Winning Jameis

February 20th, 2017

Wins over Hall of Famer.

A guy walking around with four rings to his name is now a member of the Jameis Winston fan club.

During Super Bowl week in Houston, Joe talked to a whole lot of folks (even the original Rudy!) and will share many more of those interviews.

One such notable Joe spoke with is but one of two quarterbacks who was 4-0 in Super Bowls, Terry Bradshaw. Yes, Joe Montana is the other guy who was 4-0 in Super Bowls (and he never threw a pick in a Super Bowl, which is mind-blowing).

Those who vividly remember Montana understand how he is still in the discussion as the greatest ever along with Tom Brady. Bradshaw? One would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would arguing Bradshaw is in the same discussion, perhaps because his first few NFL years were so utterly horrible. But, man, did he turn the corner.

Anyway, last season FOX Sports sent Bradshaw down to interview America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Winston. It was the first time the two met and Jameis, in the middle of the interview, threw Bradshaw a curveball when he asked the former Steelers great what he needs to do to get the Bucs a Super Bowl ring.

Bradshaw was taken aback.

The current FOX Sports on-air personality was being whisked away from a media availability session by FOX suits during Super Bowl week when Joe squeezed in a couple of questions about Jameis.

JoeBucsFan: What did that mean to you that a young quarterback would interrupt your interview to ask for advice on winning a ring?

Terry Bradshaw: It was kind of cool. I like that. It caught me off guard. I don’t know if my answer was any good because it was so quick.

Joe: So your impression on Jameis was positive?

Bradshaw: I thought [Jameis] asking how to win a ring] that was a pretty humble thing, to come to an old guy like me [and ask that]. I was touched by that.

So add one of the better quarterbacks to snap on a chin strap to Jameis’ corner. Now if Jameis can only get a fraction of the hardware Bradshaw got. … First thing is first: playoffs, man!

For those who missed Bradshaw’s interview with Jameis last season, you can view it below.

24 Responses to “Winning Jameis”

  1. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Man I’m pumped!!! I really believe the Glazers are going all in (given the coach Smitty ext.) THIS year. Anyone can see there’s a 2 to 3 yr window with our current roster and staff. Get Jameis some help. Bring Pryor and Stills. Get Kwon some help… Campbell out Poe… Hmm better yet steal Short from the stinking Panthers. Draft OJ Howard. Mixon in the fourth. Let’s go

  2. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    ^^^Campbell or Poe^^^

  3. Harry in Costa Rica Says:


    I agree. I would love Campbell and either Pryor or Stills. I don’t think there is a chance KC is going Poe go. I read Pryor has told his agent to resign with CLE, if that happens, I would be very happy with Stills.

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t know about going all in this year. In fact I fully doubt it. The building through the draft is working. I suspect that the Glazers are seeing the sort of progress they believe in, and will want to stick with the same methods that have been working.

    Remember, Jason’s first year they went all in and it bit them in the butts. I just do not believe they will risk that again.

    So look for one name signing and then mid level guys.

    I’m just hoping that, if he is available, JPP is that name guy.

  5. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As to Jameis…the kid has me completely bought in on him.

  6. tdtb2015 Says:

    WDB and Harry I’m with you!!!!

    Wow….Winston has even made us enjoy the off-season.

    There is nothing like having a genuine winner on your team. Having that winner be your franchise QB is icing in the cake.

    Then you add the coaching staff and Licht and men we are no longer the old Bucs. Yet there are still some not letting go of the “old Bucs” mentality.

    But to each its own. I choose to enjoy the ride. I have seen enough to believe.

    Go Bucs!!!

  7. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Tdtb2015… Yea yo. Some fans are stuck in the old ways of the team. Let it go. Jameis n Kwon are the new leaders. For once I feel like the entire org is on the same page from top to bottom.
    Bonzai…I don’t care what happened in the past. Scared money don’t make money

  8. #1 Buc Fan Says:

    Buc’S need SPEED at DE and BRUT mussel in the center of Defence. McCoy won’t be there much longer. At RB about 5′ 10″ 215 lbs with speed.

  9. StPeteBucsfan Says:


    I’m not sure the first year FA’s are really on Licht. He was definitely Lovie’s subordinate…hired by Lovie who was calling the shots not Licht.

    I cannot prove but I truly suspect Licht managed the draft the first year and Lovie took care of the FA’s. This is not Lovie hate…just the way it looked.

    Coincidence is too frequently conflated with causation so I may be wrong but is it just a coincidence that Licht’s FA acquisitions since Lovie left are sooo much better? Licht made one bad pickup last year..Sweezy and if he regains his former playing form that decision will not look so bad. Ayers and Grimes were excellent additions at decent prices.

    Bottom line for me is I’m the anti-Dallas. I have complete faith in Licht.

  10. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Is there still any doubt out there that Winston is mature beyond his years? I think not. The kid just wants to get better, and if he’s capable, he will.

  11. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Jameis ask Terry Bradshaw ” What he need to do to win a Super Bowl”. The answer is simple. He need what Bradshaw had..a Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier, Mike Webster,Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Frenchy Fuqua, Mean Joe Greene, L.C Greenwood, Ernie Holmes, Dwight White, Jack Ham, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount, Mike Wagner,J.T. Thomas, Donnie Shell Etc. In other words he need other players to work as hard as him and produce like him.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Jason Licht has said on numerous occasions that they were mostly on him, with the exception of McCown and maybe one other player.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Also, keep in mind that Lovie chose our QB. And that was in the second year. That shows that both had input both years.

  14. Poor Glennon Says:

    He should have said you need to throw for 65%. Something #3 will never do. So let’s not waste another 5 years on Freeman 2.0

  15. Joe Says:

    Also, keep in mind that Lovie chose our QB.

    Not sure if that is the correct wording but Lovie had to sign off on bringing Jameis on board. Joe will forever thank Lovie for that.

  16. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Poor Glennon…Terry Bradshaw completed 51.9% of his passes..212 TDS–210 INTs. 70.9 Passing Rate. That’s why I mention the players Bradshaw had around him. If Bradshaw didn’t have those players, he probably would never have made the Playoffs.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Hey Jameis..

    Get it!

  18. BradentonBuc Says:

    It is a big mans game. We must control the line of scrimmage on both sides. We need future pro bowlers across the o line. Not sure that is on our roster now. We should be run first team. In order for a small fast defense to be in top 10. This team has never had dominate o line. For the love Paul Gruber. Will ever develop a great o line? Run game & defense Still wins Championships in pass happy Quaterback driven league. this formula is cheaper, works in any weather, inside or outside, on the road, in December & playoffs. We are a small market team. Dallas has taken a small market formula In a big market & look like 10 year contenders. Just like Jimmy did twenty years ago. Although Hershal was huge help along with a viking stupidity. The jimmy way is the way. A champion on every level multiple times.

  19. StPeteBucsfan Says:


    Jason Licht has said on numerous occasions that they were mostly on him, with the exception of McCown and maybe one other player.

    Did any or all of those occasions occur while Lovie was still here? If so the words are meaningless. How many guys do you know who would throw their boss under the bus?

    Collins and Ghost Johnson and McClown were the most egregious signings. We know that at least one of them was on Lovie…how about the othr two?

  20. Joe Says:

    That’s why I mention the players Bradshaw had around him. If Bradshaw didn’t have those players, he probably would never have made the Playoffs.

    Not so sure. Bradshaw’s first three or four years he was awful. About 1975 he really turned it around.

    Notice when Bradshaw was hurt in 1976 and the Steelers looked a whole lot like the Bucs with Shaun King at quarterback: All defense and no offense.

    In the late 1970s, Bradshaw was at worst the fifth-best quarterback in the league. Probably would take Roger Staubach over Bradshaw and perhaps Fran Tarkenton. Maybe Kenny Stabler. Maybe.

    In big games, Bradshaw came up huge.

  21. NFLNut Says:

    Jameis is good enough RIGHT NOW to be a Super-Bowl winning QB … and he hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he can become which is a perennial MVP candidate … he just needs the “team” around him to get things done.

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    “Now if Jameis can only get a fraction of the hardware Bradshaw got.”

    Well – if it HAS to be a fraction of Bradshaw’s SB hardware – let that fraction be 3/4 of Bradshaw’s 4 rings.

  23. JGA Says:

    Who cares about the past FA signings. That was three years ago. Lovie or Licht makes no difference today. This is Licht’s team now and it’s clear he is moving this team in the right direction quickly. A couple of impact players and a couple of quality depth players away from a serious run deep in the playoffs.

    We beat KC, Seattle, And Atlanta with what we had. A crappy hold call against the Raiders kept us from 10-6 and a playoff berth. This is going to be a loooooong offseason for all Bucs fans to be sure. Cant wait for camp. Until then, the combine, free agency and the draft will have to do. LOL

  24. webster Says:

    @ bonzai

    Licht was drafting jameis with or without lovie’s blessings. There are many articles that touch on the fact that licht was definitely in charge of the draft. There is even a very nice article that talks about licht responding to his brother in law when texted during the draft, manzeil or bridgewater? Licht’s response….winston. I dont know how many times I have to type this before it starts sinking in. Licht was drafting jameis regardless. He loved him while he was working in arizona. Lovie did nothing for that pick but suck out loud to the tune of a 2-14 season.