Dalvin Cook… In The Second Round???

April 8th, 2017

Stiff-arming his way out of first round?

If Joe didn’t know any better, it was the middle of Joe’s weekly Friday afternoon beer-swilling session. But it was morning, and the only thing Joe had touched stronger than water was a large mug of piping hot Peet’s Coffee Big Bang.

Joe has heard tall tales in his days when it comes to the NFL draft and this one is a doozy.

Running back Dalvin Cook, thought to be the best running back in the draft by some respected NFL folks, and a player the Bucs need like a fish needs water, is believed to be falling back into the second round in this month’s draft.

This fish story comes courtesy of Josh Norris of Rotoworld.com. Norris is of the mind, based largely on what he believes was Cook’s bad combine, that Cook should be thankful if he gets selected in the second round in three weeks.

In short, Norris believes if you stare closely enough, you can see the word “B-U-S-T” in boldface type on Cook’s forehead.

Norris spun this notion while appearing on PFT Live, hosted by the creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio, seen weekday mornings on NBC Sports Network.

Norris believes Christian McCaffrey is the best running back in the draft and after waxing poetic about McCaffrey and giving tepid compliments to Leonard Fournette, Florio asked Norris about Cook and Norris didn’t hold back.

“If we look back at history, Mike, there is no way he should go in the first round,” Norris said. “And if you asked me that two months ago before the combine, I would say he is a top-20 lock. I am going to go back to the athletic test part of this process. Dalvin did everything at the combine, which is great. Then he goes out and tests in the ninth-percentile in terms of factoring in all his athletic results plus his weight, meaning 91 percent of NFL running backs entering the league since 1999 are more athletic than Dalvin Cook. There has never been a prospect at the running back position drafted with his athletic profile in the first round in at least 15 years and I think that goes back to 25 years.

“So, meanwhile, we are also talking about Dalvin Cook who has I believe three shoulder operations on his history and even some more questions during his time at FSU. I highly, highly doubt that Dalvin Cook lands in the first round now.

“I mean, there is certainly buzz about [off-field mischief]. He didn’t necessarily get into trouble that stuck, let’s put it that way, at FSU. But this is also the player that forced Florida State to take two team pictures before their season started. One with him; one without him. Because, there was this ambiguous feeling about whether he was going to be on the team or be suspended or not.”

Well, allow Joe to pick this apart.

First, any NFL person will tell you this, any, and that includes Bill Parcells, that the combine in no way shape or form should be the final determination of a player. It’s a piece of the puzzle but not bigger than good old fashioned game film. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie. How many combine warriors jacked up the draft board only to be proven frauds once they got on the football field?

Dinging any player that badly on a bad combine is dangerous if not irresponsible. As Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said when asked about Cook’s underwhelming combine, “Turn on the tape. How come all those fast guys couldn’t catch him?”

Joe’s willing to bet Cook is more athletic than Doug Martin and Martin, when he was clean and motivated, did pretty well, yes?

So, about the “buzz” with his off-field stuff, outside of being dumb with dogs, what exactly did Cook do? Joe doesn’t remember him being pinched for any felony? He was accused of going Joe Mixon on a girl but that turned out to be without merit.

Joe’s pretty sure we can all quickly recall a certain Bucs player who was accused — and never charged — with a crime in college. Was he suddenly second round material? And how has this player worked out so far in the NFL?

So let Joe get this straight: A guy is going to drop to the second round because he wasn’t in a picture??? LOL Please!

Now the shoulder issue, that’s a legitimate concern and Joe will leave that to medical professionals to determine. Norris likened Cook’s shoulder injuries to Lamar Miller, who was drafted in the fourth round due to shoulder issues in college. Oh, and Miller has missed a grand total of two games in the past four years and five games total in his five-year career.

Joe has been around a lot of NFL folks in the past month or so and has never heard even a whisper that Cook is second round talent. Yesterday morning was the very first time Joe ever heard of such a thing.

How down on Cook is Norris? He suggested Mixon, the notorious Oklahoma woman-puncher, will be drafted by the Bengals in the second round before Cook is off the board.

Joe has listened to this interview four or five times and either Norris is getting played by someone big time, or he could be working as Mike Brown’s stooge for all Joe knows.

95 Responses to “Dalvin Cook… In The Second Round???”

  1. K_bassuka Says:

    Some draft analysts are out there trying to make a name for themselves. Cook won’t get past the Bucs at 19 unless something major pops up on him before his name is called on day 1.

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    McCaffery quit on his teammates by skipping bowl game no spin, excuse, BS justifies. Not to mention that he is it he is hardly the best rb in draft. McCaffery is going to be a injury prone gadget guy no one really knows how to use at nfl level.

    Draft is simple cook in first Goodwin second and best available dt to cover for the multiple games mussed

  3. Joe Says:

    Draft is simple cook in first Goodwin second

    That would be perfect.

  4. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    This is what you call a smoke screen. It’s a tactic used by teams to decrease the perceived value of desired prospects. That’s my take anyway.

  5. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    And there are 100 different ways this draft could go, that would still serve to inject a massive influx of talent to this team, and thrust it forward into a new era of winning Bucs football.

  6. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    Whoa. This dude let it fly…

    He makes a few valid points, but Idk if Dalvin will last til the 2nd Rd.

    It honestly all comes down to the medical evaluation with Dalvin I think.

    If he looks good to the Docs for the long term, he’ll go in the 1st Rd guaranteed.

  7. Shing Says:

    Is McCaffrey better than Reggie Bush? Just saying’…

  8. unbelievable Says:

    Incredibly deep draft at RB and WR.

    If we get Cook, that’s great, but I think there will be good backs available in the first three rounds.

    Just no trading up, Trading down for more picks? Yes.

  9. BCB Says:

    Second round? Try top 15.

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I think there’s a legitimate chance Cook is on the board at #19 and the Bucs select someone else. Much to the shock and awe of almost everyone on JBF. And I actually think that chance is higher than most would suspect. That’s not necessarily a prediction but I’ve got my eyes wide open for the possibility.

  11. bucs_365 Says:

    I’ve heard from more than one place that Cook could be dropping out of the first round for a variety of reasons. 3 shoulder surgeries and questionable social acquaintances, along with some allegations (which still could be true) about his treatment of a woman are enough to drop a guy into round 2 easily. I don’t believe he will drop that far, but based on what I’m hearing I would not be that surprised.

  12. tnew Says:

    Honest question? Is there something regarding Noah Spence’s shoulder surgery that has the Joes seriously spooked? Last we heard here, was Spence’s comment of “what shoulder surgery” to Licht. Cook has had multiple repairs and it doesn’t seem like it is that big of a deal on this site. Just a question is there some knowledge that I am missing.

  13. tnew Says:

    Shing.. Yes, McCaffery is better than Reggie Bush. Not faster but yes better. When you watch tape on McCaffery you see it. Reggie Bush had so much talent around him on those teams and his highlights are flat out amazing. Is Bush’s highlight reel better, yep.. but thats not the question. Being said, I would have absolutely drafted Bush #1 the year he came out.

    I’m not saying draft CMAC at 19 either. The more I have watched tape, I have solidly found myself in the trade back if possible to acquire more picks in the 2nd through 4th. This draft is loaded with NFL starters.

  14. d-roca Says:

    And heath evans of nfl network says cooks the best overall prospect, over myles garrett even. Believe 1 percent of what you hear this time of year, good luck figuring out which 1 percent tho. Bottom line is theres big surprises in every first round. There could be a run of 4 qbs in the top 10 for all we know, which id love. Cant wait to see how this really plays out. Cook could be there at 19 or gone by 5, if only we knew. Go bucs

  15. meh Says:

    I’m fine with Cook in the 2nd round. That’s about where he should be picked. He’s being way overinflated. He’s a fumbler, has off field problems, and is good but not really great. He has second rounder written all over him.

  16. Hodad Says:

    Let us not forget the great Ray Perkins who didn’t want to draft E Smith because he was to slow for the NFL! How did that work out? I’m with Jimbo, turn on the tape. By the way, his shoulders looked pretty good at the combine while being one of the best RB’s bench pressing.

  17. USFBUC Says:

    I think somebody else already nailed it. This sounds to me like a guy just making an outrageous statement for attention.

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    Cook falls to 2nd rd?? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Now THAT is comedy folks.

  19. USFBUC Says:

    We can all ignore this Norris guy, I just went and read his mock draft and it is insane. He has the Bucs taking Njoku but passing on Howard, Allen, Ramczyk, and Cook in the first round.

  20. R.O. Says:

    Cook does have a high fumble rate…

  21. Fran Smith Says:

    Dalvin Cook in the second round😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Guzzie Says:

    Average size, below average agility, extremely poor ball security, ran behind NFL caliber line, injury concerns, and questionable character, yeah that’s a sure fire 1st round pick!!! 91 percent of RBs since 1999 were better athletes plus the other concerns, if Cook didn’t go to FSU, would anyone honestly want this guy in the 1st don’t lie to yourself, if he played at USC, would you take him, and I like Cook a lot, but he’s far from a sure fire stud 1st rounder

  23. The Buc Realist Says:

    Whether this guy is throwing stuff at the wall or making stuff up. One thing we do know, is that every year, in every draft, is that QB rise in the draft and RB fall in the draft in the weeks leading up tot he draft!!!!!

  24. Guzzie Says:

    I’m hoping someone else takes him before us, if he gets close to 19, don’t be surprised if Licht trades down just to avoid having to hear the FSU backlash of passing on him, now should he fall close to pick 50, I’d be super stoked to grab him there…..still rather have Mixon all muddafreakin day

  25. Fran Smith Says:

    But McCaffrey in the first😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Fran Smith Says:

    😂😂😂@Guzzie you sound F’n silly

  27. Guzzie Says:

    Honestly look at the most recent 1st round RBs…Zeke, Gurley, Gordon, and this years Fournette…Gordon was about the same size, but the other 3 were much bigger backs with better athletic traits….

  28. Guzzie Says:

    Fran Smith….it is the silly season

  29. Guzzie Says:

    Also Fran Smith was there anything I said about Cook that wasn’t true?

  30. Pickgrin Says:

    Wow Guzzie. Get a clue. Cook is one of the best RB prospects to come out in years.

    I have no idea what the naysayers are seeing. I saw most of Cook’s FSU games over the last 3 years and the dude is a flat out STUD RB.

    Go watch some tape on Cook. That’s all I can say. 38 MFing rushing TDs in 2 years!!!!

    His speed is obvious (4.49 – 40 my a$$ – more like 4.39) His vision is superb, his cuts and jukes in the open field are electric, his balance through contact is exceptional. He gets the edge and down the sideline better than any RB prospect I can remember. Oh and he runs routes and catches the ball quite well too. And he can block.

    Ya’ll Dalvin Cook doubters are CRAZY. Go watch him play that’s all I can say

  31. Guzzie Says:

    Joe Mixon for President, now that’s silly, Joe Mixon 1500 yards rushing plus 500 receiving plus 10+ TDs and Rookie of the Year not so silly

  32. Guzzie Says:

    Pickgrin….Cook was awesome in college, I’d be perfectly fine if we got him in the 1st, but he’s far from the perfect prospect, only time will tell

  33. Guzzie Says:

    Pickgrin….Joe Mixon is the perfect prospect minus that punch

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    @tmax- You keep saying that McCaff “quit” on his team. I wish you would stop repeating that because it’s just dumb. By your logic, any college player who declares before their senior year is a “quitter”. It just sounds stupid. Just say you don’t like the guy. I like Cook over McCaffrey too, FYI.
    Cook’s a no-brainer if there at #19, plain and simple.

  35. Etzel Says:

    AND he fumbles… a lot. I see that being the main reason that he falls.

  36. gotbbucs Says:

    You guys are all seriously over-valuing this whole running back position. There have been some damn good running backs just in recent years that have fallen to the 2nd round and lower.
    Ask this question, if Cook is so much faster and more athletic than his combine numbers indicate, why then did he not perform up to his ability? He didn’t take it seriously is why. The biggest job interview of his life and he didn’t train for it.

    I would not be one damn bit surprised to see two of the three that are considered this year’s top running backs slide. They are not slam dunk prospects like everybody is making them out to be. McCaffrey might be the safest pick of the three and he’ll never be a 20 carry a game back.

    Bottom line is they are running backs, and in recent drafts even the top rated ones slide. I don’t know how this possibility seems so impossible to everybody. Is everybody really just choosing to be so dense that they are going to ignore one of the most glaring trends the NFL draft has taken in the last five or six years. THE BEST RUNNING BACKS IN THE NFL RIGHT NOW WHERE TAKEN OUTSIDE OF THE 1ST ROUND. Most of those guys, 25 years ago, would have all been 1st round picks, but it’s not 1992 anymore.

  37. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Saint will grab McCaffrey at 11 and they should they know how to use him ! You can get DL,OL,S,CB at 19 and still a Marlon Mack or wr at 50

  38. Fran Smith Says:

    I’m a Gator fan and I can’t hate on this man,he wasn’t in the hiesman race for nothing

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    gotbbucs…with all that being said LOT’S of draft analyst’s and “experts” are saying THREE rb’s could be taken off the board in the 1st round.

    Now either you know more than them or….

  40. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Blake, he might not fall to the 2nd round, but like I said yesterday most mocks now have him available when the Bucs go on the clock.

    So I broke down and watched tape of Mixon. Damn, it is a shame that he did what he did. He is the best RB in this draft I believe. I still wouldn’t draft a guy that did what he did though. Don’t think the Glazers will either because it would be a PR nightmare.

  41. martinii Says:

    4 top grading and ranking sites averaged gave Cook a minimum 12th pick. He is one of Mayocks top 5 and at least 24 analyst that I follow show him going in the 1st half of the first round. Based on the analyst views alone he has about an 8% chance of falling to 19 and the vast majority of these opinions reach back well into last season. I think Mr Norris is delusional or is being paid good money by a team that hopes he will drop to them in the first.

  42. d-roca Says:

    Buc scotty
    Wana bet? If saints dont go defense with the 11th pick payton could be on his way out before the seasons over. If they dont get a defense this year its bye bye birdie

  43. Chris Says:

    The tape Ive seen on Mixon shows him running through holes a semi could run through.

  44. Fran Smith Says:

    Either ROY or runner up cause he’s playing with a chip and because he has non believers like a few of these guys on here,reuniting this guy with his College buddy(Jamis Winston)will not only give us and edge but will also make America’s QB happy.This is what Jamis needs and Tampa also the fans to,hell the State as a whole

  45. Chris Says:

    Ohband Blake, what was Emmitt Smiths forty time?

  46. Rob Says:

    I pray he is gone by 19. So there’s no chance we get him. To many issues. How many times have the Joe’s mentioned spawns shoulder surgery. But doesn’t seem to think cooks 3 surgery are a problem. How bout some consistency here guys.

  47. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Round 1: OJ Howard/David Njoku (TE)
    Round 2: Mixon/Kamara/Foreman/Hunt (RB)
    Round 3: Pat Elfein (C/G)
    Round 4: Robert Davis (WR)

    Rounds 5-7 special teams, defense

    This draft would make our offense a truly explosive unit and give Jameis some dangerous weapons to play with!

    Check out these Robert Davis highlights ( Leading WR in Georgia State history, 2nd leading in Sun Belt Conference history) and tell me he doesn’t look exactly like the type of receiver that Jameis loves to throw to!


  48. gotbbucs Says:

    1987… I’m saying it’s a possibility. Sure, three running backs might go in the 1st round and I never said they won’t, does that mean that they all go in the top 15 picks like many on this site seem to suggest daily?
    Running backs are de-valued, to suggest otherwise is just ignorance to the facts and evidence.
    And don’t get stupid with me…..I still somewhat respect your opinion on these boards, and you’re one of the few.

  49. Nole&aBuc Says:

    ROFLMFAO … April fools day was last week. Anyone who believes this BS is dumber than a box of rocks.

  50. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Lol am I banned?

  51. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Lol Nvm.

    The citation report, which can be read here, states animal control officer Sheree Mifflin “observed three puppies (one aged eight months and two that were just two months old) … tethered directly around the neck by a heavy chain. The dogs were unable to move and the smaller puppies were choking. I had to remove them for their safety.”

    “While several of the reports requested involve open and active cases, one of note, involves an aggravated assault by two men who are alleged to have brandished a firearm at a neighbor on July 17th, 2014,” the release read. “Dalvin Cook, a current FSU football player is listed as an associate in the case. The case is under investigation and once complete, it will be provided as an update to this release.”

    As a juvenile, Cook was arrested and charged with robbery in 2009, according to files obtained through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Prosecutors opted to drop the case. Cook was also arrested and charged with firing a weapon and possessing a weapon at an event on school property in 2010, according to FDLE records. The third-degree felony charge was dropped or abandoned.

  52. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    If Mixon had a rapsheet that Long, you would parade it about at EVERY opportunity Joe. You know that full well.

  53. Buccanegro Says:

    Whoever this clown is, if he likes McCaffrey before Cook, he doesn’t deserve a Job. If Cook slides to 19 and the Bucs pass on him the Glazer’s need to clean house

  54. Issic Haggins Says:

    Mixon may be the best of the group but you just can’t draft the guy !!

    Cook has the big play potential but gets stopped for no gain or a loss to often !!

    Unless Howard falls or you eye an OT , Trade back and Wait til the Second !!

  55. Buc1987 Says:

    gotbbucs…correct they have been devalued. It’s a passers league now.

    I guess what I was trying to say is, that I believe your stance, but for some reason many folks have three rb’s going in the first. Imo it’s because they are THAT good, that certain teams don’t want to wait until the 2nd and not have them there. I truly think that’s the reason. Sure wait on a RB, but are the other guys doing the same? That’s the question some GM’s are going to have to ask.

    “somewhat respect your opinion”

    lol at least someone does!

  56. SB Says:

    You guys with garnet and gold colored glasses crack me up. Fumbling issues, three shoulder surgeries, off-field concerns, and a perceived mediocre athleticism.
    Now take the name Dalvin cook away and look at that above sentence.
    And to Buccaneers….. Most analysts think McCaffrey is better than cook maybe none of them should have a job huh

  57. DallasBuc Says:

    Just waiting for nosbos to come in like they shot MLK all over again!

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Blake….why exactly don’t you want Cook again? It can’t be for all that rubbish you posted above. Must be the fumbles and the shoulder.

  59. Capt.Tim Says:

    Cook in the 2nd round?
    Wow! Nice dream- the bucs better RUN that draft card up to the table!! Lol
    Im doubtful that he makes it to 19.

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    “You guys with garnet and gold colored glasses”

    Yet I’m a McCaffrey guy. Go figure.

  61. SB Says:

    That was supposed to read and to” buccanegro”

  62. SB Says:

    I wasn’t referring to you 87. I was referring to those who can’t see the forest for the trees

  63. gotbbucs Says:

    I pray every night before I go to bed that three running backs, three wide recievers, and two quarterbacks go in the first 18 picks, I really do. Push those foundation players down the board to us.

    I pray that there’s still enough GM’s in the league dumb enough to mortgage the future of their teams for a good fantasy season for their kids at home.

  64. Destinjohnny Says:

    I agree with that.
    2nd round back all day.

  65. Blake_bucsfan Says:


    It’s everything in conjunction. I realize that I’m in the majority when I say I’m not super impressed with his tape. Not saying he’s garbage or a terrible player, Just think he is incredibly over rated, and will not have the luxury of being able to bounce a large majority of his runs to outside as frequently as he was able to do so in college.

    And then you factor in a seemingly recurrent shoulder injury requiring multiple surgeries, fumbling issue’s, hamstring problems, shady group of associates, reported heavy drinker, etc…

    I put all that together, and I just don’t want us to draft him.

  66. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    But you probably think I’m crazy.

  67. Buc1987 Says:

    Well I think if Mac or Cook are there at 19 the Bucs WILL pull that trigger. Won’t trade up though. That’s where I’m at. So no need to argue my point anymore. Just watch the draft, see if one falls and they take him or not.

    That’s my wish though. One of the two falls and we pounce. If both are gone, no need to fret. Move along and get another need, but RB certainly is a need to me and a glaring one at that. Cook or Mac fills that hole.

  68. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    excuse me… in the *minority*

    Sorry bout that.

  69. Capt.Tim Says:

    Guzzie Says:
    April 8th, 2017 at 7:53 am
    Joe Mixon for President, now that’s silly, Joe Mixon 1500 yards rushing plus 500 receiving plus 10+ TDs and Rookie of the Year not so silly

    Guzzie- you were touching yourself during that dream- werent you?
    Its ok. We all have our draft Crushes.

    The Bucs arent going to draft Mixon.
    They arent gonna sign Kaepernick, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, or OJ Simpson

    It would be no fun for the Glazers- to watch the team in an empty stadium.

  70. Destinjohnny Says:

    Blake nailed it. Well

  71. Guzzie Says:

    With the 19th pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…..Joe Mixon, running back from Oklahoma

  72. Guzzie Says:

    Capt. Tim…are you really thinking about me touching myself? I mean that’s what going on in your mind while your posting, I’m flattered, but a little creeped out lol, but hey, whatever gets you the day

  73. Tnew Says:

    The biggest thing that scares me on cook is my perception of his personality. To be successful in anything you must be extremely gifted, motivated and competitive I worry about the last two with cook. He reminds me a bit of Doug Martin at the surface in that it seems he enjoys the lifestyle football provides We are starting to have a group that even if they didn’t get paid, they still would play it seems. Jameis, marpet, kwon, brate, Spence and even Evans and Humphreys look to love the game. This is my reasoning for cmac.., for all accounts this is who he is.

    Cook may be too. I don’t know him. But it’s not something that you hear. Keep building the culture!

  74. Guzzie Says:

    Gets you through the day I meant

  75. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Cook, for all of his toughness and willingness to fight for yards and take hits in the open field, is not very comfortable between the tackles. He is often criticized for being too quick to take the ball to the outside, which makes him less than ideal for an NFL team looking for a guy reliable in short-yardage situations.
    His other big weakness is ball security, with 13 career fumbles, including two multi-fumble games this season. Cook will have to work on keeping the ball safe at the next level where the level of competition on defense increases.

  76. Tnew Says:

    Somehow if Licht wouldn’t draft L’ael Collins with a 5,6 or 7, I find it hard to imagine Mixon at 19. If he drafts him with a 1 I’ll be annoyed. With a 2 I’ll raise an eyebrow but understand. With a late two, early 3 I’ll give him a thumbs up.

  77. NFLNut Says:

    The SPARQ thing is real and Dalvin’s score is very low … that may not be a huge deal but it’s not just a minor deal either …

    Now, all of the above said, I love Cook and would love to see the Bucs draft him … and if they can do so with their 2nd round pick, all the better, but I don’t see him falling past #20.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that BOTH Cook AND Corey Davis will be on the board when Tampa picks … and I could definitely see the Bucs going with Davis … if that happens I think the Lions snap up Cook at #20.

    However, if Tampa somehow manages to draft Corey Davis in the first round and Dalvin Cook in the second … I am partying!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Ed Says:

    Im feeling way too much love here on JBF for first round running backs. It’s crazy you can win SuperBowls without wasting first rounders. Last 5 SB winners starting running backs:

    New England LeGarrett Blount
    Denver Ronnie Hillman
    New England LeGarrett Blount
    Seattle Marahawn Lynch
    Baltimore Ray Rice

    None were first round, none were more than good running backs. You don’t need to waste that pick on any RB!

  79. Joe Says:

    Honest question? Is there something regarding Noah Spence’s shoulder surgery that has the Joes seriously spooked? Last we heard here, was Spence’s comment of “what shoulder surgery” to Licht. Cook has had multiple repairs and it doesn’t seem like it is that big of a deal on this site.

    Just a question is there some knowledge that I am missing.

    Fair question tnew.

    It’s actually two different circumstances. Cook’s last shoulder surgery was last offseason. We all saw how he played last season after the surgery.

    Spence has yet to play a snap after his shoulder surgery, so that is still an unknown. Spence had his surgery in January.

  80. WideRightDevil Says:

    Kareem Hunt in round 3 or 4 is the steal. The dude rarely fumbles.

  81. Joe Says:

    if Cook didn’t go to FSU, would anyone honestly want this guy in the 1st don’t lie to yourself, if he played at USC, would you take him, and I like Cook a lot, but he’s far from a sure fire stud 1st rounder

    Joe doesn’t give a damn what jersey he wore or what school he went to. Joe very much gives a damn about production.

    Look at what Cook did against Oregon, against Clemson (twice) against Michigan. Against the best teams, he had some of his best games when teams focused on stopping him.

    Yeah, McCaffrey had a great Rose Bowl. Against friggin’ Iowa! Then last year sits out a bowl game. Great teammate!

    Fournette? Dude was always hurt.

  82. Joe Says:

    I’m hoping someone else takes him before us, if he gets close to 19, don’t be surprised if Licht trades down just to avoid having to hear the FSU backlash of passing on him

    LOL. If Licht was worried about what fans said, he would have signed Adrian Peterson already!

  83. Joe Says:

    AND he fumbles… a lot. I see that being the main reason that he falls.

    Two things:

    1. How many of those fumbles were when Cook used to do that stupid “break the tape” nonsense when he crossed the goal line? And, yeah, that was dumb of him.

    2. Ball control can be taught. Remember when Mike Alstott was a fumbling machine?

  84. Joe Says:

    If Mixon had a rapsheet that Long, you would parade it about at EVERY opportunity Joe. You know that full well.

    LOL What rap sheet? Joe doesn’t believe owning a gun is a heinous crime. Last Joe checked, it’s a constitutional right so long as you follow state laws.

    Again, Joe documented Cook was dumb with dogs. Not condoning that at all, but you wouldn’t draft a guy because he didn’t know how to properly take care of dogs?

  85. Joe Says:

    Whoever this clown is, if he likes McCaffrey before Cook, he doesn’t deserve a Job.


  86. Joe Says:

    Somehow if Licht wouldn’t draft L’ael Collins with a 5,6 or 7, I find it hard to imagine Mixon at 19.

    To be fair, nobody drafted L’ael Collins.

  87. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Joe Says:

    “Yeah, McCaffrey had a great Rose Bowl. Against friggin’ Iowa! Then last year sits out a bowl game. Great teammate

    Yeah, McCaffrey had a great Rose Bowl. Against friggin’ Iowa! Then last year sits out a bowl game. Great teammate!”


    Wow Joe, So you’re telling me that good players don’t come out of the pac 12, and B1G, and the AAC, and the Mac Conferences every year?

    And you’re really going to make a stink about him skipping a meaningless bowl game in order to get healthy for whatever team drafts him?

    And regarding Cook’s shoulders, how are you not concerned about the Injury resurfacing again? It has multiple times already. How does the saying go? “Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern.”

    Guess we should just sweep that under the rug along with his frequent run ins with law enforcement.

  88. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Having an animal chained up so tight that it can’t breath is not being dumb. That’s cruel man.

    And in what world is armed robbery not a heinous crime?

  89. NFLNut Says:

    Cook and Mixon seem like the most well-rounded backs in the draft head of Mac (who I don’t think will be able to run up the gut in the NFL and will end up converting to a slot receiver later on) and Fournette (who doesn’t seem like he’ll ever be a threat in the passing game and has an injury history) … so Cook at #19 is great value … and Mixon in the 2nd round is amazing value.

    BTW I think Fournette goes #4 to the Jags and Mac goes #14 to the Eagles … Cook #19 to the Bucs and Mixon to the Bengals or Lions in the 2nd round … hopefully the Bengals as Mixon could make Stafford and that Lions offense truly awesome.

  90. Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Joe becomes enamored with one player every year and makes excuses for them to fit their narrative. Too bad Glazers didn’t listen to Joe and draft Johnny Football. This year it’s Cook, and he may be talented but there are also many red flags there so I can’t see it as a lock. I trust Licht’s team and process so if they draft him I’m on board, but there’s too much talent elsewhere to me to take such a risk.

    And yes Joe wanted Jameis bad which I totally agree with but we’re talking the first pick in the draft between two talented QBs, so really either one would have made Joe look correct. Hardly the same thing. 11 of 12 playoff teams without 1st round running backs tells me we can wait, especially with a deep class. If Dalvin is so good he will not be there when we pick anyway.

  91. SB Says:

    I’m not sure why my comment got erased. There’s no way to include syntax and what you type. No offense was meant.

  92. SB Says:

    *IN*.. I dislike my auto-correct.

  93. Oxycondoms Says:

    my main problem with cook is I feel like he bulked up too much and that led to his poor combine and also nagging hamstring issues thru college . With proper guidance and willingness he has the potential to be the best rb in the class.
    I follow fsu but not close enough to know about his desire to be great .

  94. America's Commenter Says:

    How down on Cook is Norris? He suggested Mixon, the notorious Oklahoma woman-puncher, will be drafted by the Bengals in the second round before Cook is off the board.

    Mixon to the Bengals actually makes perfect sense from a character perspective.

  95. Billy Says:

    IDK what 3 shoulder surgeries you guys are talking about…I know he injured in early in his freshman season and played the whole season then had surgery in april of 2016… so idk where you get 3 surgeries