“You Know, That’s Something, We Don’t Have To Decide That Right Now”

March 1st, 2017

Changing role?

One of the biggest questions of the Bucs offseason, perhaps the easiest, is still unanswered for Dirk Koetter, so he explained moments ago in Indianapolis.

Koetter was asked before a gaggle of media whether he would be calling plays next season. Remember, Koetter said he was considering dropping the duty.

And now, nearly two months later, Koetter remains unsure.

Koetter talked about needing to improve at his duties, along with his staff needing to improve. And then he got to the playcalling question.

“You know, that’s something, we don’t have to decide that right now,” Koetter said. “I’m definitely going to get Todd Monken more involved in all aspects of running the offense. I’m sure I said it to you guys. Todd’s first job when he got in here, even with the offensive coordinator title, was, you know, to get in there with Mike Evans and get a relationship with Mike. I think both of those guys responded in a great way. You can see the difference in Mike’s play. A lot of the credit goes to Mike, but I also know how great a receivers coach Todd is. I know you [media] guys saw that in the time you were out there.

“It’s time we start giving Todd more and more responsibility. But when it comes down to the playcalling, it’s something I like. I enjoy doing it. You know, we’re going to let that go a little longer. But, we’ll see.”

Please, Dirk. Please keep calling plays. Team Glazer didn’t hire you, a stud playcaller, to pass on the job.

13 Responses to ““You Know, That’s Something, We Don’t Have To Decide That Right Now””

  1. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I agree. Pass off minor duties to the staff. Find more time to work with Winston and keep calling the plays. Mike Smith should be utilized in the responsibility department. It will help the team more if everyone is in thier comfort zone.

  2. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I would hope Mike Smith would give the head stick-carrier some advice on how to best juggle the load. He has experience, even though he didn’t call defensive plays as HC.

  3. SB Says:

    I know this doesn’t parallel the article but I just read that Josh Gordon is applying for reinstatement to the League. My question to you Joe is, “Is he a free agent once he gets reinstated?”

  4. SB Says:

    Also now that the Patriots aren’t trading Garrappalo we can Definitely say good bye to Glennon. I just watched Shefter say that he is the best FA QB on the market.

  5. JJBucFan Says:

    Dirk- give up the playcalling!! Supervise Monken. Supervise Smith. Supervise ST coach (I’m blanking on his name). Make sure they are running YOUR game plan, but it will allow you to not ignore the fact Mike Smith stopped being aggressive in weeks 15 and 16 and probably cost us a playoff spot because you were too worried about the playacting on the next set of downs. Just Sayin’.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    Shefter clearly needs a drug test. wow the nfl is in trouble if that is truly the case

    Gordon would be a good reclamation project

  7. JJBucFan Says:

    ^play calling-stupid autocorrect

  8. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    PLEASE DIRK PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP YOUR PLAYCALLING. You will only get better doing it as the HC, and it’s what got you your resume and results, which is what got you the HC gig. As Joe so wisely stated in the Marpet/center article a few clicks back, IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT. GO BUCS!!!

  9. USFBUC Says:

    @ SB Gordon is still a Brown if he is reinstated the last time I saw anything on him.

  10. B Dawg Says:

    I saw that Schefter tweeted that the Chiefs will likely not franchise Poe.

  11. Pickgrin Says:

    Dirk is not giving up gameday playcalling. Relax.

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk was awful last year calling plays from the field – unlike in 2015 Dirk was super predictable and seemed to really get into ruts of calling the exact same plays in the same situations over and over again and not doing much to adjust to the game on the fly. Coaching from the field, which he’s done before, is much different than being in the box and seeing the entire field. With that said the only reason you hired Dirk was for the offense, to keep going what you had in 2015, so I don’t know what the answer is there. Hiring someone to come in as OC would probably be terrible, unless they were running Dirk’s offense – asking the offense to learn a new offense would be remarkably dumb. But Dirk to me seemed overwhelm and it didn’t improve as the season went along. NOW, with that said some say Dirk’s ultra-conservative predictable playcalling had to do with all the weapons outside of Evans not being on the field, and there is a lot to that since in the only game of the year where they had everyone healthy, game 1 at Atlanta, the offense did a great job. But then again in game 1 against Atlanta once the Bucs got up big with those big plays Dirk went ultra-conservative and made that a one score game when the Bucs were steamrolling the Falcons.

  13. Etzel Says:

    I agree with Rod. Dirk’s play calling can make you scratch your head. Whenever we start a game off with a good run game, he’ll incessantly call runs over and over until the defense catches on and we run ourselves into third and long. I think Monken would be a nice change, perhaps more unpredictable.