More Old Man Bucs Would Fit Playoff Mold

January 23rd, 2017
Brent Grimes and Daryl Smith

Brent Grimes and Daryl Smith

Yes, Joe keeps tabs on all things free agency across the NFL and how they might tie to Tampa Bay.

The Ravens, for example, are an interesting bunch.

Baltimore (8-8) is very tight on its salary cap and is loaded with older players.

They’re likely looking to get younger and are likely to purge a few quality older veterans. Former Bucs center/guard Jeremy Zuttah, 30, is among the names being discussed in town.

In a BSPN look at the Ravens, beat writer Jamison Hensley shared data on 30-year-old starters across the NFL.

Looking at the teams that played in this [playoffs] divisional round, here are the number of players older than 30 who started 10 or more games for them in 2016: the Seahawks (five), Texans (five), Cowboys (four), Falcons (four), Patriots (four), Steelers (three), Packers (three) and Chiefs (two).

The Ravens had a whopping 10 such players: quarterback Joe Flacco; linebackers Terrell Suggs and Albert McClellan; wide receivers Steve Smith Sr. and Mike Wallace; safeties Eric Weddle and Lardarius Webb; guard Marshal Yanda; center Jeremy Zuttah; and tight end Dennis Pitta. This doesn’t include Elvis Dumervil, who only played half of the games after recovering from Achilles surgery, and tight end Benjamin Watson, who missed the entire season with an Achilles injury.

Good news for the Bucs is they only had four players 30 or older start 10 or more games, Daryl Smith, Robert Ayers
Brent Grimes and Demar Dotson. So that’s right in line with the NFL’s “Final 8” this season.

Of course, the Bucs were counting on a fifth old man, Vincent Jackson, whose game collapsed before his knee did.

With Jackson gone (and possibly Smith to retirement), if the Bucs added two more starters in their 30s, the team still would only have four or five, putting them right in line with the other stud playoff teams of 2016.

Joe’s point is the Bucs can afford to add a couple of seasoned veterans like Calais Campbell and Adrian Peterson, for example (for example, people), while they get younger in the draft. It wouldn’t mean the Bucs are trying to win old and mortgage the future.

22 Responses to “More Old Man Bucs Would Fit Playoff Mold”

  1. Joeypoppems Says:

    Ill say it again. Wouldnt mind a 30 year old #2 receiver

  2. TeddyTB Says:

    I’d only sign a guy in his 30s if it’s a super team friendly contract. Too many young guys make immediate impact nowadays.

  3. Poor Glennon Says:

    Look at the Superbowl teams. NE’s WR are all 3rd (slot) receivers. Jones is a 1WR there is no doubt about that. But is Sanu a 2WR? A poor mans 2 maybe. They are all 3WR as well. Maybe 4 3WR is the wave of the future.

  4. Architek Says:

    You need experience and calming presence on the field and in the locker room. I’m not oppose to bringing in those players.

  5. Lunchbox Says:

    Interesting take on the Patriots WR corp, and really for the most part true. However don’t forget who’s throwing to them. I don’t know if that concept would work with the other teams out there. As far as 30+ vets are concerned, IMHO, I feel like it’s better generally speaking to get younger the farther away from the ball you get (WR, CB, S, RB). Veteran stability and leadership can come from anywhere, but I’d rather have younger more athletic guys at the skill positions, unless you have a guy like Grimes or Steve Smith or Darrell Green back in the day that can maintain their relative health, intensity, and athleticism. Guys like who I just mentioned are the exception, not the rule.

  6. Lunchbox Says:

    That’s why I advocate for Terrell Pryor at the WR2 position. Great measurables, wants badly to play and win, has worked with Mike Evans previously, and I believe he’s 26. Not a rookie but definitely not an old man either. Also, after re-reading my post, I realize it’s WR corps, not corp lol

  7. Eric Says:

    I’m still irritated we didn’t submit a claim for Michael Floyd. That would have been a huge addition to next season and he would have been awesome paired with Evans.

    It also would have allowed much more flexibility in the draft.

  8. Architek Says:

    Michael Floyd is still due to be a UFA. And as you can see he’s not exactly changed the WR corps for NE. I think he’s a solid player at best but you can find better talent and upside players in the draft.

    Also consider that Licht knows him very well speaks to how our GM views him as a fit for the team.

  9. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The Falcons have a lot of receivers who can run routes and catch the ball. Matt Ryan threw TD passes to 13 different receivers ( an NFL record ). Rah has done an amazing job with the Falcons receivers. They don’t look at their receivers as a 1-2-3-4, they look at all of them as receivers. When Julio went down, Matt Ryan didn’t miss a beat. The other receivers stepped their game up a notch, with more playing time.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Older players are risky because they are usually more prone to injury than younger players. Less tread on the tires also means more experience though and better ability to pick things up quickly and be ready to contribute right away.

    Its a double edged sword and the “right mix” of experience vs youth is an important aspect for any GM to monitor closely.

  11. tickrdr Says:

    @Weapons for Winston: but sort of off topic, I guess.

    Just another one of those things I learned while looking up some other things.

    Chris Hogan, WR, NE Patriots matched the performance of the great Julio Jones yesterday with 9 catches for 180 yards and two TDs, against the Steelers.
    Played for four years at Penn State, but wasn’t drafted, because he played LACROSSE there. Had one year of eligibility left and then played for Monmouth University for one year and had 12 catches and 3 TDs in college. But when he has a certain 6th round draft pick throwing to him, he somehow looks OK.


  12. macabee Says:

    ProFootballRumors is reporting that Ravens starting Center Jeremy Zuttah (30) may be a cap causualty. Currently making about 4.1mil. Might be worth a look if he hits the street! …. And why do we need ProFootballRumors when Joe wrote about this in the post?–Joe

  13. macabee Says:

    Sorry Joe. Guilty. Didn’t read the article. Went right to the comments. Next time I comment on this at another website, I will be sure to say I read this at JoeBucsFan. lol.

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    Zuttahs would not be much of an upgrade if any at center. His best attribute is his versatility – much like Evan Smith but perhaps a tad more talented. Pass

  15. ME13 Says:

    Like I said we have to pay for our past sins in the Draft!! We have to add pieces to contend now because of 10yrs of Bad picks!! Mr Jason light yrs ahead of most for have a chance to spend time in NE!! They add pieces in FA then they Draft!! We could never let a Jamie Collons walk never!! Because of the sins in the past Drafts!! JZ would be a monster upgrade at Center!!!

  16. GhostofTedford Says:

    @JOE……a future story on FA targets?

  17. GhostofTedford Says:

    Name Names

  18. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    (for example, people),

    This is why I defended you guys after the IRA piece. I think you have made that clear through all of your draft pieces. Sadly you now have to emphasize it.

    Some people speed read your stuff I guess or maybe reading comprehension is not their strong suit.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t think Jeremy Zuttah would be willing to come back here. Not with Licht here.

    It’s not a coincidence that the Bucs are in Salary Cap heaven…the first thing Licht did was get rid of an overpaid oline and Revis. Instant money.

    If he would be willing to return? It would cost big. He’s healthy. He’s proven. And he will want to be paid if he returns, as a sign of respect.

    His age? I figure we could get 2-4 good years from him. So make it cap friendly after two years.

    Although, my thinking is that we need a young guy for our QB.

  20. ME13 Says:

    Football is just like war!!! You trust in the man nx to for your life!! So if you had to keep your hand under a mans a$$ 3 hrs in the fight of your life who do you want ? The first name comes to mind is ( Joe Hawk) because he has a mean streak in him I love !!! But an there is a big ( BUt ) being im a Bucs fan Joe Hawk is just not strong enough at the point of attack!! So we got to get some beef up front it’s just has to happen!! Or Jamis will never be famous an any RB we bring will go for the (Adderal ) to try an find a lil crack to run into to try an get a few yards!! Go watch the film play after play after play Joe Hawk gets rocked off the line into the back field!! Is Joe Hawk smart yes is he a warrior yes is he going to fight to the death yes!!! Is he strong enough at point attract (NO )

  21. ME13 Says:

    We got the funds pay an (old Man ) like JZ to come help Marpet fight for 60 min !! Light yrs is very good in the Draft!! I don’t want to hear bout our 2nd Rd kicker !!! I liked the pick at the time (No one ) an I mean (NO ONE) thought ROberto was a choke!!! As I was saying Light yrs is savvy in the Draft he is building a team to Last thur the Draft!! Stop crying about FA without that we would have went 6/9 at best!! The old men Joe is talking bout RAjr man he made a different on the D-line an Grampa Grimes no offense (Miko) who led the league in PBU !!! Grimes balled out last yr an I don’t see him doing anything different this yr but maybe adding a few more picks !!! Got to have some season vets !! They make the Difference !! They teach the rooks how to take care of there selves an how to prepare !!

  22. ME13 Says:

    We have made a few move all ready!! Sign to futures a center an a sleeper guy that I have high hopes for!! Everyone deserves a second chance!! Jeff Knox is the guy we signed out of CFL!! The list him as a LB!! In College he played CB SS an RB !! He is fast an can thump great on ST!! He could b a sleeper at SS !! But FA has all ready started ( Furture Contracts) an Light yrs has got us a new back up center !! Not sure where Jeff Knox fits in yet!! The key to Manegment is to prepare today for tomorrow !!! Just know Jason (Light years ahead of the GM curve) is doing just that!! Go Bucs