Lavonte Rewind, Kwon Dissing & Kaepernick To Tampa

March 25th, 2017

It’s Gil Arcia’s Saturday column! His seventh since joining the team.

By GIL ARCIA Saturday columnist

Something interesting caught my attention listening to the latest edition of the Ira Kaufman Podcast. And that is how Bucs’ linebacker Lavonte David may soon turn into a blitzing bat out of hell once again.

I have to ask, what took so long?

Head coach Greg Schiano’s regime drafted David in 2012. He had the young linebacker playing lights out and he was all over the field, including in the backfield often.

Under Schiano, David recorded 30 total stuffs and nine sacks in 2012 and 2013. In the three seasons since, David has posted 26 stuffs and the same number of sacks. But at least he did have 17 tackles for loss last year, among the top-5 in the league.

I once wrote, halfway through Lovie Smith’s second and final season, that the Bucs should just trade David because the ego-driven Illinois college head coach had no clue how to utilize him. He didn’t deserve Lovie’s coaching. Thankfully, they did not. Because it’s obvious they moved on to a competent defensive coordinator in Mike Smith.

The Other Linebacker

There is a problem with the respect middle linebacker Kwon Alexander deserves but is not getting. Granted, his teammates and front office know. But nationally, Kwon is constantly slapped in the face.

This past week, NFL Media’s Elliot Harrison put together his list of best NFL players under 25 years of age. America’s quarterback Jameis Winston, Mike Evans and Ali Marpet made the list. Alexander did not.

That’s right, the guy who led the league in solo tackles with 108 and is just 22 years old, to be exact, couldn’t crack Harrison’s list.

Naturally, Alexander would respond on Twitter after the list was revealed.

There seems to be a national perspective that Alexander isn’t deserving of much. From the silly nonsense of PFF to now NFL Media, the disrespect hasn’t stopped.

Good news is that Alexander is motivated by all of this. Good for the Bucs and good for us when we witness all those stat nerds eat their words.

Time To Bring In The Vet

I’m going to get blasted for this. I just know it. But here it goes.

Bucs should sign Colin Kaepernick.

Yes, that’s right, the guy who has not committed a crime, the guy who has done lots for charity (hosting golf events, raising awareness for kids with heart disease, donating to Meals on Wheels, etc.), and the guy who has been defended countless times by his teammates. Kaepernick is out on the streets unsigned.

Don’t even mention to me that Jay Cutler is available. There have been plenty of reports about him losing locker rooms.

Perhaps the season is over if Jameis Winston goes down. But wouldn’t you want the team to have some sort of a chance to salvage it?

Look, Kaepernick is unemployed for non-football reasons. Be truthful with yourselves. He kneeled during the National Anthem throughout the 2016 season, exercising a right he has, and that ticked off the world.

He’s not unemployed because he had a 4:1 touchdown to interception ratio or a 90.7 quarterback rating in 2016. I mean, he has an 88.9 rating for his career. It’s reasons “bigger” than football. Is he worse than Josh McCown? Chase Daniel? Former Buccaneers quarterback Josh Johnson who the New York Giants re-signed? He’s worse than those three?

Tampa Bay should be signing a backup QB who has been through it, a proven veteran. Kaepernick should be the guy.

Oh, and he stated he would stand for the National Anthem again.

So what’s the problem?

You can find Gil Arcia on Twitter @GilArciaBucs.

216 Responses to “Lavonte Rewind, Kwon Dissing & Kaepernick To Tampa”

  1. Carl R Says:

    If the Bucs brought in Kaepernick I would cease being a Buc fan and cancel my NFL package. End of story.

  2. BucsQcCity Says:

    Yes to Kaep at the right price. Would be a temendous backup qb.

  3. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    I’m with you on the Kwon Alexander Respect situation.
    This guy is a tremendous player !
    He has a lot of energy, a wonderful will (remember his game in Atlanta after his Brother died) and we are very lucky to have him in our team.
    If Lavonte David has such a great season last year it’s also due to him. Because when you have Kwon in the middle, you can blitz without any hesitation, you know the guy will cover you up.
    I think Mike Smith, Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht should speak more often about him.
    About Kaepernick, I’m not sure, not about the out of field stuff but due to on filed issue. I’m not sure he will fit in the Bucs system. He apparently doesn’t give up on being a starter and I think he will create more issues than he will solve.
    I’m quite sure the Glazers wouldn’t be happy with him wearing the Bucs Jersey.

  4. Louis Says:

    Hell freaken no to that idea of signing kaepernick, we don’t need any distraction on our bench and would rather maintain team unity. Let him Neal on some carpet elsewhere like Canada. Side Show Bob is not wanted here.

  5. ndog Says:

    Gil I like you bro, but Kap sucks period standing or sitting before games.

  6. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    Big pass on Karl Kaepernick. Never going to happen, the guy is poison. I would be surprised if he ever plays another down in the league. I would give J football a shot at backup before this unpatriotic loser!!!

  7. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Yes to Kap. It would be one hell of a back up plan. He’s not Winston but he could keep our season going

  8. Brion Says:

    Makes complete sense to me. Not gonna make any sense to the average Trumptards that visit this site or consume Buccaneers products.

  9. Eric Denman Says:

    LMFAO Gil seriously?! GTFO with signing Kaep. The guy isn’t a very good quarterback or he would already be signed elsewhere. I’d rather have Ryan Griffin who’s been in this system for 3 years now.

  10. pabucsfan Says:

    No doubt non football reasons play a part in Kap not being signed but dont act like it doesnt have a lot to do with football reasons. I cant stand the argument that well because this guy signed with a team and Kap hasnt it has to be because of him kneeling. Thats a lazy argument. Ever think that maybe Kap wants more money than what other Qbs signed for? Or a chance to compete for a starting job? Yes Qbs that are worse than him have signed but so what? Id be down for us signing him but only if his price drops and we can get him for 5-6 million a year. You know if it makes sense for football reasons.

  11. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    You are more likely to see a backfield consisting of Ray Rice and J Mixon with Rae Caruth as flanker before you witness Karl Kaep donning the pewter uniform!!!!

  12. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Spoken like a true racist…
    Billy Buc N Brazil Says:
    March 25th, 2017 at 8:52 am
    Big pass on Karl Kaepernick. Never going to happen, the guy is poison. I would be surprised if he ever plays another down in the league. I would give J football a shot at backup before this unpatriotic loser!!!
    GTFO BUM!!!!!!!!

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    “Bucs should sign Colin Kaepernick.”

    Why, because he deserves to be signed? Every NFL team is passing for a reason and the Bucs should sign him as a back up because he deserves it.

    That’s what I took from your write up. I’m sure others will come along and clue me in. Kap was great under Harbaugh….thee end. Good enough to be a back up, sure. Did the kneeling hurt him? Certainly did, and it will certainly hurt him here in Tampa with so many of us far-righters. Back up or not.

    The NFL don’t ef around. You make them look bad, you’ll never be heard from again.

  14. Spartin Says:

    Backup QBs are not supposed to have a circus around them. He’d be too much of a side show which is why I believe he’s unemployed.

  15. The Buc Realist Says:

    I can’t take this guy seriously anymore!!!!!!! Joe needs to suspend this guys articles for a couple of weeks while he reevaluates his “football knowledge”!!!! Just like the Bucs roster, you cannot just be a starter on a bad team, They are looking for players to get to and make plays in the playoffs!!!!! We cannot have clowns writing bad article on JoeBucsfan!!!!! Bring something to the table or sit somewhere else!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!

  16. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol, guys complaining about Kap’s locker room presence when so many posters are all in for drafting the guy who cold cocked a teenage girl. And we wonder why this country is so divided right now. While I think him kneeling was lame and not the proper way to go about protesting, for god sakes there is freedom of speech in this country. I don’t even have to ask the guys so outspoken about this who they voted for.

  17. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    At the right price Kap would be solid back up, but I’d rather draft a qb in round 4-5 like Chad Kelly. Too many unpatriotic babies will whine about Kap’s protest. 87 is right, too many right-wingers in Tampa to make it work.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    TouchDownTampaBay says:

    “I don’t even have to ask the guys so outspoken about this who they voted for.”

    The fans that love America and don’t trash it at every turn? Is that who you’re talking about?

  19. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Plus, we don’t want Joe to have a hernia.

  20. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Dissent is the highest form of patriotism

  21. The Buc Realist Says:

    Some people around here need to look at all the QB’s that Head Coach Koetter has selected and worked with and see if that is the kind of QB the Kap is!!!! They want QB’s that can make all the throws and know a playbook!!! Kap is not that QB!!!! Just because the 49ers roster was good enough to drag Kap to the playoffs does not make him a good player!!!

  22. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    You’ve said before where you stand politically 87 and I know you’re not going to question your boy so I won’t even bother talking about it. At least we both agreed 100% on Jameis two years ago.

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    BKNYfootballhead Says:

    “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

    Unless you’re a tea partier, then you’re a racist!

  24. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    I am racist because I do not want a backup qb on my team that refused to honor the greatest country in the world disrespecting millions of brave veterans who have served in the military? That is the issue at hand for me @ whatdabucisgoingon!!!! Secondly,I would be shocked if the Glazers even entertained the idea of bringing this type of circus to town for a backup Qb. Moreover, the guy just isn’t that good!!! He was benched in December because he threw for four yards in 3 quarters of play!! 4Four yards, let that sink into your tiny little brain and Buc that!!!

  25. BoltIsle Says:

    I understand not wanting to bring him in as a distraction, but I’d have no problem with bringing Kaep in. He’s proven, with the right coach, he can be a solid piece of the puzzle. The 49ers have been a dumpster fire organization since they canned Harbaugh. Kaep already said he is through with his kneeling and has backed it up by making donations to well deserved recipients.
    People need to stop with the judging and condescension. He’s young and trying to make a statement. Didn’t agree with it, but respect he put himself out there like that. It may be questionable, but the way he handled the criticism is respectable.
    Big Ben is much more of a questionable character than Kaep and people seem to love him.
    Time to queue the emotional and personal shots at me in 3..2..1

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    TDTB…I didn’t vote for that clown. I’m too far right. lol

  27. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    That’s BS. I’ve never gone there once. What are you afraid of?

  28. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    “Disrespecting veterans” oh god, here we go.

  29. The Buc Realist Says:

    Kap would still be a 49er if he learned the playbook!!!!

  30. Eric Denman Says:

    We all know Gil leans far left and his liberal tactics won’t work in here.

  31. Tampabayucfan Says:

    Seriously…..Kaepernick… get all of the negatives and hardly any positive…..surely there is a backup QB available (or will be) that can serve the same purpose without the baggage……
    Every team needs to have someone on their roster to hate….but, if we do, let’s at least have a starter that is super productive….not some sit on the bench kneel during the Anthem jerk.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    lol BKNY….just throwing that out there. The tea party doesn’t protest all that much anymore. I was however on political sites at the time and saw it EVERYWHERE. I think the label just pissed them off even more.

    I’ll never find the right leader that I’m looking for, but I hope we get close someday.

    Oh well not going there anymore. Got lot’s of honey-do’s to get done today.

  33. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    Yeah, I appreciate it if you didn’t crop me into hurling racist accusations. All good. Come back to morning cup and we’ll debate it out.

  34. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Some things one just can’t stomach, Joe. Signing Kap is one of them. Kap just plain crossed the line in my personal opinion. It doesn’t matter that I disagree with him politically; I don’t care about that. But I do care that he wore Fidel Castro goods, Cop-Pig socks, makes ignorant and empty (yet ignorant) protests on MY time (ticket-buyer time, during games), and is too stupid to articulate why. I don’t care if he is all about peaceful protests when he’s not wearing a Bucs uni or is anywhere else but around his job, but this isn’t like a single DUI or busted for weed once, where he can move on. Again, I think he just crossed my personal line and respect that others don’t care. Also, I’ll bet almost none of us could get away with acting like he did in our jobs, on the clock, in company clothes, and get away with it. So, I don’t want to see him wearing my hometown team’s colors. I’m in my 50s and have been an avid Bucs fan since their first year, and moved back to Tampa after my 26 year military career in part because of the Bucs. They are family to me, a way of life, just as our Freedom is, and I don’t want a guy like Kap around who doesn’t get it. I’ve got too many friends and family pushing up daisies right now…soldiers and cops, that he has disrespected. I just don’t want anything to do with him. So Joe, I see your point, and from a pure football view you are right, but I think we can get a serviceable back-up without all the baggage.

  35. CaptainStagger Says:

    It’s so ironic, the freedom of speech is the most American thing there is, it’s more American than A guy with a mullet with a shotgun in one hand and a deep fried hotdog in the other. But the second someone uses their freedom of speech to view an opinion different than yours somebody comes in America. The movie Idiocracy is becoming a reality.

  36. Fred E. Buc Says:

    I’m glad Brion stumbled across the right answer. That is, YES, those who “consume Bucs products”…who by the way, are who matters here, likely won’t accept Kap on the Bucs. As for your “Tumptards” comment, you’ll find a whole lot of others who also don’t like how Kap works.

  37. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Gil

    Happy to have you contributing on JBF. I like reading/hearing all the additional contributors two cents. But dude, you should hire a professional to remake your echos from the chamber graphic, it seriously looks like your in a metaphorical butthole.

  38. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    * echoes from the cave… lol, even worse

  39. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Captain Stagger, there is a time and place. Different opinons are one thing, offensive behavior and speech is another. All that aside, *my opinion” is some things you don’t do…which are perfectly legal. One is you don’t hurl racial epithets at people (unacceptable), and the second is you don’t call yourself American but disrespect our national flag by sitting, knowing that is no less acceptable.

  40. ISH Says:

    Hell No.

  41. Kalind Says:

    I agree Gil. We should sign Kaep to a 1 year, league minimum deal plus 1$.

    Then immediately cut him after the sheet is signed. Say “that’s how much respect I have for you. Now someone he this terrorist out of my building.”

  42. SailorJerry Says:

    This is a military town with people who serve and respect our country. Anybody but Kapernick as a backup.

    Season is lost without Winston anyway so why bring on this problem.

  43. Scbucsfan Says:

    You need to bring in a backup that plays a similar style as Winston. That isn’t him. Move on.

  44. Billy Buc N Brazil Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Fred!! We don’t need the distraction!!!

  45. DallasBuc Says:

    Don’t normally agree with Arcia but today I do fully when it comes to Colin Kaepernick. People with their faux outrage and perceived sense of patriotism under attack because some guy chooses to quietly exercise his first amendment rights at a football game. Just like there are many different ways to be a Bucs fan there are also different ways to be a patriot of this nation and it can be accomplished without removing your cap, standing and religiously reciting an anthem that belongs to the British in the first place.
    People with their delicate sensibilities and eagerness to defend America need to look a little closer to what is really happening right now in this country and not be concerned with how one man chooses to express his patriotism.

  46. Bobby M. Says:

    Just because he is unsigned doesn’t mean Kaepernick wasn’t extended an offer…and frankly if he’s demanding anything teams may not feel like he’s worth the hassle. Nobody wants a media circus over a back up QB. Bucs should pass.

  47. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Dallas Buc, you said: “People with their delicate sensibilities and eagerness to defend America need to look a little closer to what is really happening right now in this country and not be concerned with how one man chooses to express his patriotism.”

    Not going to get into that on this board. But “patriotism”? Really? For Cuba perhaps. Kap does have a right to disrespect entire groups of people (despite how bad and unmarketable it makes him), but he should do it on his own time, not his employer’s time, not the paying public’s time. Clearly what Kap did was offensive to too many “sensitive” (as you say) people, and though it’s his right, he’s paying the consequences now. Add to that, his announcement right before the FA dinner bell of “Okay, I’m here, and I’m standing next year” shows he still just doesn’t get it.

  48. Dan Solaz Says:

    Kap seems to be respected around league by players, and if he would be willing to be a back up then why not? I mean if winston is down for any extended period of time do any of you feel comfortable with are back up situation.. I sure dont , so in my opinion Kap would be a welcomed addition to the team and he has said he will stand now for national anthem so whats the issue…because his beliefs are different than yours. He actually had good numbers last year for a horrible team.

  49. BoltIsle Says:

    If Winston goes down, the season is a distraction. Kaep has played in a Super Bowl and not badly. He’s not in SF because they have become the laughing stock ownership of the NFL. Hopefully Lynch can do good things there, but it will take a while.
    If we do sign him to a one minimum, there is little risk and high reward. Make it an incentive related contract. The guy has proven he can play, but had idiots for coaches the past couple years and, arguably, the worst front office in football. I don’t see him becoming a huge distraction with the veteran players and Jameis around here.
    Now he may be a lightning rod for emotional fans. That’s another thing. People are becoming more sensitive to judging those who have a different opinion than themselves.

  50. PRBucFan Says:

    Definitely don’t want his media grabbing arse on our roster lol.

    Sorry hermano.

    The media would make the whole season about our backup QB, not feeling it.

  51. Defense Rules Says:

    Lots of speculation out there that Kaepernick’s being black-balled by the NFL because of his kneeling for it last season. May be true, maybe not. He has told reporters however that he plans to stand for the National Anthem this fall. That being said, still don’t want him on the Bucs. Dissent isn’t the issue me … the way he went about it is. He managed to turn that whole affair into a media circus like several have already said. Bucs are trying to build something special here. We don’t need that.

  52. Matt407 Says:

    Youre out of your effin mind if you want that sideshow here. And his afro looks stupid

  53. VaBuc Says:

    I hope we sihn him today so @carlR can carry his ass 🙌🙌 toodles

  54. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    For the record
    We’re talking football… If Winston goes down, he could keep us afloat for a couple games or what not. He’s not a terrible QB, but if take him over Griffin any day.

  55. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    Man u people are pathetic. This guy gives millions away in charity and hours of community service but has a different political view then some and now he’s a terrorist. He has not killed or physical harmed anyone. Not saying that he should be a buc but some should reevaluate their lives. He’s speaking up for people in the urban community that have no platform. Smh.

  56. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    Lol to the people that would rather have Griffin than Kap. Good luck

  57. Stu Says:


  58. Skipper Says:

    People should pay attention to why Kap was kneeling, it was not to disrespect veterans.

  59. Tony Says:

    He absolutely has the right to kneel during the national anthem but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with him. So strange how actions have consequences, right? It would be one thing if he was even passable as a quarterback. Instead, he is awful.

  60. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    The problem is that Kaps skill set doesn’t fit our downfield passing attack.

  61. Real Buc Fan Says:

    No to Kap don’t need that type of distraction.

  62. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    I would be disgusted if Kap signed with us. We dont need that kind of scrutiny from the media. Dont need that kind of media attention.

  63. DallasBuc Says:

    Evans got torn a new one for the same thing and everyone made it into disrespect of the flag and our vets. It’s easier to be critical, offended and simple minded about these statements of protest than spend the time to understand the protest or at least appreciate his right to exercise the freedom he is guaranteed in the constitution.

  64. pete Says:

    I’d welcome Kaepernick as Bucs backup QB!

  65. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    Who cares about the media. That’s what the problem. People are more scared of the media than anything. Grow a pair.

  66. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    Ooh ooh but the media wouldnt like it. Lol foh

  67. Juggernautical Says:

    I like the idea of signing Kap. I actually considered this a week ago and wondered why the Bucs haven’t at least explored this option. I rationed that the QB market (Kap, Cutler, etc) is waiting see how the Romo situation plays out. I think Romo will be the first domino and the rest will fall into place thereafter.

    As to the run on comments about Kap and the National Anthem, I personally don’t care. I’m active duty in the military for 18 yrs and counting and as a servicemember I support his right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. There are far worse things to get worked up over. The most American and patriotic thing about this country is the freedom of expression for opinions and actions someone can do that we would spend a lifetime in opposition to and arguing against. I don’t agree one bit with Kap but I will defend his right to kneel if he so chooses. Rant over

  68. ben Says:

    Bring in Kaepernick for a tryout. He was one of the best qb’s not that long ago and maybe coaching can bring him back. I was in the military but he still has a right to his beliefs so let it go . Just play football!

  69. Birdie Says:

    I have been a Buc fan since 1976.If the Bucs sign Kaepernick, I”m done with them.I love the American flag more than the Bucs.I have family that died for that flag,and what it represents!

  70. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Kwon will get the recognition he deserves. They can’t ignore him forever. Any man attacked and ridiculed by Donald Trump is most likely a decent human being deserving of a chance to resurrect his career. As a Buc fan I want a backup QB capable of winning games when our starter can’t. The fact that he is willing to stand up against injustice and republican prejudice is just a bonus. With the right coaching and the right team Kap could be the difference between winning a SB or missing the playoffs altogether. He could be a great fit for our Bucs.

  71. Cobraboy Says:

    Football is an escape from political nonsense.

    Kap can have all the opinions he wants. I have *zero* problems with that.

    But when you infuse them into football, I want nothing to do with you.

    Mike Evans came close to crossing that line, but at least someone (his agent?) told him he was making a huge mistake by making a political statement in a game that made him rich and he apologized profusely.

    Kaepernick? Just no. That’s a fast way to reduce my love for the Bucs.

    Besides, he’s an awful, undisciplined QB who doesn’t seem to love the game. And love for the game seems to be a requirement of Licht.

  72. webster Says:

    Some in this country pick and choose when they want to be patriotic. Nevermind the fact many veterans and active duty personnel defended kap’s actions. Many racist will overlook those veterans and active duty personnel beliefs in order to remain racist. These same racist do not want this black man to have one of 64 jobs in the nfl, but will vote for a man (only one person can hold this job) who actually said mccain was no war hero because he was caputured. News flash racist…..that is unpatriotic. Its unpatriotic to put the US on the same level with the killer named putin by saying America did the same. Thats unpatriotic. The racist will over look this because his pigmentation matches theirs. Lets demonize the qb who wanted to hold rogue cops accountable and said many times it had nothing to do with the military. Funny, the racist was so mad about the flag, they hid behind a bogus argument so they would not have to acknowledge that some cops are killing minorities just for sport. It was cool with them because well…they are racist.

  73. Aristotle Says:

    Get Kap! Idiots make a big deal about exercising his rights. People need to stop being hypocritical! Look at all he’s done as a person! Great guy, good player, possibly good price!

  74. uckinator Says:

    He makes me gag.

  75. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    @ Webster exactly. Too many facts at one time your hurting my brain

  76. DallasBuc Says:

    The more I see the prospect of Colin Kaepernick igniting the faux outrage in people the more I want him on this team!
    Make Colin Kaepernick a Buc
    Make Mixon a Buc while we are at it…
    Would love to see the holier than thou crowd make good on their promises go away!

  77. bucNation Says:

    lavonte is the most hated and disrespected player by bucs fans and it’s makes no sense lol go loook at his tape and look at all the game changing plays he makes he may never be top 5 in the league in tackles ever again because of the presence of kwon but that’s what makes him great he doesn’t have to get double digit tackles in a game to make a impact he’s constantly causing fumbles or making plays in the passing game or making plays in the backfield or sacks i mean this may hurt some bucs fans feeling but lavonte is our most talented line backer kwon is the heart and soul of our defense but lavonte is just a playmaker

  78. SB Says:

    Anyone else see that epic buzzer beater by the Gators last night?

  79. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    @ dallasbuc i can see it now, ” I can’t support this organization. ” “I’m no longer a bucs fan.” ” Fire licht!” ” I’m canceling my season tickets!” …..then be right back on jbf the following week

  80. BurgDweller Says:

    A big no to Kap. That guy is a cancer not only to the fan base, which is finally starting to get reinvigorated in Tampa after many years of being comatose, but also the locker room.

  81. JGA Says:

    Tampa is a military town. Kapthedick is a disgrace. All you snowflakes can spin it any way you want, but disrespecting the flag and the national anthem is the wrong way to send any message.

    If he never plays in the league again, it’s his own fault. He is a football player and owners don’t want, or need to deal with his political statements if they don’t want to.

    He does not have the right to play in the NFL. Good riddance !

  82. Birdie Says:

    Let me tell you this,80% of Buc fans like President Trump!Sign Kap and see what happens!

  83. BoltIsle Says:

    I’m with you Dallas. Sign him. He played pretty damn well in the only Super bowl to have 2 halftimes.
    The judges seem to be ok and quiet now with Jameis and I’m sure he’d do the same. He had a poor organization in SF to “support” him. Licht will make sure that doesn’t happen here.

  84. DallasBuc Says:

    Birdie- is that a threat?
    Promise? If only…

  85. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Bucs should sign Colin Kaepernick.”

    I’m done with this fool.

  86. DB55 Says:

    I bet Carl (up top) was offended by MLK and Jesse Owens too.

    What I find incredible is that all these “folks” are upset at Kap exercising his right to protest but NO ONE is concerned that he was accused of r a p I n g a girl in Miami who wandered into an emergency room naked.

    If you gonna dislike the guy at least have some morals behind your outrage.

    As for Kwon and LVD, there good but not yet the best duo. That goes to the boys in Carolina but I think our boys will get there very soon.

  87. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    TampaAllday you hit the nail on the head. I’m a white guy but all these Trump supporting super patriots are so intolerant and subtly racist. You can be one even if you don’t use the N word. Everyone who has read up on it knows why he is protesting but they cloud it by saying he’s disrespecting vets.

  88. Destinjohnny Says:

    Kap doesn’t have the gift.
    He is a one read then run qb
    Don’t shoot the messenger.
    Let’s Draft a guy mid round.

  89. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    DallasBuc Says
    “Don’t normally agree with Arcia but today I do fully when it comes to Colin Kaepernick. People with their faux outrage and perceived sense of patriotism under attack because some guy chooses to quietly exercise his first amendment rights at a football game.”

    I have my own theory. That first time Kaepernick took a knee, I don’t believe he was protesting anything. I think he was just being comfortable and lazy. Then the media made a big deal out of it and he made up to protest story and rode with it.

    He’s no hero, so don’t try to paint him as one. There are plenty of ways a rich man can use to protest without turning traitor.

  90. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And frankly, since he can’t show proper respect to our nation, he can live elsewhere…like in Canada playing for the CFL.

  91. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Birdie, how do you get that 80% Bucs fans like Trump??? That man is a despot! His own party doesn’t know whether to support him or not!

  92. webster Says:

    80% of buc fans do not like trump. Gtfoh!!!!

  93. DB55 Says:


    If you had respect for our nation you’d respect his right to protest.

  94. Buccfan37 Says:

    SB… of course I saw the buzzer beater win by the Gators. Sent those cheese heads packing in dramatic fashion. Kaepernick, I like him better when he went throwback 60’s. Out of the box realism that rankled tender sensitivities like a slap across the face. Oh they gasp at the nerve.

  95. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    DB55 Says

    If you had respect for our nation you’d respect his right to protest.”

    Oh, I respect anyone’s right to protest. It’s the method he used and the sincerity I question.

  96. Capt.Tim Says:

    Screw Kapthedick.
    Why is it, that some idiots around here want every piece of Trash that crawls out of the dumpster.
    Gil- didnt bother to read any of the San Fran articles on this guy?
    Right now, his Muslim Girlfriend has him devoting much more time to his politics- than he is to his football career

    Thats why San Fran dumped him his ass.

    Fitzgerald is a better QB, and wont piss off 80% of the Fanbase
    Ever hear of MacDill
    In this area, we respect both Flag and country.
    Kap is entitled to his opinion
    And we are entitled to not helping pay his salary, or watching a team he plays for.
    Capece’ Gil?

  97. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Only a matter of time before the indefensible results in some jackwagon raising the race card. My personal favorites are those who assume anyone who doesn’t support Kap supports Trump (have to laugh–I don’t like Trump for the same reasons I don’t like Kap), and then when all else fails, talk about “subtle” racism before no one is saying anything racist. Seriously?

    What’s within someone’s rights doesn’t mean it’s acceptable behavior, and I’m back to my original point. Until recently, Football was Kap’s job…let him protest, like the rest of us folks, off the job. The waitress who personally thinks it’s wrong to kill deer or eat pigs doesn’t keep her job when she refuses to serve it. Give the masses what they want, and it ain’t sitting on your butt during our national anthem. Worse, when you make yourself unmarketable because of your own unacceptable behavior (in the minds of most Americans, dare I say) by protesting at work, at an event that is not about protests, you WILL pay the price. That is Kap’s good ole fashioned American lesson. Put it this way. The Bucs will have Josh Freeman back before Kap. And since it was said, I don’t have to worry about being a fan if they brought him on, because these owners, this GM, and this HC won’t have it. Like most Americans wouldn’t, and so far, 31 other NFL teams. Oh sure, they are ALL racist.

  98. Capt.Tim Says:


    3084 out of 3141 voted for Trump
    That left a lowly and Pathetic 57 for Hilliary

    Guess that leaves you about as clueless as it gets.

    And believe me- 80% of Buc fans want no part of Kapthedick
    Wanna see a tesm, that was just starting to ignite its fanbase- play to an empty stadium?
    Sign Kap

  99. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    What the guy did wrong was disrespecting the land of the free and the home of the brave. Maybe when you lose family in the military who put their minds and their bodies on the line day in and day out because they deeply believe what that flag and that anthem means to them. Giving their lives so we can be free. It goes way deeper then what the media made it out to be with politics. Media likes to try and blind the common folk when it supports them and their cause.i will always be a bucs fan but it will be the first time I can’t and won’t ever have respect for a player on our team. Prayers for our militaries!!!

  100. DallasBuc Says:

    Bucballbaby- classic misrepresentation and conflation (otherwise known as making sht up) to tear him down while failing to adequately support your case.
    “Freedom good”
    “Kap bad”
    ” ‘merica good”
    “Media bad (unless it’s Fox News and Breitbart, JBF trusted sources)”
    “Military good”
    “Left bad”
    “Constitution good”
    “First amendment bad (when utilized to defend a cause I do t understand or agree with, otherwise it’s good)”
    “Trump good”
    “Killary bad”
    “Putin/Russia good, suddenly”
    “England, Germany, Australia, allies etc… bad”
    “Freedom fries good”
    “French fries bad”

  101. d-roca Says:

    Capt tim
    A backup qb wont empty the stadium. Winning will fill it up plain n simple. Im a big opponent of kap tho, no no no. Lets get get carried away tho n think a backup qb will empty an nfl stadium. Weve had young men on the team before who did much worse things, games were sold out. Its nfl football, i go no matter how good the bucs are. N licht drafted a kicker in round 2 last year as we all know. Who says he wont go qb in round 2 this year…id prefer that over kap. Go bucs

  102. Cobraboy Says:

    He’d look great as a Calgary Stampeder…

  103. BigMacAttack Says:

    I was reading this and my first thought was bonus points for using the phrase “bat out of hell”. Then more good stuff about our two stud LB’s. And then “this guy” goes bats#!t crazy and wants to sign Crapperneck. Dude, Gil, whatever your name is, you’re an idiot. Just by saying his name, you set off a political firestorm in the comments. Totally uncalled for and completely unnecessary. Neither the Bucs nor their fans want that POS anywhere around here.
    Semper Fi

  104. tdtb2015 Says:

    Thank you Gil and Joe.

    JBF = Entertainment!

    Life is good!

    Go Bucs!!!

  105. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, please find a new writer with more common sense. I need to take my leave, wait for the draft, before I say something I may regret. I’ve been coming to this site since it’s inception, but this one really takes the cake. Then he has the nerve to defend the POS. Love you Joe but really?

  106. Buccfan37 Says:

    But that afro is so radical, so cool, so hip. Throw some scare into government worshipping eggheads. My country right or wrong by the book from above. That country missed is long gone, replaced by whatever this debacle passes itself off as.

  107. unbelievable Says:

    Kap didn’t disrespect the flag. Do some actual research. Free speech free speech until it’s speech you don’t like. Hypocrites.

    Personally, I just don’t think he fits our system, so I would pass on signing him as a backup.

  108. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol @ bigmack! Dude has no problem with articles about the teenage girl pummeling RB out of OU but the mere mention of a QB that sat during the national anthem and he loses his sh1t! LOL!

  109. ben Says:

    bring on the best avail qb as back up and I think bucs should give Kaepernick a look . I am a season tkt holder and served in military but keep it about ftball .

  110. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Kneeling isn’t patriotic…it’s protest. Playing the national anthem is an act of patriotic observance. Societal norms are that Americans stand for the national anthem, and civilians put their hand over their hearts. Those who don’t wish to observe still stand silently out of respect for those others who do it. Again, the norms. When another country’s anthem is playing…it is also polite to stand. The norms. Only an idiot would say sitting, or kneeling is being patriotic too. That is a BS argument. Again…per the norms, it’s rude, a distraction, and being disrespectal to both the flag–a symbol of our freedome, and also to those around you who are paying their respects. One could say his way of empathizing with minorities’ plights over history and a show of support and solidarity is to shoot them the bird and hurl racial epithets…and claim they are being respectul in their own way…not going to buy that either. Again, some behavior is not acceptable. Americans sitting or kneeling or doing anyting is not acceptable to the vast majority of Americans.

    As for the girl-pummeling RB from FSU…I would have a lot of issues with that. If Jameis would have been found guilty of assualt, I’d have had issues with that–and he was never charged, only accused. But Cook too, was found “not guilty.” Also only accused. Period. Kaapernick: Unaccetable, and went around sticking in people’s………….eyes.

  111. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    no need to sign Kaperstink. Just draft a developmental QB in the 7th round to cultivate value for and trade. Just like the Belicheats do.

  112. Bucs rule Says:

    The Glazer family will never sign Karl Kaepernick nor should they!! Doesn’t make a lick of sense anyway you look at it.

  113. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Kaplan is a communist Muslim who should be kicked out of his country

  114. bucs_365 Says:

    ^ Wow. #MakeAmericaHATEAgain

  115. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    And you can go with him Gil !!!!

  116. bucs_365 Says:

    Head too small. Hat too big. Bucs don’t need the guy.

  117. Blake_bucsfan Says:


    You forgot “eyes too close together.” 😀

  118. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wanna bet. In a military town, Bring in a player who disrespects the Flag can and would cause huge amounts of fans to stay home, and stop following the team.
    I know I would stop going- and so would the fans that I know.

    I like how some losers are throwing out the race card. Dumb asses.
    You know Kaepernick is half white, and raised by a white family.

    Man, would love to hear another group cry racism. Somebody out of the other 76 percent of ethnic groups
    An Irishman, Chinese, Mexican, Polish, or Australian.
    Just anyone new to cry racism- just for Variety!!

    But you never do. Funny, Huh

    And Agree with the Kwon Alexander comments. That young man is quickly becoming the best Middle linebacker in the NFL- but gets no mention anywhere!
    Imo, hes our best Linebacker, And 2nd best defensive player.
    Guess we gotta spred the word!!

  119. Maze Says:

    Hell no to that strange cat named Kap. I’d take a potentially motivated Manziel with more upside at backup quarterback

  120. bucup76 Says:

    Just bring him in to compete. At worst he’s an athletic No.2.

  121. USFBUC Says:

    Kap is a bad QB, statistically he is at or very near the bottom in several QB categories and that is why he is on the streets still. His politics just adds on to that.

  122. brendan Says:

    Screw Craprenick. It’s not just the kneeling on the field but the police officer pig socks and the Fidel Castro shirt in Miami. The guys a idiot. Oh he gave meals on wheels 50,000.00 He made 30 million dollar in salary alone in the last 3 years!!!

  123. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Some people got a color of the skin problem,….ummmm Jameis is our leader, let KAPP compete …I’ve been saying it for a few days now! BUILD THE WALL!

  124. BigHogHaynes Says:

    brendon: don’t do that…you make yourself look like a damn fool!!

  125. BigHogHaynes Says:

    I want a tee/shirt that says Screw TRUMP… Am I wrong for that!!!

  126. PRBucFan Says:

    I could careless what you have to say AllDay ahahaha so annoying.

    FACT is distractions are very much a real thing during the season.

    Its not whether we “care” about them or not it’s whether or not they pull our teams attention away from the field and that DOES occur.

    Some of us don’t want our team to deal with the same type of drama he inundated San Fran with last year.

    Frankly I could careless about the whole thing, what he did, whether it’s wrong blah blah blah. That horse has already been beaten. I just don’t want the circus that comes along with him.

  127. Maze Says:

    Nope Kap is America’s. Deal with it

  128. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Spread this word Capt.T…it would be your right to not go to any more games!! And only the Black Man really knows the Devilish ways of THE MAN!!

  129. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    To those who say…”draft a QB late”
    Really, why exactly? You guys are clowns SERIOUSLY!. With Winston here your looking for his replacement ALREADY? FOH!!!!

  130. PRBucFan Says:

    lol bush league… cause no other race on Earth has experienced racism and oppression?

    Tell that to the J e w s.

    I DESPISE racism, am not white, and even I’ll tell you that’s a load

  131. PRBucFan Says:

    Plenty of QB’s are drafted in late round for the sole purpose of serving as backups…

    So im not sure what your going on about lol

  132. Blake_bucsfan Says:


    It actually makes a ton of sense to draft a QB late every other year, And it has nothing to do with replacing Jameis.

    Think about all of the back-up QB’s that the Pats have drafted/ acquired. Matt Cassel, Ryan Mallet, Brian Hoyer, and Now Jimmy Garapolo.

    You draft a QB to develop into your backup or to cultivate future trade bait.

  133. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Blake…that’s a good point. I think Tom Brady was a sixth rounder? That said, if they DON’T bring in an aging, seasoned guy this year, we’ll see a lot of Ryan Griffen. Not saying he’s an acceptable backup QB…ZERO game snaps. But more practice with second teamers can’t hurt.

  134. BucinJAX Says:

    Hard to believe BigHog told someone else, “you make yourself look like a damn fool!!” That’s the pot calling the kettle burned. (I had to be careful there.)

  135. bucs_365 Says:

    WhatdaBUCisthis Says:
    March 25th, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    To those who say…”draft a QB late”
    Really, why exactly? You guys are clowns SERIOUSLY!. With Winston here your looking for his replacement ALREADY? FOH!!!!

    Uh, dude… put down the meth pipe for a second.

    Have you ever heard of a backup QB?

  136. Capt.Tim Says:

    Im not white, and my people were treated far worse
    And a few of my people play the blame game.
    The more people you blame, the more excuses you give yourself
    To fail
    Most of my people choose to succeed. What happened to us, happened hundreds of years ago. There is noone alive, who participated in what happened to us. And we dont bear grudge against the dead.

    Enough of that. I learn from the past. And I remember.
    But I dont blame the past, or the dead, for my actions

    Ryan Griffen has talent. Nobody has experience, until somebody gives it to them.
    Let him run the first unit this preseason.
    Lets see what we have.
    If the need arise, Im certain a few more veteran QBs will be hitting the street- after the draft

  137. Some Fools Up In Here Says:

    Hate for Kap is 80%-90% racism. Jonny football beat his girlfriend and is a cocaine addict and people would have no problem signing him. Kap kneels because black dudes are getting shot dead in the streets, unarmed, and everyone crys about it.

    The world is full of these racist losers and that’s why we have an orange moron that doesn’t know the first thing about government or business running the country.

  138. BucDaddy82 Says:

    No Kap! TRUMP!! MAGA!!

  139. Maze Says:

    Hopefully Licht Trump’s this next draft outta the park

  140. shooter Says:

    If the big Kap comes Winston won’t start…

  141. Joeypoppems Says:

    This sums it up pretty well.

  142. BigHogHaynes Says:

    BucinJax: speak your mind ….what I always was told!

  143. Ocala Says:

    If the Bucs sign Kapernick I am going to demand my money back for my Bucs tickets and I will be done with the Bucs as a fan

  144. bucfamous Says:

    Anyone who says they’ll stop being a Bucs fan if they sign Kap—bye!

    Spare us the pretentious faux-patriotic BS. He exercised his right as an American to protest—as many sports figures have in the past (see: Jim Brown, Tommie Smith, John Carlos).

    In addition, he has given millions to feed and clothe homeless children, and recently gave 1 million to meals on wheels, which helps feed thousands of vets every year (amongst others).

    But of course, these “patriots” don’t want to talk about that. If you can’t support that B-Y-E!!

  145. SailorJerry Says:

    I have not seen anyone post that they would take Jonny Train Wreck. Would love to know how you calibrated your 80-90% statement.

    Can’t believe all of this talk about a sub par QB who couldn’t even start for the 49’ers

    Find a QB without the downside of all of the distractions

  146. jameisaintnopunk Says:

    yes kwon will get his respect this year, and no i do not want keapercommie, anywhere near young jameis to poison his mind, good bye kap

  147. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    @ PRBucsfan No u did care about what I had to say because u felt the need to respond to me specifically without me asking for your opinion.

  148. BradentonBuc Says:

    So much political bullspit. Man Gil, you really started a dumpster-fire of opinions. IMO, the money spent on Kap could go to other useful players who may actually see the field. Instead of worrying about your backup qb, why not invest in another player who at least may see the field. Perhaps draft another Tackle high (not hating on D-Smith, just saying) and hope it goes well? Everyone is worrying about qb depth, but I have full confidence that Dirk would simplify the game plan to adjust for Griffin. Btw he has two years under this offense. Kap would be learning it this year. With all this bullspit about politics, did some of you stop the think about the football aspects? Does anyone really think our year is saved if Kap goes down? The last time I can think of a Super Bowl bound team (lets be realistic) who had a back up start games at least half the games or close to it, get into the playoffs and get that deep was Chicago in 06, with Grossman/Griese as the combo. Can anyone name a team that has been there since with that much upheaval at qb? The fact is, if Winston goes down, and will not be available in the second week of February, then all playoff hopes are statistically dashed. If you wanna talk politics, please turn your radio to 970

  149. BradentonBuc Says:

    If Winston goes down* not Kap

  150. SailorJerry Says:

    As an employee of the team he represents the organizations brand. That includes his behavior on the field and sidelines when he is at work. What team wants that kind of distraction? That is a big part of the reason that Ray Rice never returned after he became eligible.

    Everyone has the right to lawful protest but not without limitations.

  151. TampaBay AllDay Says:

    @touchdown tampabay #respect

  152. Buc1987 Says:

    Wow Gil you’re a JBF success. !50 plus comments.

    Dayum. Not bad for a lefty.

  153. Buc1987 Says:

    BigHog…it sucks to be you. God bless you btw.

  154. Capt.Tim Says:

    And then there’s this
    NFL viewing was down everyweek. When polled why people werent watching-kaepernicks name was always front and center

    When your actions , as an employee of The NFL, negatively impacts that huge corporation- your ass is pretty much done

    That would be true of any employee, of any corporation

  155. webster Says:

    How in the he11 anyone would say 80% of buc fans support trump when his approval rating is 35%. Oh thats right, the racist.. i will agree. 35% of this country is racist. Btw….i’ve had many family members serve in the military all the way back to ww1. I have family members and friends serving today who back kap so eat a di$#.

  156. webster Says:

    @ capt tim

    Nfl still made billions when the racist stop watching. Thats called bye felecia!!!!

  157. webster Says:

    @ capt tim

    The salary cap still went up after the racist stop watching. Thats called…..bye felecia!!!!

  158. Brett Says:

    I’ve said it before, and will say it again: The national medial largely ignores the Bucs. Even with Deshaun Jackson visiting ESPN, they asked him a lot of Washington and Philly questions.

  159. Buc1987 Says:

    webster…are you cherry picking one of the 18 polls out there? Most are all over the map. I didn’t vote for the guy, but I do follow polls. Obama got as low as 40% in a few during his tenure.

    Is it racist to vote for Obama because of the color of his skin?

  160. Buc1987 Says:

    From what I can tell from polls is there’s only a few I trust and they have him around the same. About 45%. Which makes sense to me. I actually thought it would be lower at this point in his tenure.

    On another note. Has anyone ever been surveyed for The Family Feud? I know I’ve been on this earth 46 years and I’ve never been surveyed by that show, or know anyone who has. lol Just random 87 thoughts.

  161. webster Says:

    Yes 87 on breibart and fox news, obama was at 40%. What i do know is when he left office, he was 60% and for the most part stayed over 50% in 90% of the polls. Trump is 35% in 90% of the polls and thats not alternative facts. Polls also said if obama could run again, he would have beat both hillary and trump in a landside.

  162. webster Says:

    The family fued only poll 100 people for any given question. Please show me where trump is polling at 45%.

  163. Joeypoppems Says:

    So many percentages

  164. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    Didn’t even bother finishing the article after reading Bucs should sign Commy Kaepernick. One of the most dumb things I’ve ever heard about our team

  165. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    OK, just finished the article. Gil, I think it’s time you hand in your big motherf#cking stick

  166. Buccfan37 Says:

    Who believes what the fake news msm says about presidential popularity anyway? Apparently fake news is still the rage. Belief in any politician is ignoring reality.

  167. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Tampa is a military town, and what Kaepernick did will never be fully understood, much less forgiven here.
    Kaepernick will most likely never play in the NFL again, so perhaps he will like it up in Canada ?
    They say Saskatoon is nice, this time of year …..

  168. PRBucFan Says:

    Nice try with the spin AllDay but I don’t need to care about your blabber to let you know it’s annoyingly irrelevant to me 😉

    Oh and I will give my opinion when and if I feel like it, whenever I feel like it, your irrelevant to whether that happens as well.

  169. PRBucFan Says:

    The only part of my post directed at you was the first sentence.

    The rest of the post was about the topic at hand. Don’t flatter yourself.

  170. webster Says:


    Its not only the polls. Its the people i talk 2 of all walks of life and they dont like trump. He11 our long time allies in the world dont like trump.

  171. PRBucFan Says:

    False Some Fools. I was more adamantly against Joes man crush on Johnny Boy and making him a Buc than I will ever be against Kap.

  172. MadMax Says:

    HAH! Sign Kap? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I dont think so….actually know so!! It’ll never happen and thats all I’ll say about it….silly business in full bloom too, LOL!

    And for those defending that piece of work called Kap, throwing how he has his right to freedom of speech blah blah blah… yeah, and that applies to those of us criticizing him too….and criticizing whatever team does sign him, and boycotting that team if we want… both ways you see, even though you libs hate it so much.

  173. uckinator Says:

    How can I improve on ” He makes me gag.” If I’m thinking it, the ownership is thinking it.

  174. Bucnjim Says:

    Freedom of speech at your place of employment = fired
    Not knowing who or what you are protesting against = idiot

  175. Birdie Says:

    As usual 20%of the fans favor Kap and try to push it on the rest of us.Sounds like what’s happening to our country!

  176. Fred E. Buc Says:

    So you have an article written that raises a valid question, and so far over 174 comments…most of them fiery debate over the loser that is Kap. Bucs fans are throwing out the race card for no reason, and coming up with some pretty stupid defenses of Kap, and somehow bringing politics into it. All this, at the mere thought of “what if?”

    Which is the prime example of why Kap doesn’t need to be anywhere in the NFL. People want to take in football on Sunday, and ONLY football, and not have the debate brought up time after time, especially for a backup QB. Tampa is not this guy’s town. It never will be. Thank God.

    That said, JoeBucsFan is a place to go to talk football. Last thing Joe and the rest of us would want/shoud want is debates over this Jackwagon Kap when we want to escape the real world and focus on Bucs.

  177. Fred E. Buc Says:

    I’ll add…this kind of topic is one reason sports section over at TBT sucks so bad. Guys like Jones and Stroud always managing to throw some political or social dig into a story…or Fenelly sucking the life out of us with sarcasm for our local teams…

  178. webster Says:

    @ fred

    If its about football and not politics, then kap should be on the bucs or any other team as a back up qb. You can not tell me mccown, sanchez, osweiller, geno smith, chase daniels, etc is better than kap. You better believe politics is a part of sports.

  179. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Kapernick lost his starting spot to Blaine Gabbert. That tells me he sucks anyway. Just draft a young guy in the 7th round.

  180. Buc1987 Says:

    webster…you believe what you want to believe. I’m not here to take sides. I’m just telling you that you’re lying on both fronts. Obama and Trump.

  181. Buc1987 Says:

    You can’t fix stupid. Scroll down that page webby and look at all the polls. Any of them have Trump at 35%?

    I don’t step …unless there’s a need to step.

  182. Buc1987 Says:

    Kap’s being shunned …cause you don’t EF with the shield.

  183. Buc1987 Says:

    Per Gallup the ones that have Trump the lowest…

    Former President Barack Obama left office last week with an average approval rating that falls among the lowest of any modern American president.

    According to polling agency Gallup, Obama left office with a final average approval rating of 47.9 percent, just ninth-best of the 12 post-World War II presidents.

    Only former Presidents Harry Truman, Jimmy Cater and Gerald Ford had lower averages than Obama. That means that Bill Clinton, who was infamously impeached by the House in the latter stages of his second term, and Richard Nixon, who infamously resigned following the Watergate scandal, left office with higher average approvals than Obama.

  184. KingBuc17 Says:

    Oh my God Gil, have you lost your mind, your going to bring him into Tampa….where we are trying to build a family….

  185. Hunter Says:

    Someone check Joe into rehab

  186. Hunter Says:

    And Gil Arcia ! #getwoke

  187. Dizim Says:

    Well weknow what the the tea party is feeling all you mad white peopleget over it he said he will stand so stop it. It’s because he black huh?

  188. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Buc1987 on Gallup. Awesome info. I thought the same. For the record, I don’t like Trump. Didn’t vote for him in the primary. But he’s far and way better than Hillary would have been. So I am among the silent millions who put him into ofice on the general election. But I’ll say every day I see fake news beat him up for no reason, the stronger my support gets. Now I think he’s what we needed in a time of crappy politicians. For those who don’t like him, democrats are the ones who put up a worse candidate. Let them blame themselves. Oh, also for the record. Not a single Russian told me who to vote for and I didn’t have a single one try to force my vote when I went to the stall to blacken my bubbles. And I think Obama’s and his boys know that too, since we are hearing they are listening to us all. Shhhhh. They might still be listening. That’s why we talk softly and carry the big mother-f-ing stick.

  189. Capt.Tim Says:

    Fellas, 2 things
    1) if you trust the polls- Donald Trump had no chance to win the presidency. And that was according to the polls on the day of the Election.
    Yet he won 3081 of 3041 counties in the USA. That was a Crushing victory,
    Of epic proportions.
    2) I know some Whiners pulled the Race Card( what a shocker! Its throw on damn near every post). Let me help you
    Kaepernick is half white, and raised by White Parents. Soooo, hes basically white. Dumbasses
    Everyone supports saving Black lives, or any lives. If he had partitioned the league, and worn a paych, ribbon, rubberband, whatever- he would have gotten nothing but respect and support. But he disrespected the Flag. Lost majority of support right there
    3) alright, another thing
    NFL viewship was down 8% in 2016. First drop. And Kaepernick was considered a factor by every poll. Money is part of contract that last til 2020
    Loss of viewership would definitely impact that new contract. Tons of articles on it- read up

  190. Capt.Tim Says:

    “3081 of 3141 counties” sorry
    Fred E.Buc- agree with your last post 100%

  191. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    Dizim, it’s because he’s a piece of crap human being who shows no respect for those who put their lives on the line in the military, and who openly insults and harasses law enforcement. Is our legal system perfect? Absolutely not. Do those men and women risk their lives everyday when they put on that badge, and do they protect us even though they know they might not come home to their sons and daughters? For sure.
    If it was a black thing, we wouldn’t want Jameis, and the vast majority on this site think Jameis will take us to the promised land. So to answer your question, no, it’s no

  192. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    Dizim, it’s because he’s a piece of crap human being who shows no respect for those who put their lives on the line in the military, and who openly insults and harasses law enforcement. Is our legal system perfect? Absolutely not. Do those men and women risk their lives everyday when they put on that badge, and do they protect us even though they know they might not come home to their sons and daughters? For sure.
    If it was a black thing, we wouldn’t want Jameis, and the vast majority on this site think Jameis will take us to the promised land. So to answer your question, no, it’s not a black thing

  193. Fred E. Buc Says:

    Capt Tim…I’ll defer to you on the stat…if it’s really 3081 out of 3141 that’s HUGE!

    What do NYT, CNN, MSNBC, WaPo have in common? They suck. Sorry, no punch line…just fact.

  194. PRBucFan Says:

    And White Dizim 😉

  195. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Yeah Fox news is so balanced.

  196. MadMax Says:

    ^ Yeah it is. They balance out all of the others who are run by libs pushing their lib agendas.

  197. BIRDIE Says:

    The poles are rigged!Leave Kap on the couch!

  198. webster Says:

    @ 87

    Here is an article speaking of obama leaving office with 60% approval rating. And i will provide many more. He, regan and clinton had the top 3 approval rating for 2nd term presidents leaving office. I know, many racist do not want to acknowledge that.

  199. webster Says:


    Here is another poll from gallup that states obama left office with a 59% approval rating

  200. webster Says:

    @ 87

    This shows how obama ratings compared to clinton and regan leaving office.

  201. webster Says:

    @ 87

    Here just 3 days ago trumps rating was at 37%. Im sorry, I used “alternative facts” and posted 35% yesterday.

  202. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    If you’ll accept Mixon on this team then you should have no prob with Kaep. People have bumper stickers that say don’t tread on my gun rights well what about his rights as an American freedom of speech? He didn’t infringe on your rights so get over it. Koetter could do some good things with him maybe find ways to get both on the field at the same time.😅 Kaep is still a good qb and would be a good back up. I served in the military and would have went to war if so ordered with no problems. I have no problem with him excercising his rights. You guys who are all upset about him should go live in a communist country because there you have no rights.

  203. Buc1987 Says:

    webster …yet Obama had one of the lowest averages by any president in the history of America.

    95% black approval rating though. That’s for sure. Nothing racist about that at all.

  204. Buc1987 Says:

    You don’t follow polls like I do. I already posted you a link to every poll in the nation. You can click and look over all of them. It’s there for you to see, but yet you seek out LEFT leaning Politico. That’s called cherry picking.

  205. Buc1987 Says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C — Barack Obama finished his tenure as president with a 47.9% average job approval rating. He ranks below eight presidents and ahead of only three — Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman — in Gallup’s polling history.

  206. Buc1987 Says:

    In fact Obama’s lowest approval rating ever was 38% by Gallup. YES your God was rated THAT low at one time in his presidency. So slow your roll.

  207. PRBucFan Says:

    I’m glad this is a football website… lol

  208. BigtimeT Says:

    As a big fan, a true fan I would love to see Kap as a backup but he has too much baggage and. a circus.. The front office of the Bucs are too scared to even talk to him.. Think about the team and winning think about it..

  209. NCFlorIdiot Says:

    I hate that I’m adding to this click-bait bullsp!t, but you can be American and love America and also disagree with injustices in America. And standing for the national anthem, taking off your hat, putting your right hand across your heart is weak as hell when your in a crowd all doing the same… Being one person kneeling or sitting during the national anthem with thousands upon millions hating you cause you don’t buy in takes balls. I love this country cause I don’t have to fear being arrested, jailed, tortured, murdered just because I believe differently from my neighbors… And that’s what people have lost their lives defending… Our right to have different opinions… It’s easy in a stadium full of people that know when to stand, take there hats off, and cross their right hand across their chest! Nazi Germany in the 1930’s knew how to do the same thing because of fear and sensationalism… If Colin can make our team better by being on it then sign him at the right price, but don’t dismiss him cause he’s “un-American”, he is exactly what makes America great, different opinions

  210. Capt.Tim Says:

    No. Hes a Pos
    And again- if any bothers to read
    San Fran felt he was spending far more time on his politics- than on his Football career.
    This is in part due to his Highly political Mulim Girlfriend.

    By no NFL team signing him- we are doing him a huge favor!!
    Now his White Ass can be devoted to his politics Full time!!

  211. BucNick Says:

    You knew you were going to get blasted because you know you’re wrong. Kaep doesn’t deserve to even be in this country let alone stand on a football field and get paid millions of dollars. Its a privilege….his has rightfully be revoked.

  212. pick6 Says:

    the tape tells you who kaepernick is, and football people want none of it. his best use is in a playcalling setup 180 degrees from what we practice and call for jameis, and he is wildly inaccurate. his pretty stats come from late in blowouts, after totally failing to move the offense for 2 or 3 quarters. not the backup for the bucs, even without the political sideshow

  213. webster Says:

    @ 87

    Ive show you many articles and the gallip poll that shows obama left with a 60% approval rating. It showed you he was in the top three with regan and clinton as it relates to two term presidents. But like i said only racist will refuse to see the truth. We call that “alternative facts”. Gtfoh with the 49% crap. Oh thats right, fox news said it so it must be right. Well we see how fox news is helping our current president look correct… know sweden and wiretaps. Gtfoh

  214. webster Says:

    Cherry picking? Qunipeac (sp) poll amongst others had him at 37%. Here something that is not “alternative facts”, your unpatriotic president god has the lowest approval rating of any new president in history.

  215. webster Says:

    Fyi….obama is not my god, he was the president but its good to know you view trump as your god. That explains a lot.

  216. captjimbo Says:

    Some of these comments are hilarious!!! There was even a comment that said “it’s because he’s black”. Nope it’s because he’s a pain. Do you guys not understand that he’s just as white as he is black. Just to clarify I’m talking about Kap.