy, but only in the sense that it was his usual announced change in mental approach entering a new season. Every year, it seems, McCoy has a major new attitude tweak when it comes to his leadership and off-field role.

Today, McCoy was a public soul-searcher. (You can see it all here on Buccaneers.com)

The five-time Pro Bowler explained that while at the Pro Bowl in January, he had at least three trusted NFL confidants tell him that he wasn’t doing enough to make the Buccaneers a winner, and that he wasn’t performing big enough when the team needed him most.

“It wasn’t even about my play. It was about me as a man, as a leader, and what I need to do moving forward,” McCoy said. “It hit home to the point where I re-evaluated myself, you know, my whole career up to this point. It wasn’t devastating, but it was a reality check. I wouldn’t have listened to them if they were not very credible sources and very successful in the things that they’ve done. … This gist of it was, I haven’t done enough to lead this team.”

McCoy said these hard truths belted him in the gut because he trusted the sources and it wasn’t just one guy. McCoy wouldn’t reveal more about his sources.

No. 93 gave very long-winded answers about himself and his approach, and he was very pensive and almost apologetic (almost) for his play in pewter and red. He also addressed many fans, he says, who want to trade him every single year.

McCoy insisted he’s not going anywhere (sorry, haters) but he said he is on limited time because his body feels his seven years in the NFL. (More on that later)

Joe sort of felt badly for McCoy. His news conference didn’t sound like that of a guy pumped up to be back to work.

What a contrast McCoy was to America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, who took the podium like a hungry, happy Labrador puppy who just learned he was getting a steak and a trip to the dog park.

Yeah, it’s just an April press conference, rather meaningless to real football in September, but it sure was a little bit odd.

90 Responses to ““Soul-Searching” Gerald McCoy”

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    Humility is a good quality. Just show up and be the best DT you can be Gerald. The vast majority of Bucs fans can live contently with the results of your best efforts.

  2. stanglassman Says:

    That entire GMC presser was really something to watch. If anybody hasn’t watched it, they should. It reminded me of the Jameis presser at the end of his 1st season where he called players out for lack of effort except it was GMC calling himself out. Even tmax would be impressed.

  3. webster Says:

    He is self aware which is a good thing. Unlike many buc fans, he is now aware that he is not great, or a big crunch time player. Thats something the “haters” have said for a long time while joe and many posters defended him. The proof is in the pudding due to the fact that 3 of his trusted sources said the same thing. Case closed.

  4. tmaxcon Says:


    i admire his self awareness but we get the same speech every year. its the same BS words words words words words words words… then he disappears or get’s hurt when it matters. It’s been a failed 7 year tenure for the leader of the losing culture simple as that. every damn year same lip service. get rid of this fool his cash can be better spent elsewhere.

  5. tnew Says:

    Am he now a hater because he is saying everything that I have been saying. I want him on this team, he needs to be on this team but he also needs to do more to utilize his amazing talent and skillset. I’ve been waiting on this for the past 4 years. Like it or not, this is a make or break year for him. His contract is large for an interior lineman that merely disrupts and his cap hit goes way down after this season. He must produce. He needs help and I for one would love it in the form of Barnett if he slips or Malik McDowell (trade back in first or up in second) if Barnett is gone.

    This is a positive sign. A hard look into the mirror and realizing that you could do more shows a professional maturity that he hasn’t had. I would say this is exhibit 1 to the change in the attitude at one Buc Place.


  6. DB55 Says:


  7. Steven007 Says:

    All NFL players are alpha males when compared to the general population. However within the population of NFL players themselves there are “alpha” alphas. GMC is not one of those players. Sapp obviously was. Not every player can be this guy. However players can, if they have the motivation and desire, change aspects of their play. One of the reasons I like Jabrill Peppers is he is one of those alpha alphas. But even in the deep patrol you have your general alphas (Troy Polamalu). Great players can exist on both ends of this spectrum. I like GMC just fine. Do I wish he was meaner, less apologetic and far more surly (i.e., Sapp)? Yep. This is why hopefully the pairing with Baker, who seems to be most things GMC is not will be good. Self awareness is good, but only if it’s used for improvement. But like Joe said, what a contrast between JW (our very own “alpha” alpha) and GMC…

  8. dooshlarue Says:

    Wow…..what a shock.

    I said yesterday I was expecting a real uplifting presser from Ol’ Softy 93.
    For once GMC, you did not disappoint.

    I still expect you to play far below your “skill” and pay level again this year, unless my recurring fantasy dream of Licht finding a way to dump you and your contract before the season starts comes true.

    Hey Hawaiian Buc…… how do you feel about your hero now?

  9. DB55 Says:

    Thought I got blocked, lmao, my phone tripping.

    All I got to say is the best part of the pc was the Joe’s trying to change the subject. Lol. Whaat??–Joe
    I can only imagine what was going on in your mind. Vindication for the haters? Nooooooooooo! Lol

    Any hoot, like Tmax said I’ll believe when I see it. I can only imagine him getting roasted at the pb by Atkins and Donald. But again, WTH DO I KNOW?!?!

    – Just a hater

  10. Eric Says:

    He must have seen his pre game hype speech last season where he looked like a mannequin doing the robot and sounded like a kid trying to read his fist sentence.

  11. Armando Says:

    Fire lit.

  12. Colin Says:

    McCoy cares a lot about being great. That press conference was an eye opener. He’s going to have a big year

  13. Discount08 Says:

    You guys calls are bucs fans. Wow………..you do realize these aee just way overpaid athletes that are human right. All you so called bucs fans that hate on GMC need to just shut the $#@! Up and realize good interior d lineman are hard to come by. I wouldnt want anyone else, hes a super freakish athlete who is in his prime and will continue to play at that level. That is all. Case closed webster you fake a@@ fan.

  14. IndyBucsFan Says:

    How do some people perceive this as negative?! The dude came out and admitted he needs to do better and vows to do better. That’s awesome! He was already really good-read not great- but now if he can turn it up a notch, watch out.

  15. Zwak Says:

    Same BS as last year, he can’t name who said what because this was all in his head! My advice would be if you need thick glasses for a presser try wearing them when you play??

  16. Bucnjim Says:

    Sad that the term haters is being used especially when most only disagree with his leadership skills!

  17. Chris Says:

    Someone who has to address his failure at coming up big every year for 7 years. Thats a pattern. We will be better next year in spite of the Ice Cream man. You get Winston another weapon in the draft, he may throw for 5000 and 40 tds.

  18. Chris Says:

    Soft, tissue paper, one ply soft.

  19. dooshlarue Says:


    I’ve been a fan since 1976 and I can’t remember hating a player as much as I do GMC.
    So yeah, you can be a Bucs fan and not give 2 sh!ts about players being human and all that crap.

    When you’re paid to play like the best you need to live up to your end of the deal.
    I can’t wait until he’s gone.

    He’s a cancer, just a really friendly one.

  20. Bucnjim Says:

    When I compared previous leaders of the D like Hardy Nickerson & Sapp To McCoy I was called an idiot.

  21. DallasBuc Says:

    Joe- is McCoy a McCoy hater? Isn’t that your boiler plate dismissive response to any criticism leveled at McCoy?
    Show some consistency!

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I would imagine its pretty hard for him. The Bucs drafted him to build around, but they have not done so at all. Now his career is approaching his twilight years. Frankly, I’d want to go elsewhere if I were him.

  23. Bucnjim Says:

    I guess sometimes passing or failing the eye test means something especially if you have been a Bucs fan for over 30 years.

  24. Issic Haggins Says:

    I disagree it is his play , he doesn’t like to finish plays !!! He does put forth effort at times but he doesn’t fight if he doesn’t win right off the snap !! He isn’t a vocal leader so this could be scary !!! He needs to quit playing pretty and then GMC will get all the attention that he craves !!!

    Gerald has all the talent , he just doesn’t really totally understand how to apply it and it’s a dam shame that the coaches have allowed him to nice guy them and get away with it !!!

    Gerald if you want attention 5, 10 , 15 years from now you had better quit wasting your talent by playing pretty !!! It is what it Is !!!

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m sick of idiots down talking him. He’s been great on this team, and a hard worker. Anyone who claims he quits on plays is full of $h!T.

    After watching the video, I got the impression he intends to be meaner on the field…like 99.

  26. tmaxcon Says:

    McCoy is more concerned with camera time and crying like a beotch than shutting up and doing whatever it takes to win. The bottom line is he is a good to average DT that does not make others better around and disappears when his teammates need him the most.

    The only thing of value that bum has contributed to the bay area is saving lives of Viagra overdose victims with that pathetic excuse of a pre game speech.

  27. MadMax Says:

    Only thing to do GM93 is play harder and play meaner! Theres always other DT’s we can sign or draft but I want you. You need to step up big time right now…playoffs are coming, make some history.

    Now if we can just get him Barnett and watch them both get that qb pressure, that D line would be something.

  28. destinjohnny Says:

    he needs a badass DE

  29. Pa bucs fan Says:


    That is some of the most incoherent rambling I have heard in my life.

    Average dt. Get out of here with that non sense. It’s funny how you couch wanna be gms call out players but then u hear offensive talent from other teams and coach’s rave about the same player. You must know more than them right. Go cheer for a differ team than.

    You and kobe are toxic and annoying.

  30. Dewey Selmon Says:

    GMC is an alpha man in the general public and a beta man in the locker room. Now just go out and play.

  31. Bucnjim Says:

    Jamis Winston has a passion for winning and the game of football that you cannot teach someone. This plus his actual skill set defines what a team leader is. Since the Bucs have been a defensive team since their beginning I have always looked for leadership on that side of the ball. We have been force fed several players to replace Sapp, Lynch, Barber & Rice to no avail. I am now looking at you Kwon Alexander to pick up that torch and bring the Pride back to this Buccaneer defense.

  32. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    It’s not easy to admit your failures on camera in front of the whole country. He IS a flawed player, as of now, however, I’ve always liked McCoy, but I like him more now than I did before the press conference. He wants to improve and I think he will.

  33. tmaxcon Says:

    Pa Bucs Fan

    The next play that loser makes in a big game that matters will be his first. Calling him Good to Average is dead ON and 100% accurate. You really should raise your standards. Mccoy is a career loser who has quit on coaches and does not give his best that not the type of example to set for young people. Mixon has better character at least he is not a complete FRAUD…

  34. Eric Says:

    Dang, goes to the pro bowl and people flat out tell him he sucks.

    Picture Sapp’s reaction to something like that.

    And then repeat it in public?

    Strange if you ask me. He’s really good, but perhaps the killer instinct is lacking.

  35. PRBucFan Says:

    Even he can’t deny his fourth quarter disappearing acts.

    Glad he finally manned up about it.

  36. Kobe Faker Says:

    GMC doesnt love football

    Tmaxcon specialises on everything GMC while I put my analytical efforts on other players/coaches, but …

    just by chance i stopped in and read a few of these posts and wanted to add 2 cents

    I see Jake Lockler and Matt leinart

    GMC doesnt eat sleep dream football

    He was a big kid for his age and football was easy for him. GMC will never ever win a superbowl….He will grab all the money he can and retire and he will hope to get in front of the tv

    GMC doesnt dream of lifting the Superbowl trophy and going thru hell with his brothers/teammates to get there…

    GMC dreams of when he can wear his big a$$ bow tie with his shiny teeth in front of NFL network cameras

  37. dooshlarue Says:

    Kobe Faker, you are now Kobe Nostradamus in my eyes!

  38. Pa bucs fan Says:


    Career loser? Yea I’ll agree since the bucs as a whole haven’t had a great track record over the last 10,years. But to put the blame on 1 player is pathetic. Gmc makes alot of plays just because he doesn’t make every play doesn’t mean he is trash. He is one person out of 11 on the field. And to which I’m sure he sees more than his fair share of dbls teams and so on. Not making excuses but when you’re the only productive player on a d line for 7 years or whatever it shows he could only do so much.

    Sapp at least had some help at De. What had gmc had before last year? Bowers, Clayborn. Dan Te’o-Nesheim? Cool stroy. Let bennet walk, cool story.

    Atleast pretend to be a bucs fan and do a lil homework before running your mouth. Or just sit there and straight bash one of the top dts in the league day in and day out because your have some imaginary view of how you know more than actual nfl players, and and coaches.

  39. DB55 Says:

    GMC is like Michael Orr in The Blind Side. He scored in the 98th percentile in protective instincts. He’s just been playing the wrong position. Move him to left tackle and put an ice cream cone in Jameis’s pocket. No one will ever touch him.

    ICE CREAM!!!!!

  40. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I just signed tmaxcon up for the Gerald McCoy super fan club.

    Where shall they mail the membership card and “I love 93” t-shirt tmaxcon?

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s what I hope: I hope we get Hard Knocks so that we can all see how things really are in the locker room and shut TMax up.

    No offense, TMax, lol.

  42. Q Says:

    Every year….something new with this guy….what he needs to do is shut up…train…get in football shape and play….stop talking about what you figured out….what needs to be done…dont make any predictions…just come to tampa….get thru training camp and get ready for the season and play…that is all

  43. PRBucFan Says:

    “Where is my energy in the fourth quarter?” McCoy said. “Is my technique dropping in the fourth quarter? Am I making the plays I need to make in the fourth quarter?”

    Directly from McCoy

  44. Q Says:

    Kobe faker….well said!!!

  45. Stanglassman Says:

    Who was it that had the talk with GMC?
    Aaron Donald

  46. tmaxcon Says:


    i could careless about how the locker room is or how the community or peers percieve his loser arse the only thing that matters is wins on sundays and she does not want to win bad enough. quitter simple as that the rest is all BS fluff for the camera

  47. Kobe Faker Says:

    Pa Bucs fan

    I grewup in Lansdale/montgomeryville area. I went to North penn high school.

    You know the area?

    You sound like some of the kids that beat the sh!t out of me when I was little Kobe

  48. NycBuc Says:

    Um, Mr. Brady, can we line up?’ He didn’t care. He was like, ‘You’re not going to line up.”’ McCoy said. Maybe I’m a McCoy hater but the dude is soft and not a real leader. When I saw him before the Dallas game it was a bad Oman. The Dude’s soft, Winston is the leader of the team and Kwon and Ayers are the leaders.

  49. tmaxcon Says:


    yes he is a career loser. if you have not won a championship you are a loser. you said he is great. great players make others around them better, all we here year in and year out more help for gmc nothing is every good enough nor does he ever raise others game. a real great player does that. gmc is just another BS nice guy who plays the christian card and gets a free pass for his average to good play when he’s paid to be a star and great. he is not great. he’s a soft player and that has no place on a team if you want multiple championships. give me winners and trade the choirboys to ISIL

  50. bucs_365 Says:

    Joe’s interpretation: “His news conference didn’t sound like that of a guy pumped up to be back to work.”

    I didn’t have that reaction at all. In fact, I felt like he has a greater desire than ever to push this team to wins in the 4th quarter. He was speaking from the heart instead of throwing out the usual athlete clichés. It got me pretty fired up thinking that he’s going to have such a strong motivation to lead the team into the playoffs, and that that’s what his career will be judged on.

  51. Kobe Faker Says:

    Bellichick gives away twice as good players than GMC for 3rd round picks

    that is a fact

    Bellichick has found out that continuous cycle of young hungry Lions playing for their lives in the first 3years of their putrid rookie contracts is better than those that played +5 years, battled worn bodies and getting huge dollars in their second contract. Pats believe the light is brightest in the first 3 years

    Playing NFL defense is all about hunger

  52. Q Says:

    Every year before camp…mccoy has this reality check …inner child search…vivid dreams…whatever you call it…the guy needs to shut up …dont say anything else…just be quiet geraldini…7 years…and what did he say bad knees from double teams throughouthis career?…the guy has more excuses than anyone i have ever met in my life …its attention attention attention and excuses with this average player….just wait for hard knocks….its gonna be the geraldini show….he seems very pissed off that jameis is the guy getting attention and how jameis talks the talk and walks the walk…he is pissed because he may talk the talk but cant walk the walk because he has “2 bum knees” and all he cares about is himself and attention…im so sick of seeing his name and hearing his moronic voice in press confrences…i pray that the bucs get this guy out of tampa…i know its not gonna happen …but he is the reason why we have not reached the playoffs….but its all good because we are building and putting in players who walk the walk and talk the talk…its just geraldini is getting mad because hes lost camera time and fans attention because we have jameis desean and mike evans…abd hes no longer the guy who the media goes to first

  53. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Here is GMC’s perception problem. #1 He followed a Bucs icon at a position that he was never going to come close to matching. GMC was never Sapp.
    #2 Folks think he’s being paid to play at a 9 or 10 level when he frequently plays at an 8…very good but not great…and occasionally elevates his game to a 9. But fans expect rightly or wrongly for GMC to at minimum put up long stretches of play at 9 with occasional visits to the 10 level. If he can do that this year….yeeehaaa!

  54. dooshlarue Says:

    I guess Hawaiian Buc has no response due to the fact that McCoy said what he said.

    Now Hawaiian can’t use his “what, do you have some firsthand knowledge, or friends at One Buc that gave you that information”?

    It came straight from Ol’ Softy’s soft lips.

  55. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    He is my X-factor for this team next season. If he applies what he saying we will be hard to handle next season and will go on a lengthy run come post season time. I’m glad whoever they were said what they said, many of us are not haters. We just see the talent man and want some of that 10 a lil more often Pete. H3ll go thru the motions in the first half for all I care. 4th quarter be dominant man.

  56. gotbbucs Says:

    Second verse, same as the first.

    Good one play, horrible the next.

    One of the least consistent players on this team. He needs to be a nickel rusher and stay off the field on early downs and goalline.

  57. James Walker Says:

    Its about time he reflected and hung his head for a bit.

  58. James Walker Says:

    I am betting it was #55.

  59. DB55 Says:

    I picture Akins and Donald roasting him. Atkins – ay mon how many PO wins you got? (Lol) Donald- ay man you remember when you said you weren’t moving positions for no rookie? How many 10 sack seasons you got(lol).

    Both of them – ay man why your fans call you ice cream (LOL LMAO)

    Both them – why you even here they let you in with 7 first qrt sacks? Bahhh.

    Ay mon how you lose your team to a rookie.

    Ay man what was up with that pep talk at the Dallas game. Lololol.

    I picture these dudes roasting the he11 out of him. So much so that they embarrassed the he11 out of him.

    At least that’s what I picture in my moronic, stupid, ignorant mind.

  60. tmaxcon Says:


    i agree with your post sir. good not great. he salary could be used much better for weapons for winston.

    I hope you are well and retirement is treating you good. I thought of you the other day while arguing wealth redistribution with a buddy. If you need a new trump tee shirt please do not hesitate I would not want you wearing the other out so fast.

  61. Dougyballs Says:

    Its a shame that gmc is not able to live up to Reggie White status The horror

    The guy has just been top 5 DT the last how ever many years but because he might not be the next HOF buccaneer he is the ” ice cream man ” You sirs sound like a buntch of clowns. I have met him in person and what a beast of a man. Damn sure know not one of you idi0t$ has the balls to call him the ” ice cream man “. If you caught him one on one. So sit behind your keybords and keep up the great insight clowns

  62. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I’m talking bout what Haggins said at 5:13.

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    lol DB.

    “Ay man what was up with that pep talk at the Dallas game. Lololol.”

    It’s been 7 seasons…it’s almost Ay old man what was up with that….

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    tmax…lol props to you too.

    THAT was funny right there…I don’t care who you are.

  65. DB55 Says:

    I aim to please

  66. Lamarcus Says:

    Duggy balls. I will call him ice cream man he won’t do nothing. Too nice. I just believe he soul searchin 7 freaking years out. Hey Mccoy. Ppl figure it out first month’s on the job. Not 7.

    – this is why I don’t like this player…….. Drama

  67. Q Says:

    Theres no need to tell him to his face…word gets around on social media….no one is implying hes a bad person…just that he is NOT a great player…he is average and he is NOT a game changer like many claim him to be ….what bucnation would like to see is mccoy at 100% everytime he steps on the field…were not expecting sacks every play…we expect him to be a leader of the defense by action not by mouth….so would i tell him that hes a bad player in person? No….because first off that would just be rude ….and i highly doubt mccoy would be one to scare someone if they spoke how they felt…hell he helps the enemy up after a tackle…but as my right and anyone elses we have a right to an opinion on social media…he gets the message…he realizes it ….he said hes gonna fix it…but thats just talk…ill believe it when i see him walk the walk

  68. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    That was probably the most introspective interview – I’ve watched of any player in a looong time brotha. It was as real… as real can be.

    At 28 years young, in the prime of your career. He’s looking to buckel down, and do what needs to be done – to get this team over the hump. I’ve have nothing but respect for his words. Lets hope they ring true.

  69. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sounds like a man on a mission.

  70. BringBucsBack Says:

    It’s hard to imagine that he only got that message this late in his career. One would have thought that he, a player or coach would have brought this to light much earlier in his career.

    Is it me or is McCoy the one topic were all of the comments, save for the most ludicrous, are correct?

  71. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    @ Gerald McCoy
    You said you read what the media writes and what the fans say, so I will comment directly at you.
    I watched your presser today, and if you play this year how you were talkin you will shut all the haters up. You can’t be stopped in the 4th quarter, you gotta play with some attitude. You gotta be a dog, if you get that nasty streak in you (and stop helping opponents up after you hit em) the folks round here will stop calling you “The Icecream man”. I can tell that you want to be great, and you can be. Just be less Andrew Luck (nice guy) and more Ndamukong Suh. I’ll be rooting for you, no hate over here.

  72. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    A kobe did just blaze this thread tho.

  73. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    And I agree Belichess has a knack for finding young hungry lions.

  74. Kristoff Says:

    If you have a problem with GMC then you need effing checked. Dude is constantly a top 5 DT what do you want from him? Don’t bother responding to me because I won’t read your garbage opinion.

  75. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    I love McCoy and I’m happy he’s a Buc !

  76. BigHogHaynes Says:

    This Team failed GMC by not building a solid defence for the last 7yrs. ..What a Damn Shame!!

  77. gotbbucs Says:

    I’m happy someone finally had the balls to tell this guy how it really is. He got drafted and immediately was told that he was the franchise player and took it to heart and started coasting through season after season.
    He has shown up year after year with a “I’m good and everybody knows it” attitude and never tried to elevate his game. Now he’s damn near 30 years old and just finally realized that winning matters? It took three “credible” voices to tell him to turn it on in the 4th quarter when the game is on the line?
    Guy has all the ability in the world and has just never had the heart to push through to the top.

    The part of that interview that just absolutely made me cringe was when he was talking about the game being on the line and how if he thought he was gonna be going up against a double team that he was going to go over and slide the single block man over so that he could have the easier road to the sack. That sounds exactly like something Sapp would tell him to do, only I would have confidence in Sapp making the most of that opportunity, McCoy I don’t know.

    Either way, I guess if he’s going to be on the team I’ll hope that this supposed epiphany works, but I’m not going to hold my breathe on it. Eight years seems like a hell of a long time for it to take to learn how to go hard when it matters most.

  78. gotbbucs Says:

    Bighog….GMC failed alot of teammates and this organization by not understanding how to go about his business. Three “credible” sources had to tell him that in big games he needed to try and show up in the 4th quarter.

    All he did in this interview was give credence to those of us that questioned his effort.

  79. Eric Says:

    The guy did start out with a double dose of Raheem Morris. Then Schiano.

    Extremely hard to recover from that.

  80. BucsFan90 Says:

    Forget what happened in the past. New year, new beginning. Lets do it big this time!

  81. Ray Rice Says:

    Lmfao….where are all you D Riders now? His credible sources told his a$$$$ the same $$$hit a few of us have been saying for years. Step up MF and make a play. Make your team better. Eat crow biatches!!!!

  82. Ray Rice Says:

    Do something Aunt Geraldine!!! Prove me wrong. I hope you do.

  83. mike10 Says:

    Typical. This guys is the center of our defense? Do we have to continue to watch this dying dog?

    It’s like he finally admitted what all his defenders have and still probably deny: he is not a game changer and he vanishes in 4th quarters when the game is on the line… and we’re paying him $20 mil!

    Does anyone remember that pregame “speech” he gave? Lol and then how we played??

    Can we pls just trade him..

  84. Capt.Tim Says:

    dont think most of you watched it.
    He said that he wasnt talking about his play.
    He was talking About
    conserving energy- ala Sapp- so he can make plays in the 4th Quarter

    The strategy for McCoy has always been the same.
    Wear him out.
    Thats because this team has stupidly and ignorantly not supported him for 7 years.
    They have surrounded him with worthless players, and wasted 7 years of his career.
    Everyone at OneBuc, who has worn a suit over the last 7 years, should be dragged out to the middle of Dale Marby- and horse whipped!

    McCoy wants to improve his role as a leader. He wants to sace energy- to be more active in the 4th quarter.
    Good ideas.

    I know many of you hallucinated statements he made. You are dumbasses, and always will. Probably bitterness over your own underachieving lives.

    What did bother me- was his lack of enthusiasm about the Defense.
    “I dont make decisions gere, I just play with who give me.”
    He seemed tired. And you could hear the bitterness, when he talked about never making a playoff game in his career.

    The only time he seemed excited, was when he was talking about the offense.

    Despite what the brainless around here believe, McCoy is the best Defensive tackle in the league.its a damn shame how this team has failed him.
    A bew Defensive coordinator every year- with a new defense to learn.
    Lousy, lazy defensive linemen around him. Giving him no support at all.

    This is the first year of real defensive continuity. Our new DT will help McCoy a bunch.
    And we damn well better draft him anoth DE. Our Dline is improved- but still sucks

    McCoy is the best Defensive tackle in the league. He is not a rah rah alpha leader. McCoy is a quiet, Introspective player- who takes everything personally. I love interviews with him. Hes the only Buc who doesnt load you down with cliche answers.
    Hes not a vocal leader.
    Neither was Simione Rice. Or Ronde Barber.
    That doesnt mean he isnt our best defensive player- by a long shot

  85. dooshlarue Says:

    Maybe lay off the sauce Capt. Tim.

    You’re as sad and misguided as the POS you’re trying to defend.
    Hopefully you’re an alcoholic on a bender, that I can forgive.

    But this BS about different coaches, new systems, double teams and no help from DE, BLAH, BLAH BLAH.

    He is an overpaid, over hyped P()ssy who likes to give excuses, cash his checks and be a nice guy.

    We don’t need that, nor should we pay for it.

    Please trade him Mr. Licht.
    We need players like JW and Kwon who won’t accept losing and offer excuses.


    By the way Captain, what license do you hold?
    I’m guessing it’s the hard to obtain UPV?

  86. Frank Pillow Says:

    Sadly every year we’re treated to some form of McCoy’s internalization and follow-on external dialogue about how much more motivated he is than the previous season. I’d say pretty standard fare from Gerald’s presser. As much as nearly everyone in Tampa wants to rip this guy, the fact of the matter is that he’s a good football player. No, he’s not great. He’s good-to-very good at times. What frustrates all of us, I suspect, is that with a little more fire and a lot less disappearing during key stretches of games, #93 could be something special. Here’s the good news, we’re getting better as a team and there are now players on that D who demand the best from their teammates and are starting to hold people accountable. Yes, #58, I’m talking about you! Gerald doesn’t have to lead anyone. Doesn’t have to be the savior, heart or soul. All he has to do is be disruptive throughout the game.

  87. D-Rome Says:

    Capt. Tim, I don’t think GMC is the best DT in the league. I do think he’s among the best. Top 5 for sure. Maybe even among the top 3. However, your points on the organization failing him are spot on. Buc fans around here have been getting excited for garbage pass rushers like Jac Smith, Akeem Spence, and Will Gholston for years. These same fans bang the drum for the Bucs to draft a RB in the first round when shoring up the defensive line should be the biggest priority. Then they wonder why McCoy’s stats don’t look like Sapp’s.

  88. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    33 percent of Sapps sacks were in the 4th quarter.

    31 percent of McCoy’s sacks were in the 4th quarter.

    Contrary to what TMax says, McCoy does not have a losing attitude. He’s just not superman. The team NEVER built around him like they promised.

  89. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I agree with Captain Tim.

    And frankly, anyone who doesn’t is clearly a troll or an idiot.

  90. PRBucFan Says:

    He was partly talking about his play though ahahaha

    Anyone who doesn’t “hear” that Is a tool or deaf?