Koetter: “We Need More Speed”

January 2nd, 2017

jeff demps 2When’s the last time a Buccaneers player really had take-it-to-the-house speed?

Joey Galloway?

Clifton Smith?

Maybe Arrelious Benn.

K-Y hands Jeff Demps?

It’s been a while. The Bucs simply don’t have that guy who can go over the top of a defense or turn a nothing-special gain into a crowd-thrilling game of chase. Heck, in recent years, Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin were caught from behind multiple times.

Charles Sims has juice in the open field, but he’s a part-time running back.

Dirk Koetter talked about speed on his offense today. He sees what fans see.

“We need more speed, and when we say playmakers, playmakers and explosive plays are one in the same,” Koetter said. “Guys that can make explosives, guys that can catch a 10-yard pass, break one tackle and turn it into a 30-yard gain. You know, our run after the catch is not where it needs to be.

“And again, anything that we’re saying here is not an indictment on the guys we have. Because the guys you have are the guys you have. And you gotta coach the heck out of them. Once again, it goes back to the thing I said [earlier], I think this team did a good job playing as close to their talent level [as they could].”

Jason Licht tried to score that speed threat when he drafted receiver Robert Herron in the sixth-round in 2014. Herron’s extra juice was evident on the field, but his hands were made of jelly.

Donteea Dye was a speedster last year but rarely caught the ball when it came his way.

Kenny Bell? Please, don’t get Joe started.

Koetter sort of made it clear that speed would be an offseason priority. But Joe doesn’t think the Bucs will go overboard in their quest. There are plenty of good receivers who aren’t game-breakers but still get a defense’s attention.

71 Responses to “Koetter: “We Need More Speed””

  1. Tampa2-2002 Says:

    Desean Jackson anyone?

  2. Chris Says:

    Aurelius Benn and his 4.6 speed? Really, cause the Benned around was always a repeat to go to the house, I hope you were kidding with him

  3. Rojas Says:

    Probably John Ross. Even though I wouldn’t want him in the 1st. I’d take Corey Davis.

  4. ElioT Says:

    Cordarelle Patterson & Marquise Goodwin anyone?

    One of them is bound to work out right?

    Go Bucs!

  5. Pawel Says:

    I like the fact that Koetter sees what we are seeing as fans.

  6. MadMax Says:

    Josh Malone, TN with the 3rd pick….late 2nd/early 3rd.

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    ……..the defense performing top notch while the offense lets us down again????

    …….never heard that before in TB……

  8. Nole on Sat- Bucc on Sun Says:

    Ya know theirs this young man coming out FSU this year plenty fast. 71 yard run the other night fast.

  9. Supersam Says:

    It’s hurts to think we could have had tyreek Hill over Roberto in the second round, boy are the chiefs loving that kid, big miss by Licht.

  10. Gencoimports Says:

    Draft Davis or Ross and sign Patterson.

  11. Born again Bucs fan Says:


  12. Chuckstutz Says:

    Seems to me we need to do a better job of hitting receivers on the move. Anyone else notice every pass seems to be a zone sit down or button hook. I look at n.o. and see streaking receivers hit in full stride. They are gone! We catch a pass a have no momemtem and get hit at once. Jus sayin.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Coach Koetter could work wonders I’m convinced with a WR who could truly stretch the field to complement Mike Evans. Would love to see the Bucs grab DeSean Jackson … supposedly the fastest NFL WR at 4.35 secs in the 40. More importantly though, he’s averaged almost 1,000 yds for each of his 9 seasons. On the negative side, he is small, older (30) and has a history of getting injured, but hey, nobody’s perfect. Thoughts in DC papers seem to be that the Redskins will opt to keep Pierre Garcon this year rather than Jackson. Bucs need to throw their hat in the ring and sign him, then add another speedy WR in the draft to learn from him.

  14. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The big miss was when we didn’t claim Taylor Gabriel and his 4.27 speed off waivers.

  15. Pete Mitchell Says:

    Agreed with chuckstutz, maybe our lack of yards after catch is another symptom of our young quarterbacks inaccuracy. Jameis needs to work on delivering the ball accurately if he and this team are going to make the next step.

  16. Bucs or Bust Says:

    Go get Terrelle Pryor!! So ME and TP in 2017!

  17. Ray Says:

    lol so what your saying is jameis never hits a receiver on stride ?? Y’all will find any reason to turn this on him. any logical person can see speed is the issue. But I will admit his accuracy does need to get better but it has improved since last season statically

  18. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Hey Sam, the guy the Chiefs got for the Roberto trade was cut and played four games for another team and had one tackle. Nice try though.

  19. Supersam Says:

    Hey touchdown, what I meant was we could’ve/should’ve drafted hill instead of Roberto. Nothing to do with the trade.

  20. NutterBuccer Says:

    Mike Wallace? Not sure what the Ravens signed him to last year if it was a 1 year deal or longer.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Maybe we need to hire Raheem to coach all of our new speedy receivers…..
    SMH……Raheem coaching receivers on the #1 offense in the NFL.

    I know….you like Monken…..lets give him the placalling duties….I’m unimpressed with Koetter’s playcalling.

    I am so tired of running plays on 2nd & 1 or 2……that is the time for Jameis’ play action for a downfield shot.

    Did anyone notice that Koetter said our new speed receivers

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Did anyone notice that Koetter said our new speed receivers could turn a 10 yard catch into 40…..that’s because he knows that Jameis has an accuracy problem going deep and that’s likely not going to change.

  23. RawBucFan Says:

    The only 2 wr the Bucs should consider in free agency are DeSean Jackson(proven) or Cordarrelle Patterson(potential & special team monster). If Corey Davis is available at #19 grab him unless he’s not the “best player available” which I doubt will be the case. It’s playoffs or bust next year!!!

  24. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Good god Sam Hill was taken in the 5th round. SMH!

  25. Jay Smith Says:

    Look up James Washington Oklahoma state on youtube 2nd or 3rd round.

  26. Trubucfan22 Says:

    As much as koetter keeps talking about, i sure hope that him and Licht do not disappoint. We need speed and we need that explosive playmaker opposite Evans. We need a player equally as good as evans to be the #2.

    Koetter knows how awesome it was to have Roddy white in his prime AND julio Jones. An unstoppable duo. The bucs need their Julio Jones to go with their Mike Evans. It is the one thing (imo) holding this offense back.

    I do not think we need an all pro RB. A good o line can make any RB look good. But it takes exceptional talent from a WR to beat double coverage deep.

  27. Eric Says:

    Mercury Morris.

    Or Bob Hayes

  28. NJBucsFan Says:

    Hill is a gimmick player. Not only is he small…albeit fast…he’s a character issue. Dude was arrested because he punched and chocked his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach.

  29. Dougyballs Says:

    Corey davis. Has the speed hands and yac. But still has the size to hold up to a hit
    Have to say I still want cook if he falls though

  30. NJBucsFan Says:

    Chocked and punched*

  31. Kevin Says:

    I agree….if there is someone out there like tyreek hill for KC or that guy in ATL gabriel you.gotta go get them this offseason. That is a huge piece missing with this team.

  32. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    I’ve mentioned speed for the bucs several times…if not at reciever. .at RB..I’ve been saying over and over that we need some speed..I love our running back bUT many times I’ve seen Martin break through a hole only to get ran down from behind ..just saw the same thing happen Sunday with Roders …hope Licht is successful with getting some speed in 017

  33. Rod Munch Says:

    I always thought the Bucs should have tried to trade Glennon to the Vikings for a 3rd rounder and Cordarelle Patterson. They wanted Bradford so it was a non-starter, but Cordarelle Patterson seems like a great fit. In Minnesota he was a bust since he’s mainly a special teams guy, but he can play a bit of WR and would give the Bucs a return and someone to at least stretch the field on 3rd down. He’s a FA, they should sign him.

  34. Supersam Says:

    what the flip difference does it make what round the chiefs took him? The dude is probably gonna win rookie of the year and the point is we had 5 chances to draft him and we didn’t. Put the beer down bro.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Why is it that some fans have to make negative comments every time they post?

  36. Rod Munch Says:

    Because it’s the Internet. Duh.

  37. Rrsrq Says:

    Here is what is sad, during the preseason, we played the Browns and also practiced with them, Taylor Gabriel, that little guy for the Falcons, ate us up with speed during the preseason, you knew the Browns weren’t going to keep him with T. Pryor, J. Gordon and drafting three receivers, so we had a first hand look at him and we still let him get away when the Browns cut him. Who was on our roster at receiver to start the season with speed.

  38. TarzanTheBucsFan Says:

    Nole i sware shut up with the dalvin cook crap

  39. Joeypoppems Says:

    I hope they dont go after Patterson for his ability as a receiver. A return man is one thing but the dude cant catch which is why all he is in Minnesota is a return man and a screen guy. Desean Jackson or Kenny Stills would be a better signing

  40. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    I love Coach K but this is simply stating the obvious. Stevie Wonder called to say that even he could see the Bucs lack speed.

    How many times did Doug get pulled down from behind? I know that happens occasionally but it didn’t look as if Martin could outrun anybody.

    ME and VJAX are not speedy….seriously Joey Galloway is the last fast guy we had who also could play.

    I’m the optimist and so I’ll go with we’re going to find a couple of WR’s…and we’re going to have a good pass rush next year.

    If we can run the ball we’re going to be really, really good.

  41. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Obviously Doug got pulled down from behind last year…he never even got behind the D this year!!! He missed those roids I guess.

  42. tickrdr Says:

    Excellent observations by Chuckstutz and PeteMitchell:
    Sure you can get YAC by being faster than your defender and outrunning them, after catching the ball. But watch how often the great quarterbacks hit the receiver either in stride or facing the defense, and not with his back to the defender, who can quickly close and tackle, before he can make an elusive move.
    Remember the pass to Adam Humphries along the Bucs sideline yesterday, which he adjusted to nicely; and caught facing the endzone, and turned it into a big gainer. Similarly, Charles Sims was so effective last year getting short screens in space, but ONLY when he was facing the defense to make a defender miss, and not with his back to the defensive team. It makes a big difference.
    I think that is also why the receivers are looking to get down when they go up to get a high pass facing Jameis, because they know someone may be getting a bead on them.


  43. Rod Munch Says:

    Joeypoppems – Agree with you on Patterson, I’d want him as a return man but was just saying he could go in there at WR on 3rd and long and the defense would still have to cover him – but mainly just a return specialist.

    DeSean Jackson sounds like he’s going to Philly or staying in DC, but in either case he’s constantly injured and getting up there in age already, not sure he’s a good fit for the team either form a personality standpoint – I don’t think by any means the team needs to be a bunch of Boy Scouts, but preferably they’re not out gang banging as well, not sure if that’s still his thing or if he’s grown up, but the constantly getting injured deal would make him to me not be worthy of conservation.

    Kenny Stills however… that’s a good name and I totally forgot that he was traded to Miami after his rookie year, so I thinking he wouldn’t be a FA yet. I didn’t really think of his a #2, but his size is borderline OK at 6’0 and 195 lbs, at worst he’d be a #3 WR. That’s a really good name to look out for.

  44. Kobe Faker Says:

    why do i have a feeling forrest gump is going to draft the next philip dorsett and sammy coates?

    fast under 4.4 guys who cant run routes and catch

    dumb and dumber at the war room…snh

  45. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    I was on the weapons in the 1st bandwagon. But idk where this Solomon Thomas kid will go, but we need him in the worst way. The guy is a superstar. If u have doubts PLEASE look this kid up. The only comparisons they have for this guy are GMC and Aaron Donald.

  46. passenger27 Says:

    This teams problem is deep accuracy it doesnt matter if we had usain bolt. If our qb over throws him. We need big reciever (guys with large catch radius) not speedy small guys that’s how you help out Jamies.

  47. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    kobe faker im with you

  48. Miko Says:

    Mccaffery or Corey Davis in the 1st…

  49. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    No thanks on McCaffrey, he us a Gimmick Player. We already have a McCaffrey in Chuck Simms. Honestly it should be Corey Davis or Solomon Thomas. If Cook falls to us then that’s great too, but solomon thomas could be special. He can be the bookend pass rusher to Noah Spence. Think of him as a better Michael Bennett. He can move inside on passing downs and is great against the run also. Look him up. SOLOMON THOMAS.

  50. Ocala Says:

    Dalvin is the guy in the first if he is there but I doubt he is available

    I’d go after Marquise Goodwin from the Bills and Kenny Stills from Miami in FA

  51. Guzzie Says:

    I know his assault on punching a woman 3 years ago is a big deal, and he hasn’t had any transgressions since, so hopefully he’s matured and learned from his mistakes, but man, Joe Mixon has Adrian Peterson size and speed, and he’s got Leveon Bell hands, if he didn’t have that assault charge, he’d be a top ten pick, 3 down back with breakaway speed and receiver hands, plus low mileage, split time with another back at Oklahoma, Samarji Perine, check out his highlights, they a ridiculous, hoping we get him in the 3rd

  52. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Ur crazy, there is talk if this guy Goin undrafted. 3rd round? LOL. Try 6th or 7th

  53. Guzzie Says:

    Mike Evans…YouTube his highlights and tell me he’s a 6-7 round talent, 6’1 227, he’s making one handed catches 30 yards down the field, not lucky catches either, his speed is elite and his vision, watch the highlights of the Sugar Bowl, don’t worry I’ll look for your comment later

  54. Guzzie Says:

    It’s 3rd quarter, Joe Mixon has 95 yards rushing, 89 receiving, the guy is a monster, instead of taking Dalvin in the 1st, like many want, get this guy later

  55. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    I’m not saying he is a 6th IR 7th round talent. But teams are scared of him off field. There is talk of him going UNDRAFTED. Why WASTE a 3rd on a guy u could get in the 6th. It would be like taking a Kicker in the 2nd round when u could get him in the 5th.

  56. Guzzie Says:

    He’s not going to last past the 3rd, getting a top ten talent in the 3rd round is a a big win, look at Noah Spence, long way to go till the draft, just remember the name, Mixon is going to be a superstar, probably on a team like the Patriots

  57. MadMax Says:

    Mixon will probably break another girls face with a Tyson haymaker! I’d stay far away from that little sh!t. Now Samaje Perine, thats one to go after.

  58. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Noah spence used a non addictive party drug. Mixon “broke a girls face”. Big difference.

  59. Guzzie Says:

    Not disputing Mixons actions as an 18 year old kid is excusable, only saying he’s got stud written all over him, had he not did that, he’d be the top back this draft, even over Fournette, taking a chance on an Peterson/Leveon type back is worth the risk

  60. Ocala Says:

    Nixon wouldn’t be the top back but he’d be the third back taken if he had no off the field issue.

    He’s very talented and hopefully he has learned his lesson and is a much better person now than he was three years ago if he checks off on all of that I would think an NFL team will draft him and if he is drafted I would think third round

  61. Guzzie Says:

    Fournette isn’t close to the receiver Mixon is, and Cook isn’t as big as Mixon, this draft is loaded with RBs, hoping the Bucs get Mixon in a later round than taking Cook in the first is what I’m saying

  62. MadMax Says:

    Yeah, I saw “stud” future wife beater written all over him when he broke that girls face….and at 18 you’re not a kid anymore. I get it you want to ignore or let it go, but thats going to drive a lot of teams away from him and I hope the Bucs are one of them. Something isnt right in his head when he chose to go there and do that to her. No thanks.

  63. Buc Fan in NC Says:

    Mike Evans, Mixon responded inappropriately, but lets not act it wasn’t provoked somewhat. Kid made a mistake. He overreacted in a hostile situation. Noah popped ex is a decision he made over and over. I don’t condone hitting women. But she put them both in a bad situation. If he is on the board in the 3rd or 4th round? We should take him. We got plenty of good guys to help him. Draft best player regardless of position. And yall jumping on Jameis accuracy and he does need to improve. But our wrs constantly make contested catches. We don’t play our defense that allows wide open wrs. Every throw has got to be perfect. Maybe we need better plays designed. That will help with some adddd speed.

  64. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Not sure where you heard exctacy wasn’t addictive but you have been misinformed.

  65. Bob in valrico Says:

    We do have speed on team with Sims.Let him compete at slot receiver when not in the backfield.

  66. Oxycondoms Says:

    Winstons favorite target at fsu Green was a speed guy , Winston also started to click with shorts . just give the 22 year old record breaker another weapon and bucs will beat teams like the Chiefs again who by the way may just win the super bowl this year

  67. Matthew Says:

    For all the guys skeptical of Desean Jackson; he’s never been suspended for PEDs like Alshon and despite his early Eagles days (now several years ago) hasn’t really had any off field issues. Teammates seem to like him, and if you follow CianFahey on twitter one of the best film gurus covering the NFL he thinks DeSean is the best FA WR available next year. His ability to take the top off of a defense is just incredible, and a large reason why Kirk Cousins suddenly looked like a pseudo-competent QB. If I’m Licht/Koetter I’m salivating at the prospect of having Evans on one side and DeSean on the other daring the defense to pick who they single cover. No more safeties in the box vs our run game; the mere presence of Jackson would change our offense over night.

  68. MadMax Says:

    No. Thats not a mistake. That was a violent calculated decision. He’s a grown man, very athletic at that and chose to throw a haymaker at a girl who looked to be trying to get away from him. He followed her in. Yes, her little weak push was uncalled for and I could understand it a little better if he just pushed her back and then walked away. But dude broke her face….gave it all he had like she was his equal or bigger. Na, Im not buying that crap! That was no mistake! That was a definition of his judgement and character. I seriously doubt that was the first time he ever did anything like that and probably wont be the last. That one just happened to be on tape.
    Time will tell, maybe he’ll change but it takes years of NEVER doing anything like that again to fade away some of that kind of stain. I feel sorry for the team that drafts him. Yes, he’s a beast on the field….also one off the field.

  69. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    @available td tampa bay
    X most certainly IS NOT ADDICTIVE!!!!
    The people that take it may have addictive personalities. But MDMA itself is not physically addictive.

  70. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Idk why this stupid phone said “@ available” LOL

  71. Buc Fan in NC Says:

    MadMax he was 18 and she slapped and spit on him and used a racial slur. Like I said. Bad situation and reacted poorly. He made a bad situation worse. But he was a kid. He was punished by the team and legal system. When is it enough?