FANTASY PODCAST: Round 1 Impact, Corey Davis, Lone QB Value, And More

April 28th, 2017
Todd reviews Round 1 of the NFL Draft, which sure looked a lot like a fantasy football draft to him, especially the top 12 picks. Todd also discusses why Corey Davis of the Titans is highest of the first-round picks on projected fantasy draft boards and thinks only one of the three new QBs have any fantasy value until further notice.

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3 Responses to “FANTASY PODCAST: Round 1 Impact, Corey Davis, Lone QB Value, And More”

  1. Fred E. Bucs Says:

    Mike Glennon fell into exactly what I’d predicted/feared. He goes to a place thinking he’s the guy, then BANG, he’s not, as CHI drafted Trubisky QB #2 overall. Bears are even saying, so-to-speak “No, Glennon is the starter; we’ll develop our younger guy.” They say we’ll win with Glennon now. Really? Who believes that? You don’t give up all those picks and get a guy that high and not start him. Worse, Glennon is not that “exciting” and about pre-season Game 2 (he’s NEVER had a good preseason by the way) CHI fans are going to be yelling to start Trubisky. As I’d said, Glennon should have/could have stayed here and made millions upon millions (wasn’t it $8M per year?) and no one would have ever challenged him as #2. Sure, he’ll get $18M guarantted in CHI but will likely be gone in a year from CHI…he could have stayed here and made more in the long run. Can’t blame him for trying, but he’s just not an NFL starter. And how dumb for the bears to give up all those picks to move up one spot to draft a guy that more than likely John Lynch’s Niners didn’t plan/need to take?

  2. Brandon Says:

    Glennon is still the starter. I don’t know what the Glennon Mafia or whatever the stupid made-up name was for his supporters is so worried about. Trubisky had something like 13 collegiate starts and looks to be years away from truly being ready to assume the reigns of an NFL team. If Glennon plays well, he could find himself in a Drew Brees/Philip Rivers situation where the Bears have the enviable task of having to decide between the slightly older proven gun vs the young up and comer that needs a shot…. it isn’t likely because it’s Mike Glennon we’re talking about here but still, he’s still the starter… until he’s not.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    Glennon’s going to start. This Trubisky kid still got a ways to go. But I have him starting the following year.