Bennett Mystery Solved?

February 3rd, 2017

Fingers ex-teammate for departure.

Joe doesn’t want to ruin your weekend before it gets started, but this is something that simply cannot be ignored until Monday.

It seems we may have finally learned the real reason — despite there being no good reason — for the Bucs to throw defensive end Michael Bennett to the curb after the 2013 season.

As we all know all too well, Bennett was not re-signed after the sack-starved Bucs saw him rack up 9.5 sacks in 2013. Afterwards, Bennett blew up and became one of the most feared linemen in the NFL, leading the Seahawks to two Super Bowls and winning one.

The decision to boot Bennett, who former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik claimed off waivers in 2009, is one of the dumbest moves this side of turning loose a Hall of Fame cornerback in his prime just one year after trading a first round pick for the same corner — oh, wait!

The Bucs washed their hands of Bennett, despite his passionate desire to return to a team that, at the time of his exit, had just one winning season since Chucky was jettisoned after the 2008 campaign.

Talking to Jenna Laine of ESPN, Bennett, who is still hacked off he’s not in Tampa Bay, blamed noted Gospel guitarist Da’Quan Bowers and lashed out at Team Glazer.

“I just feel like the Glazers (Tampa Bay’s owners) didn’t like me for some reason,” Bennett said. “I didn’t understand why. I always played through injury, I did exactly what they asked me to do but I never understood why I didn’t stay there.”

He did acknowledge that the team had more invested in another defensive end, Da’Quan Bowers, who was selected in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft.

“You draft Da’Quan Bowers, you want him to play,’ so I understand why they made that decision,” said Bennett, a former undrafted free agent who was claimed off waivers by the Bucs in 2009.

Joe has heard several stories about why Bennett was let go from trusted sources within the walls of One Buc Palace — all told to Joe under the strictest of confidence. But the one that (sort of) makes the most sense — even though none of this makes a lick of sense — somewhat parallels what Bennett told Laine. At least now, thanks to Bennett, this is out in the open.

But look, you don’t compound a blunder (drafting Bowers) by making a downright colossally dumb mistake on top of it (not re-signing Bennett). That would be like cutting Mike Evans because ASJ turned out to be an immature slug.

Not to be overlooked Bowers got pinched in a gun hassle at JFK airport just days after the Bucs decided to go with Bowers over Bennett. To Joe’s knowledge, the closest thing to a hassle Bennett ever had with the cops is when he rode around on a patrolman’s bike that was a bit too small for him.

Oh, and in Laine’s story above, Bennett thought the Bucs, had he been kept, were talented enough to make a playoff run.

Right about now, Joe just wants to start throwing empty beer bottles at trucks on I-275 for the next couple of hours.

40 Responses to “Bennett Mystery Solved?”

  1. dooshlarue Says:

    Bennett is a crybaby B!tch Joe.

    Talented no doubt, but I can understand how he would rub owners the wrong way.
    I think he’s locker room cancer.
    Just look at how he cryed about a 28 million dollar contract while the ink was still drying.
    I think it really is that simple.

    Mystery solved.

  2. Joe Says:

    I think he’s locker room cancer.

    It is difficult to argue that given how well Seattle has done with him.

  3. Brad Says:

    I hate thinking of this. I was in New Orleans at a tailgate for the last game of the season. Hanging out with Michael Bennett’s dad. His brother was about to hit FA also. We talked about him going to games and he said how it was about to get easier because they were both going to play in Tampa. Instead we let him walk and his brother went to Chicago.

  4. Fire the glazers Says:

    Cry baby or not, the guy gave us the best performance as a Defensive End since Simeon Rice.

  5. Rrsrq Says:

    That reason, which we pretty much knew, is stupid on pretty much all levels, even if Bowers blew up and was great, now you got more greatness on defense, but we know how that all turned out, we came out of it with zero, none, nada…

  6. Kalind Says:

    Unfair Joe! Bowers gun hassle was the result of a lawful gun owner trying to do the right thing in a state with barely constitutional gun laws. Dude made a mistake and attempted to do the right thing (notify authorities and ask what to do about it now). Putting tht down a a black mark I Bowers record is unfair.

  7. Tampa Tony Says:

    Let’s just all admit it was Joes Rockstars fault. He wanted his draft pick to play to stroke his ego that he could draft players which we all now know is untrue.

  8. ClodHopper Says:

    The worst part about banking on Bowers was everyone that’s ever seen a football knew he had bum knees and he was a huge risk. When your taking a huge risk you don’t toss out your only safety net!!

  9. Bucs fan 727 Says:

    The bucs have thrown away so many pro bowl players at very least very good players… legarret Blount, Adrian Clayborn, Bobby Rainey,aqib talib,pre HC Derk I’m sure that’s not all. I can’t get over the Bennett thing, at least he got a ring rock on Michael

  10. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Sure do miss the old uniforms…he is probably very happy he does not have to wear the current clown outfits we parade out there…

    Another Glazer bungle.

  11. Bird Says:

    Players and coaches love him. That’s all that matters. He speaks his mind. So what. Big error by bucs. I always figured the shoulder was in bad shape but that wasn’t the case. Bad move. Bowers turned out to be the injured guy. Garbanzo move!

  12. JabooBuc Says:

    Just let it go dude. He’s a good DE but let’s not act like he’s gods gift.

  13. Not there yet Says:

    That much was obvious but I don’t believe that is the story. Everyone one knew that bowers is why it was easier to let him walk but not the reason. It’s why schiano said he thought bowers could be a double digit sack guy. I think schiano was at fault he was the one purging a team that had the number 1 rush defense.

  14. Ben Says:

    Bad ownership decision by the Bucs, how shocking. Hopefully those are behind us now.

  15. Kevin Says:

    Bad coaching and management. Koetter and Licht hace at least shown they will play the best players regardless of theyre cost or draft stock

  16. The Buc Realist Says:


    I have been telling you for years that Dominik wanted his draft picks on the field and he used the medical staff to do his dirty work and be his scapegoat!!!!!!

    This article should just be, The Realist is right again!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  17. mark2001 Says:


    Yes…it was a bonehead move.

    But other than the Bo knows fiasco, my action that was head banging involved Dom and Gruden.

    We picked the car as a top five pick instead of Aaron Rodgers, who went at about the end of the first round. What if we had traded down to the middle of the round, picked Rodgers, and drafted the best second round RB? How many rings would we have? But then, maybe we would have just ruined him and he would be among the list of QB failed first round QB’s , instead of a HOF QB.

  18. mark2001 Says:

    And frankly Joe, isn’t that really the difference between SB franchises and hit and miss, run of the mill?

    Everyone makes an occasional mistake. Ted Thompson does… Jason Licht does. It is the number of them, and how many gems they find as well. But losing franchises make bone head moves again and again to destroy their chances of success.

    And hiring an above average coach is a big part of the program is another big part of the puzzle, and GM’s that will let them do their jobs and be willing to spend near the cap..

    I think we might be on to that….if we can keep Licht and Koetter, and when Smith goes, find an comparatively talented replacement.

  19. mark2001 Says:

    Clarification…I meant to say Ownership that will allow a GM to spend that cap money.

  20. Ed Says:

    This is why you do not trade a known for a unknown, two Super Bowls later,we are still searching. Who is crying now?

  21. Destinjohnny Says:

    The kids just don’t have it.
    Just imagine if they would have taken Eddie d’s offer to buy in 2002……

  22. The Buc Realist Says:

    Its amazing that some here, because they like the popstar and dislike Coach Schiano that they will try to blame Coach Schiano for everything!!! They both said that they expect “bowers to be a 10 sack guy” But Coach Schiano said ” We expect” Look it up!!!!!!! And when both guys were on the roster, Coach Schiano Started and gave most snaps to Bennett!!!!!! Coach was the only Bucs coach to start Bennett!!!!!

    I think some have forgotten the power struggle that happened during those times. The popstar had FULL control during the rah regime and dominik even interviewed and hired coaching staff!!!!!!!! When Coach Schiano came in it was a 50/50 control where they would give and take and frankly had not chance of ever working out!!!!! Dominik was desperate when 2013 rolled around, his draft picks were coming up busts!!! no one could get his hand picked franchise QB out of the club!!! Butch Davis was finding great draft picks in the draft!!!! ( NO Butch Davis would have meant no LVD)!!!!
    The popstar was on the ropes with his career!!! he (allegedly) was releasing statements to the media to try and look like other had sabotaged his roster!!!!! And that is one of the reason now that he is having such trouble getting back in!!!!

    I know joe had heard different!!! but check your source joe,,,, then start to ask others!!!!!!! Maybe you should ask Mr. Doug Williams what he thinks about your source!!!!

  23. Bob in valrico Says:

    While its true Bennett is a very good player,he is also outspoken and sometimes says some things that are a little off the wall.He probably rubbed Schiano, the strict disciplinarian the wrong way.He has been kicked out of
    practice several times this year by a coach that probably gives players the most freedom to be themselves as any.

  24. Conte Piscateli Says:

    I don’t think he is a cry baby, I think he feels disrespected, and had used that slight in his mind to motivate himself. Sorry but he has been a better player since he left Tampa and placed that chip on his shoulder.

  25. pabucsfan Says:

    If we kept him and some of the other talented players from those years yes we might of been in the playoffs but would of never made it past the divisional round. And we most likely would be starting over without much to show it instead of starting our rebuilding process a couple seasons ago. 2011-2015 sucked but we are better off now. The suffering brought us Evans, Pamphile, Jameis, Smith, Marpet, Kwon, VH3, Spence. Be Happy

  26. OrlandoBucs Says:

    Well, he’s not wrong. Everything he said was correct.

  27. LakeLandBuc Says:

    This franchise has always got rid of good players. Beginning with Doug Williams, then Steve Young. Instead of adding better players around their best players, they get rid of their best players and replace them with inferior players.

  28. tnew Says:

    The he was too outspoken for the Glazers makes very little sense to me. I can’t think of anyone anymore outspoken ever than 99, and Simeon Rice wasn’t exactly what I would consider “normal” This was just a bad decision. Bowers got over on the rockstar just like Myron Lewis did. Coaches and GM’s make decisions. This was a bad one. Dominick got fired because the balance tipped to negative.

    Drafting Kwon Alexander in the fourth, Noah Spence in the second… trading up to draft a kid from Hobart or a kicker, an uber talented TE with a screw loose or a flashy RB out of gimmick offenses. Licht is tipping positive now but this is the key offseason in his tenure. Do it right, this is a playoff team for the next 4-6 years. Do it wrong and we are looking for a gm in two years. In the end you get hired and fired due to these types of calls.

    That said, I still remember 3 series in a row against Carolina something happened with Bowers. He got motivated and literally took the game over. What a flash that led to nothing.

  29. usf commutter Says:

    how many years are you gonna talk about this story? Its so Old! He had 5 sacks last year???????? 7 in 14???? is that good? christ no name jaquizzi smith had that!

  30. richardtyson Says:

    Fact: The boneheaded mistake was giving up a first round pick for Revis in the first place. And for 16 Mil a year? Smh

  31. VaBuc Says:

    Can you shut up about the story @Joe sick of hearing you wine all the time about it gosh its over hes not coming back let it go Damn all about the future u act like the man would’ve bought us a ring by himself yea it was a dumb move to not sign him back but we didnt so move on

  32. mark2001 Says:

    Conte…. I remember Ian saying he was impressed with Bennett when he saw him on the practice field, just shortly into the preseason, after he arrived on the scene in Tampa. He knew he looked like he would become a good player. That should have told us all something.

    And don’t underestimate Lichts evaluation of O lineman. Nothing speaks more loudly than a bright guy that has played.

  33. DB55 Says:

    didn’t understand why?
    Bc you are literally not a choir boy like Bowers. Bennett, talib, Blount, Barron, Foster, penn, zuttah. What do they all have in common? They are real, too real for the glaziers and the TB boosters. They feel more comfortable with Bowers and McCoy types.

  34. DB55 Says:


    The old man from NY and wasn’t intimidated by the real. The sons not so much.

  35. DVSONE Says:

    Adding salt to the wound was the fact that his brother Martellus was going to sign with the Bucs. We would have been sitting nice at DE and TE.

  36. Joe Says:

    Can you shut up about the story

    Hell no!

  37. Cover Deuce Says:

    I’ve said this what feels like a million times by now, but PR reported at the time he left that the Glazers were the ones who ordered Dominik to break off negotiations. I say again, both Dom and Schiano wanted him back. They never reported why ownership felt compelled to jump behind the wheel, only that they did not want to offer him a new deal.
    If Schiano, after a good 7-9 opening campaign, really wanted Bennett back … The truth isn’t out there yet by any stretch. –Joe

  38. tmaxcon Says:

    Bennett is not a locker room cancer… the choirboy police around here all too often mistake passion and drive with bad character which is utter BS and why they probably have never enjoyed nor taken any risks in life…

    Counting on Bowers back then was as dumb as Licht counting on a 50/50 bum party pig 22, VJAX and the fragile 3 at DT to stay healthy for an entire season this year. I am a licht guy but those were brutal gambles that blew up in his face. Never stop gambling licht playing scared is the quickest way to lose.

  39. tmaxcon Says:

    GMC love of losing and the fact he has been the leader of the losing culture for seven years is more of a cancer than a passionate winner like Bennett.

    Joe is so wrong with this GMC love. Joe admits and has pimped that the “Losing Culture” is real and exists in Bucland. Joe even penned posts suggesting or stating really that the coach has openly admitted he had concerns about the “Losing Culture”. yet Joe, remains and is the biggest fanboy cheerleader for the LEADER and FACE of the same Losing Culture that he wants changed. No bigger Joe guy on the planet than I am but it simply does not add up.

    Love the new bucs… old bucs must go in order to complete the transformation to a consistent winning team with throat stomp drive on sunday afternoons. new bucs have that the holdovers do not.

  40. Tom S. Says:

    Do you know why Michael Bennet wasn’t resigned Joe? It’s not a rumor, it’s kind of a fact: Because “Rockstar” Mark Dominik didn’t re-sign him. Blaming anyone other than the GM who is literally paid to make roster decisions, and oh-btw drafted Bowers in the first place is sad.

    The great genius “Rockstar” let more talented players go via free agency or trade (Talib, Bennett, Blount) than he acquired via those methods in 5 years as GM. Dominik gives away Talib for a 4th then spends a 1st and a 4th on Darelle “glue factory” Revis. Which CB has been better the past 5 years, Joe? Which CB cost significantly less in salary? Which CB would you rather have on the roster today, Joe?