Hargreaves All-Rookie

January 18th, 2017
He can ball.

He can ball.

Not very often but certainly weekly, Joe gets a Twitter from a Bucs fans who would rather have E.J. Biggers at corner than Vernon Hargreaves.

So the following will give the anti-Hargreaves crowd a sour stomach this morning.

Hargreaves was selected by the Pro Football Writers Association to the 2016 All-Rookie team.

He started all 16 games, had 76 tackles (three for loss) and nine passes defended. He also had one pick.

Hargreaves joins Johnthan Banks, Mark Barron (also All-Rookie), Tanard Jackson and Rod Jones as the only rookie defensive backs to start all 16 games of their rookie seasons in Bucs history. His nine passes defended were the most by a Bucs rookie since Barron had 10 and the most by a Bucs corner since the aforementioned Biggers.

The last Bucs corner selected to the All-Rookie team was Donnie Abraham.

As Hargreaves told Joe last winter at the combine in Indianapolis when Joe asked him about being only 5-10 as an NFL corner: “If you can ball, you can ball.” … One of Joe’s favorite quotes.

19 Responses to “Hargreaves All-Rookie”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Omg. …..I forgot about ej biggers. ………

    It remains to be seen if VH will be a consistent force for the bucs

    Look, we thought A Verner was a solid foundation. …..and after he got his money……….he’s been almost a complete let down—‘—we’re over paying for his services.

    I hope that is not the case for VH.

  2. JonBuc Says:

    Nice job, VH3. Let’s hope your Buccaneer career goes better than the 4 afoementioned players above i.e. Banks flameout, Barron trade for peanuts, Jackson druggie and for use old timers…Jones aptly named “Toast”.

  3. Bob in valrico Says:

    will point your attention to one aspect of Hargreaves game.68 solo tackles,
    believe that’s about 20 more than Chris Conte had.A lot of corners lack this skill and Hargreaves’s got it.

  4. teacherman777 Says:

    Hargreaves is a tough little guy!

    Ronde Barber has his protege!

    I hope Vernon will pick Rondes brain about preserving his body!

    Ronde was a badass until 37.

    If Schiano hadnt beat our players down so much in practice, Ronde couldve played another season. But he couldnt deal with Schiano the Stickler.

  5. BringBucsBack Says:

    Cool trivia, sort of: Yes, sadly we remember Rod “Toast” Jones; the Bucs 2nd, 1st round pick in 1986. Their 1st, 1st round pick? Bo Jackson, who of course didn’t play for the racist C-house. Bo’s career was shorted by a hip injury received, in part, while being tackled by…Rod Toast Jones.

    Good for Hargreaves! He has got to get better though, especially against larger, physical WRs, which can be found on just about every team.

  6. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Is this one of those “meaningless awards” that I always hear some chatter about!!

  7. theodore Says:

    CB – Vernon Hargreaves III, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Jalen Ramsey, Jacksonville Jaguars
    S – Karl Joseph, Oakland Raiders; Keanu Neal, Atlanta Falcons

    No Eli Apple (picked ahead of Hargreaves).

  8. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ BringBucsBack Says

    Ok, I think you got your facts a little skewed on Rod “Toast” Jones….

    Rod Jones tackled BO before the goalline…..he’s #25

    The tackle by a LB #59 near the sidelines is what resulted in a hip injury to BO.

  9. JWBUCS Says:

    Hey, BigHogHaynes…. Why do people like you always have negative comments spew out of your mouth when you open it? Did not your mother tell you that if you do not have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all…. This, incidentally, was not an award… It is called recognition and recognition is a good thing dumbo… Recognition clearly shows we have a brand new draft pick that did more than just show up on the Sports Press radar screen…. VHIII impressed the media and sports writers, which also suggest his career is off to a good start and may be the glimpse of years to come over a long and productive stay with the Bucs…

    BTW, what recognition did you ever earn over your lifetime?

  10. ndog Says:

    BigHog you’re back!!!! Where you countdown to number of wins till Koetter betas your boy Lovie? I missed you getting closer and closer to being wrong. I guess you had to retire the countdown since he blew past your boy in one short year. No worries sir you will find something else to be wrong about before you know it.

  11. $acbuc$ Says:

    Joe I’m going to take the time on this here post to appreciate everybody on this site. I read most of you guys post and get valid information all the time. The arguments are comedy. I look forward to logging online just to read all the juicy Bucs stuff everyday. I’m getting all mushy today because this one hit home. I found my old golf bag in my boys garage and in the pocket was my glove from Tarnard Jackson. He threw it to me at the Niner game. The one where we lost because Michael Clayton didn’t get his feet in the back of the end zone on the 2 point conversion and I had a flashback.

    I love this site I remember when I got here years ago. My first knockdown post off was with Hawaiian Bucs. Haha. Then lurker and a few other dudes I can’t remember right now. I watch everybody team up on my boy Miguel for dropping that knowledge. I was here when 2.0 got 86d from the grounds. I was called idiots and told I was on drugs. I lashed out numerous times calling JOES UNTALENTED TALENT EVALUATORS and Maggotrons! I’ve grown since then and here’s where I say My bad but I’m ready to turn back into the old me.

    HardGraves is better then Most of the corners we have every had dating back to the Donnie Abraham. Cmon man Ej bigger, Albert Mack who Rah had a bromance with, Leonard Johnson, Myron Lewis and the 4 torchmen. Shabby can’t pis on his belly, Cody Grimm, and Sean Jones wasn’t better then Tanard and he was high. Rah was the genius who made Phillips into a LB(look at the league now) but he was dumb for thinking Sabby could replace Jermaine. He was the last of that championship regime. Buccanon was the fastest corner we ever had from the Raiders and Talib was our biggest corner. I don’t even count a hurt Revis in that weak scheme it’s like he never played for the Bucs. Vernon is thick it hurt when he hit you. Watch his hit on Tirek Hill in the KC game. The good thing about VH3 is YALL can’t run him out of town he 30 minutes away. So make him uncomfortable so he can be a lock down corner on another team. Thanks JBF.

  12. SB Says:

    Big Hog is nothing but a troll. Can’t believe he still comes around after being proved wrong about the much improved coaching staff. Guess it’s how he gets his jollies. Weird people be weird.

  13. Dirks Great Gran Pappy Says:

    Dirk can literally go 0-16 and he will still have showed improvement over lovies regime.

    Big hog and Kobe…men not of their words. While mike Johnson is not much better he at least makes a decent point here or there.

    I like to picture my big hog kinda like Eddie Murphy in the nutty professor when he is watching the infomercials with the tub of Gerald McCoy(ice cream) and he’s pouring the Reese pieces into his mouth and spilling everywhere. All while sobbing uncontrollably.

    That’s how I picture big hog as he’s typing his posts now

  14. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    VHG is just a prime example of a very old cliche.

    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

    This dog has a huge heart and will stick his head in to tackle anybody. Does he always succeed? Does anybody? At least you never get a lack of effort or heart from VHG.

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    There’s an “anti-Hargreaves crowd”??? LOL

    Dude’s gonna be a very nice CB for us for a long time to come…

  16. DesertBucfan Says:

    One more year with the same DC— We shall improve

  17. ATLBucsFan Says:

    I remember Rod “Toast” Jones. Watching him play hurt my eyes. They use to claim he had great closing speed. Unfortunately he needed it and more often never caught up! Congrats to Hargreaves. Well deserved. Been a long time since we’ve see a rookie ball like he does. Excellent pick Mr. Licht.

  18. Phillip Says:

    11. Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Buccaneers (Florida)
    Snaps: 968

    PFF overall grade: 62.3

    Vernon Hargreaves III is leading all rookie corners in receiving yards allowed this season (971), and is likely approaching the ugly landmark of a 1,000-yard year. He has only given up one touchdown, but has allowed 71.8 percent of passes thrown into his coverage to be caught (100.4 passer rating when targeted).

    Mike Clay from ESPN said it in every podcast when talking about WR to target each week.

  19. Phillip Says:

    Here’s another PFF artilce on VH3

    Switching teams in the offseason apparently revitalized the elite Brent Grimes we last saw in 2013. Grimes led the league with 18 combined interceptions and pass breakups, helping him to the fifth-highest grade among cornerback in 2016. Unfortunately for Vernon Hargreaves III, Grimes’ exceptional coverage meant more passes thrown his way—to the tune of a league-high 113 targets and 80 receptions. With that sort of volume, Hargreaves unsurprisingly gave up more receiving yards than anyone, as the only player to top 1,000 yards allowed (1,069). Chris Conte looked more like the player we saw during his last season in Chicago before Keith Tandy took over at free safety. The swing in performance from Conte to Tandy was about as big as it could have been. Conte ranked 90th out of 91 safeties in overall grade, while Tandy was the highest-graded safety over the final five weeks of the season, allowing a passer rating of just 34.3 into his coverage.

    I don’t agree that he was bad.. But he definitely needs to improve like everyone on defense(the entire team as well).. The giving up 1 touchdown all season was nice(unless he gave up one between the two articles which would still be nice)..

    Just showing the other side of the coin.. Nothing more