Bucs Fix A Two-Year Mess; Draft Wide Receiver Chris Godwin

April 28th, 2017


A great wrong has been righted.

For two consecutive seasons the Bucs left the depth cupboard dangerously bare at the wide receiver position. And it bit them in the ass.

Last year’s mess was compounded by the miscalculation of Vincent Jackson’s ability.

Now Tampa Bay has drafted Penn State wide receiver Chris Godwin in Round 3  — on the heels of signing DeSean Jackson in free agency.

Godwin has the wheels and the resumé.

The thing Joe likes about Godwin is what Joe also likes about new Vikings running back Dalvin Cook: In big games, Godwin rose up. In three bowl games, Godwin had a total of 22 catches for 460 yards and three touchdowns, including 187 yards and two touchdowns against USC in the Rose Bowl.

Godwin, who clocked 4.42 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the Combine, was widely projected as a second- or third-round pick. So it appears the Bucs got great value at No. 84 overall.

Godwin had 59 catches for 982 yards last year with 11 touchdowns. That’s 16.6 yards per catch. Impressive. Especially on the heels of 16 yards per catch in 2015.

Finally, the Bucs have depth that doesn’t involve last names like Dye, Martino, Reedy, Huff & Shepard.

39 Responses to “Bucs Fix A Two-Year Mess; Draft Wide Receiver Chris Godwin”

  1. Kevinator73 Says:

    Great pick, now hopefully several of the remaining RB’s fall to day 3

  2. JimmyJack Says:

    A Penn State WR? This kid better be ready to work his ass of cause he is trying to destroy the odds.

  3. dis Says:

    I like this pick. We still need a RB though.

  4. Walter Says:

    This makes up for the Evans pick. We still need a RB. Doug Martin must feel pretty safe right now.

  5. DallasBuc Says:

    Chris Godwin.
    I am wrong.
    All is forgiven.

  6. DB55 Says:

    So the Bucs do read JBF. #check #🍦

  7. JimmyJack Says:

    we need a DE more the any other position. Unfortunatly this draft has little to offer for help there.

  8. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Another steal on offense. Great pick and all the RBs available make this pick make sense. Now trade up to the end of the 3rd and get that RB. Williams, Foreman, Mack, Hunt, Perine,….tons of talent still available.

  9. Jason Says:

    Thank you Jesus!! Now go get a RB in the 4th!

  10. Canadianbucsfan Says:

    Like the pick but wanted Donte Foreman. Maybe the bucs are happy with Doug martin????????????

  11. DallasBuc Says:

    Could have had Mixon sandwiched in between Howard and Godwin.
    However, nice recovery

  12. Lord Corn Says:

    Boom b1tches.

    Now Kareem Hunt / Samaeje Perine / Donta Forman for a grand slam

  13. DR FEELGOOD Says:

    This adds to, doesn’t make up for the Evans pick.

  14. Bird Says:

    Solid I am excited again after last poop pick. I know the joes just did some shots after this one. Great
    Value in round 3

  15. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Ton of RBs still there. Not so much with WRs makes sense

  16. Ben the GA Buc Says:


    #WeaponsforWinston achievement unlocked.

  17. tdtb2015 Says:

    Welcome aboard Dallas!!!!

  18. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Yes, we are indeed blessed, another Great pick.

    Glad you got your guy Lee. And what a pair on Jason Licht. Banking on him lasting 34 picks. Holy Cajones Batman! I think you’ll come to look back on this draft on one of the best in recent memory when it’s all said and done.

  19. Mort Says:

    SO stoked right now. Been screaming for him for weeks and weeks. YES!!!!!

    Thank you Jason Licht! Now go get Samaje Perine and finish the job. PERFECT!

    I’d have taken him in round 2. I like him that much.

  20. DavidBugBucsfan99 Says:

    Kenny Bell was supposed to be that depth so it’s not a given till Godwin plays in the regular season

  21. Skyline Crew Says:

    What does this tell you though? Some of you crying that we should have taken him in the 2nd and we got him in the 3rd. Leave it to the professionals to be smart. You all though…smh

  22. firethecannonss Says:

    Bu Bye to donte dye and huff and shorts and Kenny bell and Freddie martino of vero beach velvet lounge, gun toting murphy and Bubye to Vincent Jackson who last year couldn’t connect during short time on the field, LOL!

  23. unbelievable Says:

    Hunt is gone, but we can still get a good RB….

  24. GabeKelber Says:

    We need to move back into the round and get Mack…..

  25. Birdman Says:

    Amaaaazing pick. What a steal too.. This offense got a whole lot of juice in this draft. This guy will not get the attention thanks to our other monsters.
    I’m a happy mf’er right now.

  26. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Trade up for Forman or wait till tomorrow and take Brian Hill

  27. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Chris Godwin is a great pick, so is Justin Evans and O.J.Howard. Three good picks, i love this draft.

  28. rayjay1122 Says:

    Perine next please!!!

  29. Tee in Dallas Says:

    We still need more youth on the D-Line. Would Love Trey Hendrickson.

  30. Buccfan37 Says:

    Is this the guy who dropped the pass that could have beat Pitt with under two minutes in that game?

  31. Lunchbox Says:

    Love this pick. We could be going with empty backfield sets this year. Still hope we can get Perine or Mack in the 4th tomorrow.

  32. Bucamania Says:

    Love the Godwin pick!! James Conner next.

  33. Pelbuc Says:

    Trey Hedrickson, Perine or Connor in the 4th!

  34. BigMacAttack Says:

    May end up being the best receiver in this draft. Upside is yuuuuge. Great pick by Licht

  35. SOEbuc Says:

    We are getting some super nice drops here.

    Godwin is a baller who I thought was gonna go early 2nd. The Bucs and the mighty Todd Monken spent a lot of pre-draft meetings with this guy so they’ve obviously been interested. Possibly become the slot guy that can take over DJax spot in time? Is Hump moving to #4 spot?

  36. c-spann Says:

    i dont think we need a rb. we need pass rush and a cb next

  37. TeddyTB Says:

    Yeah bucmania we might as well get Conner

  38. Guzzie Says:

    Not gonna matter who is running the ball, put our receiving corps out there, it’s gonna be 7 man fronts all day

  39. Ed Says:

    Don’t knock the safety pick, with Panthers getting Samuel, they will have a true deep threat that Newton has lacked, we need someone in centerfield so that Conte doesn’t have to try and run with Samuel.