Perfect For Jameis

April 28th, 2017

The people that just nitpick the hell out of things, especially when it comes to America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, this selection of Penn State wide receiver Chris Godwin is right up your alley.

A couple of weekends ago Joe watched the 2017 Rose Bowl, which featured a pair of blue blood programs, Penn State and USC. There, Godwin put on a show.

From what Joe could tell, Godwin went up against uber defensive back Adoree’ Jackson three times. The score? Godwin 2, Jackson 1.

Godwin caught passes in traffic. More importantly, Godwin caught errant passes, going over the middle and then transforming his body to catch passes behind him, over his head, and short.

What do the nitpickers always whine about when it comes to Jameis? That he is inaccurate.

The way Godwin seems to catch anything within the same WiFi signal range should please the crowd that is not satisfied with Jameis.

24 Responses to “Perfect For Jameis”

  1. Mort Says:

    IIRC, he beat Jackson twice for TDs. So damn good. His QB was kinda inaccurate but he just caught everything in sight.

  2. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Man oh man! This offensive is going to be lethal. I think D coordinators are going to have panic attacks on Saturday nights trying figure out how to stop the Bucs.

  3. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    There goes Forman. Damn. It’s all up to Brian Hill now

  4. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Godwin reminds me of a more physical Percy Harvin.

  5. Iamkingsu Says:

    I’m actually convinced the Licht knows what he is doing. Call off the dogs! That’s enough weapons! Now attack both trenches wit some depth!

  6. nate_tweetz Says:

    Glad we got Godwin. The way the Panthers drafted, and the Saints and Falcons established offenses… It’s looking like the NFC South is gonna be a shoot-out for every division game. Still need a RB unless we really are going to keep Drug Martin. Still, I would like some insurance.

  7. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    Kudos to Joe for defending Jamie’s and attacking the nitpickers

  8. Bucamania Says:

    They showed the Bucs receiving corp on the NFL network and WOW was the reaction by everyone. So much firepower?! Size and speed with a QB who can sling it.

  9. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    This is a very strong pick and I don’t care what anybody says he is better than who we have right now a different WR than Hump and will be a feature in bunch sets can really catch a good 40 balls with all the attention on the blue chip targets hope Winston has some 5 step drops in the playbook because Olive may be squeezed

  10. webster Says:

    I find it funny. Wasnt joe talking the bucs wouldnt draft a receiver because the bucs loved humphries? I thought that was a crazy idea. Humphries is now your 4th wr as he should be. Jason licht and the bucs are for real!!!!

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    It is very refreshed to have good hope to now have a WR who can come off the bench and actually get open.

  12. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Still waiting on NosBos to address all the bets he insisted on making with everyone.

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    Hump should stay as the 3rd WR, slot. He is very good at getting open on 3rd and short which is purely priceless. Good hands too. I want Hump to show better awareness this year. If this kid can be better possession reciever then hump I’m game.

  14. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    Sad to see Hump drop in the depth chart but I don’t think hump can surpass the physical measurable conditions of this Godwin kid. No matter how much heart Rudy has he can’t get as many WR screen plays anymore with just so many options it looks like he will be ft wat less but that’s a sad but good thing. I love that guy but his ceiling is what it is

  15. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Which one of the Joe’s mentioned Godwin early this morning? And thought it was impossible to get him? Well we got him!!! We got him!!!

  16. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    Nos Blows is now in the witness protection program. What a bully spouting off for months. Everyone of his posts sounding like some thug insulting people so rude, couldn’t even try to engage that guy in a sane argument. He is searching travelocity for flight deals to Minnesota so he can be there tomorrow for DALVIN COOK’S arrival

  17. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Tbh i think this pick makes hump the #5 wr/st player.

    Walker is a lot more accomplished as a wr than hump is. Humps best play comes on wr screens. Walker actually runs routes. I dont see hump as being better than an actual wide receiver.

  18. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    my favorite pick of the draft by far

  19. Bill Says:

    I like the value, but it doesn’t mature until D-Jax moves on because Godwin is a WR. We’re still playing Adam Humphries in the slot more often than most of you expect. I think Dede Westbrook would have been a better move for this team.

  20. TBfaninK Says:

    I like this pick. Gives them someone to train behind djax and might see the field this year.. I know you guys don’t want to hear it but I think the douggernaught i s the safest bet at rb.. we can keep him for a team friendly contract and he will produce. And gmc is very good he puts up better numbers than suh and he’s cheaper and he doesn’t take cheap shots on other players

  21. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:


    Cmon man
    Walker hasn’t done a single thing to make anyone say he is accomplished. Dude needs to prove himself. Hasn’t take a rep in the NFL. The cfl is a joke so save the stats.

  22. Gambelero Says:

    I like the pick, but he’s not a slot receiver. He’s not quick and not a great route runner. He needs a qb who can make inch perfect passes and nobody throws more tight window throws than Jameis Winston

  23. tnew Says:

    um.. really not quick? by what metric. ..Inch perfect passes? not really .. not great route running… says who? this was a steal in the third. Watch the Matt Waldman break down of Godwin on youtube.. Joe you might could post to it. It is 46 minutes but if you watch it you will learn something about not only Godwin but the art of analyzing a player.

  24. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    LMAO at Walker being proven.