Pryor Off The Market

March 10th, 2017


Joe assumes Bucs fans have learned talented wide receiver Terrelle Pryor just signed with the Redskins for a paltry $8 million, a one-year prove-it deal.

(Consider the Bucs paid an over-the-hill, largely disinterested MIA receiver $10 million last year.)

Dang, not sure what was wrong with that Pryor’s price tag. That’s hardly breaking the bank.

Now it is floating out there on social media one reason teams turned their noses up on Pryor is because of character issues. Well, last week in Indianapoli,s Joe spoke personally with a long-time, veteran Browns beat reporter about Pryor and said reporter told Joe it was nonsense Pryor was an issue in the locker room.

Yeah, Joe knows Pacman Jones hated Pryor. If Pacman Jones doesn’t like you, in Joe’s eyes, that’s a character reference.

Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht may have missed the boat here. Remember: if DeSean Jackson and/or Mike Evans goes down, without more receivers, the Bucs are back on the same sh!twagon they were last year lacking quality targets for America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

58 Responses to “Pryor Off The Market”

  1. Mort Says:

    Good. I hope we don’t have to go through this next year because we draft somebody early in April.

  2. Chris Says:

    Well I’m sure his wanting to get paid as a top receiver after one year didnt help with the character issues, that and former teammates talking bad about him.Dont see any cirrent Browns crying about his departure either.

  3. Lord Cornelius Says:

    The Redskins front office is a joke right now among the league with what is going on there.. If anything this just makes me feel better

    Most teams are f*cked if both their top 2 WRs go down lol.

    If we don’t add anymore FA WRs and don’t draft any WRs in the top 3-4 rounds then I’ll be with you in saying we should have added more in FA… but there are too many names in this draft that I’m excited about. Dirk Koetter hasn’t hidden his love for the WRs in this class; and he’s never had quotes like that prior to the last 2 drafts

  4. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    Yes, This is bit disappointing after seeing the price tag especially. I would hope they give C Patterson a look see if he makes it out of Oakland without a contract.

  5. Eric Denman Says:

    It wasn’t just PacMan that hated him. Hartline and another said he was a cancer

  6. Joeypoppems Says:

    Won’t lose sleep over it. Can’t wait to hear the news stories about a fight during a practice between Pryor and Josh Norman because he is “passionate” and “wants to win”

  7. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    The fact they they are content with Jackson, tells me they are planning on drafting one of the extraordinarily Day 2 Receivers of which at least one should be there.

    Curtis Samuel, Zay Jones, Chris Godwin, Ardarious Stewart, Juju Schuster, the list goes on.

    What we will ultimately do with our 1st round selection remains up in the air. There are still signings to be made in FA before we can come to a more accurate consesus, But as of right now, If I were a betting man, I’d say we’re looking at A Pass Rusher, A Defensive Back, A Tight End, A running back, or a Right Tackle in order of Likelyhood.

  8. tnew Says:

    He might not want to come and share balls with Jackson, Evans and Brate. Just saying. On a “prove it deal”. The number 3 WR will be awesome to put up 800 yards. Only 5 times in the history of the league has 3 players put up 1000 yard totals. With Brate, Evans, Humphries, Jackson and player to be drafted, its hard to imagine Pryor putting up that 1000 yard season he needs to cash in. What if we draft McCaffrey or Cook. I hope thats at least 300 yards there. What if Corey Davis or Howard drops in our lap. I hope thats at least 400. Being said, I hope Licht tried. BTW, 8 mil is one heck of a prove it contract. He wants #1 money. Was never gonna be a #1 here.

  9. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    Licht’s missing the boat on Dontari Poe as well. Guy’s out there looking for a 1 yr PROVE IT deal. What happens if GMC or the new Big Beef Baker go down? Looking at the same lack of depth as last year. Love Mcdonald but is unreliable health wise in a full time starting role. I thought Licht had seen the light on the NEED to put opposing QB’s on their backs? How would Poe on a one year prove it deal be a bad thing?

  10. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The Foreskins is the STD of the NFL right now……..STAY CLEAR!!!!!

  11. Joeypoppems Says:

    Poe hasn’t been putting QBs on their backs. I think he has 2.5 sacks the past 2 seasons combined.

  12. macabee Says:

    Rosenhaus screwed this one up. Oh well!

    Jason La Canfora‏Verified account @JasonLaCanfora 11m11 minutes ago
    Terrelle Pryor’s 1 year deal is really only a $6M commitment. The other $2M are available via incentives. $3M signing bonus

  13. Bird Says:

    Only so many balls to go around and so many egos to keep happy.
    Wasn’t happening.

  14. Trubucfan22 Says:

    If we did somehow get Pryor it would mean the bucs probably wouldn’t draft a WR this year. (Not one projected to be good anyways). Have three huge targets muddies up the water a bit. For the future, drafting a WR in the second round of the draft and bringing on as future starter when Django is gone is the best case scenario for the bucs. Pryor would have been a cool toy for Winston to play with for a year. But for the long game drafting our 3rd WR is a better move. As a rookie he can learn from ME and DJ. That is pretty cool.

    Joe you might still think the bucs have a small Super Bowl window. (And they would if they pulled some of the moves you want them to) but drafting and preparing for the future is what turns a great team into a dynasty.

  15. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I was thinking that we should have made that Kony Ealy trade, but the Panthers wouldn’t have traded him to us.

  16. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Tru22, I agree.

  17. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Panthers got fleeced in that kony ealy deal. Lol
    Traded a YOUNG PASS RUSHER to move up like 10 spots. Lol

  18. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Joe’s flavor of the week.

    Good that he only got a 1 year deal. Just enough time to show how big a fraud he is.

  19. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    JoeyP, Big Beef Baker hasn’t been putting too many QB’s on their backs either. Thats not what he was signed for. He was signed to eat up space and free up GMC. Mcdonald has always been a better 3 tec than nose, thats what position seattle had him play in on their d line rotation. How could an interior D line rotation of GMC & Baker, backed up by Mcdonald & Poe be bad? Golston could finally concentrate solely on being an end for the time being, plus we’d still have Ayers, Spence, and Smith as ends as well. HOW COULD THIS D LINE LINEUP BE A BAD THING?

  20. Lord Cornelius Says:

    lol i love the fear and panic some people have

    What we will do if Mike Evans / Desean Jackson / Adam Humphries and Cam Brate all go down in one crazy collision in the middle of the field?!?!?!?!

    WHat if McCoy/Ayers/McDonald/Baker/Spence all get hurt week 1?!!?!

    Why didn’t we sign 10 WRs!?? Why don’t we have 8 capable DTs?!?!

  21. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    The redskins want to sign MIKE MAYOCK as their GM

  22. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Mike Evans GOAT Says:
    March 10th, 2017 at 5:38 pm
    Panthers got fleeced in that kony ealy deal. Lol
    Traded a YOUNG PASS RUSHER to move up like 10 spots. Lol”

    Seriously. LOVEd hearing that deal happened. Got rid of a 25 year old with 5 sacks last year for a 37 year old with 8 sacks

    Peppers sacks have gone down each of the last 3 years. I don’t expect that to stop now

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Everything I’ve seen says the guy was hated in the locker room, but he also was an extremely hard worker. The Bucs absolutely should have been in on the bidding for the guy. During the Bucs hay day they had hated players all over, namely Keyshawn and to a lesser degree Sapp – but both worked extremely hard and it was the work and playing hard that mattered. Now if the team doesn’t think Winston is quite ready to deal with a guy like this, I get it, and perhaps there’s something to that so I won’t critize too much, but this guy really could have helped since you know D Jackson isn’t playing 16 games.

  24. Joeypoppems Says:

    It wouldn’t be a bad thing but if you want him because of his ability to rush the passer he hasn’t done that well since 2014. Besides, do you really think that a “prove-it” deal on a backup/rotational/depth player makes sense? What is he going to prove when he isn’t on the field a majority of the time? lol

  25. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Can’t have 2 HUGE contract Dts on the same line. It would be irresponsible of Licht to spend that much $ on a guy who can’t rush the passer when we can have baker for half the cash

  26. Joeypoppems Says:

    I hope they don’t sign Mayock just because I love his draft analysis lol

  27. Capt. Blighe Says:

    I still have a little hope Josh Huff can be a 4-5 receiver.

  28. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    I’m with you on Poe Buc4life!! Why not on a one year prove it deal!!

  29. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Josh Huff, Yuck! Dude can’t even pick a ball up off the ground, or field a kick return without crapping his pants. Guy needs to get cut promptly.

  30. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Lord that was funny..

    What if the entire team …fill in the blank..

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I suggested we pay him $7.5m plus incentives reaching $10m.

    That would have gotten him here too.

  32. B Coburn Says:

    Yeah pretty easy sales pitch for the Redskins…. we just got rid of all of our starting WRs… you are guaranteed to be the mam here… sold. Vwrsus. .. yeah you might be the #3 but we have a pretty good guy at thay spot last year that is returning too….

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    Pryor not needed.

    The team has 3 quality WR’s now. Yes, Humphries is quality. ALL will benefit by DJax presence.

    Pluck another WR or two from the draft and/or lesser FA’s and that position is fairly set. Right now Special Teams needs to be filled losing Shepard.

  34. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Patriots fans are laughing at Carolina. Carolina fans are split. Some think “we got something for nothing” the rest are saying “our GM sucks” LOL

  35. Joeypoppems Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a 2nd WR signed to replace Shep honestly

  36. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    DJax and Swaggy Chris Baker will be introduced tomorrow at 11 am ET

  37. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Marttelus Bennett will be a packer
    Ian rapaport

  38. Greg Says:

    I’m a long time Buckeyes fan and it’s true, Pryor is nothing but trouble. Remember “tattoo gate”? That was him. There were rumblings of disfunction that mostly (not always) pointed back to Pryor. This was the Jim Tressel days, I’m relieved we didn’t get Pryor, dodged that bullet.

  39. Chris Says:

    Yeah Mike, the same Mayock who would’ve taken Johnny Football in the top ten and loved Jamarcus Russell and than tried to weasel his way out of it by saying he had a secret deal with Al Davis so he couldn’t say how he really felt about Russell.

  40. unbelievable Says:

    Lol Lord C, I was thinking the same thing!

  41. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Pryor has speed, and that’s it. He isn’t a great route runner (ex QB) and a lot of his tds were with the browns behind a boatload.

  42. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    Yep Shep to Panthers is a done deal.

  43. Blackmagic00 Says:

    So it looks like Bucs and Foles are interested in each other. I love this. I’ve always been a Foles fan. Hope he’s our number 2.

  44. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Wow. Cooks to the pats. Saints get pats 1 and 3 picks.

  45. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Bucs need to look at Kendall Wright. A couple of years ago he had 93 receptions, he’s only 27 years old, and he can play slot! Plus he only made a little over$2 million last year!

    Come on Jason Licht, invite him in fora visit!

  46. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Cooks gone. Thank God.

  47. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    There is so much happening in our division why do you still have this Pryor garbage on here?

  48. gotbbucs Says:

    I knew this article was coming. Why piss and moan over these guys that very obviously had no market? Nobody wanted to give this guy a long term deal, and obviously nobody that mattered wanted to give him a prove it deal. Get over it.

  49. JameisDungy Says:

    Damn would have been a great get…

    WR is still important. Hump has a lot of heart but he is getting crushed going across the middle. Jackson has nagging injuries every now and then.

    Last two years the team falls apart when the #2 wr gets hurt.

    Bucs must draft a WR or at least sign a vet like Wright.

  50. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    So Pryor is only guaranteed 3 million next year!!! Oh the humanity.

    If anybody has half a brain…advisors that aren’t crooks..3 million should have somebody set for life. I feel NO pity for Pryor. I do not dislike him I just marvel at how people are feeling sorry for a dude that might only make 10 million dollars!

    NONE of these guys are going to suffer!!!

  51. JabooBuc Says:

    St Pete, I think it tells you an awful lot on the general perception of Pryor out there by people in the know. A lot of doubters and for good reason. Not to say he couldn’t become something but I hold to my earlier comments about his character. Straight up diva.

  52. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    I’m certainly not in a position to disagree with you. I think the most damning thing about Pryor not coming to the Bucs is the fact that he worked with ME13 in the off season to improve his NFL WR skills. We can only presume ME13 had a good handle on how Pryor would mesh with the Bucs and so that probably had something to do with it as well.

    So the Bucs got their speedy WR…I do not miss Pryor,..hopefully they’ll get a fast RB like Dalvin or McCaffery and if they could also pick up Samuels we’ll suddenly have a VERY fast team.

    It doesn’t really matter to Pryor though…again he has money that most of us can only dream about. I’ve worked my entire life…so has my wife as a dentist..and we MAY be worth a couple of mill in total assets after 60 years of effort. Some dude makes 10 million in a year….I just can’t feel for him…again not angry…it is what it is…in America celebrities of all ilk not just athletes make obscene amounts of money.

  53. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Time for some real talk here guys:

    We are in nearly the exact same position at WR that we were a year ago.

    We have two quality (DJax def an upgrade over VJax) outside starting WR’s…and behind them?

    We need depth. Desperately. If one of those guys goes down, we are in the exact same terrible spot we found ourselves in last yr

  54. JabooBuc Says:

    St Pete, I do think the Bucs made the decision to address the position in the draft and I like Samuels and/or Jones or Goodwin. Good feeling on Samuels but no inside scoop there as my connection with OSU is no longer there. I do have some insight on some of the first round projected players but will save some of that for later.

  55. NCFlorIdiot Says:


  56. BritishColumbiaBuc Says:

    If Pryor is younger, 90% of Jackson’s speed and 6’4 for only 8 mill. And we signed an undisciplined, short, and injury prone 31 year old “speedster” for 3 years and more money. Did we get the unfortunate end of the stick? We all Know Jaboo likes throwing high… (Fyi I love the Jackson pick up — this is just for the sake of argument)

  57. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    “…if DeSean Jackson and/or Mike Evans goes down, without more receivers, the Bucs are back on the same sh!twagon they were last year…”

    What a major scoop, Joe. Guess what? There are 31 other teams in the NFL who are in a sh-tload of trouble if their #1 and #2 wide receivers go down, too. That’s like saying the sky is blue or water is wet (or that Mark Dominik is a horrible GM).

    You honestly expect the Bucs to pay THREE guys starting WR money? No team does that (yes I know Mike Evans is on his rookie contract, but he’s entrenched as the #1 for many years to come and he has a huge contract coming in a year).

    Licht didn’t miss the boat. He ignored it. Good for him.

  58. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    British Columbia I think life is all about taking risks and chances. May God help us all. Go Bucs!!!!!!