The Passion Of Jameis

January 1st, 2017
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No one smiles more than America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, when the Bucs win.

No one is more depressed than Jameis when the Bucs lose. It’s like two different cats.

Recently, Jameis mentioned that while he wanted to finish the season with a winning record, it was hardly a successful season. Not making the playoffs is a failure, he said, and thus, the season is tainted.

Today after the game, Jameis was again asked if the season, a winning season (!) was a success. He said no and moved on to the next question.

Later, Jameis was asked why he expects it to be the norm that each season the Bucs make the playoffs. Jameis recoiled in horror as if someone accused him of laying down in a game. Jameis then answered straight from the heart.

“Because why would I not think that is normal? Why would I settle for less? Why would I want to sit at home when other teams are continuing to play football?” Jameis said. “There is no bone a part of me that would want to sit at home. I don’t think my teammates deserve [me settling for less].

“The training camp, the blood, sweat and tears we experience, man, this is Tampa. We actually sweat all the time. This is January and we are still out there sweating. People still getting IVs.

“Love is the reason for the fight and if you are not in here and you are not doing it to be the best, why are you doing it?”

And people wonder why the Bucs, from Team Glazer to AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht to Lovie Smith were won over by Jameis’ heart and personality. If the Bucs are ever to reach a Super Bowl with Jameis, Joe is convinced Jameis’ sheer will power alone would prod the team to the promised land.

Stand and salute America!

Joe’s good friend “The Commish,” Justin Pawlowski, shot this video of Jameis today on the sidelines passionately encouraging his offensive linemen to keep at it and to keep fighting. While you cannot hear what Jameis is saying, look at the rapt attention his teammates have for him?

Friends, this dude is a born leader.

37 Responses to “The Passion Of Jameis”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Remember the Jameis debates when some dude came up in here and told me he’s worried Jameis has no leadership skills?

    That was funny.

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    Jameis is great. Now use that $90-million in cap space to get him some NFL caliber weapons so he can throw the ball to more than Evans.

    BTW that $90-million is a real number once you factor in the new cap money assuming it goes up just under what it has been and Martin is cut.

    BUT wow, once they factor in the money carrying over from last year the Bucs drop to 2nd in cap space… The Browns should have around $120-million… The 49ers are currently ahead of the Bucs in cap space but if the Bucs cut Martin the Bucs move into 2nd place.

    However how the Bucs get anyone in FA I have no idea, everyone has tons of money next year except for 4 teams. The Bucs can’t pay Winston, Evans or Kwon yet either and they don’t have any big contracts coming up.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    Buc1987 – Yeah, all the morons saying Winston was like Jamarcus Russell, they were just complete idiots, and remarkably they’re still around saying Winston sucks.

  4. Destinjohnny Says:

    Great intangibles
    Let’s get him weapons

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The GM won’t go on a spending spree because he knows he gotta save that money to resign Jameis and Mike Evans to extensions….HUGE EXTENSIONS!!!!!!!

    The GM will look or bargain basement / serviceable player deals………

    The GM wlll follow the same blueprint as the PATS…….build through the draft

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    The passion of BFF and GM shills!

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    Biz partners too…
    Cozy McCozy

  8. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Yup, The haters still come out of the wood work for every missed throw, and Every interception causes a temper tantrum. People expect perfection and instant results, without being able to comprehend the situation Jameis was in this year. Save Mike Evans, Nearly every single receiver/Tight end we had is an undrafted free agents. Only Cam and Hump are the only legit targets with any semblance of consistency, and even they are incapable of stretching the field and drawing Coverage away from 13. Factor in, for the majority of the season, an Anemic running game, don’t even get me started on Gosder Cherilus…

    Regardless of all that, Jameis finds ways to produce and win more often than he doesn’t. And yet, the Haters remain.

    Meanwhile the true fans, the intelligent fans, grow ever more confident, and become even more faithful. Because we know that when this Young man is surrounded by a stable of legitimate, NFL caliber weapon, He will Light it up Sunday after Sunday.

    The Future is so bright in Tampa my brothers. Praise god for the blessings that we have. Bring on Mike Williams or Leonard Fournette! Go Bucs!

  9. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    I think Jamis will be a good QB in Tampa.. I want say great until I see how he plays next year..the best.weve seen around Tampa in a while..I ve seen him make all the throws when he clams down…I think when he learn to calm down and relax he will be a hell of a QB and the bucs will be in the playoffs numous years. Very good QB but must remember stay calm and when it’s not there don’t force it to make a play take what teams give you

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    TheBucsAnthem – If I got the numbers right the earliest Evans can be given a new deal is next season, although the Bucs can also just give him a one year deal under the rookie contract he’s on, obviously the Bucs will – I’d assume – give him a big new deal. Winston can’t do anything for 2 more years, and again they’d still hold a one year option and could use the franchise tag as a way to negotiate, like the Colts did with Luck. Kwon has a 4 year deal and I don’t believe the Bucs can do anything with him until after that deal is up, but I believe he’d still be a RFA so the Bucs could match any deal – that is the same with LT Smith and Marpet.

    Basically the Bucs have Evans they may or may not deal with after next season, and they can’t do anything with Winston for at least 2 years and Kwon, Smith and Marpet are all up in 2 years.

    The Bucs have the contracts of Martin, Sweeny, George Johnson (if you can believe it, he’s still on the team and gets like 2.5-million a year somehow) Verner and Evan Smith, they might all cut, and Brent Grimes contracts would be up. That’s a lot of money coming free and basically covers for most of what those new contracts would be, minus Winston.

    The Bucs are in excellent shape salary cap wise, but that is mainly due to the lack of depth all across the board. The can easily sign some people if they wanted to and still easily resign all their own guys. But I think the bidding on FAs is going to be nuts because everyone has money and I doubt any truly good top notch FAs will hit the market.

    We shall see.

  11. Rod Munch Says:

    Blake_bucsfan – Great post… until you got to Mike Williams. I can’t get past his name and the history of bad Mike Williams’ that all seem to bust.

  12. Biggun Says:

    How many completed passes this year, and how many missed and still threw over 4k in yards and 28 TD’s just think what records he will shatter if he increases his completions! Oh and probably a bye week playoff seed also! So most import ant thing is his protection and receivers we get that handled we’re going to be so tough S>O>B’s to beat anywhere and time GO BUCS!!!!!

  13. jameisaintnopunk Says:

    i for one am so stoaked, happy and basicly feel greatfull that we have jameis, and believe he is going to be a hall of fame QB

  14. webster Says:

    @ rod

    The bucs can sign all players with one year left on their rookie contract. So in reality, the bucs can/will sign marpet, donavan, kwon and evans to extensions. You do not want those guys to hit free agency.

  15. Pete Mitchell Says:

    The craziest part is…. This dude is just 22!

    Yes there are obvious flaws in his game but the potential for greatness is there and hopefully the fire to continuously improve will allow him to correct those flaws. He seems to be the type of guy who relishes the opportunity to improve!

    I will say that he had opportunities late in life ne score games to play us into the playoffs, in Dallas and in New Orleans, and he didn’t get it done. For him, and this team to become elite, that has to change. Now that that’s in the past the take away has to be that those experiences will help him for next time.

    That was a good, not great, season. As a BUCS fan I am super excited for the future!

  16. webster Says:

    @ pete

    It takes a team to “get it done.” To pin those loses on him is ridiculous. Your defense allowed prescott to go 32-36 with no consistent pressure on dak. Your oline had probably their worst game of the season against dallas. No time to throw will make any qb look average (see afc championship game denver vs pats). Brady looked dazed and confused. It takes a team to get it done.

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rod Munch Says
    “…and Martin is cut.”

    I don’t think they intend to cut Martin, and if they don’t, he’ll still get his $7 million. It just won’t be guaranteed. He’ll have to earn it. Unless they rework his contract.

    I say this because of the family atmosphere they’re creating, plus resent team staff comments. I just get the impression that they are not giving up on him.

    And really, they can afford not to.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “resent” = “recent”

    Can’t believe I misspelled that.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    You are right, it takes a team. And Winston isn’t 100% to blame for all the bad things…and he can’t do everyone’s job.

    That said, he still has a lot of growing to do. He did make mistakes. The good news is he knows he did, and we all know he is the type of guy who will obsess to fix those weak areas.

    And that, my friends, is why Mike Glennon will NEVER do well as a starter. He will never become elite because he lacks the obsessive drive true elite QBs have. Othersie, his weak areas would have been fixed long before now. Instead, a team “has to be patient” with him.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So far as his bad throws and stuff, I believe Jameis Winston is the type of quarterback who needs him WRs to run perfect routs and fight for the ball.

  21. Rod Munch Says:

    webster – Really, so guys drafted in the 2nd round and later can all get new deals after 3 years and a guy drafted in the 1st could get tied down to a 5-year rookie contract? I had that very wrong.

    Is the contract you sign replace your 4th year or does it start after the 4th year – or could it be either one of those two options?

    Also yeah I messed up on the RFA stuff, that would be something Brate and Humphries would be since they were UDFA – and they’d be getting a new contract after next season I believe. Let me know if I’m wrong.

  22. webster Says:


    I was not impling that jameis does not have things to work on because he does. I just hate it when fans say “he” did not get it done when the rest of the team laid an egg. The pats play well around brady week in and week out. Its a team effort.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai – Martin, to the best of my knowledge, isn’t a bad guy – isn’t a guy out causing problems. As for the family environment stuff, that’s all nice when you’re marketing to women, but Pats are a team full of a-holes and no one cares. The Bucs had a bunch of a-holes, and a bunch of good guys, during their run – no one cares. Schiano tried to make the team a bunch of Boy Scouts, meanwhile he saying how stupid the fans were, was leaking Freeman’s medical records and God punished him and the team via MRSA.

    If Martin’s contract isn’t guaranteed it means they can cut him and save themselves $7-million, but I hope they don’t do that. If the contract has no further guarantees then just keep him on the roster, keep an eye on him in the offseason and see what is happening. Not sure what the rehab talk is all about, what that is in reference to, but Doug just doesn’t seem like a guy that will fall off a cliff, personality wise. I think, and it’s only my thoughts as I don’t know him, but Doug seems like the kind of guy that is going to be incredibly embarrassed by all of this and will want to prove he’s not a bad guy, and will be just be the best version we’ve seen of him yet. Again, I think that’s what will happen but I have no clue. If the Bucs don’t have to worry about his contract getting guaranteed, such as with injury or something, then certainly bring him back and see how it goes, then you can cut him at anytime. Martin might only have one more good year left in him, he is going to be 28 in a few weeks – but if the Bucs should try to ride him out for one more year, and with all the injuries he’s had while he’s been super productive when healthy, he actually doesn’t have the normal wear and tear you’d expect, so he could have one more big year and then some good years after that.

  24. webster Says:

    @ rod

    For 2nd round picks and below (4 year deals), the new contract kicks in after the 4th year. For 1st round picks it kicks in after the 5th year. But teams try and sign their guys the offseason before their last year like mccoy and david. You do not want to be like detriot and lose suh. As it relates to hump and brate, you can tender them a contract before they become ufa i believe. I think they would be called exclusive rights free agents. I am not sure of the exact rule but look at jaquise smith or mcdougal as an example.

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    Webster – OK so I wasn’t that far off, they can sign new contracts but won’t get paid quite yet. According to Greg Auman on Twitter, apparently the Bucs can now sign Evans to a new deal since his 3rd year is up.

    Hey Joe if you read this can you use your massive Joe Buc knowledge base and write-up a simple article that explains who can be resigned and when and how the contract would work, like a signing/roster bonus and when that would get paid, etc. I’m interested in if the Bucs might have an issue with the salary cap floor, I know it’s a multi-year rolling average, but are the Bucs in any danger of not getting to the floor – and what is the 4-year average based on anyways? Enquiring minds want to know.

  26. James Walker Says:

    No story on Jameis on NFL website about his record season. There is a story about Talib ripping a chain off Crabtree though! Typical Yankee NFL news bias.

  27. Buc Fan in NC Says:

    Sign any free agents to 2 years guaranteed. That way we can dump them if they dont work out or have leverage to renegotiate with them. This locks us into 2 year window to compete until its time to pay Evans, Jameis and others. Poe scares me if he gets paid. Hopefully we sign Berry and find 2 WRs and look to draft D-line, O-line and DBs.

  28. webster Says:

    @ rod

    That means evans did not sign the typical 5 year rookie deal like mccoy, martin or winston. With him signing a 4 year deal, auman is right. The bucs can and most likely will negotiate a new contract wit evans this offseason which will kick in 2018.

  29. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I like how the o lineman sit on the bench in the same order they play on the field. My OCD approves.

  30. Poor Glennon Says:

    When don’t make the current pro bowl. Your title is now former pro bowler.

  31. Poor Glennon Says:

    Brady won the superbowl with less weapons! This weapons thing is getting out of hand. Evans Hump and Brate are as good a #1WR,slot WR and TE combo in the league. Wait til we sign some skid like Britt. Then Evans goes down to injury. That’s having no weapons! I can’t even name a NE WR. Or a WR for the Titans

  32. Buc68 Says:

    No Brady did not. Nice story though.

  33. satchseven Says:

    Evans Hump and Brate are as good a #1WR,slot WR and TE combo in the league.

    the lack of speed hurts…… you watch other teams and guys get separation leading to easy catches. all of the throws to these guys are heavily contested it seems. a speed guy is needed badly

  34. webster Says:

    @ poor glennon

    You cant name a weapon for the titans? There it is right there. You know you can go be a titans fan you mariota lover. Maybe they could do something if he could stay healthy. Oh, and they have a great oline over there with 3 1st rounders on there along with a high price free agent which led to the #1 running game. There is a pro bowl tight end too. Fyi….the record is both 9-7. Im sorry you missed that mariota lover.

  35. webster Says:

    @ poor glennon

    When you have never made the pro bowl like mariota has not, then your title is never a pro bowler. What is your point?

  36. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    @Poor Glennon I can Name you a weapon from the titans, 4 actually, Rishard Matthews, Delanie Walker, Demarco Murray, Derrick Henry, 5 if you count a legit physically dominant O-line. That Team won yesterday with Matt Cassel at the helm. Mariota has gone down 2 years in a row with season ending Injuries.

    And please, anyone who thinks that Brady wasn’t carried to those first 2 rings by an outstanding defense, and he has the benefit of having THE best coach in the modern era of the NFL. Not to mention its basically confirmed at this point that they were cheating in those days.

    So please, take your ignorance, and prejudice, and go cry in a corner by yourself.

  37. Rrsrq Says:

    The thing you never saw with the Bucs this year with all their weapons (sarcasm) is a player actually scoring a touchdown with someone chasing them (apologies to Freddie Martino) or a run where the player went in untouched either up the middle or along the outside.