Mayock: “Priority” For Bucs Is…

April 22nd, 2017

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock dishes on Bucs.

Few NFL draft gurus do the research and homework that Mike Mayock does for NFL Network.

The cherry on top of the chocolate sundae for Joe is that Mayock does one mock draft and one mock draft only. Pretenders should take heed.

And Mayock has a position he believes the Bucs must target early in the draft and you may or may not be surprised who that player could be.

Mayock, apparently, is all in on #WeaponsForWinston. And in his annual pre-draft briefing, Mayock suggested the Bucs are one #WeaponsForWinston piece of the puzzle away. And that position in running back.

And guess who he believes will be on the board when the Bucs pick at No. 19? That would be a fellow named Dalvin Cook.

“The way I look at this thing, at 19, does the tailback or running back make the most sense?” Mayock asked. “Because they added DeSean Jackson, they’ve got Mike Evans, and they’ve got to take some pressure off Jameis Winston. He’s got 24 turnovers last year, too many. They’ve got to help him with the run game. I think that’s got to be their first priority.”

And Mayock believes it is a very real possibility that Cook is wearing pewter and red this fall for the Bucs.

“Then you get into the whole running back situation, and whether or not Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, those kind of guys,” Mayock added. “And, by the way, I do believe those kind of guys make sense at 19. I think McCaffrey will be off the board. I think Cook’s going to slide because of character concerns. Could Dalvin Cook be staring them in the face at 1? I think he could be, and I think he needs to be a consideration.”

There you have it. Joe has been pounding the drum since before the end of last season; the Bucs need a major upgrade at running back. No less of an authority than Mayock agrees.

And Joe has been saying if the Bucs believe Cook is there guy, go get him! Mayock believes the Bucs should also do that but won’t have to trade up to get him.

How convenient!

116 Responses to “Mayock: “Priority” For Bucs Is…”

  1. Dirks GreatGranpappy Says:

    How wet is nos going to be after reading this post

  2. briandorry55 Says:

    “Jameis had 24 turnovers last season! He needs a running back like Cook who can turn it over even more!”

    Sorry. Had to. #FumblingIssues

  3. BuccoBruce91 Says:

    It’s happening.there is no way they pass on him,im not even concerned if he will drop anymore,he will

  4. Twinpike Says:

    Does anyone really believe cool will slide that far

  5. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    😉Smart man that Mayock Dirks. I won’t give him too much cred tho considering I believe in certain circles they are already aware its basically a Dunn deal and many of them are just aligning with this idea because Intel is telling them its happening next Thursday. Whatever the case bro I plan to pop a BIG bottle draft night. Those that have been against it won’t be for long when they see his abilities next season man. I gaurantee it. Word is he’s planning to stay home and share the moment with his friends and family. Reminiscent of a QB most of us have come know a little and love.

  6. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I’ll be reminding you of that Asinine comment next season. dorky55.

  7. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Twin you like many believe this stuff is random. I don’t.

  8. dooshlarue Says:

    Only 5 more days folks until the most annoying, mentally unstable, fair weathered Bucs fan does his annual disappearing act.

    So exciting.
    And we take a DE with our 1st pick.

  9. cover deuce Says:


  10. Rojas Says:

    Joe Mixon

  11. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    DE first round!!! UNLESS Ross can be grabbed!!

  12. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    80 percent sure that we take a Defensive lineman in R1.

  13. Josh Says:

    Isn’t this the same guy that last year said, Jared Goff and Wentz were better than Winston and Mariota?? He has no credibility left with me

  14. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    “If” you can trade back a few spots – pick up an additional 4th round pick
    >—–Draft – Joe Mixon

    Use the addition pick (+extra pick or player) to maneuver – back into the 2nd Round.

    If you walk out of this draft w/ Joe Mixon & Evan Engram…its a wrap

    ———–→Mike Evans

    ——–(HB) Evan Engram

    (RB) Joe Mixon

    ———-Cameron Brate

    ———–→DeSean Jackson

  15. Buc4life24 Says:

    I am really starting to think we draft a premier DE in the 1st and snag a RB in the 2nd followed by WR in the 3rd.

  16. Trent Says:

    We need a safety. Budda Baker.

  17. bucs_365 Says:

    Pass. DE in round 1. S in round 2. RB in round 3.

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    Cook won’t be there at 19.

    And thank God whichever Joe is saying “Go Get Him” – is not the GM. Licht will not be that reckless with our valuable high draft picks in a deep draft like this chock full of potential starters through 4 rounds – at positions we need. He netter not be.

    Assuming Cook, Howard and Davis are off the board at 19 – Here’s my new favorite scenario:
    1. Budda Baker (trade down)
    2. Adore Jackson (trade up)
    3. Hunt/Perine/Mack
    3. Josh Reynolds

  19. Pickgrin Says:

    better not be – where’s that damn edit button you promised Joe?

  20. Bill Says:

    I’m confused. After all the applause about Mayock only doing 1 mock draft….

    Is he mocking Cook to TB?

  21. Ocala Says:

    We have awful running backs
    If Dalvin is there we need to get him

  22. Bill Says:

    Ahh, I get it now. Mayock only does 1 ‘mock draft’, increasing his legitimacy…

    But feel free to view his 3rd iteration of positional rankings on (too lazy to make them into mock drafts).

    Some shocking stuff. Check it out.

  23. Capt. Aloha Says:

    We need help along both lines and safety. Grab a stud safety in round one and go from there. Jameis needs protection to throw to his receivers and whoever is running the rock needs holes. O-line more important than RB.

  24. Fred E. Buc Says:

    #19 overall: Safety.
    RB and WR in Rounds 2 and 3.

  25. RealBucFan Says:

    If we want to push for the playoffs right now, it’s real simple. 1st pick Robinson or Ramcyzk OT. 2nd rd Curtis Samuel WR/RB/KR true playmaker. Sign Adrian Peterson.

  26. OneBuC55 Says:

    Cooks Sophmore year he did an interview where he actually stated how much he loved and would miss just being in the huddle with Jameis…Then at the combine he stated that landing in Tampa and getting a chance to play with Jameis again would be a “dream scenario” for him…Some things are just meant to be guys…I don’t think we should trade up to get him but if he’s there at 19 I’d consider it a gift from the football Gods…Cook in the 1st and Budda in the 2nd would be a nice start to our draft imho…

  27. Bird Says:

    Yah. Running back is huge. Then if they could trade up in second (like Donovan smith and marpet year ) and get budda baker at beginning of second ,if he is still there I would be stoked Cause tight end is deep and can be found later. Again. They need 3 starters from this draft to be serious playoff contenders (and I think if sweezy turns out to be the guy we thought he is and is solid additions to offensive line then he counts as one of 3 starters) Schedule is tough. Can’t wait for draft

  28. tdtb2015 Says:

    Cook and DeSaun Walker

    The stadium will be sold out by FSU fans. Win Win Baby!!!

    But if Cook is not there get me Mack and Perine who can send DBs to the chiropractor. With Marpet in the middle expect huge open lanes for the RBs to plow through.

    5 Days…… 5 Days!!!!!

    In Licht We Trust!!!

    Go Bucs!!!

  29. T in Orlando Says:

    Isn’t Mayock the same guy that said something along the lines of the following for Mark Barron:

    “His ceiling is All-Pro safety, and his floor is Pro-Bowl safety”

  30. Joeypoppems Says:

    “Word is he’s planning to stay home and share the moment with his friends”

    His friends are part of the cause of his off the field questions. Ironic he would be celebrating with arguably the cause of his slide lol.

  31. Tampa Tony Says:

    This Joe (Lee probably) is just desperately trying to get another opinion to confirm his bias of drafting cook to validate his opinion. Look at the teams consistently in the post season the Pats, Steelers, Packers, Seahawks and Chiefs they draft well and develop players. They also don’t draft a position with an average career span of 3 years in round 1.

    If Licht is as smart as the Joes think drafting a RB in round one is a contradictory move to that mindset. Draft a WR, or DE hell even a corner a position of premium in the league

  32. Buccaneer scotty Says:


  33. Pete Mitchell Says:

    I don’t see Cook making it past the a team like the Redskins.

  34. Kevin Says:

    I don’t think Dalvin cook is worth the 19th pick. I think he’s a bad ass running back but there are a lot of good backs available that can be had later. I’d rather get a de and wr with the first two picks and take Samaje Perine with the 3rd or 4th. I don’t care for Marlon Mack or Foreman but Perine looks like a cross between Pittman and Turner dude is nasty. strong and durable

  35. Aaron Says:

    where is morning cup of joe?

  36. Kalind Says:

    I just don’t see the value there with cook. Is he that much better than Mixon, Perine, Foreman, Mack or Hunt? I think yes, but the gap is smaller than at say Saftey with my man Obi wan. Or Corey Davis.

    In the second round, and I don’t care what we do in round one (unless we take Howard) the pick should be Evan Engram. That guy is a terrifying chess piece.

    4.4 speed? At his size? My god, it’d be like having a Faster Mike Evans out there. Scary piece. Can’t talk me out of that guy in rd2

  37. Dreambig Says:

    RB or DE would have me the most excited. Those are the two most glaring needs. I have been sold on Cook but in talking with a buddy (huge nole fan) about Cook yesterday, he reminded me of A few plays last year where Cook hung Deondre Francois out to dry by not even attempting to block blitzing defenders. Still love Cook but there are some holes there. Might be better to get a stud DE with 19 and a RB in the second.

  38. Defense Rules Says:

    Not sure I get Mayock’s rationale here. Christian McCaffrey will already be gone when Bucs pick? Does that mean Mayock would’ve mocked McCaffrey to the Bucs if he was still there at #19? And other teams passing on Cook because he has character issues? What’s that saying about the Bucs then if we select him at #19? That character isn’t important? Personally would like for the Bucs to draft Cook, but Mayock’s rationale / analysis leaves a lot to be desired.

  39. Jim Says:

    Or, other teams wont take Cook due to character issues; however, the Bucs did more homework and picked him because they found out it was not an issue.

  40. Kobe Faker Says:

    Like i said

    Cook is going to plummet to the 2nd

    Gms running far away but not releasing the details to not hurt Cook

    NFL wants nothing to do with the thuglife

    I personally hope Cook gets drafted far away from florida. Tampa is way too close from miami and his crew

  41. Joeypoppems Says:

    @Defense Rules

    Mayock has McCaffrey ranked ahead of Cook so yea I think he would have mocked McCaffrey to us over Cook if he had to choose between the 2.

    I do agree with you on what you said about the character part of it tho. I would guess that Mayock believes at #19 the value outweighs the character concern, but Idk.

  42. Joeypoppems Says:

    @Kobe Faker

    If what a lot of the “experts” say about Cook is true, then I agree with you. Him leaving Florida might be the best thing for him.

  43. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Just wish we knew already if Doug Martin is staying or going. I assume the Bucs Leadership already know and we just have to see what we do in the draft before us fans know for sure. If we don’t secure a RB in the first three rounds my guess is Bucs bring him back, right? Is the Doug Martin status on this roster driving anyone else crazy as we approach the draft? Lol.

  44. Kobe Faker Says:

    Imo its not his personal character thats the issue

    Its when he hangs with the thug scene and his desicion making goes out the window

    Alot of people compare Cook with Chrs Johnson ….on and off the field

  45. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Twin, every mock draft now has him available at 19, so yes everyone believes he will fall that far. I am so tired of the guys that believe that you don’t take a RB in the first round. If their is a premier RB available and you are one piece away from completing your offense (I think they are) then you have to take Cook!

  46. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Not me tackle. I have moved on from the inconsistent, injury prone, recovering drug addict RB that is suspended for the first three games next season.

  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Let’s see if his mock carries any weight, shall we?

    9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia

    1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

    7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

    No first round pick

    5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trent Richardson RB

    So, he’s batting about 50% on successfully predicting picks, but let’s be honest…2015 was not difficult. The Bucs made it clear who they would pick.

    Just the facts. You determine if you can trust his predictions or not.

  48. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    That is actually impressive Bonzai! Not sure if that was your point, but none of those predictions were outrageous, especially considering Richardson wasn’t available when the Bucs picked in 2012.

  49. Buc1987 Says: morning cup on the weekends.

  50. Hodad Says:

    I think what Mayock’s referring to about Jameis’s turnovers is more then just having a good run game. Jameis didn’t have many check down options last year. Sims, always hurt, and I remember one 5 yd pass bouncing off his hands for a pick, and Martin was never a threat catching the ball out of the backfield. So if you want to cut down on Jameis forcing balls downfield leading to turnovers, a back who can take a check down to house amkes a lot of sense. With a back like Cook who Jameis can trust, would help us in many ways.

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    My Positional Predictions for the Bucs draft

    Round 1 – DE or TE or OT
    Round 2 – S or CB or TE
    Round 3 – RB or S or OLB/DE
    Round 4 – OT or OG/C or WR
    Round 5 – TE or DE or RB
    Round 6 – OT or C
    Round 7 – QB or S

    Bookmark this, because I believe I’ve nailed it. My wish List will have the specific players.

  52. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    @Bonzai… I love it man! Lol
    Go BUCS

  53. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Bonzal…..I agree 100%, we need to fix the O-Line and Secondary.

  54. LakeLandBuc Says:

    And we need a 10 Sack Edge Rusher..

  55. Buc James Says:

    At 19, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick…Best Player Available!
    Factors: 1. What positions are popular before them. 2. How many players on their board are still available at 19 (if many trade down). It should be noted our defense lost more games than our offense last year. And if you want to keep Winston from fumbling or throwing interceptions, get him a stub O-Lineman.

  56. Buc James Says:

    Um…no stubbies…meant STUD offensive lineman

  57. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Why do you assume none of the “big three” will last until 19. I used to feel that way now I’m not so sure. But I haven’t honestly gone deep enough into the 18 teams above us and carefully tried to project their needs…besides by the time you get beneath the top five there’s not that player that a team “has” to have unless it’s a weird QB need.

    I now believe either McCaffery or DC makes it to 19 and we nab them and I like Mayock’s logic…could be Dalvin which would me happy.

    So Pickgrin how do you read the 18 ahead of us. As always the first few picks seem pretty obvious but then it scrambles pretty quickly in terms of glaring needs for the drafting teams. As I mentioned it’s a weird or down year for QB’s and it feels like everybody feels all the big names are a stretch early…I don’t know but we don’t need a QB so I don’t care but it could impact the choices ahead of us. How many if any QB’s do you believe will be selected in the first 18?

    If NFL GM’s all think like a lot of JBF posters…no RB’s in the first round…ESPECIALLY this year in a class loaded with TOP QUALITY RB’s four rounds deep….why wouldn’t Fournette, Dalvin and McCaffery all be available in the middle of the first? Just curious.

    So Pickgrin your posts are always well thought out…just curious as to your prediction of what the top 18 will look like position wise which may impact our choice as much as our own desires.

  58. Joeypoppems Says:

    Barring any trades, I think if Cook gets past Philly then he will be there at #19. Dalvin Cook has said himself that the Eagles are showing “heavy interest” in him.

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…I bookmarked it but there’s too many “or’s”.

  60. Oxycondoms Says:

    Averaged over 150 yards rushing vs Michigan , gators and Clemson with 6 total tds the kid likes to ball in big games . Licht likes ballers on offense

  61. BringBucsBack Says:

    Did anyone hear the guy Jameis RAVED about when asked, “who stands out to you right now”, after their mini-camp? Yup, Dougie! The all pro RB who was second in the league in rushing just two seasons ago! …RAVED about him; genuinely and excitedly!

    If Licht & Koetter are smart, and I think they are, they’ll be patient in a RB-heavy draft class. Haste makes waste!

    A solid RT would be a great #weaponforwinston. WR or DE would also be good moves in the 1st.

  62. rayjay1122 Says:

    I would not be shocked if Cool goes before our pick. He had better stats than Fournette over his college seasons.

    Fournette: games-32, attempts-616, yards-3,830, yards per carry-6.2, TD-40, REC-41, YDS-526, TD-1.

    Cook: games-38, attempts-687, yards-4,464, yards per carry-6.5, TD-46, REC-79, YDS-935, TD-2.

    I also think that the SEC and ACC are pretty equal in terms of team strength.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that Cook slides to us.

  63. DoNUTS Says:

    You can look at Mayock’s mock draft another way…he has not selected the right player ever…..2017 wont be any different.

    In 2016- he had us with
    9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia

    with Hargreaves going to the Bears at 11. Oops.

    As a result of this analysis, Cook will not be the pick. OL-DL is a greater need and RB class is deep in round 2-4.

  64. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I like Boise State RB..Jeremy McNichols in the 5th Round. He run a 4.49 , just like Cook and McCaffrey. And he just had over 600 touches during the past two season. He’s like a 21 year old Doug Martin, with better hands.

  65. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    #1 Pop you don’t him or his friends personally so basing your opinion of the parties to me is somewhat silly. Its like Bruce Wayne told Clark Kent in the latest movie “don’t believe everything you read son”. #2 a player making a public statement about a team showing high interest to me spells that team has no intention of drafting said player. See Bucs and Daniel Lasco last season. #3 if the eagles were truly in play for him would it not make an the sense in the world to be present draft night. The gig is being held in philly as you already know.

  66. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    No offense Rayjay but it seems like you haven’t been on the internet since January 1st. Seriously, the concensus seems to be he will slide anywhere from the mid 20s to early second round if the Bucs don’t take him at 19. If the Bucs can find a trading partner I could see them trying to trade back to the late 20s and still get Cook. When it comes to ranges of where players will go the mockers are usually very accurate. I will be shocked if Cook is gone before we pick.

  67. LargoBuc Says:

    Dalvin Cook makes alot of sense. We need a running back. So why not draft the guy that played right up the road. The guy that has a rapport with our starting quarterback.
    I tell you, i’m truly excited at the chance to land Cook. We may have honestley never had a game changing talent on offense like Cook. Every carry, no every time he touches the ball he is a legitimate threat to reach the end zone. He has that ankle breaking agility. Cook is my no.1and for good reason.

  68. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Nole….I told you 2 months ago that Cook will be available at 19.

  69. DoNUTS Says:

    The potential to trade down is real. If you look closer at the draft order, the Broncos are at 20 and need a QB bad. I can see KC or another team with QB needs taking a gamble to get the QB on the board they want before the Broncos.

  70. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I wish we could trade down and draft FS Budda Baker. Like I said we can get a RB between Round 3-5.

  71. Tampa Tony Says:

    Largo why draft a position with an average career of 3 years? Draft a DE, CB or WR and if you hit on that pick he’s here 10 years and then you don’t overpay in FA for those premium positions that’s what we’ll run teams do.

    Bad teams reach for positions of needs good teams don’t draft RB’s in round 1

  72. tmaxcon Says:

    LakeLandBuc Says:

    He’s like a 21 year old Doug Martin, with better hands.

    So you are saying that you want to draft a unreliable running back that does not score and screws over his teammates. And has 3 horrible seasons one great and one good season. that’s logic….

  73. tmaxcon Says:

    1st Cook
    2nd Goodwin
    3rd Replacement for the leader of the losing culture

    Simple as that

  74. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Jeremy McNichols scored 53 TDS during the past 2 seasons. Caught 88 passes and ran for 3,046 yards during the past 2 seasons. He’s compared to Doug Martin because he’s similar in size…5’10 215 LBS and he plays for Boise State. But we traded up to draft Doug in the 1st round. We can get McNichols in the 4-5th round. I believe he will be a bargin pick, that’s just my opinion.

  75. rayjay1122 Says:

    So, the logical choice is not to address our biggest need early? Martin sucks, Simms is marginal at best 3rd round talent. I like Rodgers but I’d he really supposed to carry the entire load. No RB drafted in the 3rd round or later will make an impact and would be a wasted pick. RB, Safety, SAM LB and DE are our biggest needs. TE could be upgraded as well but Brate is pretty good and I think TE can be addressed early next draft.

  76. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buc1987 Says
    “Bonzai…I bookmarked it but there’s too many “or’s”.”

    That’s because if they don’t take a position before a pick, they might take it in a following pick.

  77. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And its only 3 options per pick.

  78. Pickgrin Says:

    SPBF – these RBs are too good to last 20 picks. Thats why I’m convinced Cook will not be on the board at 19.

    Fournette and Cook are both generational type RB prospects. 2 of the best RBs to come out in the last 10 years since AP. CMac ain’t far behind.

    They all have different styles and different “strengths” – but these 3 backs are gonna tear up the NFL for the next few years.

    I personally am normally against the idea of drafting a RB in the 1st round unless he is a special talent. These backs all qualify (and then some).

    I would LOVE for us to get Cook at 19 as he is the best prospect for our needs and for our offense. Dalvin can do it all and is the most “pro ready” of the bunch. I just don’t see 18 teams passing on that level of talent is all.

    Jags, Jets, Panthers, Bengals, Saints, Eagles, Colts and Redskins will all be VERY tempted to take one of these 3 backs depending on which are available when they choose.

    If I had to guess – I’d say Jags draft Fournette at 4, Panthers draft Cook at 8 and CMac goes to Saints at 11 or Eagles at 14. If any of the 3 gets past 15 (unlikely) then the Redskins will likely take him at 17 or another team behind us will trade up for him.

    That’s just my opinion and of course I could be wrong. We’ll see in 5 days…

  79. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jason Licht seemed very confident that the player they want at 19 will be there. That means he either has several options or has set his sights on someone other than RB.

  80. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Welcome to Tampa Mr. Dalvin.

  81. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    He also said the fans opinion don’t carry much weight when it comes to draft night but he will listen to his QB suggestions. Again welcome to Tampa Mr. Dalvin.

  82. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs fans' Says:

    Like some other sports writers in this area, I think Dalvin will be available and I think the Bucs will pass on him.

    Just my gut feeling.

    I’m not a Dalvin hater, NoSBos. He’s actually my 2nd favorite RB in the draft after Perine.

  83. LakeLandBuc Says:

    At Lakeland High we went 45-0 and 3 straight State Titles, with the Pouncey Twins and Jason Watkins anchoring our O-Line. Chris Rainey and Jamar Taylor was running through holes so big that you can drive a Tractor-Trailer through them. If you have a powerhouse O-Line, Granny could run for a Buck50 every game. Then again if you have a horrible O-Line, backs will struggle to get yards. Ask Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon, or watch the tapes.

  84. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Can’t really argue with that opinion. I’m hoping something freaky happens though…perhaps at QB…I don’t really see an exciting top pick at that position but who knows with the league desperate for franchise QB’s.

    Walter Football has their four top prospects as going anywhere from the 1st round to the 2nd…and Deshaun Watson from the 1st to the 3rd. I can’t honestly remember when the spread was that large for all the QB’s. How can a QB prospect that “could” go in the 1st be bad enough to last to the 2nd. Just a weird year I guess.

    So in Walter’s world as many as four QB’s could go before we pick. I don’t expect it because none of them excite me other than Watson’s play on the field…but it would be great for the Bucs!

  85. Pa Privateer Says:

    I would rather not select Cook at 19, but I will fully support him if he is a Buc.

    I like Samaje Perine in 3rd-4th because he is the best value and in my opinion he was the reason Mixon looked as good as he did.

    I really really like Joe Williams, RB, Utah in the 6-7 round range as a sleeper. Williams would be a great RB to groom. He has great speed and vision. He also is a very good pass blocker.

    Random note, I would not be surprised to see 1-2 Utah players selected by the Bucs. 3-4 of their OL will be drafted before 5th round, the SS is very good, RB has wheels. If Utah had a better QB they would have been ranked a lot higher.

  86. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    LOL, Pickgrin has it all figured out and a 100 mockers are wrong. Want to put some money on that pick?

  87. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Pa Privateer..we may draft Utah FS Marcus Williams in the 2nd round. I like Joe Williams in the 6th also.

  88. Duke Says:


    The Broncos don’t need another developmental QB. They have 2 already. One was a first rounder last year. If you consider that there’s no QB this year who is ready to start day 1 why add another project?

    If you’d said the Broncos need a veteran QB that’s a different discussion.

  89. Pickgrin Says:

    Like I said TDTB – its just my opinion. We’ll find out if I’m right or not in 5 days

  90. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    If Dalvin Cook played for a Pac 10 team, no one would even be talking about him to the Bucs at 19. Homerism leads to being at home come playoff time.

  91. Joeypoppems Says:


    That is why I said “if it is true”. Because I dont know them personally.

  92. Joeypoppems Says:

    And I dont think the guy Philly drafts has to be there lol.

  93. JOEinPHX Says:

    I don’t know if Cook will be there for the Bucs at #19. But if he is, he’ll also be there for the Broncos at #20.

  94. Dubcity06 Says:

    Cook will be passed on by the bucs

  95. Oxycondoms Says:

    @tony from la

    Lol look at cooks numbers this year against ole miss, Miami, gators, Michigan and against the national champions he had 4tds. Maybe you are the one with the problem?

  96. Doit Bucs Says:

    So now it is OK to get a player with character problems. Just because it was not caught on camera

  97. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Last season Vernon Hargreaves gave up more yards than any CB in the NFL. We need a playmaking FS to help him in the passing game. Budda Baker will fit the bill, and he can help in run support.

  98. LakeLandBuc Says:

    But I hope we draft the BPA instead of reaching for need. I remember back in the 1985 draft. The Bucs was dead set on drafting a DE to replace 30 year old Leroy Selmon. They thought they were set at WR with Kevin House and Gerald Carter. So they drafted DE Ron Holmes from Washington with the 8th pick, because of need. Then the 49ers drafted Mississippi State WR Jerry Rice with the 16th pick. Ron Holmes went on to play 4 seasons for the Bucs, and we know the Jerry Rice story. And to make matters worse, we drafted Steve Young in 1985 Supplemental draft with the 1st pick..What could have been..if we only had drafted the BPA instead of drafting for need.

  99. NFLNut Says:

    ^ I didn’t know that … the Bucs could have had Steve Young and Jerry Rice … wow … that’s sad … BUT … Young and Rice only won one SB together with Young as the starting QB so I think Fameis and Godzilla will at least DOUBLE Young and Rice’s success!!!!

  100. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Does anybody here respect scoreboard anymore?

    I get those who are afraid Cook’s shoulder’s may flare up…beyond that I just don’t get it.

    If I told you we have a chance to select that all time leading rusher at a major U that turns out Titles….the guy who holds ALL their records and some by a wide margin. A guy who can catch out of the backfield and is incredibly fast on the field in uni!!!! Why would you wish to call that homerism. I could easily flip that.

    If Dalvin was from the West Coast we wouldn’t be hollering homerism at the Noles.

    In fact if the point is that McCaffery is just as good…I would concede that’s a legitimate debate because he played on the West Coast in what we provincials in the East view as a soft conference. Let’s face it our debate has aways been SEC versus ACC…Big 10 trying to edge in….out west…meh.

    But let’s face it…Fournette…Cook…and McCaffery put up incredible numbers over multiple seasons in some big games against top teams. All three are great prospects and you don’t need to go to LSU…FSU or Stanford to believe that.

  101. Not there yet Says:

    I refuse to get excited about any one player we could take so that I’m not disappointed, there are to many options and I think there are quite a few teams picking ahead of us are just as unsure so an analyst with no ties to any team are basically guessing like most of us only they are more educated guesses but a guess is a guess and there are no penalties to getting draft picks wrong when guessing so guess away but this mindset has made this more exciting than when I knew we were picking Winston first overall

  102. Oxycondoms Says:

    Last season yards after contact McCafferey 575 cook with 1195. Makes you wonder who played with shoulder issues

  103. rayjay1122 Says:


    The problem is that you make too much sense. Unfortunately there are some buffoons here and I sure am glad that none of them are the Bucs GM!

  104. rayjay1122 Says:

    If the Bucs decided to take a nobody RB in the middle of the draft then there be another season without a playoff appearance. I mean c’mon may Sayers. Is a DE, DT, TE, OT, CB or Safety going to put us over the top? I thought not. We have no running game and even with Flash Jackson and ME13, there has to be a good running game to balance out the offense. If we pass on an elite RB prospect our offense will continue to falter. Like it or not that is a fact.

  105. LakeLandBuc Says:

    How can you have a running game, when your O-Line graded out as one of the WORST run-blocking line in the NFL?

  106. rayjay1122 Says:

    By changing the OL during the off season which the Bucs are doing by moving Marpet to center and having Pamphile and Sweezy taking the guard positions. I do agree that we need to upgrade RT sooner than later though. I firmly believe that none of our current RB’s are difference makers even if they were playing behind the Cowboys OL.

  107. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Ok rayjay..fair enough

  108. Pickgrin Says:

    “Fournette…Cook…and McCaffery put up incredible numbers over multiple seasons in some big games against top teams. All three are great prospects” – and worthy of a first round selection.

    Nicely summarized SPBF.

  109. rayjay1122 Says:

    Actually we all have one thing in common. We all want our Bucs to be championship contenders for the next decade. We just are split on how to accomplish that. Go Bucs!!!

    Also, go US Military! Wipe North Korea off the face of the planet!

    BTW North Korea, we do not fear any country where half of the men are named Kim!!!

    The United States

  110. DPewter Says:

    Because the Buc’s seem sold on Dougie Fresh I don’t see them picking up a RB in rnd1.

    I’m no pro or draft guru, I don’t even do this for a living, but I have called every first rnd pick since 2014.

    if David Njoku or Oj Howard are on the board they’re getting picked at 19. If not John Ross or David Corey. If those 4 are all gone I see them picking best available (which won’t be Cook) or trading back.

  111. JameisDungy Says:

    Here’s hoping one of OJ Howard, Corey Davis or Dalvin Cook is available at 19.

  112. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Like it was said there us simply not enough difference between Cook in the 1st than the other very good rbs in the 2nd 3rd & 4th. So it’s not good enough value if there is still a really good DE on the board at 19. Licht is from the Bellicheap tree so he won’t spend a high draft pick on a position he can get just as good production from in the 3rd and that be Joe Mixon. Given the frailty of Cooks shoulders and his fumbling issues AND off field problems still rollin with his homies how can Licht pick him? Wr DE

  113. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Like it was said there us simply not enough difference between Cook in the 1st than the other very good rbs in the 2nd 3rd & 4th. So it’s not good enough value if there is still a really good DE on the board at 19. Licht is from the Bellicheap tree so he won’t spend a high draft pick on a position he can get just as good production from in the 3rd and that be Joe Mixon. Given the frailty of Cooks shoulders and his fumbling issues AND off field problems still rollin with his homies how can Licht pick him? WR DE or TE is who he’ll pick

  114. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Oops double post

  115. grafikdetail Says:

    dude is just as bad as kiper & mcshay… & once he said mariota i was done with him LOL

  116. Eric Denman Says:

    I hope another team ahead of us drafts Cook so we don’t have to hear about him ever again