“Rare Hands” + Superior Pass Blocking

April 29th, 2017

GM Jason Licht has a scouting report on his new toy

UPDATED 7:53 p.m. – General manager Jason Licht was glowing about his shiny new but damaged Boise State running back drafted this afternoon.

As the draft wrapped up, Licht addressed local media and really was pumped up for Jeremy McNichols, the Bucs’ fifth-round pick.

Licht said the running back has “rare hands” as a pass catcher, and he said McNichols was one of the very best pass blocking RBs in the draft.

He said Licht also has value as a ball carrier on first and second downs.

Licht didn’t say exactly where his personnel team had McNichols rated, but Licht was very clear that they had McNichols significantly higher on their draft board.

One reason McNichols likely fell to the Bucs is because he had torn labrum (shoulder) surgery this offseason, just like Noah Spence did.

What a competition brewing at running back. Don’t forget Dirk Koetter loves explosive Charles Sims, when he’s healthy and in a third-down/complementary role. The head coach also adores Jacquizz Rodgers and Peyton Barber made solid contributions last year as an undrafted rookie.

Doug Martin? No, Joe doesn’t believe he’ll be a Buccaneer when his suspension ends in October.

74 Responses to ““Rare Hands” + Superior Pass Blocking”

  1. DB55 Says:

    Jameis is not impressed. #2020

  2. NJBucsFan Says:

    @DB55 who is your source?

  3. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    he said McNichols was one of the very best pass blocking RBs in the draft.

    Now that is music to my ears. I’m glad he can catch it but we really shouldn’t need him to catch that many. We have two stud WR’s…a great TE and another talented TD and we haven’t even gotten to Hump or Godwin. We have Sims to catch out of the backfield and shine in open space.

    What we don’t have yet is protection for #3 in the backfield. I thought perhaps Koetter was going to try some TE/FB hybrid…bring back Luke Stocker to the backfield right…but this kid may be the perfect answer.

    You all have seen this forever….there is either an overload..a successfully schemed blitz…somebody shoots the gap…whatever a defender breaks through clean and destroys the QB….or is held up by a good blocking RB…or is roughed up by a really mean excellent blocking RB. I just hope this kid can erase some mistakes and give #3 a little more time to choose from his many, many targets.

  4. webster Says:


    If jameis is not impressed with the weapons that have been assembled for him this offseason, then he can never be impressed.

    @ nole

    U owe me a jersey

  5. NCBuc Says:

    So Licht has value as a ball carrier?

  6. Mark Says:

    Joe, do you have have inside intel on DM or is this all just opinion on him not being here?

  7. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Lol ncbuc I caught that too. Maybe in goal line situations

    Where in nc? I’m in durham

  8. Gencoimports Says:

    McNichols has had surgery (torn labrum) and will miss practice during minicamp and OTAs. Should be ready for training camp.

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    Mark.. that’s what I first thought.

  10. Gencoimports Says:

    He doesn’t know anything. The subject of DM is very controversial and the Joes will bring it up at every turn to help generate web traffic.

    There are other members of the Bucs press who are coming around to believe that DM is staying.

  11. No_Bucs_Given Says:

    Maybe Jameis asked them to give Doug a real chance. And I’m rooting for Doug. I’m not part of many of the mobs or fan clubs. But I’ll give another chance. I think the bucs with licht and Koetter have showing loyalty more than Any other regime. (See Vincent playing out his contract). They show players they will uphold their end. Just bring Doug back cheaper.

  12. Garv Says:

    His pass blocking ability is obviously a huge plus. I kind of sort of think the Buccaneers will be a pass first team. And the fact he has good hands coming out of the backfield doesn’t hurt either.

  13. SB Says:

    @ Webster ……I have met Nole and I lost a jersey bet to him and paid up. I am pretty sure that he will pay you.

  14. Ndog Says:

    Blake you must hate this guy as he had shoulder surgey. So don’t be liking this guy if he turns out good cause again as you’ve said 10000 times you don’t like running backs with shoulder issues.

  15. Mark Says:

    Yeah I just remember last year’s implosion of running backs due to injury and this man ran for 1400 + yards two years ago. People were pushing for a face breaking college kid that never took a snap in the NFL or a guy that beat his kid. So Doug took something illegal. He’s proved he can run in the league and even make the pro bowl. He’s great every other year. So this is his year to dominate. Restructure his contract and lets go to the playoffs!!

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    But wait… the pic was to out Doug Martin – not Charles Sims I thought…

    Anywho I hope he’s a stud and everyone looks back and and calls every team a bunch of dolts for skipping over him. But more likely, just because of the round, he’s going to end up being closer to the “super” back we had last year. Hope not, but it’s the reality of mid and late round draft picks.

  17. DB55 Says:


    Dee told me.

  18. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Big Difference Ndog, we took this guy in the 5th round, not in the 1st, and not trading up for him in the 2nd.

    If we get 3-4 years of solid production from McNichols, he will have been worth the cost of entry.

  19. Dom is gone Says:

    Let’s all hope Joe is wrong and DM is given another chance. Everything I’ve read about MCN is that he avoids contact and turns everything outside. Unless we don’t plan on running the ball at all … these great pass catchers we got in the backfield are not going to contribute at all. It’s great that he can catch and block BUT who is going to run the ball on 1st and 2nd down?

  20. NCMike Says:

    North Durham

  21. @SarasotaJay Says:

    With his skill set and our weapons, is it unrealistic to think We are going to be throwing 65% of our play this year?

  22. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Where did u see that he avoided contact? Plus he has had this shoulder injury for the past year and a half (per pro day presser) that could be why he was avoiding running over guys. He didn’t seem to have a problem running for OVER 50 TDs in the past 2 years?!?!?!?

  23. SOEbuc Says:

    Doug Martin isn’t gonna be a Buc next year Joe?

    Who’s our starter? This guy? No. I myself love Peyton Barber so if he can beat out Doug in camp and take over the starting role, that would be kick ass. But I think Doug is very likely to return this year.

  24. LakeLandBuc Says:

    If Doug Martin wins the job in Training Camp, then he’s the man. Jeremy McNichols is only 21 and won’t be 22 until 12-26, we can wait on him. He’s a solid RB with a lot of skills and potential.

  25. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Hey guys, I need all of you to realize how important it is for Rb’s in Coack K’s scheme to be a good reciever.

    Nearly every intermediate/ deep passing concept in a 4 verts scheme has the Rb as the checkdown target underneath. So having a guy that can not only catch well, but also get big cunks of yardage when he doesm is huge.

    Jeremy being an above average pass protector (Like Doug is and Sims/Barber aren’t) is just gravy.

  26. Blake_bucsfan Says:


  27. TRiPP3R7 Says:

    All the local media is so sure Martin won’t be here, like they all said the bucs would draft a RB in first 3 rounds… all indications are that the bucs will give Doug a second chance, and I’ll bet he blows away a lot of nay Sayers this year, then next year we’ll all be singing a different song

  28. Broy34 Says:

    Just signed Bo-Bo Wilson from FSU

  29. Oj "I Got The Juice" Howard Says:

    He’s damaged goods. My boy OJ is all set and ready to jet.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    Broy34…us Noles fans should be happy now.

  31. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Ive heard that the first Hard Knocks episode will be Doug Martin vs the 2 JBF website owners at a mud wrestling match after practice”

    *Loser gets kicked out of town

    1Buc Mole

  32. Broy34 Says:

    We have so many weapons were unstoppable truly. Best offense ever. If the line blows it there will be rioters

  33. Kobe Faker Says:


    our 2017 Offense is going to break every offensive record in tampa Bay history

    I will be disappointed if we are not top 3 end of the year

    We are fvking undefensible

    No safety/linebaker will be able to “sneak” into the box without paying for it when we go deep with ME and Djax

    Did you see some of highlights of Godin? He went against the top corners and safetys in this years draft,,,Eli apple of last year, 2 corners of ohio state with their safetys doubling up top….you see him abuse I Adore jackson of USC…..

    Godwin already beat the best corners of the 2017 draft

    we are PLAYOFF bound

  34. Rich Says:

    Yeah, that sounds awesome, let’s keep Martin cause he plays awesome every other year. Haha… clueless fans

  35. LakeLandBuc Says:

    At least we don’t have to endure anymore Dalvin Cook,Joe Mixon, Samaje Perine,Marlin Mack noise.

  36. Kobe Faker Says:

    lol Rich

    That sounds like what Bellicheat does to Leggarette Blounts career

    Has a great year with the pats than loafs for big money with another team, than plays great with pats again …every other year

  37. BuccoDav Says:

    Are you really going to keep Peyton Barber over Doug Martin?
    I don’t think so.
    Joe doesn’t have any inside information. He is speculating. If his speculation is as good as his draft prognostication, Dougie will be here for another extension.

  38. Mark Says:

    Ok Rich. What’s your plan? The new rookie? The guy that signed during the year? The 3rd down specialist? Or the 2nd year guy that’s proved nothing? And who backs that guy up. Maybe you’re clueless!

  39. unbelievable Says:

    ^^ No, rich is here to tell us that 3 of these guys might barely make the team, and the other 3 have no chance. He said it like 3 times in other articles.

    Joe, can you do me a favor and make sure to write that Doug Martin won’t be on the team at the end of every article that talks about running backs?

    I don’t think you’ve made that point clear yet 😂😂

  40. Trubucfan22 Says:

    NOTHING has indicated that Martin is getting cut. We drafted a third down back… who on the roster can be a bellcow?

    Quizz? I like quizz, i really do. But i dont think he has enough talent to be an every down back. Solid back up.

    Sims? Lol

    Barber? Without much NFL experience it would be hard to convince anyone he is ready to be our starting RB, but who knows. Maybe one day.

    McNic? I did like his highlight reel. But coming off shoulder surgery a couple months ago, will he be ready to go at the start of the season? And it sounds like Licht has a third down role for him in mind.

    Martin? He has done it before and has extra motivation to do it again. By far the most talented RB on our roster.

    With the guys we currently have in the building i just can’t see any of them beating out Martin as our starter. I would love to hear who people think is better than martin, and why

  41. unbelievable Says:

    Aw come on, just poking some fun at your narrative!

    All done out of love, joe.

  42. Not there yet Says:

    If he has great hands and can line up in a variety of positions then hopefully he can make Charles Simms the odd man out

  43. firethecannons Says:

    I had hoped we would have Dalvin Cook, so now we don’t Why would we run off Doug Martin–he will be well rested week 4 and ready to go. Get rid of the weakest link(maybe that will be DM), huge possibility this new kid doesn’t make the team, or Peyton Barber doesn’t make it–kid never really was good-honestly. You folks are so worked up over nothing–I need to stop reading the comments again as most of you(95%) are downright hysterical over everything.

  44. EA Says:

    Joe and T-Kras keep insisting that DM won’t be with the team, if we can keep him for pennies on the dollar and he is in good 🏈 shape why not ?

  45. yrbndr Says:

    @kobe faker A battle with the Joes and loser gets kicked out to town? You mean like you said when you would never return to this site if the Bucs won? The bucs won and you… did not follow through with your promise. Sorry, but anything you say has no integrity and is a joke on this site!

  46. THETRUTH Says:

    Is it just me but I have not seen wxplosoce play from Simms , joe you mention that he like the explosiveness of Simms. What!!!!!!!!

  47. cmurda Says:

    @Blake. You are correct and equally important is the ability to pass protect. When Dirk is running the offense that he envisions then we will be explosive and multiple options including checkdowns for the RB (s) and designed patterns for the tight end (s).

  48. Steven007 Says:

    Trust me, no one wants to see Jason Licht running on first and second downs…

  49. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs fans' Says:

    This guy is solid and the fastest RB on our team now. He runs hard. I like this pick.

    He’s kinda similar to Dougie and Maurice Jones-Drew, but a bit smaller and faster and a better receiver.

  50. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The best pass blocking back in the draft??? Sounds like a condemnation of last year’s line play. We need OJ to help with blocking and now Mc Nichols. Joe you like to make up hidden messages in what Licht and Koetter say so what about this draft? Rbs need bigger holes and free rushing lanes and Fameis needs to stop having scramble drills on almost every pass play. Lookin like they drafted for just that!

  51. nate12345 Says:

    None of our backs can stay healthy charles sims is a nice jump around back but hes hurt every season doug martin hurt all the time.. rodgers is a million years old.. i mean we needed a running back and i heard hes injury prone to.. i just dunno…

  52. bkyrdbob Says:

    Hope he can add something in special teams. Maybe he becomes a star there.

  53. PRBucFan Says:

    Joe is stuck on repeat about his denial of Martin.

  54. Jon Says:

    This kid is “insurance depth” incase Dougie pisses dirty with the hopes that he can produce even half as well as he did at Boise. I for one am not worried about the shoulder. I too have a torn labrum and when I work it properly there isn’t a whole lot I can’t do. I understand that I’m not running between the tackles or being pounded by behemoths. But, this kid had surgery and will be helped along by professional strength and conditioning coaches. I’m betting on him being full go by the time camp rolls around

  55. DB55 Says:

    After further review:

    Jeremy McNichols broke all of Doug Martin’s records at BSU and he did it in half the time. So, for a 5th rnd pick that’s not too bad, I guess. He actually looks like a muscle hamster.

    As for Jay Ajayi both had 55 TDs, ajayi 6.1 ypt vs Jeremy 6.4 ypt, Jeremy didn’t it in 4 less games.

    So in conclusion, we spent a 5th on a RB that is as capable as Martin or Ajayi. Martin ran for 1400 in ’15 and Ajayi ran for 1200 in ’16.

  56. Harold Stone Says:

    I wish you to stop getting on Doug Martin.Our’s line wasn’t good of moving the pile… you bad mouth Martin about the PED but you never mention about Alexander and the same thing… everybody makes mistakes. There’s no mention of two years ago when Martin was second in the league in rushing and most yards gained after being hit. If the line turns out the way it should be Martin will be back up there in yardage again this coming year if still on the team..
    Look, Martin was terrible last year. Awful. And yet Jacquizz Rodgers had no problem gaining yards. Even take away Peyton Barber’s big touchdown run, and he was significantly better than Martin. DIRK KOETTER benched Martin in New Orleans and Martin wasn’t even suspended for that game. That’s your head coach. This would be a different ballgame if Martin was not suspended for Weeks 1 through 3. But he is, and moving on makes a lot of sense. –Joe

  57. tnew Says:

    Well, I watched every bit of game tape I could find on JMC.. I didn’t see him avoiding contact unnecessarily. I saw him with bounce some plays outside too quickly trying to make a big play but no more than say, Dalvin Cook or Mixon really any back other than the Fournette type. He picks up the blocks very nicely and he has an adequate set of hands. This pick to me actually SOLIDIFIES that Doug Martin will be a Buc. Martin now has some actual competition for carries. He will be forced to work harder than he ever has to develop his game. When he is motivated and focused he is one of the best backs in the league. I know they like Simms and Barber but those are the odd guys out here. Especially for Barber (and I like his story) Cutting Martin to keep Barber does not make good sense unless Martin comes in out of shape and unmotivated.
    Is Joe the only one who remembers how dreadful Martin was last season?–Joe

  58. tnew Says:

    Joe… Not at all. But does Joe remember how dominant he was the previous year?
    Sure. That’s why Joe was screaming for the Bucs to slap the franchise tag on him to set him up to do it again in 2016. Sorry, zero faith or trust in Martin’s ability and focus. And that’s also part of why he has no trade value around the NFL.–Joe

  59. tnew Says:

    I’m trying to figure out the downside of keeping him, if and only if he is motivated and in shape. I trust Koetter,, a guy that benched him and made him inactive to be able to make this judgement. I’m not saying ordain him the week 4 starter because of his name. As far as I can see, Rodgers is the starter until someone takes it from him. I was not high on Martin at all last year, but the business of the game doesn’t mean to ditch him until he either shows that last year is who is. Plus lets just say he tears up preseason (I’m talking 2015 Doug Martin), he looks like he has the burst, and Ezekiel Elliot (or any back for a contending team goes down), might we get a 4th out of him?
    Not every running back can be an effective part-time player. There’s no evidence Martin can be that guy. That’s part of Joe’s resistance.–Joe

  60. tnew Says:

    Agree with the Franchise Tag 100%, I agreed with you. Martin has always been about motivation, but that didn’t happen and here he is in another contract year. He now is in his prove it or he NEVER gets another contract situation. (and I don’t want him to ever get another contract from us) I’m just saying he is worth rolling the dice on for this year. Don’t have ANY faith in him either. But, I’m not going to cut him just because I’m mad that he cost us a playoff spot, which he did. Now, if he comes in out of shape and unmotivated, he cleans his locker out on Hard Knocks.

  61. tnew Says:

    thanks for the nice banter too… shame all disagreements on all boards can’t share that tone.

  62. Fred E. Bucs Says:

    All the Doug Martin release talk, now or later, is bogus, just plain lunacy, and here is why. So many ways to look at it, and everything points to keeping him. You gotta look at the WHOLE thing. Injuries, talent, the transgression, the person, the money, the alternatives.

    First, to break it off with Doug Martin, the Bucs need just not be comfortable with Rodgers, Sims, Barber and Nichols for three games to open the season, they have to be comfortable that McNichols and Rodgers can carry the load with Sims and Barber in there ALL YEAR…AND GO DEEP INTO THE PLAYOFFS. And don’t forget, Nichols isn’t healthy yet. No one can soberly think this group looks good enough for an NFL GM to say “Oh yeah, this is for me. We’re complete. I’ll bank my win now edict on this.”

    Second, they already INTENTIONALLY didn’t pick up Dalvin Cook and a host of other RBs. Why would anyone think that “Oh sure, now that we got this 5th round damaged-goods guy we’ll be okay without Martin and are ready to go to SB 52…so see ya later Doug?” The point here is having Nichols doesn’t change the perspective on Martin (but if I were Sims or Barber, I’d be worried). Even the Bucs know Sims can’t run between the tackles, but can catch and run. Supposedly, McNichols can do both. Sims is in a contract year. Often injured. Not very productive. Why bring him back for more money with a younger guy who can do more for less? And what if UFA Barber doesn’t have a good camp? McNichols is here to compete with THEM.

    Martin’s contract is 5 years, $36 million, with $15 million guaranteed. Focus on guaranteed money, not total contract value. Of the $15 million guaranteed, he’s been given $7.7 million last year. His cap hit for 2017 is only $5.8 million, $6.8 million for 2018. They can part with him now if they want, or wait until next year, and be out $6.8 million IF he doesn’t do well this year. Bear in mind, they could have had Adrian Peterson for less than that (given his Saints deal) and they DIDN’T WANT TO DO IT. Why? Because Doug Martin is their guy–a guy they COULD release and then pay AP less…and they DIDN’T. Very telling.

    They can trade him with his contract as is and you can bet someone will take it. Doug Martin for $13 million over two years? Yeah, that’s a risk many would take if they need a feature back. And maybe the Bucs get a pick for next year. BUT THEY DIDN’T DO THIS. Why? Doug Martin is their guy. Why would they want to part with Martin now when even the haters think he’s due for a good year and the Bucs need to win now?

    Which brings me back to Sims. Contract year. Sims will probably want at least $10 million guaranteed money next year. But by keeping Martin and letting Sims walk, they can pay just $6.8 million and close both RBs out and pave the way for McNichols and someone they draft in early 2019. We hear how Koetter loves Sims. Really? Enough to further clog up the guaranteed money plan for nothing back that is a sure bet? Not.

    Are the Bucs willing to spend on who they like to “win now.” Of course. And consider the Bucs were even willing to pay Mike Glennon more than one year of Doug or AP to hold a clipboard.

    They don’t need to do a new deal. Why bother, especially if Doug wants to make good on it and doesn’t want to re-structure anyway (who would?). And when the Bucs look at guaranteed money, there is really no reason to let Doug go now or all season for that matter. Meanwhile, the Bucs passed on several top tier guys…you don’t do that if you have plans to break it off with Doug Martin.

    One more point, and this carries more weight than a lot of people think. Doug Martin screwed up. He knows that. He hurt his team. But he also fell victim to what many folks do…drugs and alcohol. He didn’t break a girls face in a cafe or elevator, or throw her down on a bed of guns and threaten to kill her. And he’s got a great attitude. ASJ? I hear alcohol, not working hard, attitude, etc. The latter is what did him in, not the mistake. And ASJ was gone very quickly. Redemption? Absolutely worth it. Remember Kwon? Did he make it up? Oh yeah. Cash in on that with Doug. Let him have a run at it this year. Again, even the haters say he’s due for a good year. If Doug’s attitude sucked, then he’d be gone.

    Let’s look at some intangibles here, something that can’t be quantified. The Glazers love Doug Martin. Do I need to repeat that? He along with GMC were chosen to vault the Bucs image (new logo, new stadium look, back to winning, etc) into the future before Jameis came along. By image I don’t mean just the logo…I mean EVERYTHING, including the Buc culture. They’re not going to part with him just yet…not over a single suspension for a common problem (right Kwon?). Doug, GMC, Jameis, and now Kwon are central to the Bucs brand. The Martin suspension will blow over. After all, the fans also love Quizz in the meantime knowing Doug is coming back. Cutting him loose will undercut the branding. Don’t think that’s big to the owners? Guess again. Too many people don’t get this part of it.

    Doug Martin is the feature back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Quizz and the others will make due for three games. They will be fine. The Bucs will win a home playoff game in January 2018.

  63. Dreambig Says:

    You blind Doug Martin fans kill me. Doug averaged 2.9 ypc last year. Jaquizz Rodgers had 4.6 and 120 yards more than Doug on 15 less carries. Doug quit on all of us last year. He has had 2 good years out of 5. He is not even the best RB on our roster. Out of 6 RBs who carried the ball for us last year, Doug’s YPC was tied for last with Charles Sims. Even Jameis had more YPC than Doug. He just plain let us down and then turned into Drug Martin to top it all off.

  64. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Bye bye Dougie

  65. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Give Quizz the rock. At the end of 3 games, Quizz will be top5 leading yard rusher in the NFL”

    Kobe Faker

    Kick a runningback out of the team? You guys watch fooball? Every NFL teams has 2 RBS hurt and missing games every year. We have 5 guys that are productive and now we need to build consistancy because…

    WE NEED EVERYONE OF THEM during the long season

    Kobe is getting frustated. Im going down to the basement and watch nonstop Jenna Laine interviews on with the volume off and turn up the volume of the womens tennis match.

  66. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    jamal charles lagarette blount

  67. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Those of saying that Doug isn’t leaving aren’t defending how awful last season was (Well the rational ones aren’t), We’re simply noticing a trend. Doug Martin seems to be a player that only plays to the height of his potential in “Prove-it” situations.

    The same scenario he found himself in for the 2015 season. Doug Martin had the 2nd best season in the league during a Contract year. All reports from training camp that year, was that Doug Martin was in the best shape of his life, Looking cut-up and raring to go, showing off improved Burst and Agility.

    You didn’t quite seem the same Doug Martin in last years training camp, he didnt look as energetic or bursty, wasn’t finishing runs with the same determination.

    So if Dirk & Jason are seeing the same type of Doug Martin from 2015, in a Prove it year for Martin, chances are good that if he shows out in Preseason he’ll most likely stick around.

  68. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    *see* the same …

  69. Kobe Faker Says:

    Quizz is much better player now than DM. Much better patience and hits the hole after a cutback

    DM has no patience and vision. Half the time he loses balance and trips himself


    2016 run plays was against 8 man fronts with constant run blitzing . There was always a extra non blocked man plugging and blowing up run plays

    2017, EVERYONE will clearly see the space and holes openingup with only 7 man box we will be running against…both safetys have to respect and help out ME and Djax deep vertical routes

    ***with our collection of recievers, defensive coordinators will be forced to have only 1/2 linebackers on the field to cover all our weapons…we will be running against less run stoppers and beef…our offensive line will be moving these lightweights 5 yards away from LOS

    People are so stupid. They think Dallas Oline is the only reason they win and is unstoppable. The real reason Dal oline is effective is because no team can stack the box against them. When you have Des, Terence Williams, beasly, Witton on the perimeter, you can put 8 man in the box. Dallas oline is blowingup 7 defenders. 2015 dallas team was 4 and 12

    2017 tampa rushing game is going to be highly effective and explosive

  70. tnew Says:

    Exactly Blake…

  71. tnew Says:

    And you too Kobe Faker.. Back to your earlier point, how many teams make in through training camp, preseason and 1/4 through the season without losing one of their backs?? not too many

  72. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The thing that kills me is that those that hate on Doug martin and his 2.9 ypc a erage last season. We’re the same ones calling to pick up Adrian Peterson and his 1.9 ypc average! So you wanted to replace martin wih someone older and had far less production than martin? I wont deny Martin had a bad year. Ut it wasnt just on him. The offense was a mess. No receiving threats to keep defenses honest. Doug coming off a pro bowl year made teams game plan to him. When martin wasnt in, teams could play more even and shut down the passing game.

    Joe acts like stats win games. The fact is that when Martin played, we won games. 6-1 i think the record was when Martin started. As for Martin’s benching, the team knew about the impending suspension, which means they talked to doug and it was probably a mutual decision to sit Martin. He wasnt himself. That was clear. But i do not think that makes him expendable at this point. We didnt draft his replacement. So please Joe, tell me who will be the starting RB this season? We obviously need someone week 1-3 before martin is available. Who is that work horse to start those games? And will he be that guy ghe entire seson?

  73. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Lets not forget that doug reportedly went to rehab to get himself right. So the issues that slowed him down last season could be a thing of the past. I see Martin redeeming himself. I am a homer and i cheer for the guys on the team. #22 is my favorite number and for some reason i do have an emotional attachment to Martin. But i can logically look at all the reasons for Martin’s bad season and come up with reasona why they were bad.

    Yr1. Great season.
    Yr2. Shoulder injury early in the season shut down his season (we call this a poor performance season?) injuries happen, not martin’s fault.
    Yr3. Aka the start of lovie ball. If you remember this year’s version of an o line, you will remember it was a frankenstein patch work that was terrible. So terrible most of it didnt return as starters the following season. Oh, and josh mccown was the QB.
    Yr4. Great season All Pro.

    But no just look at the stats and put it all on Martin. I wont deny martin himself has been inconsistent. But if Martin is able to turn it on this season, then why shouldnt the bucs be the benefactors of that? You take martin into camp. If he flops then you cut him. Easy enough. But if he dominates like he has in the past, why would t you keep him? And again if he flops mid season cut him. Holding on to him and seeing which way he is heading is he smartest thing to do. Giving up on him and cutting him before camp even starts is idiotic. When Martin is “on” he is by far the best RB in the NFC South, and one of the best in the league (see all pro nod).

  74. Mo_Downs Says:

    There is only one football per play. Let’s hope that James figures out WHO, among his many NEW targets, is open.

    Has anyone looked at our 2017 SCHEDULE..??

    Hint: Mixon and Fournette in the 2nd half of the first 2 preseason games.

    Cincy ain’t playin’..!!

    Jacksonville ain’t playin’..!!

    Injuries can change the fate of a contender in an instant.
    The Bucs invested in depth, and did well to recognize their weaknesses.

    I could care less who starts at RB. The reality is that ANYONE who knows how WE DO…knows that Koetter plans on using “RB by committee”…AGAIN..!!
    So all the WAILING about which RB starts is just foolish.

    Get a clue…..TEAM means EVERYONE contributes.

    Go Bucs…!!