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January 9th, 2017

joebucsfan-com-logoLast week, Joe did a hit on 97.9 ESPN Tallahassee to do a season wrap-up of the Bucs.

Naturally, Joe landed on the airwaves of “The Jeff Cameron Show,” the best damn sports radio show in the Florida Panhandle.

Joe and Cameron discussed a wide range of Bucs topics. Feel free to listen below. Audio courtesy of ESPN Tallahassee.

espn tallahassee

11 Responses to “Listen To Joe”

  1. Getaclue Says:

    What do you think about the possibility that when Mike Smith takes a HC job, if we don’t promote Hayes to DC , Smith could very well extend the offer of DC to Hayes where he goes and we could be out of both Smith and Hayes.

  2. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Jeff Cameron. Bingo. Bingo. Bingo. Echoed my exact sentiments on Dalvin Cook.

  3. Nujerzbuc Says:

    Joe what do you think of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon in pewter next year. Very aware of the mistake the young man made when he was 17 (A child). He isn’t a trouble kid and can slip. We can get him in the 3rd or 4th. I think we should go for him!!!!

  4. Nujerzbuc Says:

    Or try to

  5. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    @Nujerzbuc wait that happened 3 years ago? I was under the impression that it was a recent event. If so i’d be much more open to drafting him.

  6. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Even though the act was egregiously bad, People make mistakes and commit sins all the time, but they repent for them and grow as people.

  7. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    Does anyone know what provoked him to hit the young lady…was he provoked or just quit tempered I think that’s what’s important and has he been in any other trouble since

  8. StAugBuc Says:

    Hayes can’t leave without Buc’s permission unless for HC

  9. Blake_bucsfan Says:

    Basically what happened was, he was at the mall with friends, and allegedly got involved in a confrontation with a girl and her “gay” freind. Some way or another, Mixon claimed that a racial slur was thrown his way by the male, and so he called the guy the “F” word. And the guys friend(the girl), got into Mixon’s face, as they were arguing she pushed him, he flinched at her as if to say step back, said “get outta my face.” She then slapped him, and then he Laid her out with a vicious right cross and fled the scene.

    No excuse for it, any grown man with a lick of sense would’ve walked away from the situation and kept a cool head. He did a positively awful thing. But immaturity is a powerful force. I don’t believe he’s done anything since tho.

    I would only be ok with drafting him in the 4th round or later. But I can’t say I don’t understand why people want nothing to do with him.

  10. Rojas Says:

    Jags hiring Doug Marrone as head coach.

  11. Nujerzbuc Says:

    Right that is my main issue. This man made a mistake as a kid. I will not try to down play the situation at all. This kid did his suspension, stayed in the same school, and has been great in the locker room/school. I don’t know what anybody else want from him. I would take him in the 3rd.

    1st Round Corey Davis/ John Ross WR
    2nd Round Montravious Adams DT
    3rd Round Joe Mixon RB