(Doesn’t) Make Sense

April 17th, 2017

Unfair target of nerds.

Sometimes, Joe just wants to slap people who don’t pay attention.

And it seems there has never been a greater divide between what stat geeks claim a team needs and what NFL folks believe a team needs, specifically when it comes to offensive line.

Despite the fact some Bucs fans, fueled by their hatred over left tackle Donovan Smith, want to punch a wall, and the stat geeks lose their minds over Smith as if he personally spray-painted their Xbox, the Bucs have virtually zero desire to move on from their starting left tackle. But that doesn’t stop the geeks from peddling nonsense and no-research feces to the naive and uneducated.

Take the case of Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. Typing for BSPN, Muench cited the teams that “make the most sense” for various prospects in next week’s draft (next week!). He has Utah tackle Ryan Ramczyk going to the Bucs to replace Smith.

There’s an argument to be made that taking Ramczyk this early is a reach, especially if Utah’s Garett Bolles is still on the board. After all, Ramczyk is coming off hip surgery and he played only one year of FBS football. Plus, he has shorter arms (33¾ inches) for a left tackle prospect. But he’s still my top offensive tackle prospect, and I would not hesitate to take him at No. 19, as long as the medical staff tells me his hip won’t be a long-term issue. He would be an immediate upgrade over Donovan Smith in pass protection, and he’s an effective run-blocker. The Buccaneers could use more of those: They finished 24th in rushing yards per game last year.

The main reason the Bucs finished 24th in rushing yards was because the guy they banked on to carry the mail decided to take the wrong performance enhancing drug (allegedly), you imbecile.  And the rest of the guys on the roster at running back were either castoffs (the Bucs leading rusher, Jacquizz Rodgers, was unemployed when he was signed) or a guy better suited to writhe in the background of a Britney Spears’ Las Vegas dance troupe.

By this clown’s logic, Kevin Pamphile and Ali Marpet should be replaced as well. Hey, they started on an offense that was ranked 24th in rushing, no? So this Ramczyk, a guy who has never stepped on an NFL field, a guy coming off hip surgery who played a grand total of one year for a Power-5 team, is an automatic upgrade over a guy who has never missed a snap in his NFL career?

And this writer cashed a check for shoveling such idiocy?

What next, the Bucs are going to draft DeShaun Watson because he played in consecutive college championship games?

Damn, guys getting paid decent coin working for major outlets who do little to no research just grind Joe’s gears.

49 Responses to “(Doesn’t) Make Sense”

  1. Ocala Says:

    We have awful running backs
    We need to draft one of the elite three in the first round and we probably should draft a developmental Back in the later rounds

  2. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    If cook and peppers at gone I like Harris or trading down with the Texans getting a extra 3rd and 7th I think that’s what the chart shows .this is a great draft for extra picks ! You could still grab Mixon,Kamara or Samuel. Or maybe wait until round 2 for your running back it all depends who you like and if they are there grab them ! Can’t watch! Go Bucs

  3. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Can’t wait!

  4. Ry Ry da great Says:

    We shouldnt draft any of these O-line men early but if your sold on Donovan Smith your an IDIOT! The Rbs didnt play well last year but the O-Line needs work too. If D.Smith doesnt become dominant this year then its time to find a new LT, Jameis and this entire offense doesnt deserve below avg O-line play

  5. Joeypoppems Says:

    Im just curious what will happen if we do use #19 on a RB (Doesnt matter who) and he struggles throughout the season. Will it be the OL that is the problem then or will it be chalked up to “just being a rookie”

  6. Buc Fresh Says:

    I’m ready for it to all unfold. I believe in Jason

  7. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    I’m ready also so sick of mock drafts and bad stories lol

  8. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Steve Muench should put in his application to go work at TBT. His mindset and deep body of sports analysis would fit right in over there. I think perhaps he is looking to write that “piece” (ha, get it?) that just so happens to coincide with a NFL draft night move no one saw coming. So could it be maybe Muench is actually a genious and is smarter than all of us? Nawwww.

  9. Tampa Tony Says:

    While I don’t think Smith is awful it’s hard to ignore his league leading penalties which always seem to kill a Bucs drive.

  10. SoCoBucsFan Says:

    I don’t believe D. Smith is bad but do believe that the team shouldn’t be 100% content. There’s always room for improvement whether it’s a starting position or backup. When the team talks about shuffling around the OL to look for the best five, why isn’t much said about at least trying D. Smith at other positions. Don’t you think it’s possible that he may have the potential to be all pro at other positions?

    I’m for one always up for adding talent to the OL. There’s no such thing as too much talent on OL. Again I’m not saying that D. Smith isn’t a good player because he is talented. Maybe this year is his breakout. I’m also not saying they draft early or at all, especially if there are positions that can be drafted can have a more immediate impact.

    All that should matter is finding the best five combo, if that means he plays LT great. But if that means he’s better suited at LG or RT, the team should at least spend the time to see. I trust the team with their decision of the varying positions I just hope they’re trying all available options. That’s not just exclusive to OL but every spot on the field.

    Football is funding the right 11 on the field. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

  11. Rrsrq Says:

    This is a what have you done for me lately league, but you have to watch film for the past two years and see what was happening differently, Marpet and Smith’s rookie year the team rushed for over 2000 yards and the likes of JJ Watt didn’t touch Jameis his rookie year, not swing he didn’t get hit, but this line know it has the ability. I would not draft a lineman early but 4th or afterward, competition is always good.

  12. Steven007 Says:

    I don’t agree with a Jose about much but I am definitely with them here. In the last two seasons we ran both very well and very poorly. With almost the exact same pieces at offensive line. Smith is developing and is definitely not the weakest link. As much as we all like Hawley’s effort clearly Center is a problem. The powers-that-be realize this hence the mentioned move of Marpet to Center. But mocking an offensive lineman to the Bucs in the first round is simply preposterous. Anyone who spends 5 minutes studying the team realizes we have greater needs in several other areas.

  13. Steven007 Says:

    …”the Joe’s”

  14. redblud Says:

    I would take an OL before a RB 100 times out if 100 in the first round. Also, the writer of this article should look in the mirror with his comments about the other writer.

  15. Fred E. Buc Says:

    And, with another read from Joe that we’d not get anywhere else, I am wondering if the Glazers got their answer as requested (by the weekend) on the Bucs being on Hard Knocks. Crickets around the web…

    Looks like schedule release is this week…time to start planning that Fall mini-vacation. Will it be Green Bay and football heritage/legend along with a Friday night Brewers game? Minnesota and sitting in a comfy new stadium with a transparent roof that might be like our next Rays stadium? Perhaps Buffalo and Niagra Falls? Will the Bucs host a Monday nighter? A Sunday nighter? God, please don’t make us have another Thursday night home game and call that prime time.

  16. Jeremy Says:

    RT is the problem Joe. Did you completely forget about the Dallas game? No one could even slow that guy down. They are going tackle buddy, face the facts

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think Donovan Smith will be fine. He’s been improving, and those that target him clearly have not been watching the right tackle on the other side. That’s the position they should be targeting.

  18. Steven007 Says:

    RT was a problem with the turnstile named Cherilus filling in for Dot. Now Dot is not a great lineman but he wouldn’t have been nearly as abused by the part time DE from Dallas like GT was. I still think C is the weak link. How many times was JW forced to roll out due to inside pressure?

  19. Destinjohnny Says:

    Our line is average on its best day

  20. ndog Says:

    Marpet moving to center is going to make this line look a whole lot better. You heard it hear first this line will be tremendously better if we can keep Marpet at center.

  21. DallasBuc Says:

    Donovan Smith was horribly abused on both run and pass downs last year. Living in denial and peddling alternative facts to protect the fevered ego of one Jason Licht may be good for cozy relationships between media and those they cover but is not necessarily in the best interest of the average joe Bucs fan.

  22. DallasBuc Says:

    And dismissing fans who apply observable reality to their arguments against Donovan Smith does not in fact qualify at “hatred” as asserted. The embarrassing 24th ranked rushing attack is far more a function of a bad oline than it is of our less than stellar backfield.
    JoeLichtFan agenda is alive and well this morning!

  23. Bucsfanman Says:

    I’m sorry, but you can’t pin all the rushing woes on Doug Martin and co. There were numerous plays where RBs had defenders wrapped around their ankles 3 yards deep in the backfield. That is NOT a RB issue.
    BOTH the O-line and backfield need to improve. Smith will be fine but he definitely has room for improvement.

  24. bucNation Says:

    i always thought it was funny how these draft guys say a certain player is a instant upgrade over someone who we already have seen play in the nfl. it doesn’t make any sense they’re basing it off what they’ve seen the player do against college competition and in this situation 1 year of fbs ball so to say he’s much better than donavan who has 2 years of experience starting at the position is nonsense add in the fact that donavan is only 23 and i think ramczyk is 23 also so i don’t get this one at all people forget how young donavan was coming out he could have came out in this years class

  25. bucNation Says:

    how many sacks did donavan even give up last year more specifically the last half of the season? i swear it was like night and day the way he played the first half and the second half if he didn’t progress at all this might be a discussion but seriously the right tackle spot was getting exposed more down the stretch than left tackle was the average dumb fans just like to beat up on one guy and blame it all on them like conte on defense when in reality the linebackers left the safety’s out to dry far to often in pass coverage last year especially play action

  26. Wausa Says:

    I’m not saying we have a great offensive line but in the Dallas game we had Gosder Cherilus at Right Tackle. Donavan Smith plays left tackle.

  27. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    again jason licht blew it last year when he had the shot of getting the 10 year LT of the future in Laremy Tunsil to protect winston, then move smith to RT, I think protecting the franchise would be #1 then getting the weapons but the bucs stood pat in FA again with getting legit OL for winston….

  28. Kaptain Morgan Says:

    If there is an opportunity to upgrade a position the Bucs should take it. Drafting the “best player available” regardless of the position is how the Bucs will be better positioned to be an elite team. They shouldn’t go into this draft looking to replace a specific starter since thee are no glaring weaknesses on the team and no specific stand out player that is guaranteed to be there where the Bucs are currently set to draft at pick #19.

  29. Michael Duggan Says:

    For the life of me I could never understand why fans would go to BSPN or any other source for their information when they got reporters (like you Joe) who go to Training Camp and cover the Bucs on a daily basis?

  30. DPewter Says:

    If you have a good offense line no matter who you put back there you should at least be top 15 in rushing.

    Lets just say our O-Line is not a strength, who would Joe consider to be the weakest link? This of course is with Marpet moving to center.

  31. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Joe, please read the article written over at one of your competitor sites. It is a very detailed look at what happened with the line last year. Do you know that Martin had more yards after contact then Rodgers??? That suggests that the fact that he was getting hit behind the line so often was the real problem. Couple that with the fact that JW was running for his life often times and that is why so many of us have concerns with the line.

    I don’t think any of us hate DSmith, we just think he is not quite good enough to be a starting left tackle. At guard he would probably be elite, and most likely serviceable as a RT.

  32. Cool Says:

    You people need to get serious this offensive line sucks

  33. Pickgrin Says:

    There was not much help available in FA for the Oline – and this is one of the worst drafts in memory for Oline talent. I believe the plan is to stand pat up front this year with what we’ve already got and see how well some of these young players develop. If there are still obvious problems at Oline after this season – then next year I would imagine there will be more talent added.

    Hopefully Donovan Smith makes a good jump in capability this year and it shows on the field. Smith was not our worst lineman last year but there were a lot of times where he did not look very good. Getting the numerous penalties called against LT minimized would be a good start. Ditto++ for RT.

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    Im with you Joe- 100%
    Some of these guys are so stupid and clueless, that I have to take a break from here- just to keep my Blood pressure down.

    The Same idiots who cried about Donald Penn, are now crying about Donovan Smith.

    I just hope this Dumbasses dont operate cars or power tools.
    ‘Nuff said.

  35. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Capt Tim I noticed you called us stupid, clueless and dumbasses. I only have one adjective for you…..BLIND!

  36. DBS Says:

    As a matter of fact his last year here Penn was getting beaten like a bass drum. That is WHY they let him go. So if he went somewhere else and got his weight under control and decided he wanted to play again good for him.

  37. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Oh and Tim, go check out an article BucsNation that gives very detailed information about this offensive line and its lack of production. You might want to educate yourself before you start name calling those who might have an informed opinion that differs from yours.

  38. DB55 Says:

    First of all D. Smith is outstanding in run blocking. He has problems with speed rushers, not all DEs just the really fast ones but his run blocking is AMAZING!!

    As for Ramczyk he’s my pick at 19 bc we need to improve the RT position. Either Dotson is old and hurt or he got paid and doesn’t care anymore but we def need to improve RT.

    The only way I’d move D. Smith from LT is if we traded for Joe Thomas or another elite LT.

  39. SOEbuc Says:

    Last season I hated Demar Dotson much more than D.Smith. Every other play for Dot was a false start or a hold.

  40. mike10 Says:

    Oline needs upgraded. So does RB. But we also need to upgrade DL, safety, SLB, corner, and WR.

    Let’s be responsible w our picks this year and not get euphoric when an in-state prospect falls within our reach.

  41. SOEbuc Says:

    My hate for D.Smith was not far from Dot though.

  42. LargoBuc Says:

    I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting, say, Cam Robinson at 19. He’s an old school road grader who absolutely mauls smaller defenders. Imagine that at right tackle.

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    Buddy, theres your problem.
    In a nutshell
    You are getting your opinions from articles. Articles written by people who depend on readership to stay in business.
    So controversy is their bread and butter.

    Its what makes me so mad at some of the otherwise terrific posters here
    You read something, written by damn idiot, and then parrott it! , til the player retires, or the poster dies

    There were several Predraft magazines, that loved Donovan Smoth’s skills and potential. One Mag liked him, but said he could be lazy( happens sometimes in college. You are playing for free pretty much) occasionally, and might not have the feet for Left Tackle.
    6 other mags all said hed be a left tackle.

    But his first year, Id see post over and over again- Smith needs to be a right tackle, lacks feet. Then theyd add- and sometimes looks lazy.
    They are doing what you are doing.
    Basing their opinion on an Article, written by a guy who was in seattle, and probable never watched Smith more than 15 minutes total.

    Then some other dumbass, reads that article, and regurgitates on his site. Probably has NEVER WATCHED DONAVAN.
    Then everyone here reads that post, believes- and cries about our Talented Young Tackle- who just Pancakes some of the leagues best DEs. Over and over again
    Its Donald Penn all over again. An All pro level Tackle- whos ONLY WEAKNESS was that he wasnt drafted in the first round.

    These site guys pick Oline- because most people cant follow the Oline. They work as a unit. You cant really single out an individual.
    Easy marks , For cheap controvesy.

    I dont read articles, to see how the line is playing
    I played OT at a high level, and know what Im looking at.

    And we have a quick, hugely powerful young Left Tackle, a very good Young Guard, and a potentially pro bowl Center.
    Dying to see what Sweezy and Benenoch bring to the line.

    When every NFL coach, GM, snd owner is saying that we have a great DT and Oline-
    Hows about believing expert opinions. And your own eyes. And our Coaches and GM
    Instead of some site, written by a 17 year old- between surfing Porn sites.

  44. Jeremy Says:

    Wausa – Donovan Smith is solid. Dotson has shown to be concussion prone and is in the last year of his deal. His best years are behind him and his back-up also happens to be the starting left guard. We need a tackle. We go no where without Jamie’s and we will need to add depth to keep him upright

  45. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol, I guess we weren’t watching the same things. I saw JW running for his life often times and bailing out the o-line and I saw Martin getting tackled in the backfield. I base my opinion on what I saw. That article just confirmed it with actual data.

  46. ptwalk Says:

    When teams can put 8 in the box, you’re not gonna have a lot of success, and I think that’s where Jackson will help the run game. This O-line is better than some think especially with Mar pet at center.

  47. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol, how can you say that about Marpet ptwalk. He has never, ever, played center before. Nothing is set in stone yet, but if they do make the move there very well could be some growing pains.

  48. Buc James Says:

    Donovan Smith is a reach as a long term fix at LT. That doesn’t mean he is bad. He would be better suited at RT. His footwork is slow and he is easily beat on the blind side by speed rushers. An athletic Left tackle would make ALL of Jameis’ weapons more potent. You cannot expect Winston to run for his life every pass play. Better left guard play will help if Sweezey shows up (not sold on Pamphile). I for one would not hate it if the Bucs drafted OT in the first round. Daniel Jeremiah got blasted for suggesting the Bucs take Cam Robinson if he is there. I for one believe Jeremiah is right. The love fest of FSU players and Dalvin Cook is burning bright in Buc land. But top tackles are seldom acquired via free agency (cause everybody keeps them). With so many running backs in this draft, grab one in the 2nd if you must. Any running back looks great behind a stronger offensive line. Not scared to trade back in this draft either.

  49. Skipper Says:

    Jeremy, Dotson signed a 3 year extension last year.