Early Tampa Review For DeSean Jackson

April 23rd, 2017

Big-name Buc weighs in on DeSean Jackson’s first days

Yes, Tampa Bay has only been back to work for six days, strictly meetings and working out and conditioning, per NFL rules.

Regardless, it’s been enough time for veteran general manager Jason Licht to absorb enough from his team to make bold declarations about newcomer burner wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

“This guy trains his butt off. Already, I can tell already, just in the building, he’s a great teammate,” Licht said on ESPN Radio last week.

Licht noted that he was with the Eagles back in 2008, when Philadelphia drafted Jackson in the second round.

Licht’s career took him to the Arizona Cardinals shortly after that draft, but he saw enough of Jackson then to make a 2017 comparison.

“Just the difference between him now and then, is vast in terms of just becoming a pro,” Licht said.  “Not that he wasn’t then, he’s just very, very mature [now]. Teammates love him. And we think we got a real asset.”

Very cool to hear that Jackson is fitting right in and has the right mindset for the team-first mentality demanded by America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Now Jameis and Jackson just have to figure out chemistry on the field very quickly. It’s hard to force that, and Joe hopes the learning curve doesn’t extend into the second half of the season.

56 Responses to “Early Tampa Review For DeSean Jackson”

  1. Bird Says:

    Need 5 to 10 TDs from him this year. Hope he can stay healthy and Bucs don’t make him practice …joey Galloway treatment

  2. 941BUC Says:

    @Bird I don’t care if he gets 5,2,8 touchdowns.if Jackson, Evans, Berate and whoever we get in tow draft have minimum 4-7 TDs each in good because that shows Winston has weapons.

  3. JimmyJack Says:

    We can thank Winston for helping our city attract top free agents. These guys want to win and know Jamie’s will give them that chance. They are also coming here to play for a QB that is know for being a workhorse. When they come to Tampa they know they are going to have to match Winstons work ethic.

    The new attitude that Winston has brought to the Buccaneers is something we have been missing since the Tampa2 days. Nice knowing that new player like Desean will be in a position to succeed because of how seriously our team takes trainings over at ole OneBuc.

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    jackson just lining up gives Evans 3 more TD’s a year and Brate 2 more TD’s a year. first buc offensive weapon that defensive coordinators will fear. dc’s may have respected a few previous bucs offensive players but none put fear like Jackson will. glad we have another winning mindset in the building to offset the losing culture that still exists within the ranks of certain hold over bucs.

  5. Rob Says:

    Good thing about Jackson is he has enough speed to where he can compensate for Jameis overthrowing him. So I think they will gel very quickly

  6. Ndog Says:

    Now give Jameis a top flight runningback. Maybe some one who is the all time leader in a schools history or someone who was the leader in college football in yards after contact might be a good choice. 🙂

  7. JimmyJack Says:

    You think about Evans and Desean out wide and if you could have that TE who could pressure the seam our passing game would be he!! to stop. Let Hump do his thing and run a 5 yard in when ya need it and were are set. Our running game will be just fine, it just needs to inflict pain and soften up the defense like we did last year.

  8. JimmyJack Says:

    we do have to get better at 3rd and 1 too……if we don’t fix that we are going nowhere

  9. tdtb2015 Says:


    Drafting Perine will take care of 3 and 1.

    DJax will keep defenses honest.

    Marpet at Center and healthy Sweezy will create the push.

    A true running game will keep defenses honest where Humphrey will be a good target.

    I see all of the above possible this year.

  10. SB Says:

    [Last thing this site needs is an edit function on comments. Dudes would be editing their comments constantly to prove themselves right. — Joe
    I disagree. The window period for one to edit one’s comment Only last 5 minutes.

  11. Jimmy T Says:

    There is always someone who dogs Jameis for overthrows. Evans was not a burner so Jameis had to be perfect . You will see Jameis connect on the deep balls this year, either way u have to be happy with Jameis not missing a game for two years, showing leadership at such a young age and also wanting to get better every day.

  12. LakeLandBuc Says:

    If we draft John Ross, Jameis would be completing 75% of his deep throws. There would be no more overthrowing these Turtle WRs by 20 yards.

  13. Mick Says:

    If we get Lamp in RD1 and Perine in RD3, that would be a nasty power run game. Plenty of play action pass to Jackson on the fly route and evans on the deep cross all day.

  14. Mick Says:

    To continue my last post, that would make Smith still at LT, Lamp at LG, Marpet at C, Sweezy at RG, Dotson at RT.

  15. SB Says:

    LakeLandBuc Says:
    April 23rd, 2017 at 4:35 pm
    If we draft John Ross, Jameis would be completing 75% of his deep throws. There would be no more overthrowing these Turtle WRs by 20 yards
    Really??????? ME13 ran a 4.47 at the combine.
    That is faster than Dalvin cook

  16. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Already got that guy Jack, he lead all TEs in scoring TDs last season.

  17. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Maybe at the combine SB because DC4 was tanking his combine. Them sports science people could easily confirm ME is not faster than DC4.

  18. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    And I love my G ME. Defended him everyday Joe called him KY hands. But he’s not faster than Dalvin.

  19. SB Says:

    Come on NOS. ME ran a 4.50 in a 4.47. cook ran a 4.50 and a 4 .49.
    I know you have a serious bromance going on with cook and I understand that. But facts are facts.

  20. SB Says:

    My only point for posting that was I can’t for the life of me understand why people call Mike Evans Slow.

  21. SB Says:

    How many other six-foot-five 235 pound guys are there in the league that can run a 447?

  22. rayjay1122 Says:

    I just hope we can all enjoy a deep Bucs playoff run without having to deal with WWIII. Thanks a lot fat Kim and North Korea! You big pile of 💩

  23. SB Says:

    And Bro as much as you and I see eye-to-eye. I will never ever ever believe that someone tanked the most important job interview of their lives costing them millions of dollars on purpose.

  24. SB Says:

    Unfortunately rayjay you may be right.

  25. LakeLandBuc Says:

    4.47 is a turtle compared to a 4.22.

  26. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Again SB go check the Sport science records. I told you all he was tanking at the combine when he ran two back to back 4.5’s . A blind man can tell he’s faster than that from his film bro. ME is not faster than Dalvin Cook ion care what the combine says.

  27. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Bro why would the man say what he said in front of every GM in the league. None of us know how deep the bond between he and Fameis gose. It would appear to me it is sizable considering his statement.

  28. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    He went on first take Thursday and said it again..

  29. lurker Says:

    this is news?

    like licht would say anything negative about him…

  30. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Actually Mike Evans ran a 4.53 at the combine..he ran a 4.47 at his pro day. Players run a faster 40 at their pro day……The 40-yard Dash is timed at both the NFL Combine and a player’s collegiate Pro Day. Often times the players seem to run a better time at their Pro Day than they do at the combine. The reasoning behind this is rather simple; at a Pro Day, a player is manually timed by one of their coaches who starts the clock after the player takes off rather than when the player takes off.

    On the other hand, the timing for 40-yard dashes at the NFL Combine is done by a scientific laser-operated timing system that garners a far more accurate measurement. This is done with Zybek Sports which was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2008. Zybek has been working with then NFL Combine since 2011 to achieve more accurate 40-Yard Dash times.

  31. SB Says:

    LakeLandBuc Says:
    April 23rd, 2017 at 5:21 pm
    4.47 is a turtle compared to a 4.22
    So Approximately 80%of the wide receivers in the NFL are turtles. Thank you Lakeland buddy from my hometown.

  32. SB Says:

    No Lakeland,

  33. SB Says:

    Why would you want to spread disinformation on your own player?
    Inform yourself man.

  34. SB Says:

    Luke any man’s mouth can say anything and that is his lie he can tell it.
    Measurables are measured objectively and people twist them into what they want to still.
    Bottom line is numbers are numbers.

  35. BigHogHaynes Says:

    MIXON …..any questions? I’ll be happy to solve all your problems!!

  36. LakeLandBuc Says:

    SB…I’m only saying that a lot of Jameis overhtrows were because, we didn’t have WRs who could run under the ball.

  37. JimmyJack Says:

    come on nole……I was talking about a TE that could blow up the seam, not just catch TD passes. Berate is a good route runner and has good hands. He is not and never will be good enough to make explosive plays downfield.

    And I’m not saying you can’t win with Brate but his position is one that we could get more bigger plays from.

  38. SB Says:

    You Do realize that nobody listens to you anymore right Big Hog?
    Anyways I’m going out to play with my son. Peace out Bucs fans

  39. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Still so stoked we sign Jax!! He is going to create so many openings for all the other guys around him. Gonna be fun!!

  40. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Mike Evans 2nd run at the combine was 4.47. So his 1st run had to be at 4.59, for his time to be 4.53.

  41. Tampa Tony Says:

    He needs to play at minimum 14 games preferably 16 but it’s not likely

  42. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Jack I don’t expert a pro bowl player at every position on our football team. Some seem to expect that I thinks unrealistic. Some are special some will be quality football players bro.

  43. Kevinthepainterimagine Says:


    Could be lethal

  44. Kevinthepainterimagine Says:

    A few other burners available as well, just dont want another kenny bell experiment, they need another wr threat

  45. Ndog Says:

    Stop with the Mixon crap. What makes anyone think Licht would take a player with his character issues?

  46. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Why would you take a tiny lil WR with 2 major knee injuries and a major shoulder surgery? He is completely off several teams boards and could drop into the 2nd (doubtful) but possible. Less years on a 2nd round contract in case he is a bust which he was in college until this past season.

  47. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    SB, 4.47 was his unofficial time. 4.53 was his official time. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/mike-evans?id=2543468

  48. Bucnut2 Says:

    Nole- would love to have some of what you are smoking. Please send some of that high quality stuff my way. In the meantime, please get a life. You have no objectivity and your take is irrelevant. BTW, do you think Cook has cured cancer or did he invent the internet? I bet you believe he did both!

  49. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Lakeland, they don’t average the 40 times. If I ran a 4.50 and a 4.47, my official time would be 4.47.

  50. SB Says:

    All I know is I did not Photoshop this.

  51. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    SB, I know. The times get reviewed, that’s why they always say they’re unofficial at the end of the run. After they’re reviewed, they either stand or are adjusted.

  52. SB Says:

    Anyways it’s all good. Let’s call it 4.50, that still freakish for a 6 foot 5 230 plus dude!
    The difference between 4.49 and 4.50 is how much?

  53. JJ813HeadBusta Says:

    Game time baby back 2 basics for them other skills deficiencies less teams baby fire them cannons TB ontop of the NFL baby just like that

  54. Blake_bucsfan Says:


    One guy who has been getting almost no love here on JBF is Jamaal Williams. JoeyPoppems put me on to him a while back. I think he compares favorably to Demarco Murray and Jordan Howard. He’s projected to go somewhere around the 4th round.

    I think that He, Kareem Hunt, James Conner, and Sameje Perine would be the best value we could get for our primary Rb with the potential to carry the load, in what could become a position should we draft another change of pace back in the 5th or 6th round.

  55. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @SB…If we pass on the best RB in the draft ….our GM is the one with issues!!

  56. Patbucfan87 Says:

    Whatever we say it doesn’t matter. I would like to see cook on the Bucs but I’ll trust whatever licht picks. And the guy who said replace our left guard, no way. KP is a really strong run blocker as is sweezy. Both athletic. We still have hawley, smith as swing men in case injury and they know the offense. Only way we take a TE Is if Howard falls. If cooks gone we may trade back and take safety with our first pick or d line. But we are going to be a running team with heavy play action and roll outs. That’s how koetter likes to win games. Stems from the running game. I believe we take RB in top 3 rounds.