Super Bowl Bound?

February 13th, 2017

Has work to do.

So in the past two Super Bowls, a team from the NFC South has played in the biggest of big games… and lost.

Who will be the next team to represent the NFC in subarctic Minneapolis? NFL Network’s Elliot Harrison believes the NFC South will make three Super Bowls in a row and this time it will be the Bucs, so he said recently on NFL Network.

“I think it is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Harrison said. “I’m going to go right in [the Falcons’] division. Will there be any complacency with the Falcons? We shall see. Maybe there was some of that with the Panthers this year?

“Tampa Bay has a young quarterback and [will have] a second-year head coach, just like Dan Quinn who was a second-year head coach. And other than some hiccups late in the year when they were trying to make the playoffs, that defense starting at midseason really started balling out. They do have some questions at the running game.”

Well, for that to happen, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is going to have to pull a few rabbits out of his hat.

Yes, the Bucs have a defense good enough to make a run. Yeah, Joe said it. But the offense is the issue. Right now the Bucs have no running game and its passing game has a hand tied behind its back.

The team must upgrade the receiver corps. A team isn’t getting anywhere when/if it has to depend on a No. 2 receiver who either fronts a lounge act in Vero Beach or had to work as a medical courier hauling old ladies to their dental appointments.

For the Bucs to make a Super Bowl run Harrison talks about, Joe believes the Bucs need no less than three more #WeaponsForWinston to have immediate impact upon the team in September.

64 Responses to “Super Bowl Bound?”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    If the right offseason happens, The Bucs could really be “elite” on one side of the ball!!!!! Very exciting stuff buc fans!!!!! The downside is that on the defensive side of the ball, the window for about 4 players with big roles have a very short window.

    I am very excited to see the Bucs add even more talent as they have solidly for 3 straight years!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  2. USFBUC Says:

    A couple of younger WRs in FA and depth on the Oline would be really nice.

  3. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    Ugh Tennessee had a lot of cap space they pick right before us in the draft cmon Licht don’t let them outplay you

  4. SB Says:

    There is Zero doubt that we upgrade the WR position. I don’t think Koetter and Licht see our RB situation as bad some of you guys do. After all one of the reasons our run game stunk was a lack of depth at the WR. If we let Doug walk, and I think we will, then Im sure Licht will pick up one more. I highly doubt it is a priority to him though.

  5. USFBUC Says:

    Reading this stuff about Coach K being happy with his Oline and RBs is solidifying my belief that the Bucs will have a defense heavy draft this year. I’m thinking DT will be the pick in the first. I want to see RB or TE but I think they go with Caleb Brantley if he is available.

  6. 941BUC Says:

    I don’t think we necessarily need an elite or great running back but someone like rodgers and Sims can do.I would rather concentrate more on the online than trying to find a great running back.if the defense picks up this year where it left off last year then hold on to your seats because this will be a very fast take off.and if we get someone life garcon or jackson to come in at #2 and resign vjax for depth and pick up 2 more WRs in the draft Tampa Bay might just hit the ground running and not look back. I’m calling it early this year guys13-3 we clinch #2 seed and see what happens from their.

  7. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Another defensive heavy draft USF??? Our HC has been lamenting about adding weapons for Fameis since before the season ended. It would be negligent for that to be a major a priority come free agency and draft night. What are trying to do recapture the old days. Score 13 points and hold opponents to 12??? Y’all can have that “you need to be able to put done points on the board” Warren Sapp.

  8. J 2.0 Says:

    Jameis had over 4000 yards at ages 21 and 22.

    Matt Ryan has under 3700 yards at ages 23, 24, and 25.

    Holy ever loving s%$& the future is bright!!!!

  9. tdtb2015 Says:

    A healthy OL Sweezy & DE Jacquies Smith, RB Rodgers, FB FA Patrick DiMarco, Vet FA WR Anquan Boldin and DT/DE Calais Campbell might be the ticket to the Super Bowl.

  10. J 2.0 Says:

    I’m going here right now.

    With Evans and Humphries and Brate, Winston can make the Super Bowl.

    He is that good people. He hasn’t even put on his “grown man strength” yet.

    Let’s add a RB and a couple of targets, one is draft one FA and it is going to be a football revival down here.


  11. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    The thing we have that Tennessee doesn’t, is a fiery leader that can stay healthy.

    Instead of a shy guy that hasn’t played a full 16 game season.

    Not to mention that Jameis has been more successful in a competent Division.

  12. Lunchbox Says:

    I wouldn’t be upset if we went WR, RB, OL or DL, even S in the first round as these are all areas of need. But the big key is value. Sure, some guys we might target will be gone by then, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a great player at 19. Dalvin and Davis are gone, OK then maybe address DT, DE, OL. I definitely like the DE Harris from Missouri although I’m not sure when he’s projected to go. Then take care of WR and RB in rds 2 and 3. OL should be a consideration too, for as much as it helps the rest of the offense.

  13. Wausa Says:

    I am confident Caleb Brantley will be available in the first round and perhaps in the 2nd round.

    He’s a three technique guy so I’d be ok with getting him in the 2nd but I don’t believe value or need would make any sense in the 1st.

    One or two of these guys should be available when we pick and my guess if we stay put our first selection will be one of the following:

    Derek Barnett DE Tennessee
    Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
    OJ Howard TE Alabama
    Mike Williams WR Clemson
    Corey Davis WR Western Michigan
    Adoree Jackson CB USC

  14. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    CC says on undisputed “a running attack,conservative passing game,great defense and solid special team’s”. Recipe for a Superbowl Championship. I agree I think Tom Brady would also. Had the cowboys had the third on that list the superbowl matchup might’ve been different.

  15. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    This off season is incredibly exciting because it’s clear we are turning a corner.
    But just how far around the bend are we. We have the most important piece in a franchise QB. He has a #1 WR second only to JJ in ME 13. We have the makings of a young and improving OL. We have an improving Defense.

    And so we’re fired up. But the other exciting thing for me is the HUGE…or is it yyyuuuugggee number of possibilities this off season.

    This is a VERY unpredictable offseason. Yes we need WR help and help at RB…we need depth at virtually every other position.

    This is the time for Licht to get very creative. Depending on FA acquisitions I wouldn’t mind seeing Licht trade down for more picks…unless of course Dalvin is available at 19.

  16. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    I also agree with the first on list.

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    Somebody here mentioned Sweezy getting healthy. Don’y hold your breathe on that one. I do have this feeling Martin returns at a reduced rate and delivers Big. A fast WR would be nice also. Would be nice if we could get 2 for one in a trade down. Again, I am..cautiously optimistic. We shall see.

  18. USFBUC Says:

    NosBos I’m just reading what the Joes are saying about Coach Ks position on different position groups. If the Coach is happy with his RBs and happy with his Oline then all we need on offense are WRs and another TE.

    We can address WR in FA because we aren’t looking for a number 1. TE can be addressed throughout the draft with the depth at the position. So if what the Joes are posting is accurate then that leads me to believe the team is going defense early.

  19. University of Seffner Says:

    I believe the future is bright, but as far as the Super Bowl, I would like to think that way, but I’m not at that point YET. The Playoffs to me are what we can achieve with a strong offseason.

  20. LakeLandBuc Says:

    We need breakout seasons from several players for us to be talking playoffs.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    I believe.

    Cause I said it.

  22. BucTrooper Says:

    I think the falcons will be a major disappointment next year. That Super Bowl loss was the definition of soul-crushing and will linger in Atlanta like a bad fart in an elevator.

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Hate to throw cold water on Harrison’s prediction Joe, but he has zero clue right now what the Bucs 53-man roster will look like when we start the season. How do you predict Super Bowl when you don’t even know what the team will look like? Or even what the other NFC teams will look like for that matter? I agree completely with StPete that this off-season is exciting because we’ve already got some critical pieces in-place, but we have more unanswered questions right now than we have answers.

    Look at all the players who ended up on IR last season. Will they all be back 100%? How about Sweezy? Or Jack Smith? Will Darryl Smith retire? If he does, who takes his spot (Bond?), and is he ready? Will they kick Martin to the curb or will he be back? Which of our own FAs will we re-sign? (Please Jason, re-sign Will Gholston). Which impact players will we pick up from other teams in free agency? (Please Jason, add a viable #2 WR like Desean Jackson). All of us Bucs fans have our own ideas on which way Jason Licht should go in the draft, but which way WILL he go? The possibilities are almost endless because we’ve got lots of unanswered questions … at this point. Whatever you do though Jason, please don’t pick a long-snapper with our 2nd rnd pick this year.

  24. Joe Says:

    Not to mention that Jameis has been more successful in a competent Division.

    VERY good point. He has a winning record in the NFC South.

  25. Tampa Tony Says:

    Once Winston learns to protect the ball he will be dangerous until then he’s just a inconsistent young qb. Licht needs to take a real look at this roster and add talent at WR, OL, DL and in the secondary

  26. Architek Says:

    You won’t make a run at the playoffs and SB without upgrading the RB position and Barber and Quizz doesn’t change the game enough to make that sort of run. Better draft a game changing RB and get some proven WRs that can catch.

  27. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Shoot Joe he’s 3-1 with 3 overtime comebacks against the reigning league Mvp Matt Ryan. And with the lack of legit options after ME13, Cam, and Adam.

    Meanwhile Mariota can’t stay healthy with a superior Oline, and top 5 Running game.

    I mean, I still wish Marcus the best, but it’s clear to me that we got the right Guy. Get Jameis O.J. Howard, Curtis Samuel, and Sameje Perine… And we have a top 5 scoring offense.

  28. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    *4th Quarter Comebacks*

    Not overtime…

  29. Tampa Tony Says:

    I’m no Mariota fan but to be fair his rookie year he had 1 receiving weapon no OL and no run game just like Jameis had this year. It seemed the roles reversed in year 2 but Mariota just couldn’t finish a season which probably cost the Titans a legit shot at the playoffs

  30. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    USF I respect your mindset I just personally would be disappointed with another defensive heavy draft.

  31. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Architek I’m sure you not even endorsing DC but I can’t understand how more don’t grasp that concept.

  32. The Buc Realist Says:

    With all the holes and deficiencies on the roster, exclude injuries and this team was “VERY” competitive against many playoff and top echelon teams!!! Watch what the confidence gained from last year’s gauntlet of a schedule, translate into this year!!!!!!

  33. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Home: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, New York Jets, New York Giants

    Away: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals

    These are the teams that we be playing this season. It’s easy for a Sportswriter to predict a Super bowl team in February ( just words, hot air). But the fact is that we have over 6 months before the season opener.We have a lot of work to do for the next 6+ months. It will be even longer before we can start making any type of predictions. The most important thing to do is to start building a Super Bowl roster. Then we can actually start talking Super Bowl.

  34. Wausa Says:

    Nole On Sat:

    I would pick Dalvin if we were picking where the Jags are picking but with his talent it’s hard to imagine we will have a shot at him at 19.
    If Dalvin is there when we pick and I had our draft card I would knock down anyone in my way to get it turned in. 🙂
    I’m with you on a offense heavy draft:
    1) Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
    2) DeMarcus Walker DE Florida State
    3) Zay Jones WR East Carolina
    4) Jordan Leggett TE Clemson
    5) Jon Toth C Kentucky
    6) KD Cannon WR Baylor
    7) Xavier Woods SS La. Tech

    We can help shore up the defense at DT, OLB and SS with free agency.

  35. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    @Wausa That would be a solid draft. Although I’m not super impressed with KD Cannon. I’d rather Draft Tarik Cohen.

  36. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Who will be our RBs, Who will be our WRs, Who will be our starting Strong Side LB, Who will be our starting DT, Who will be our starting LG, Who will be our starting DEs, Who will be our starting Center, Who will be our starting RT, Who will be our PK, Who will be our FB. Who is our starting Safeties? These are some of the questions that we face going into the season. And we need to have an answer for them, before the season opener. Predictions and Speculation is nothing but conclusions an opinions.

  37. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    IF Sweezy comes back in his old form, look out!
    He can be a real road grader, in the running game, and should really improve our O Line.

  38. Wausa Says:


    I like KD late in the draft because he has great production and speed. He played in a gimmick offense and is undersized so he probably would take a year or two to develop.

  39. big serious Says:

    ****Victor Cruz just released****

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    Realist, I agree with you. We looked REALLY GOOD on paper at the start of last season, until the injury bug kept continually biting us. Then we found out pretty quickly that we didn’t have the depth that it takes to win the NFC South. Jason Licht did a good job I thought of bringing guys in off-the-street during the season who were able to help us at a number of positions, but I’d bet that most of them won’t make the roster this year (Jaquizz is the exception). Not sure how last year’s record will translate into increased confidence for this year though, although I’m confident that the experience gained by several young players will be a big factor. Biggest factors though I think will be (1) familiarity with Mike Smith’s defense; (2) hopefully, upgrades in terms of adding some impact players on both offense & defense.

  41. USFBUC Says:

    NosBos it should probably be a balanced draft this year but the vibes I’m feeling are saying otherwise.

    I still like Cook, Mixon/Howard, Leggett/Davis, Jones, Taylor, Kupp. I think if we land any of these guys it will be in the later rounds so no Cook, Davis, or Howard.

    My best draft sim though all three were available at pick 19 and I took Cook at 19, then traded back into the first at pick 20 and 21 for Howard and Davis.

  42. bucs_365 Says:

    I hate it when people over-hype this team. I’m excited about what we’ve got, but there are still too many questions, including only half a season of winning football to base this on. It’s undeserved, and i don’t want young players buying any hype when they’ve proven nothing so far.

  43. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    That’s whus up USF..

  44. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist Says
    “If the right offseason happens, The Bucs could really be “elite” on one side of the ball!”

    I have to say, I agree with this statement 100%.

    If Jason Licht addresses both sides of the ball properly, he could improve the defensive line and the offense in a big way. It’ll mean being smart, but he can do it.

    We need a stud DE on defense.

    We need a stud Right Tackle and maybe a guard (depending on Sweezy), WR and RB. Center? Depends on how players heal up.

    So 4-6 players could make this team a contender.

    And unlike the Panthers and Falcons, the Bucs don’t choke in Super Bowls. (well, unless we face the Titans…)

  45. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    bucs_365 Says
    “I hate it when people over-hype this team. I’m excited about what we’ve got, but there are still too many questions, including only half a season of winning football to base this on. It’s undeserved…”

    I can’t fault you for feeling that way. All last season I was skeptical of every positive article I saw. It’s hard to set aside those pent up frustrations.

    I can only say this…even though I was skeptical last year, I knew all along we only needed one more year of a good off season to be a contender. And we have players now who won’t let one another cruise.

    I’m still tempered, but I’m believing.

  46. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oh…and Florida State sucks!

  47. rhenry Says:

    Simple fix:
    Sign free agents Dontari Poe, JPP and either D. Jackson or Kenny stills.
    Draft: O.J. Howard rd 1, Mixon or Mcaffery rd 2, BPA rd 3 thru 7.

  48. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I will hold off on my predictions until Middle October.

  49. Pickgrin Says:

    WR – Jeffery, DJax or Garcon in FA

    TE – OJ Howard (Bama) in the 1st
    Safety – Budda Baker (Wash Huskies) in the 2nd
    RB – Kareem Hunt (Toledo) in the 3rd
    WR – Josh Reynolds (Texas A&M) in the 4th (may have to move up to mid or late 3rd if his stock rises which it will)

    BOOM – Instant contender and there’s 4 new #weaponsforwinston

  50. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Your GM doesn’t feel that way Bonzai did I mention he just a signed a long snapper from FSU..

  51. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    You draft Mixon people are funny. Ian Rapaport is one the most respected people reporting to me on T.V. usually when he makes a statement its legit. Him saying that kid is undraftable speaks volumes to me. Here take this tip- don’t hold your breath.

  52. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Bonzai theirs Fameis that makes 1, theirs Roberto that makes 2, theirs Javion that makes 3. Between the long snapper and the Super talented RB coming draft night man, that’s enough to make you puke every Sunday. FSU a farm system for the Bucs you can’t tell..

  53. BigHogHaynes Says:

    SUPER BOWL BOUND? Let me just say this, in order for that to happen, thru Free Agents and the Draft, we must find at least 5 starters. A tall task to say the least, if we don’t find the talent, we won’t make the leap! We must also continue to BUILD A WALL!….but not in Mexico…dumb/ass!!!

  54. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The FSU players on my draft board, is FB Freddie Stevenson and WR/KR Kermit Whitfield. He could become an asset for us in the passing game and Special Teams. He’s 5’8 185 lb ( Bigger than Taylor Gabriel). Kermit Whitfield may have better speed than Taylor Gabriel. I believe we can get Freddy Stevenson in the 6th round and get Kermit Whitfield in the 7th round or as an UDFA.

  55. LakeLandBuc Says:

    *Both players could be an asset for us in the passing game and Special teams* Kermit Whitfield is 5’8 185 lbs with 4.35 speed, and a decent WR and KR. Freddie Stevenson is the best All-Around blocking FB in the draft, rushing and passing. He can also run the ball and catch the ball out of the backfield.

  56. Joeypoppems Says:

    These are the FA and draft moves I would like to see to get into the playoffs. Obviously this is my opinion.


    Bradley McDougald, SS
    Jaquizz Rodgers, RB
    Will Gholston, DE/DT
    Akeem Spence, DT
    Russell Shepard, WR
    Calais Campbell, DE/DT
    Pierre Garcon/Kenny Britt, WR
    Quintin Demps, SS
    Steven Hauschka, K


    Round 1: Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee
    Round 2: Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee
    Round 3: Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA
    Round 4: Carlos Henderson, WR, Louisiana Tech
    Round 5: Eddie Vanderdoes, DT, UCLA
    Round 6: Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo
    Round 7: Jerry Ugokwe, OT, William & Mary

    The price of that FA list is in the ballpark of $40 million. So we can even spend more.

  57. bucs_365 Says:

    ^^ There’s no way we don’t draft a safety… And no WR until the 4th round? Unlikely. Also, we can skip CB this year.

  58. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    With a few key additions, we should be ready for a SB run next year for sure.

  59. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    You really on the Kamara Hype train Joey? He looks so bleh to me, running style is so bland, and he legit gets big gains only on runs to the outside. Plus he’s a fumbler.

  60. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I’m a NO on Kamara!

  61. LakeLandBuc Says:

    This draft has a lot of value on Day 3, I wouldn’t be surprised if we come away with 4-5 impact players.

  62. Joeypoppems Says:


    I would much rather have McCaffrey than Kamara. Just as of right now I think #19 is too early for him and dont think he will be there at 50.


    Moreau can be swapped out for a safety and I would be ok with it. Just prepping for life after Grimes. Plus in round 3 I would like to get someone who can play at some point and imo if we sign Demps and resign McDougald we just need depth. Moreau can come in and compete for the nickel role and move to the outside once Grimes is gone.

    And idk if you have seen Carlos Henderson at all but getting him in the 4th round is an absolute steal. Since everyone is big on Stats, Henderson averaged 18.7 yards per catch (82 for 1,535) and 19 TDs, 9.5 yards per carry (14 for 133) and 2 TDs, and 32.2 yards per return on kickoffs (25 for 805) and 2 TDs. He is the explosive receiver that we are looking for on offense and getting him in the 4th round is incredible value. Although I do think he will end up being a 3rd round pick which I would still take him there as well.

    Don’t look at the round, look at the player.

  63. Joeypoppems Says:


    I wouldnt say I am on the Kamara hype train. I like him tho. Imo he is the #4 RB in the draft excluding Mixon (Kamra would be #5 and Mixon would be #4).

    In the “Koetter likes his current RBs” article, I was talking about how if you want to be a feature back in today’s NFL you have to be a threat in the passing game as well as the running game. Kamara absolutely is a threat in the passing game and he can get it done on the ground. And he also did some punt returning.

    I think he can absolutely be a feature back in the NFL. He would be a good pick for us imo, but I’m not going to be pounding the table to get him at all costs unless he blows me away at the combine.

  64. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    I don’t actually feel that way. I was trying to get your goat. 🙂