PODCAST: Schedule Day! (Rare Friday Episode)

April 21st, 2017

SIX days until the NFL Draft and Bucs Uncensored is intense. New podcasts post here every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. “The Commish,” Justin Pawlowski (@CommishOnline), includes real fan takes in the unrivaled fun. (Email a 90-second-or-less audio take to BucsUncensored@gmail.com). Listen now above or subscribe on iTunes right here, or at Podbean.com. *Caution: R-RATED language!* Justin’s work is NOT influenced by JoeBucsFan.com. Joe just thinks it’s great fun and knowledge.


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One Response to “PODCAST: Schedule Day! (Rare Friday Episode)”

  1. Matt407 Says:

    Yyyeeeeessss!!!! Thank you justin….. Didnt even visit the site today bc there wasnt a podcast today. Got bored at lunch. Went to the site to see what the joes have posted and what do you know. A effin bucs uncensored podcast on a FRIDAY!!!!! Wooooooooo