Smiley Jameis

April 27th, 2017

America grinned Friday.

After the Bucs picked Alabama tight end O.J. Howard in the first round Friday night, the Bucs decided to get a hold of their renowned team leader, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, to discuss the move.

In a word, Jameis is ecstatic, AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht said Friday.

“I got a text from him with about a million smiley faces,” Licht said. “Boy, he’s happy.”

Now Jameis has all the targets in the world a quarterback could ever hope for, with one Grand Canyon-sized exception:

Running back.

37 Responses to “Smiley Jameis”

  1. NJBucsFan Says:

    Now make Mixon, the next Leveon Bell, a Buc

  2. Pa Privateer Says:

    RBs on my wish list:

    Samaje Perine
    Marlon Mack
    Joe Williams

  3. Pickgrin Says:

    Hell yes Jameis is happy. Winston LOVES his TEs and Licht just got him a generational talent at TE to throw to for the next dozen years.

  4. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Lee go to sleep. RB is not done gaping hole… You and Nos Bos were so sure that all you did was bombard us with your love of Cook. Let it go for tonight

  5. Tampa Tony Says:

    Jordan Howard 5th round, David Johnson 3rd, Devonta Freeman 4th, Le’Veon Bell 2nd, Demarco Murray 3rd, Lesean McCoy 2nd, Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount undrafted and Lamar Miller 4th round.

    Other than the fact none of them were selected in the first round they’re also 9 out of the top 10 rushers from 2016. Good RBs can be found in the later rounds. Particularly this year.

    Perrenial contenders don’t draft RB’s in round 1. Glad Licht is giving Winston weapons. Our D is gonna need some help our the offense needs to score 30 a game

  6. FireDaCannons Says:

    Howard makes our running backs much better.

  7. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Dont worry, the limited talent that is cook will be there at 2-18. Although i wouldnt be surprised if we took another pass on him.

  8. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    7 articles in one night, no mention of Cook.
    Yes this is a great night
    Nos Bos… Come out and plaayyy

  9. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    I love that OJ knows how to block…but soon we’ll see exactly how WELL he can block when he lines up against Will Gholston. That will be what I’m watching on hard knocks 😉

  10. unbelievable Says:


  11. Pickgrin Says:

    Todd McShay just said on BSPN that the Howard at 19 pick by the Bucs was his favorite of the 1st round. Said he had Howard rated as the #7 best player in this draft.

  12. David Says:

    24 of the 25 all time leading rushers went in the first round. Tampa Tony sit down.

  13. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Pickgrin, my homie my G, McShay is 100 percent right.

    We got the steal of the draft tonight. I’m still buzzing.

    Never imagined he would be available, he is a truly special player dude.

    After tonight though I can definitively say 2 things, I have witnessed a miracle, and dreams do come true.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We must go Safety in round 2. They flew off the board in round 1 and there are only a couple great ones left.

    Time to feed Mike Smith!

  15. 407BucLovinHomie Says:

    I’ve been about getting a dynamic RB in our draft, but man I FREAKING LOVE THIS PICK!!
    Welcome to Tampa Mr Howard! Let’s open up some holes and run some fools over and get this Bucs offense on the scoring board!
    I still feel we have O-Line and Defensive needs, but I agree with the experts – THIS PICK IS THE STEAL OF THE DRAFT!

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I had Howard marked as a likely Bucs pick on my list, so I am very happy!

  17. Dougyballs Says:

    Congrats blake. Great pick by the bucs. Best thing is there are a ton of rbs and wrs left Round 2-3 should be exciting. Add a top wr and 3-4 round rb and Winston will have all the toys he needs. Nos bos dont be upset yet. Cook still has a chance to be a buc

  18. Tampa Tony Says:


    It’s a different game now it’s a passing league. I stood up just in spite of you

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Mixon is trash – he’s not going to the Bucs (not to mention someone else will take him first). If they Bucs go with a running back, which I don’t think they will, then Alvin Kamara could be the pick. I hate the idea however, Bucs badly need a 3rd WR, two starting safeties, a 3rd corner, a linebacker and depth almost everywhere. They got a look at Martin this week and if he’s healthy and clear eyed then guess what – you don’t have a running back problem. It’s remarkable to me that people think a guy you gave a huge contract to last year you just cut for nothing – he’s the only All-Pro runner in team history and was the best back in football 2 years ago. Bell in Pittsburgh was suspended for the first 3 games last year, they didn’t talk about cutting him and moving on because no team can be without a RB for three weeks…

  20. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    SO happy the Bucs did not go RB like fools in round 1.

    The two best rb talents in the entire draft are still available.

    1. Mixon
    2. Cook

    Mixon has a great chance of falling to the Bucs tomorrow.

  21. ndog Says:

    Dalvin Cook, Budda Baker, Chris Godwin, JuJu Smith, Marlon Mack, Kapassagon, and Demarcus Walker are all names to watch for us tomorrow. Any two of those would be pretty good picks. Great opportunity for us to improve greatly tomorrow. Today was a fantastic start!

  22. NFLNut Says:


    I stumped for O.J. right from the start and explained that Jameis loves 2-TE sets and that OJ Howard would be the best possible pick as he is a true 3-down TE that never needs to come of the field … however I didn’t actually think he would still be on the board at #19 as the chatter was he could go high as #4 or at the lowest #10.

    OJ is the type of player that could be with Jameis for the next 10+ years, have a HOF career and be one of the best TE’s to ever play the game!

    I AM STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. NFLNut Says:

    Now, I will say that if we get Cook or JOE MIXON, we could have the scariest, most talented, most dyanmic and flat-out BEST group of 5 skill players in the entire NFL.

    Mike Evans and D-Jax on the outside with OJ and Brate on the line and either Cook or Mixon in the backfield … NO DEFENSE COULD MATCH UP WITH THAT … that would be sick!!!!!

  24. webster Says:

    @ nole…..u owe me jersey

  25. Lunchbox Says:

    AGAIN-everyone on NOSBOS’s jock. Give it a rest. Do you hear Blake talking s#*t? No. He’s just excited like (most) of the rest of us. ANYWAY-UNLESS Joe Mixon is there WHEN WE PICK (not trading up), I hope we’d pick Jordan Willis. If you still haven’t seen his tape, watch. Then in the 3rd, Perine/Mack/Foreman/Hunt. I’d love this scenario. I don’t know NOSBOS, but give the guy a break.

  26. Eric Says:

    In Light I trust! To me this is his best pick since being GM. Winston or Mariota was easy as was Evans but this pick was a top 5 guy who fell to 19. Soooo glad we didn’t trade up as suggested by some of the mindless noles we have here.
    HEY LEE,
    You are correct that you won’t hear Atlanta fans complaining or banging their heads because they traded away piocks to get him and you won’t hear Tampa Fans complaining or bangin their heads because we traded away picks to get a generational player, ours OJ Howard landed in our lap!!
    Using your logic we’d have Manziel in rehab and under contract and all our picks this year traded away for a running back who didn’t even get drafted in the 1st round…..rofl

  27. Eric Says:

    Hey boznos, or nosbos whatever your name is.
    SACK UP BUDDY! You talked all that trash and now you hide like a bi@tch? Maybe he jumped off the Skyway! As dry as it has been I’m sure all your tears will come in handy! Make it rain Make it rain!!

  28. lurker Says:

    the bucs have a running back.

    tom brady is america’s quarterback

    no excuses for jameis

  29. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Trade up to get Mixon in the 2nd or take Joe Willams or Perine in the 3rd and we have all the explosive playmakers you need.

    I love Mixon but I would rather have Budda or Marcus Williams in the 2nd and Joe Williams in the 3rd. Take best best available DE in the 4th, a versatile offensive lineman in the 5th, a WR/KR in the 6th and 7th. If we could get Robert Davis, Ryan Switzer, or Josh Malone we would be set. Davis and Switzer will both make NFL rosters.

    Robert Davis is a late round gem imo and Switzer is a stud return guy and has the potential to be a great slot receiver for the next decade.

    So stoked the draft is finally here!

  30. dis Says:

    What’s this all about???

  31. dis Says:

    Anyway, trade up for him in the second. If we are going to go BIG on O let’s do it all the way!

    If we go Mixon, at least he will take all the off field camera time on Hard Knocks.

    Win win for Famous Jameis!

  32. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Nos what’s wrong…let your lil nuggets drop and take it like a man. You know your reading all of this. We got a great player that shouldn’t have been there at 19. Be happy and get over it. Cook could very well be there at 50. He has too many red flags.

    Still hope they go safety in the 2nd and RB in the 3rd. In Licht we trust!!

    If the draft falls right I could see Licht taking Budda or Marcus Williams at 50 and trade back into the end of the 2nd for Mixon or Cook if they are still there or Joe Williams. Trade next year’s 3rd n 5th and this years 6th to get it done.

  33. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Koetter wants “explosive” players and all the names I just mentioned are that to a T. Can’t wait to see what Licht does the next 2 days

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    2 excellent TEs, for 2 te sets.
    Jameis loves TEs. Hes at his best, throwing darts on crossing paterns and seam routes.
    Now has Two TEs, And Two Wrs, that defenses cant cover!!

    Now that is going to be exciting!

  35. dis Says:

    Nobody that wanted Cook has a problem with the Bucs taking OJ Howard. I mean, why was he there at 19 to begin with? I thought he was as untouchable at #19. Not even worth discussing. I mean we were talking about Njoku right?

  36. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Teams drafted on “need” over BPA … we could have taken Cook or Melifonwu or someone as a higher “need” too but Licht took Howard as he was the BPA and I LOVE IT!!!!

  37. S.marco Says:

    @David, who says you need an all time leading rusher to win a championship? Remember Michael Pittman? Dalvin Cook was not selected in the first round sonInguess he’s not bound to be an all time leading rusher.