A Word About Glennon And $15 Million A Year

March 8th, 2017

It appears there’s confusion about Joe’s attitude toward Bucs backup quarterback Mike Glennon.

The NFL Network report of Glennon about to sign for $15 million annually with the Bears means he will be handed their starting job.

Joe thinks the Bears are out of their minds to drop that kind of money on a guy who hasn’t made a start since 2014, and a guy who they haven’t even brought into their building yet for a thorough visit.

No, Joe doesn’t hate Glennon. He’s a great backup. There’s no shame in that for a third-round draft pick.

But Joe can’t see a sane club thinking Glennon is the guy to lead them to the promised land, unless it’s a unique situation with a winning team that already has a smothering defense. The Bears are neither winners nor owners of an elite defense.

It’s the same reason why Joe was outraged the Bucs made Josh McCown their starter. It was like waving the white flag on a Super Bowl dream.

Yes, Joe is much closer to the Bucs than a typical fan, and in that time, Joe sees nothing about Glennon that screams franchise quarterback, or face-of-the franchise, or Super Bowl contender.

Again, Joe has no dislike of Glennon and Joe expects Glennon won’t embarrass himself as a starter. But at the end of the day, Glennon will be the fourth best starter in his division and the Bears won’t win a title with him.

So that’s why Joe is in stunned disbelief that the Bears would open the vault for No. 8.

Good luck, Mike.

58 Responses to “A Word About Glennon And $15 Million A Year”

  1. Bird Says:

    Head scratcher. Glennon not worth 5 mil. This could get foxx fired Glad the bucs to get play him if he does sign with bears. Who will he throw too in Chicago? About to lose best receiver

  2. passthebuc Says:

    Only time will tell.

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Been listening to Chicago talk radio a bit yesterday and today… Chicago fan is in agreement with you Joe. The 5 remaining delusional mob members in Tampa are the only ones who think glennon will have any success. Bear fan and Chicago media especially the ex 85 bears who all still have radio shows it appears are going to EAT the heartless mike glennon for lunch…. Popcorn anyone?

  4. The Other Side of the Coin Says:

    You may be right Joe. That said, I can’t help remembering your quarterback analysis skill set with Johnny football.
    With a draft pick, you have hope. With Glennon you have, well, Glennon. For the record, Joe openly clamored on these pages for Johnny and Bridgewater during that 2014 offseason. Why? Because the Bucs only had Glennon.–Joe

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I feel like Chicago is going to draft a QB early, and Glennon may not even make it through the season as the starter. $15M sounds like a lot, but for a QB it’s really about average. For Glennon’s sake it doesn’t happen because if you are going to sit the bench, I would much rather do it in Tampa under a winning team than freezing my butt of on a losing team.

  6. Cobraboy Says:

    If it happens, then obviously the Bears think he’s worth it.

    He’s a smart guy making a solid decision.

    I personally think he got shanked by Lovie in Tampa. That said, I’m very happy with Winston, and as a Bucs’ fan the QB situation has turned out well.

    Best Wishes for Glennon. Hope to see him in the NFC Championship game vs. his old team. Would be fun.

  7. tmaxcon Says:


    I think your take on glennon is dead on. Doubt he makes it through a complete season.

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree with Cobraboy that Lovie treated Glennon like a stepchild.
    If he can get 15 million, more power to him. I think he will do fine in Chicago.

  9. Ph Fan Says:

    Since Glennon has not played in a while, many forget he is decent a the short passing game. He struggled to complete passes over 20 yards. If a team is looking for a ‘Captain Check down’ Glennon is their guy.

  10. The Buc Realist Says:

    There is no misunderstanding Joe, your constant backhanded comments are more than clear!!! I just have to say that for a player that only came off the bench and never got a lot of reps in practice you might have placed a low ceiling a little quick!!! Sometimes players do progress in their careers!!!!

    I think some project our QB rich NFC South with the rest of the division in the league!!!

  11. Ronzoni Says:

    That’s funny stuff, it was only a few years ago when joe thought Glennon was our savior😂 Link to prove it https://www.joebucsfan.com/2013/11/is-mike-glennon-the-franchise-qb/
    WRONG! So, so glad you revived this link. If you read this 2013 post, you’ll see how Joe talks about earning a top-5 draft pick in 2014 or tanking the 2014 season for a shot at Jameis Winston. Joe never calls Glennon a savior. Thank you so much!–Joe

  12. volbuc2 Says:

    I think you have your opinion and obviously you might be dead on. However, other people above your pay-grade has a different one and only time will tell who is actually right. I have always had the opinion that Glennon can be a starter in the NFL and he is worth what ever people want to pay for him. I hope he gets that big contract and is very successful. If not well at least he got paid big $ doing what he loves to do.

  13. Not there yet Says:

    Well there goes their running game. Attack the box because he’s not going to throw downfield.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Other Side of the Coin Says: “You may be right Joe. That said, I can’t help remembering your quarterback analysis skill set with Johnny football.”

    Huge difference. Johnny had never even played in the NFL. He was a fascination for JBF, even if the rest of us saw thru him.

    With Glennon, I think nearly everyone here wanted to believe in him at first. The problem is he just does not have the qualities needed in a good QB. you can quote his stats all you want…but there is more to it than that.

    The truth is, Mike Glennon could have stepped up in practice and preseason and shown the owners and coaches that they did not need to draft a QB like Winston. He could have made it impossible for the Bucs to start McCown over him. But he did not. Why? Because he does not have the drive to or personality to lead a team.

    People quoting his stats use the small sampling of regular season play he had. With such a small sampling, its easy to look good. Especially when it was so far in the past.

    But there is a reason no team would trade for him. There is a reason only three teams showed any interest at all, and all but one pulled out of the running. And there is a reason the coach of the Bears will be looking for work next year.

  15. pick6 Says:

    It’s all relative, and it’s hard for our perceptions to keep up with the growth in the cap. look at what projected (non-rookie-deal) starters are making around the league. $15 mil is the bottom third of the veteran starting QB payscale right now, especially when you account for a bit of free agency price inflation. if a team sees him even as an interim starter, that’s probably worth Olivier Vernon money, 1.5x of a robert ayers, or event 1.25x what DeSean Jackson is likely to get

  16. Jdogg81 Says:

    I think its funny cause Glennon did that with a crappy team and the only reason josh mcclown started cuz we wanted Winston. If glennon would of started we would not have gotten Winston

  17. LargoBuc Says:

    Glennon could have some success if he had a running game to help him move the chains, or a good defense that can keep the game from being a shootout. Now I think both of those facets would have to be elite to even contend for a Lombardi with Mr. Glennon. But a team could do a whole lot worse than Glennon under center.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Any team that wants a new QB should sign Josh McCown so they get the first pick a season later…

  19. Mike Johnson Says:

    Tough League. I say to any player..Take as much as you can get in as less time as you can get it in! 10 yrs from now, you’ll be in and out of the worlds best pain specialist offices for all sorts of football related injuries. So make your bank..now!

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Regardless of what MGMers claim (and btw, J0E was the self proclaimed Mike Glennon Mob, if I recall, so no, he does not have a hate on for the man), time will prove Glennon is a dud.

  21. NewTampaChris Says:

    One fewer competitor for a wild card spot…

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    Glennon is jinxed.


    Poor Glennon.

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    or rich Glennon.

  24. Eric Says:

    I’m happy for Mike. I think his upside is somewhat unknown as he played for Schiano and Lovie.

    Not really QB gurus.

    I also remember that Steeler game where he stayed cool to pull it out.

    All that being said I’m glad our eggs aren’t going in the Glennon basket.

  25. Mitch Says:

    I feel the question surrounding Mike Glennon is not whether he will be a great QB, but rather if he can be like Brad Johnson.

  26. Joseph Mamma Says:

    So Glennon is a permanent backup and can’t improve with more reps. He has only started what 18 games or so. Jameis has started almost twice the amount of games than Glennon and is he a finished product? The Bucs better hope he isn’t.

  27. Joeypoppems Says:

    Whether he is a stud or dud, good on him for getting paid.

  28. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    In fairness to MG8, in the NFL, Glennon has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Under loser Lovie, MG8 was never the favorite. Then we drafted Jameis – no way Glennon is beating out The Franchise.

    I am NOT saying MG8 is a stud. But with Fox (and the fact Mike is a “bridge” to whatever QB the Bears draft) MG8 might do very well.

    I find it very ironic that I say that about Fox. He is definitely a D-minded coach. But the difference between Fox and loser Lovie is Fox is a good coach. As evidenced with what Fox did with Tebow, he will get the best out of whatever player he has on his team.

  29. gotbbucs Says:

    If Sam Bradford can earn the kind of money he’s earned and cost teams in draft picks, then there’s no reason to believe that Mike Glennon shouldn’t be able to do the same. NFL teams know how small the odds are of finding a Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers or any one of the three or four truly elite QBs in the league. Most teams are forced to try and win every year without a “franchise” QB. Just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you should just wave the flag on every season before it begins with the hope and prayer that you’re going to land one in the next draft.
    $15 million for a QB is peanuts in the grand scheme of things when the salary cap is $170+ million. Ryan Fitzpatrick made $16 million last year as a journeyman. You can’t always compare apples to apples with these guys. Brock Osweiler has nothing to do with Glennon. Ryan Fitzpatrick has nothing to do with Glennon. Scott Mitchell has nothing to do with Glennon. Teams will continue to throw darts at the board until they finally hit a bullseye.

    If the Bears sign Glennon it buys them time to build the rest of the roster without spending early draft capital on a QB that may or may not be worth a sh!t, and if it works out that the rest of the roster gels around Glennon, why then they got good value out of that $15 million. If not, the roster is further along for the next possible “franchise” QB.

  30. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “In fairness to MG8, in the NFL, Glennon has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    Forgot to mention MG8’s time as a rookie under a rook HC, psycho/imploding QB and MRSA year. Yeah, that had to be a little challenging, lol. MG8 has definitely not had an easy road….

  31. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    Joe you had maybe a few Bridgewater puff pieces. We all know your heart was set on Johnny Football Joe don’t deny it LOL
    Several on Bridgewater, including references to him as a choice in many Johnny posts. –Joe

  32. JonBuc Says:

    Glennon has outkicked his coverage for a while now…somehow was handed the starting QB gig at NC State over Russell Wilson…married up multiple levels much like a rockstar ( and I don’t mean Dominik )…was the chosen one by Shiartano because he wasn’t able to recruit him at Rutgers…and will be the final nail in the John Fox coaching career coffin when they go 3-13/4-12 next season. Well done, Mike…not bad at all.

  33. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    What will happen now, to the Mike Glennon Mob ?
    Word has it that Mike Glennon was seen here in Brandon at Portillo’s, eating an Italian Beef Sandwich, getting ready for Chicago.

  34. bucNation Says:

    you’re right man glennon could do some nice things for a team if he’s in a good situation for example if a team like the broncos picked him up i think he could do some decent things up there with them he may never put up crazy stats or pro bowls or anything like that but they would win games because of their talented defense and the talent they have offensively but going to a team like chicago is going to be a death sentence for glennon he’s gonna get eatin up because of his lack of mobility and they’re god awful o line and every ones gonna say he’s just like osweiler but i don’t believe that’s true because like the broncos i believe if you put glennon on the texans he could be solid too it’s all about what’s around him when you have a qb like that it’s not jameis he’s not gonna take you anywhere by himself lol

  35. Owlykat Says:

    A lot of you have forgotten how awful stats Glennon put up in our Preseason and was outshown by our third string QB. The Bucs offer to keep him was foolish. The Bucs are a better team than the Bears and Glennon has a dismal win rate here and the worst third down completion rate. The Bears will cut him as soon as the guaranteed money is gone. Glennon had the worst completion rate in the preseasons when Schiano was here but Schiano had him drafted and was adamant to play him! Lovie had no judgment as to Offensive Talent either.

  36. tmaxcon Says:

    Jim Miller is already practicing his “and DOWN goes Glennon”

  37. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m happy to see MG get a shot elsewhere. The supposed money he might get seems over the top. I can’t say he will be a flop because who knows.

  38. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Gotta disagree Joe…Glennon will be the 3rd best. I’d take Mike over Sam “all 1st round hype without reciprocating production on the field” Bradford or Teddy “oh, that knee looks bad!” Bridgewater.

  39. Cobraboy Says:

    Glennon played admirably on crap teams with crap coaches.

    He never complained and held his head high.

    He’s shown some good skills, class, maturity and how to be a stellar teammate.

    No one will confuse him with Winston, Manning or Brady, but to say he’s a failure and incapable of leading a team shows lack of understanding of the game and position.

  40. BuccoDav Says:

    You guys are hilarious with your “Glennon will need a lot of help to do anything, he can’t carry a team” nonsense…
    If you’re QB’s name is not Tom Brady, then I think it is proven that every QB needs a lot of help to win.
    Winston is our guy and I hope he succeeds. He’s shown flashes but he proved he’s not ready to carry a team with the offenses’ collapse towards the end of last year.
    Whether Glennon succeeds or not, I think he deserves the opportunity. He never really got the chance here, considering the situations he was put in, and never complained.

  41. USFBUC Says:

    Looking back on Glennon’s draft profile they said he showed flashes of franchise QB and compared him to Joe Flacco. I think that is a decent comp, Joe Flacco is good enough on a team that has had a good defense historically and they won a Super Bowl with that setup.

    Glennon will likely never be the guy who carries his team to a Super Bowl win or maybe even the playoffs but he can probably be a Joe Flacco or Brad Johnson.

    I’m not sure that those of you who criticize him for checking down actually watch football or if you do you don’t really understand football. Glennon’s career yards per attempt is 6.8 on very, very bad Bucs football teams. For comparison Winston’s yards per attempt are only 7.2 yards.

    When talking about Glennon I commonly see people say to disregard his stats and look at his game tape but then when looking at other players the opposite is often held said. People need to make up their minds if it’s that stats or game tape.

    The most curious thing about all this is why people who dislike Glennon so much keep talking about him. Why are so many people so concerned about Glennon and what he may or may not do if he is so terrible?

  42. BurgDweller Says:

    Good for Glennon that he might be getting a 3rd chance to be a starting QB in the NFL. The other 2 times didn’t go so well. Gotta say though, if he does get paid $15 mil, that is a lot of money to an unproven QB. Bears are taking a serious risk just like the Texans did with Osweiler.

  43. BuccoDav Says:

    BurgDweller Says:
    March 8th, 2017 at 11:33 am
    Good for Glennon that he might be getting a 3rd chance to be a starting QB in the NFL. The other 2 times didn’t go so well.

    Some might say he never really got a first chance to be a starting QB. His first chance, he was a rookie, on a disaster of a team, no OC and didn’t get many reps in training camp. His second chance was under Lovie (behind his anointed one, McCown) and still didn’t get many reps in training camp.

  44. JJBucFan Says:

    Probably will flame out (I hope not), but everyone said this about Brady as well, just sayin’. He will be one of the lowest paid starting QB in the league. 15 mill is a bargain for a starter. Worse people have stole more money in this league!

  45. tickrdr Says:

    Posted yesterday, so please ignore:

    ………….. I have no earthly idea whether MG8 will be signed by the Bears or anyone else for that matter, but that is by far the best opportunity for him:
    1) Their offensive line was ranked seventh overall on nfl.com for fewest sacks allowed and 7th overall for fewest hits allowed.
    2) Jordan Howard rushed for > 1300 yards, which was 2nd in the league overall.
    3) Their offense was ranked BETTER than the Bucs in nearly every statistical category except for scoring and turnovers. They only scored 17 points per game, and they were MINUS 20 in turnover differential. But they had MORE of those 20+ and 40+ yard rushing and passing plays than the Bucs.
    4) John Fox as the coach there.
    5)Significant salary cap and draft capital to spend as well.

    Did you know that MG8 has a career TD% of 4.8 and career INT% of only 2.4%, which should do well in the above scenario, if he is lucky enough to land there.


  46. Name Requred Says:

    How is John Fox considered to be a plus? It seems everywhere he goes the ownership is looking to replace him.

  47. tmaxcon Says:


    All that math is meaningless when you factor in the intangibles and the fact glennon is a heartless football player with zero leadership skills. Hardly an ideal fit for a starting qb in any league. Time will tell if your math or the intangibles are correct. My money is on the intangibles. If 8 is anything more than a bridge qb until they draft one Fix will be job hunting n ext year.

  48. DBS Says:

    Hey. They are already using the #WEAPONSFORWINSTONS excuse here after 2 years. 8000 yards. Still no playoffs and both years the offense fell apart. So I guess it was more than just a franchise QB. What next. It was all the defense fault?
    Mike never had any weapons. And his defense gave away games but that was always called excuses. So don’t try to use them for Winston now.

  49. tickrdr Says:

    It is quite well-established how much you hate Glennon, so again congrats to you.

    Most of your disdain seems to be centered on a particular play where he ran out of bounds ONE YARD SHORT of a first down. I am not absolutely certain that I have the correct play, but another website seemed to identify a play against the Vikings in 2014 as the play in question. You have called him heartless and gutless with absolutely no basis in fact. In fact, check out Rick Stroud’s recent article in the paper about Glennon. I’m sure there won’t be any links posted.

    For any of the more fair-minded, the play in question above occurred in the 2nd quarter of a scoreless tie, on a 3rd and 6, where MG8 was again chased out of the pocket, and scrambled right, and got around the DE, and reached the football out with his arm, however his right foot touched the sideline out of bounds. Glennon beefed a little that the ball was past the marker, but there was no challenge in a scoreless tie in the 2nd quarter. Just for memories sake, that was a game the Bucs trailed 10-0, but Glennon led a 4th qtr comeback to take the lead at 13-10, which went to OT at 13-13. The first pass of OT was complete to ASJ for a first down, who was stripped for a defensive TD.

    Please watch the game on NFL Game Rewind, or point out the correct play.

    And for tmaxcon, here is some simple math for you: You keep saying MG8 is doomed to be selling insurance in a few years. Well, by my math, the 8 million dollars a year contract to be a backup QB for even one year works out to $160,000/year for 50 years? Yet, he turned that down. Boy, what a loser he must be. I congratulate you because you must be doing so much better.


  50. tickrdr Says:

    Name Requred Says:
    March 8th, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    How is John Fox considered to be a plus? It seems everywhere he goes the ownership is looking to replace him.
    He has a 0.533 career winning percentage in the NFL, and two NFC championships, and one AFC championship.


  51. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    I largely agree with you. Tmax grabs a single observation and chooses to hate on players…like Christian McCaffery because he chose not to play in a meaningless bowl game.

    I’m not a fan of McCown….I remain a bit skeptical of MG8 but believe Fox might use him as well as Jake Delhomme…but the bottom line for me with both McCown and MG8 is it’s obscene to call either of them gutless after watching them play behind the worst OL I’ve seen in decades. There were times when I felt pain just watching them get BLASTED in those games!!! ANYBODY who would suit up and take snaps behind that OL definitely has cojones!!!

  52. delson Says:

    Remember when Joe was attacking his readers? Saying they were jealous of Johnny football’s ability to mack (take pictures with) girls? Lmao Pepperidge farm remembers.

  53. Bucsfanman Says:

    How about we wish him a courteous farewell and stop dissing the guy?! A little class maybe?
    Thanks Mike! Good luck in Chicago!

  54. bucs_365 Says:

    Glennon could be a middle-of-the-pack starter for a team with a decent o-line. Wish him luck.

  55. Pickgrin Says:

    The bigger MGs deal – the higher the comp pick assuming we play our cards right with # of FAs signed vs # we let go.

    I believe the comp pick for Glennon idea is firmly in Licht’s awareness and he knows it will be worth it to act accordingly in order to receive that 3rd or 4th round bonus pick next year instead of sign a bunch of mid to lower level FAs this year. Go big or go home in free agency. Sign 2 or 3 legit difference makers (like Campbell, Jefferson and DJax) and leave it at that.

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucsfanman…yep. Leave the kid alone already.

    He’s about to be….paid.

    Geek or not. He’s getting paid. More money than all of us in here combined will ever see.

    Go Mikey!

  57. tickrdr Says:

    Here is the link to the article by Rick Stroud if the proprietors don’t mind too much:



    P.S. I heard Johnny Football wants to make a comeback, and could be available as the Bucs backup to Winston.

  58. pete Says:

    Best wishes to Mike Glennon!
    I’m delighted to see the young man get an opportunity.