Adrian Peterson Says He’s Considering The Bucs

January 19th, 2017
Bucs next?

Bucs next?

Slam dunk Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson has Tampa on the brain.

Joe might need sunglasses to block the shine on Dirk Koetter’s face.

The season of dreaming was kicked up a notch by Peterson himself. has the story. Peterson told BSPN that he recognizes the Vikings might not want him back at $18 million against their salary cap and part ways.

“If it doesn’t happen, a place where me and my family are comfortable. Just an opportunity to compete for a championship,” Peterson explained. “My main goal that I want to accomplish is go somewhere where I can win a championship. With that, having a good defense. A team that has a good offensive scheme as well. A great coaching staff, that really helps.”

The four-time All-Pro went on to list the New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Houston Texans as teams he has mulled.


First, it’s great to hear Peterson considers the Bucs in the running for a championship. Second, Joe assumes Peterson would prefer to play on grass. The Giants and Texans play on turf.

Of course, Peterson and his career 4.9-yards-per carry average, were shelved nearly all of this season after a September meniscus tear in his knee.

Bucs general manager Jason Licht likes to use the Bruce Arians phrase, “No risk it. No biscuit.” Man, that sure would apply to Peterson, who turns 32 in March.

The Bucs have the money, and Doug Martin’s $7 million due in 2017 can come off the books without penalty.

What a power play signing Peterson would be. Talk about whipping Tampa into a Bucs frenzy. Damn!

Still a tough call for Licht, if Peterson is set free.

165 Responses to “Adrian Peterson Says He’s Considering The Bucs”

  1. J 2.0 Says:

    He is not the Adrian Peterson you think he is.

    His Hall of Fame career is over.

  2. Magic Marpet Says:

    Let’s do it.

  3. Bird Says:

    INteresting. Giants don’t have money especially with obj getting paid. He is from Texas so Texans first choice but they have cap issues especially while trying to sign cornerback bouye and qb contract.

  4. DM Says:

    Worth the risk

  5. Lord Says:

    He hasn’t looked elite at all to me the last couple years. If it happens I’ll be rooting hard for him to prove me wrong but his best days are long behind him

  6. mike Says:

    Do it… He just needs to be great for 2 years for it to be worth it. AP, quizz and simms then use one of those premium picks you were going to use on a rb on something else and draft a rb next year. We are going to 80 million to spend and not a lot of great players will be availible.

  7. Magic Marpet Says:

    Houston doesn’t need a running back. They got Miller last year and he seems to be working out fine. New York has zero run game but that’s the last place I’d want to go with all the drama they have over there. I think he’s totally worth the risk. We have the cash and even if he’s not the AP he was five years ago he’s still an upgrade on everyone else we have. Plus his experience will help whatever young back we draft or bring in. If he’s available I say it’s a no brainer. You don’t pass up that kind of opportunity.

  8. Buc50 Says:

    I don’t want him for $18 mil either. We have a lot of needs and I would prefer to pay the big money elsewhere. Now if he’s willing to play for what we would have paid Doug(assuming he is cut), then I’m all for it.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    This might sound silly Joe, but I’d pass for several reasons. First, Adrian Peterson is 32 (not sure how old that is in RB yrs, but it’s getting up there). Second, he’s coming off a serious injury and there’s no guarantee he’ll make it back to his former self (one JR is enough). Third, he’ll be a BIG CAP hit, which could hurt us in terms of signing other players we need just as badly as RB. And fourth, signing Peterson would only make sense if Bucs were convinced they’ll contend for the SB in 2017 (sorry, too steep a hill yet to climb in 1 yr). Two yrs down the line … maybe. Three yrs with solid improvement … much better chance. And oh ya, we’ve still got to improve 40% of our OLine before we could really capitalize on an elite RB, whoever that might be.

  10. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    Meh, the coolest thing about this article in my opinion is that the Bucs are being viewed as a team that’s about to break out and start winning Superbowls.

  11. Hunter Says:

    He brings physicality that this offense needs . If the price is right do it great complement to Rodgers

  12. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Bring him in here, and draft a young stud like mixon or foreman, and it would be a slam dunk.

  13. Tom Edrington Says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much mileage on that engine and unfortunately, you can’t rebuild a human the way you can a classic car engine.

  14. pelbuc Says:

    Too much $$$ for a 32 yr old RB coming off surgery. Take that money and resign some of our younger players and get a decent RB in 4th round after Bucs invest in another Olineman. I’d rather sign Ted Ginn and Calais Campbell for less than what Peterson will demand.

  15. BurgDweller Says:

    This would be a huge risk for a 32 year old running back and the big question would be can he match his performance from 2 years ago? I say we roll the dice and sign him. Go big or go home. This could allow the Bucs to get a RB maybe later in the draft than they were expecting and develop him.

  16. BuccaneerByBirth Says:

    Get him, and draft one. Recreate the Titans Murray/Henry setup

  17. Joeypoppems Says:

    Please Jason Licht. Dont do this. Take the fact that he said the Bucs are a contending team as a compliment, say thank you and then move on. How on Earth do you guys actually believe he is worth the risk????? 32 years old coming off of his 2nd major knee injury. You know what is actually worth the risk for a starting RB???? A 3rd round pick……

  18. Lord Cornelius Says:

    You guys even watch him last year in the 2 games he played?

    1.9 YPC

    That was before suffering a major injury…

  19. Joeypoppems Says:

    Not too mention. If you watch the First Take video, he makes it very clear and emphasises that he has earned that 18 million. He is going to ask for too much

  20. NJBucsFan Says:

    pelbuc Says:

    January 19th, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Too much $$$ for a 32 yr old RB coming off surgery

    he never mentioned what he’s looking for in terms of money. For Minnesota, it is too much money, but he would not get anything near the $18 mil. I’d say $4 – 6 mil is not a bad salary.

  21. JAB83 Says:

    Who did Martin finish runner up too last year???

    Well worth the risk IF YOUR TRYING TO WIN NOW!!!!

  22. Mojiska Says:

    To be fair, Minnesota line was terrible last year. No one could run behind that line.

  23. Cover Deuce Says:

    As appealing as it sounds on paper, he plays the most fungible position in all of football. He’s going to want a lot, even on a short term deal. I just don’t see that much upside in adding him.

  24. JAB83 Says:


    The guy is NOT HUMAN….

    AP will continue to RUN ALL DAY till he feels like stopping…. HE’S A SUPER FREAK….

  25. Joeypoppems Says:

    You guys are putting waaaaaaay too much stock into his name value. He is not even close to the player he was when he won the MVP. He is well past his prime. Jaquizz Rodgers will be a hell of a lot better than AP. And half of this rookie class will be better than both of them.

  26. Bucnjim Says:

    With the core group we have being young I would probably want to keep adding younger players so they can grow together as an offense. Too steep a price for someone waaaaay past his prime. The Bucs have been burned so many times by these free agents it is unreal. Although we did get two good ones this past year.

  27. J 2.0 Says:

    If he were to sign $4-6 million and not be the lead back, but rather a red zone change of pace back to pair with a speedy back then yes.

  28. Joeypoppems Says:


    Those highlights are 5 years old man….. If you think he is still capable of that after his 2nd major knee injury you are out of your god damn mind…..

  29. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    A one/ two year deal isn’t that big of a risk. And the potential for a big reward is there. Not to mention I think that adding a veteran of his caliber would be invaluable to a rookie Rb.

    Jason Licht has been willing to sign bridge/ mentor type players before.

    If I were a rookie Tailback, theres nobody else I’d rather learn the position from than AP.

  30. JR Says:

    hopefully minnesota cuts him. then we get him on a 3 year 15 -18 million dollar deal.last time he came back from injury he rushed for 2k.

  31. pick6 Says:

    as far as 32 year old RBs go, he is pretty well rested. The problem with AP in Minnesota was that his presence in the game was basically a signal for teams to prepare for the run with 70% certainty. and if it was a pass play, he was a non-factor at best and a liability at worst.

    AP at his best is the kind of RB who almost has to be paired with a not-very-dynamic QB who you don’t want dropping back too often. his best seasons came with “just don’t turn it over” QBs like Gus Frerotte and Christian Ponder. If you recall Brett Favre’s time with AP, he endured some incredible beatings as a Viking and i think the RB situation played no small part in that

  32. salish_seamonster Says:

    I’d rather have a rookie 1st or 2nd round pick with a future than occupy a roster spot with this guy. The team they’re building needs guys who are in it for the long term, not guys who have a contractor mentality. Nice to know we’re thought of as a desirable destination now, but no thanks.

  33. Chris Says:

    It was a Meniscus tear, not AOL. If the price is right yes. Frank Gore and AP are the only two backs I would sign that are or were past 30. Also draft one. It would be a better signing than an OL from Seattle no one had heard of that the only proof he was ever a Buccaneer are Joe photos of him with a floppy hat and a big smile during camp.

  34. Chris Says:

    ACL not AOL

  35. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Injury-prone with worn out legs. Not to mention he beat his 4 year old child until they bled and showed very little remorse. I’d pass.

  36. Buccfan37 Says:

    If Bucs management go for AP I’ll know they have lost their minds. You gotta be kidding me! Peterson probably threw the Bucs name out there because he knows they are apt to overpay. I fully believe that AP will never play for the Bucs. Ain’t gonna happen.

  37. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ………we don’t need a “retread” RB at the end of his career


  38. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    The way some of you guys complain about Martin getting stuffed at the line is nothing compared to what 2017 Adrian Peterson would look like. The contract would hopefully be heavily incentive based, otherwise I think the Bucs are better off with what they have (or will have after the draft). Not a knock on AP, he was a special runner, but Father Time is usually not afriend to an NFL RB that has taken his share of hits over the years.

  39. Joeypoppems Says:

    The best place for him to go is the Giants. If this past season was any indication, Eli Manning doesnt have much left. If they want to win another championship then adding a vet RB like Peterson makes sense. Giants are ready to win now. The Bucs are getting ready to win now and 10 years from now and with a rookie class this deep with talent, I dont see how Peterson helps that. Apparently Im in the minority though

  40. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “last time he came back from injury he rushed for 2k.”

    lol yeah 5 years ago when he was 27… He averaged 6 YPC that year

    Year after that he missed 2 games and average 4.5 YPC – which the highest mark he’s hit since that 2012 season.. and he’s missed 2 of the 4 last seasons basically

    I get that he’s a big name but comon

  41. c-spann Says:

    I just like the fact that he mentioned Tampa as a team that will compete for the championship. Hopefully we can pickup Mixon in the 2nd round

  42. webster Says:

    I find it hillarious to have AP’s mind making post on this thread. I mean it must be his mind because how else can you explain knowing that AP is going to want too much money? I didnt know jbf had so many mind readers or is it actually AP’s mind posting?

  43. Gencoimports Says:

    What hypocrisy! What idiocy! AP avg. a full yard less than Doug Martin, he’s 3 years older than Doug Martin, like Martin he’s only had played one full season in the last 3 years (of course one of those years he was suspended) and the Joes want the Bucs to sign him? You’ve got to be kidding.

  44. JAB83 Says:

    @ Joey 5 years ago he was MVP, but I aint looking for MVP AP

    2015-2016 AP will due just fine…

    AND IF YOU PEOPLE THINK THIS GUY AT ALL IN TO WIN…. Well you are dismissed…

    Coming 2017 TO YOUR TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS… —>(2:25 LOL)

  45. DB55 Says:

    If you cut Vjax and Martin there’s 17mil, no? Those guys are out the door anyway, no? Plus we still have a tom of cap space for other big name signings. It’s hard to say no to a future HOF. Plus didn’t he play with McCoy in college?

  46. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    C-spann he also mentioned Houston and they certainly don’t look primed for a run at a championship. He is throwing names out there strategically. He probably knows the Bucs have a ton of cap room and would like to get paid.

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Genco- You have a point! I think some are enamored by name recognition, but lets face it, we are not ONE “superstar” away from anything yet. I use “superstar” loosely because he is NOT the same back we remember. He’s a generational talent for sure but NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY can outrun Father Time.

  48. The bucfan 88 Says:

    Okay guys hear me out I say we sign him then go get a RB in the second round for AP to groom no I know I got a felling all of u that are saying don’t do this are wanting cook there is no way we are getting cook at 19 but if we sign AP we have a vet that when healthy can get the job done I feel like he still got at least two or three years left in the tank which will be great if we could groom the RB behind him plus the Texans & the giants don’t have the money to pay AP so I say start low & we might get him at a nice price for a 2 year 3 year option with a AP healthy we all know Jameis is one of the best playaction QBs in the league this is just another weapon for Winston witch is the slogan for this of season #weaponsforWinston

  49. Joeypoppems Says:


    Vincent Jackson is a free agent. He isnt counted against the cap. And even if we did have his salray in cap space, that doesnt mean we have to spend it just to spend it. Saving it for an extension for Kwon, Marpet, or Winston would be smarter

  50. webster Says:

    @ db55

    Vjax is a free agent. No need to cut him.

    @ touchdown

    He calls houston because he is from that area. Who doesnt want to play for their hometown team?

  51. Joeypoppems Says:

    @The bucfan 88

    I dont want Peterson or a RB in the first round. This years draft class is deep enough to get starters in the 3rd and 4th round at RB. Not to mention if you factor in Joe Mixon who can get drafted anywhere at this point.

  52. salish_seamonster Says:

    We’d be better off hoping that Doug Martin beats his drug issues and comes back clearheaded and focused. If that happens, there’s no reason he can’t still be a 1000+ yard back. Not saying we should count on him – we still need to draft a workhorse back, IMO – but DM on the roster, fully healthy and clean is a good thing. And he has more years remaining than AP.

  53. DB55 Says:

    Ty gents.

  54. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m normally very cautious about older free agents, especially running backs. But in this case, I am 100% on board with bringing in Adrian Peterson as a free agent. It’s an absolute no brainer. This guy is an absolute freak of nature – I don’t care if he’s 42! You can say he didn’t run well last year before he got hurt, but maybe that would be because their QB got hurt and they traded for an absolute garbage QB. Not to mention they have no weapons for said garbage QB. An over the hill AD is better than 90% of RB’s in the league. He’s that good. Let’s say we sign him for $10M and he doesn’t perform. So the hell what? He isn’t the first and won’t be the last time we will screw up in free agency. But if you think about if he performs like he is expected to – he would be an absolute game changer for us. It’s well worth it, and I would jump for joy with this signing.

  55. Bucsfanman Says:

    @salish- And, DM would be waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper to boot!

  56. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    sign him and build that wall around jameis and AP, go get you a stud #2 in the draft or even jimmy graham and a #2 in the draft, but get AP and grab some OL if available in FA or if in position in draft…pretty potent offense….#1 need is OL

  57. BWestJr Says:


  58. RustyRhinos Says:

    32 year old RB coming off a injury to his knee. The word we are looking for is NO! A fantastic player without question, but what we need on our team I do not think so. Draft a RB who can grow with a drafted WR along with our other young players. I do not think Mr. Peterson is worth it.

  59. Max Says:

    No thanks, I’ll take a 3rd round RB and a couple undrafted guys, let the best man win in camp.

  60. Joeypoppems Says:

    @Hawaiin Buc

    You are absolutely insane….. You cant give a 32 yr old RB coming off of a knee injury that ended his season 10 million and if it doesnt turn out right just say “oh well wont be the last time we screw up”…. Thats not how you build a contender. Thats how GMs get fired. And his poor performance has nothing to do with Bradford and everything to do with a bad O-Line, Bucs fans love to talk about how “bad” our O-Line is. An over the hill Peterson isnt better than anyone when he is on IR…..

  61. webster Says:

    @ hawaiian

    Bradford set the record for the highest completion percentage in a season. He also threw for 3900 yrds 20 tds and 5 ints. Im not sure that equates to garbage. As another poster pointed out, the vikings line sucked. That was their problem.

  62. BWestJr Says:

    We need proven Veterans to help out this young team. Bring in AP and a few receivers and a tight end beef up the line a little more. Help out Wintson as much as possible. 2017 Champs It’s a Bucs Life

  63. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    DO IT!!!!

    This is a borderline no brainer depending on the $$$ and contract length.

    First off…Chris…thanks for pointing out that a torn meniscus is NOT a major knee injury. It’s not torn ligaments. I tore my meniscus at the age of 60!!! Koco scoped it and two months later I was good to go!!! 9 years later I’m playing tennis with NO knee pain…if I didn’t remember I couldn’t feel which knee was scoped.

    I’m a freaking old man! AP is a world class athlete. His knee is no issue.

    Now for the guys saying he’s washed up! C’mon Man!!! He’s been in the league for ten years. He sat for most of last year and missed close to another year.

    Marshall Faulk STARRED for 12 seasons! AP can last two more years!

    So would you rather have a year old car with 100,000 or a 10 year old car with 1,000 miles on it. AP has not taken a brutal beating!

    But there’s more! AP knows he’s near the end. He’s is as fired up to win a championship as #3!

    AP means no RB in the draft except for depth very late…sign an FA WR and the draft is wide freaking open for us…BPA…DL..OL..Safety.

    Does AP need a mediocre QB so he gets more touches? Maybe but I just don’t see it. AP is mind numblngly wealthy already…AP needs only one thing…a championship!!! Let’s get him!!!

  64. Waterboy Says:

    I’d still bring in a young RB. AP may not have anything left in the tank.

  65. bucs4eva Says:

    some of you sound dumb… this is AP were talking about lol. Sign him and Rodgers and solidify the trenches and skill positions In the draft. GO BUCS

  66. Rod Munch Says:

    Well the Bucs have plenty of money – no issue there. Peterson’s health is really the only issue – he’s not an normal 30 year old RB, this isn’t Gruden giving Charlie Garner a huge contract when the Bucs didn’t have any cap space. The Bucs, if they already decided to release Martin, take their #3 salary cap space number and add $7 mil to it, plus Verner, George Johnson (yeah believe it or not he’s still on the team and makes like $2.5m) and others. I mean they don’t need to cut anyone, they have plenty of money, but could easily sign him.

    The most awesome thing however is that Peterson listed 2 playoff teams, and the Bucs. Peterson is in win now mode and sees the Bucs as a legit candidate to do that, I mean I wouldn’t really trust his judgement when it comes to child care, but his football opinion is at least interesting.

    Anyways would be a great signing, BUT you still need to have a B plan since the likelyhood he’d make it back and say healthy, it’s less than 50/50 you’d think – but he is an elite player AND would make the Bucs interesting. Big name FA’s picking Tampa, and not just because Tampa massively overpays… it’s been a long long time.

  67. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Absolutely! We would still need depth at RB but we have Quizz and Barber and as you suggest we would probably pick up another with a late round pick or as a UDFA.

  68. Bucsfanman Says:

    I mean, I know who this guy is and all but compare his stats to Doug Martin’s over the same 5 year period 2012-2016. I know injuries and suspensions (for both) are sprinkled in there but take a look:

    2012-2016 Adrian Peterson: 4,973 yards, 33 TDs
    2012-2016 Doug Martin: 4,227 yards, 23 TDs

    Interesting stats! Martin would be far cheaper to sign though.

  69. John Says:

    Damn guys he’s not going to be an every down back number 1 guy…clearly he would have to come cheap and we would still draft a RB. Y’all freaking out like he would be our ONLY RB.

  70. Joeypoppems Says:


    So if a torn Meniscus isnt a major injury and it still cost him the whole season pretty much what does that tell you???

    I dont understand you guys sometimes. All the complaining that was done on here about our running game and how it has to improve and now you think the best way to improve it is to sign a RB near the end of his career who is coming off a knee injury that cost him the whole season??? Missing a season doesnt make you fresh, it makes you hurt

    Let me put it like this… Lets say we do sign him. And he does have a great year and is the comeback player of the year. Great, we have a good RB for another year or 2. Or, and lets be honest this is very much a realistic possibility, we sign him and he gets hurt again. Well then we just made a big mistake and it cost us multiple millions of dollars…


    We draft a RB. In any round it doesnt matter right now. And he goes out there and has a great rookie season. Great! we have a potential franchise RB in our hands. And if he turns out to be a bust… guess what? Still will be cheaper than Adrian Peterson….

    I do not understand how people on here can think he is worth the risk….

  71. James Walker Says:

    He probably has another year of tread on his tires.

  72. JAB83 Says:



    Not to mention he was and MVP and a HOFer. He is also a class act and shame on the fool for saying he beats on his kid…

    So call him washed up if you want BUT UNTIL I SEE IT HE IS A FREAKING HOFer who is STILL PUSHING HARD TO WIN….


  73. The bucfan 88 Says:

    @jollypoppems did u even read what I typed I said yes AP old I said he should get an 2 year contract with a third year option and I love mixion but as I said before let that rookie running back rather it’s mixion or another running back learn cause I already know that one thing that’s hard to as a rookie is pass block and I know what’s ur saying quizz can do it but I do not wanna throw a rookie RB with him but AP,Quiz & a rookie RB would be amazing

  74. Couch Fan Says:

    In the game of football you take risks. Paying money is less risky than giving up draft picks. This is Adrian freakin Peterson we are talking about. Licht has to do his due dilgence but if he has eliteness left in him, you take it for the 1 or 2 years he has left. You make sure that you can cut him at any time, just like we did with Revis. That will limit the damage done financially. This isnt a move for the future, this is a win now move. You still need to draft his replacement but now you have more time to do it. This is a win, win for us IMO.

  75. Eric S. Says:

    No chance I would sign him. The first name that came up when I heard this was Arian Foster. He was 2 yrs removed from a great yr and had been hurt the previous yr with pedestrian numbers. Sound familiar and Foster was younger than AP. Foster got signed by the Phins and didn’t show the burst he once had. He got hurt and promptly retired. Once RBs lose it, they lose it. It happens time and time and time again. I think AP is done. He isn’t worth any money to bring in. Do you really think he would want to be second banana to anyone like some are implying. Yeah right. Good RBs can be found in the middle to late rounds.

  76. Joeypoppems Says:

    @The bucfan 88

    Yes, I did. You said that the people that are against this want Dalvin Cook at 19. And I said I dont want any RB in the 1st round no matter who it is. Look, RBs have short shelf lives in the NFL so I dont understand the idea to waste some of that being “groomed”. We arent talking about a young QB that needs to learn how to read NFL defenses here. Besides if he needs to learn how to pass block then 2 things. 1) Practice. 2) Jaquizz Rodgers is a good pass blocker. And not to mention how is AP gonna groom a rookie when he will also be learning the offense at the same time? Jaquizz knows the offense and is not a bad player to learn from if “grooming” is the main reason behind wanting a vet RB

  77. Joeypoppems Says:

    @Couch fan

    Yes, I agree. Signing Adrian Peterson is a “win now” move. Problem is the Bucs aren’t in a “win now” situation. Its not like we have a bunch of aging vets on the team that dont have much left in there careers or a QB that doesnt have much left. Those are “win now” situations. Its not like if we dont win next year we have to start over.

  78. The bucfan 88 Says:

    Hey I say it’s not the worst idea in the world look at Murray with the titans he did a great job & we all left him for dead Im just saying we could have the same

  79. Phillip Says:

    That Vikings O-line couldn’t run block to save their lives this past season.. No clue on how much he has left in the tank.. But if they don’t think Dougie Fresh will be back then let him come in and compete with Sims and whoever we draft(this RB class is DEEP with talent Pumphrey, Yearby, Nick Wilson to name a few projected to go late if that’s the route)..

    My personal favorite is Joe Mixon the kid can do it all.. Some MAJOR baggage with him but nothing worse than AP imo.. But also don’t think you can have both on the team.. Media nightmare

    I think some other RB desperate team splash some decent dough on Quizz(I personally wouldn’t if I were the Bucs) like the Jags and Giants did recently with Ivory and Jennings..

  80. Joeypoppems Says:

    @The bucfan 88

    DeMarco Murray wasnt coming off of a knee injury that ended his season. He was in a bad system that didnt use him right. He got into a better system and ran just as well as he did when he led the league with Dallas

  81. JWBUCS Says:

    I can see bringing Adrian Petersen to Tampa Bay…. He gets a 3.5 million dollar base salary, guaranteed only if he starts opening day. The incentives are 100 thousand dollars for every touch down and $1,000.00 for every ground yard produced by running out of the back field by handoff…. The catch is this per yard bonus starts at 100 yard games…. Do Not Reach 100 yards in any given game, then only the touch down bonus is applicable in that game!

  82. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    We draft a RB.

    And ANY RB could blow his knee out in the first game. And a college RB is not an NFL RB…and freaking AP is a generational player.

    Mixon lovers…I’m sorry but Blake who loves Mixon actually inadvertently turned me off to him. Blake made a great point about Foreman…ten games over 100 yards..he was consistent! He did not run up stats against cupcakes. Foreman was also judged as the very best blocker in ALL the RB candidates. Might be nice to protect #3 with more than just an OL..and imagine the play action fakes.

    Meanwhile Mixon disappeared in big games and had two giant games against cupcakes. He’s the very example of a dude who feasted on the weak. With all due respect Blake…it’s not just you but I do not trust ANY poster here to look at highlight clips and make an assessment.

    How about 40 yards in the opener against..Houston…a game Ok lost! He only had six carries so perhaps he was hurt?

    How about 48 yards against rival Texas on 16 carries a 3 yard average. Charlie Strong had a good D eh?

    74 against Kansas is understandable because it was a rout and he sat a lot.

    He only carried for 9 X and 78 against OSU. Why did they stop using him? Did they get routed so badly and so early they had to pass?

    Oh and did he pad any stats?

    263 yards on 31 carries against mighty Texas Tech (3-6 in conference)

    124 against Baylor during their five game losing streak..117 against La Monroe

    He played in 12 of Okla’s 13 games and only rushed for 100 yards in six of them if you count the 99 yard game he had.

    If this guy is all that why weren’t his stats more consistent. All players do better against weak opposition and I suspect we could do that will any RB
    EXCEPT for Foreman…10 100 yard games is impressive.

    Bottom line…there are NO sure things in the draft. Remember Ki-Jana Carter…Cadillac (was that a good draft pick?)…Trent Richardson…Cedric Benson..

  83. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    BTW….again on the torn meniscus. No my point doesn’t AP dogged it since I felt good in a few months. A 60 year old dude using his knee to walk and play golf doesn’t have the same challenge as a freaking NFL RB.

    If someone cracks ribs they might be out for a couple months but it’s not career ending…concussions…same but far scarier future implications.

    He has 8 years of play on his body in a ten year career. Age is not even relevant other than the wear and tear RB’s get. AP has not had any more wear and tear than Frank Gore…I would suggest less because of their running styles. And that freaking old Jonathan Stewart…thank god his 30 year old body is wearing down because he ate the Bucs a new lunch whenever we played him.

  84. IE Buc Says:

    If they can get him cheap, I say yes. The team needs to move on from Martin, Rodgers, and Sims.

  85. Joeypoppems Says:


    Mixon was sharing the workload with Samaje Perine. Splitting carries. Whereas Foreman was the only one getting touches. Plus there are things Mixon does waaaay better than Foreman. Mixon is an excellent receiver out of the backfield and can line up out wide. Foreman dropped 3 of his 9 targets. That is 9 targets in his career I believe. Mixon has the ability to make guys miss in the open field and the speed and explosiveness to be a home run threat. Foreman doesnt really have lateral quickness to make guys miss or the speed to run away from defenders. Dont just look at stats when you are judging prospects. Actually watch them. Mixon looks more like Le’Veon Bell does now than Le’Veon Bell himself when he was coming out of college. That alone is impressive.

  86. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    2012-2016 Adrian Peterson: 4,973 yards, 33 TDs
    2012-2016 Doug Martin: 4,227 yards, 23 TDs

    That’s apples to oranges. AP played ONE game in 2014 because of his suspension. He played 3 games last year because of the meniscus

    He had an 80 yard TD in ’15
    A 78 yard TD in ’13 a 82 yard TD in ’12

    Those were his longest…I’m not geeky enough to find his next longest but Doug Martin is not a pimple on AP’s backside and it’s an absurd comparison.

    Doug Martin has ONE 64 yard run for his ENTIRE CAREER. The other years his longest TD runs by year…13…20…25…27.

    Since we seem to love some hyperbole here let me just say that I could catch Doug Martin from behind on 69 year old knees with meniscus surgery.

  87. Joeypoppems Says:

    And AP has 8 years of play because HE WAS HURT which is worse than 2 extra years of contact.

  88. Joeypoppems Says:

    I do agree you cannot compare him to Doug Martin tho. AP was much more productive

  89. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    WhatdaBUCisthis Says:
    January 19th, 2017 at 4:53 pm
    Dread naught thy fellow fans.
    There are glorious battles coming
    We’ll b ready for it
    Where are my die-hard BUCS fan…
    where are the dreadnoughts
    I will consider myself the founding member.
    Real talk people!

  90. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Wrong Joey…he has 8 years of play because he didn’t know how to properly discipline his child. That wiped out virtually an entire year where all he could do was train with a vengeance.

    Last year was the only one he missed because of the meniscus.

    If they could get Mixon in the 3rd round I’m OK. Depends where we get our speed. If we sign a 4.4 WR…or imagine two…or a TE with speed that takes care of it.

    But I totally agree Joey they are two different backs. And you are correct that the knock on Foreman is that he doesn’t catch it out of the backfield.

    And some NFL types would back you up believing an RB that can’t catch out of the backfield is a liability because it tips the D to a running play. I just don’t get that though. #3 is as good a QB in the league right now…it’s an area where he excels already at hard play action fakes…imagine going beast mode…can you say Marshawn Lynch…and the D is 8 men in the box…#3 fakes the handoff and he has the best blocking back in college football back there with him as he finds….pick your poison.

    I’m sorry if I sound so dogmatic. I hear ya Joey and you could be 100% correct.

    I’m like NOSBOS…if you can find a generational talent…he believes that is Dalvin..the next Marshall Faulk…you make the play.

    I think we’re all having some fun here determing who might be that next great RB and some of us don’t even care if we have a great RB…they believe a great OL and a good passing game makes any RB great and there is some merit to that argument.

    I’ve always believed there is more than one way to skin the cat. So I’m enjoying all the ideas being floated around here. Fun reading for sure.

  91. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I agree with Couch and Hawaiian. I am considering all the plays Koetter could use him simply as a decoy. Short yardage, Peterson is on the field. The other team loads the box, Winston flicks it to Brate for a 7-10 yard gain. I love it. Not only that but Peterson is a freak of nature and I see him motivated to play.

  92. tdtb2015 Says:

    I’m sure retaining Mike Smith as DC was key in AP’s decision to pick us too!

    Sign him up and draft McCaffrey in the 2nd, if available.

    Free Agency will be interesting.

  93. Couch Fan Says:

    Just because we arent in a “win now” situation, doesnt mean that we aren’t trying to win now. We have the cap space. We have multiple needs including RB and a hall of fame RB who might still have eliteness left in him(thats for Licht to decide) might be available. We’ll see what happens but I rather have a proven gun over a rookie anyday of the week, especially on Sundays.

  94. Guzzie Says:

    GUZZIES wishlist

  95. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Couch Fan

    THANKS! I’m not predicting a SB next year…I leave that to 87…but I honestly do not make fun of 87’s bold prediction either. He might be right.

    My dad was a bookie…I understand odds….but anything can happen in the
    No Freaking Logic league as the late great Chris Thomas called it.

    I’m not going to be crushed if we don’t reach the SB next year but I sure as hell believe we have a decent shot. If signing AP meant tying up long term money needed for #3 and Kwon I would be more hesitant. But even he knows this is a short term deal.

    I’m with the win now crowd…scrw planning for some far off year…perhaps it’s my age I notice now when we buy stuff the warranty on the product is always longer than the warranty on me! I don’t want to mortgage the future but I want to win it EVERY YEAR.

  96. Joeypoppems Says:


    Right I forgot about the suspension, but he did tear his ACL, it just happened at the end of a season. And as far as Mixon and Foreman goes yea they are just 2 different types of backs so its tough to compare them to each other. I really like both of them tho and the different roles they could fill. Foreman as that big physical back that can just wear defenses out and Mixon is just a game breaker like Le’Veon Bell. Mixon would be unbelievable value in the 3rd if he was still there and the green light was given on his character concerns.

    And I keep saying this on various articles, but dont sleep on Jamaal Williams out of BYU. He is a big back 6’2 220 lbs. He is kind of in the middle of both Foreman and Mixon. More Power than Mixon and is faster, more agile, and a better pass catcher than Foreman. Doesnt have break away speed and can improve in pass protection but he has all the tools and currently has a round 4 grade. Excited to see what he does at the senior bowl next week

  97. Dirk Disco Says:

    Pass. Build the O line right and any clown you put back there at RB will succeed.

  98. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Well there ya go. AP scares you I understand that. And so the BYU kid has the same frame does he have Mixon’s burst? If he does then perhaps he’s a young AP?

  99. Destinjohnny Says:

    Let’s get him and Jeffries then draft dline and oline!
    Trench warfare

  100. Joeypoppems Says:


    He does have burst. Not like Mixon tho. He doesnt have that 2nd gear that Mixon has. Everything he does is kind of at the same speed which is a knock on both him and Foreman

  101. Phillip Says:


    I play College Fantasy Football (season long as there is no more DFS for CFB) and I drafted Perine(2nd round pick woof) and Mixon(3rd to last round) and watched EVERY game of the Sooners this season.. Mixon was benched one game because he fumbled twice believe it was the Texas game and was injured in another(Kansas) and didn’t return or play the following week (violated team rules)..

    He wasn’t used as the primary back till Perine went down with an injury(actually went down with 2 injuries separated shoulder and played the following week and a knee sprain where he missed 3-4 weeks).. He was mainly used to spell Perine, a slot WR , passing down back, and the primary KR till then.

    He had HUGE games against WVU and Auburn who BOTH have top 25 defenses.. Then he also had a passing touchdown in the K State game and a KR TD in the OSU game.. OKST defense is also good(maybe just outside top 25) and he produce there as well.. He produced in more than one way in basically every game this past season aside from the UT game(Receiving, Rushing, Returning)..

    Texas Tech’s defense is a joke but he also had 2 more touchdowns taken off the board that he did not get later in the same drive(Perine on one and Westbrook on the other) and both were big plays

    You clearly did not watch OU this season so your statement literally holds no value sorry.. I can read off stats too from player X on team Y as well

    This is all coming from a DIEHARD Michigan fan so I’m not some OU fanboy fwiw..

  102. Guzzie Says:

    Don’t forget Mixon has great hands too and is elusive for 6’1 226 back, he runs a 4.4, as expected, he might not get out the 1st round

  103. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Well Joey you are obviously a lot more informed about the college talent. I don’t watch that much CFB except for local teams and the playoffs of course. I’m just an NFL kind of guy.

    So I certainly accept your expertise about the college guys as being far ahead of mine…we’ll just have to agree to disagree about AP. He’s an HOFer and his tank may be empty but if it’s not…whew! If it required tying up money long term I’d be concerned but it won’t…I know Licht is planning on the $$$ for #3 and Kwon and ME comes up even sooner.

  104. Buc'n Since I Was 10 Says:

    DO it and with Rodgers he won’t have to carry the load as much

  105. Phillip Says:

    Once my comment actually passes moderation you’ll see my side on Mixon.. It may come off rude but I don’t intend it to..

    Besides his off the field baggage I think he is an ELITE talent.. He should have gone back to be the workhorse back this upcoming season and easily could be a Heisman finalist with Perine and Dede gone.. But once the tape was released there was nothing more he could do to get the heat off of OU and Stoops for allowing him back after a 1 year suspension when he should have been kicked off the team altogether

  106. SB Says:

    I have a 1991 Ski Doo Snowmobile that I would like to sell you for $20,000

  107. Lord Cornelius Says:

    This is what scares me with AP:

    Last 4 games of 2015 – 3.7 YPC average
    Playoffs that same year vs Hawks – 23 carries 45 yards

    his game log in 2016
    6 carries 22 yards
    12 carries 19 yards
    19 carries 31 yards

    He has sucked pretty bad for the most part in his last 8 games

  108. Buc1987 Says:


  109. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    You know by now, that I respect your insight, that being said, I don’t base my entire opininion of A player by their highligh reel. I watch the highlights first to get a sense of a guys traits. Then, if I feel like its a player worth investigating further, I watch as many gametapes i can find on them.

    Also I have a theory on your statement about disappearing in games.
    When looking at Joe Mixons stats, you have to keep in mind that he split carries with Sameje Perine. And Perine himself is also a damn good tailback, he has traits reminiscent of MJD. As to his poor performances in big games, I cant really comment on that. I will say that his traits are outstanding, and his ON the field potential is through the roof.

    But to continue my wall of text, I agree with your assessment of D’onta Foreman, would be hyped if we come away with him on day 2. And would sign Ap to mentor him in a heartbeat.

  110. Kevin Says:

    Frank Gore….trade indy a late pick for frank gores 3.5 mil a year final year salary.

    Hes a vet, hes iron man, he blocks, he catches

    Go get gore let someone else overpay A.P unless he wants to come here for a reasobale price he is too old and banged up to overpay

  111. Buccfan37 Says:

    AP strikes me as an older player looking for tribute for past accomplishments. To add the Bucs to the mix of potential suitors indicates he knows where the big pot of money can be had. Kind of reminds me of the Revis reach if undertaken.

  112. StAugBuc Says:

    Go get gore let someone else overpay A.P unless he wants to come here for a reasobale price he is too old and banged up to overpay
    Peterson too old? Gore 2 years older. Just sayin.

  113. Joeypoppems Says:


    Don’t get me wrong, I love Adrian Peterson. A lot of my family is Vikings fans so I watched him a lot. No doubt HOFer and arguably one of the best ever. I just dont think he can comeback and be that same guy anymore and wouldnt want to invest multiple millions of dollars into that uncertainty. And I also dont understand the whole “bring him in and groom the rookie” aspect of it. Adrian Peterson will have to learn the offense just like the rookie. Quizz can be a good guy for the young back to learn from since Quizz already knows the offense.

    And to be honest with you I dont watch any college football lol. Around this time of year I start to dive into mock drafts to see what positions the experts think the Bucs need to address and then I watch tape on players of those positions. Go to here:

    They have a list of a good amount of players at every position and they cut down the actual game footage to show only the snaps that that specific player is on the field for. Its really useful to see the videos and form your own opinions on players instead of having to rely on what the experts say

    and on the topic of Mixon. You gotta watch the game vs Texas Tech on that site. INCREDIBLE

  114. Kevin Says:

    Too old paired with his recent injuries. Gore never misses a game and is being used all wrong.

    I would prefer a guy like Gore.

  115. Phillip Says:


    Too old to overpay for AP.. No one is overpaying for Gore

  116. StAugBuc Says:

    Who said overpay? Also didn’t advocate for Peterson, just questioning the analysis.

  117. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Yeah Joey straightened me out on that…sharing the touches. The only game not accounted for would be the 3 YPG against Texas but that’s nitpicking.

    @Lord C I hear ya but that’s a really short time span. You could be correct.
    Don’t know how badly he wants to play here? Would he even consider a super secret (so as to preserve his rep) workout with DK and TL. I realize that’s a bit of a stretch for a player of his rep….but he is 30 and coming off an injury, Love to see our guys at least get a look at him. I concede a LOT of moving pieces would have to fall in place for us to actually get him.

    BTW Lord C is the band still rocking out?

  118. Phillip Says:

    He said overpay.. He isn’t saying he is too old.. He is saying he is too old to overpay which is a big difference

  119. Phillip Says:

    Kiper has us selecting Taco in the 1st with his first mock(which he admittedly HATES doing them).. He is a stud but I’d prefer Peppers or Davis if still on the board

  120. Kevin Says:

    Just comparing what gore vs a.p payday would be. Gore is due 3.5 mil and I wouldnt trade for A.P Contract if it counts as 18 mil against the cap. Unless it wouldnt not sure….but Gore is just as hood and looks to be holding up better. Just saying I would like Gore over Peterson for the money even if it were the same amount

  121. Joeypoppems Says:


    Daniel Jeremiah’s first mock draft has us taking Charles Harris in the 1st. Another pass rusher. I dont hate the idea of getting a DL in round 1 if we take care of WR in free agency

  122. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    We can afford to over pay Adrain peterson for one to two years.

    At the very least, he would be an exceptional mentor for a young running back.

    Paying Ap for 2 years is not going to put us into cap trouble. Not when were nearly 90 million under the limit.

  123. DB55 Says:

    Just thought of this, why pay AP 10-18mil when we can pay Bell 15mil and get the best RB in the NFL? Assuming he would actually leave Pitt.

  124. Joeypoppems Says:

    @DB55 I think they came out and said they were going to franchise Bell. I could be wrong tho

  125. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Le’veon bell is not a free agent. And even if he was, theres no way pittsburg lets him leave without franchise taggin him for a season.

  126. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Age? You wanna talk to me about age…Gore has been mentioned..he’s no AP…Marshall Faulk…here’s the deal guy…we just need to share our stash!!!

    Think the amazing Ricky Williams. I love Ricky! Just because the NFL has it’s head up it’s posterior when it comes to weed doesn’t mean Ricky was wrong.

    Ricky got the boot for weed. He practiced YOGA and got Goodell to let him back in. He got hurt his first year then rushed for 658 yards and played in all 16 games.

    But it was 2009, during the Dolphins ninth game, starting running back Ronnie Brown suffered a season-ending injury,and Williams, at age 32, became the starter for the remainder of the year. He finished the season with 1,121 yards rushing and a 4.7 yards per carry, along the way setting an NFL record of the longest time span (6 years) between 1,000 yard seasons (2003–2009).

    People and players are individuals. Yeah I’m prejudiced at 69. I ABSOLUTELY do not wish to be compared to and written off like other 69 year-olds. Tennis this morning a spinning class tomorrow and with my new year’s weight loss I now weigh what I did the night John Lennon died.

    30 is NOT old. Was his torn meniscus really bad? Again would you all object if he worked out for Licht and Koetter and they pronounced him fit?

  127. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Ok wait im an idiot. But yeah the will keep him at all costs.

  128. Joeypoppems Says:


    Just because we can afford to do it still doesnt make it wise to do. Mentor in which way? He cant teach him the offense since he would be learning it himself. So to teach him to be a pro? how to practice right and take care of your body? Im sure we have guys on the roster already that can do that.

  129. Joeypoppems Says:


    Don’t get me wrong, I love Adrian Peterson. A lot of my family is Vikings fans so I watched him a lot. No doubt HOFer and arguably one of the best ever. I just dont think he can comeback and be that same guy anymore and wouldnt want to invest multiple millions of dollars into that uncertainty. And I also dont understand the whole “bring him in and groom the rookie” aspect of it. Adrian Peterson will have to learn the offense just like the rookie. Quizz can be a good guy for the young back to learn from since Quizz already knows the offense.

    And to be honest with you I dont watch any college football lol. Around this time of year I start to dive into mock drafts to see what positions the experts think the Bucs need to address and then I watch tape on players of those positions. Google Draft Breakdown and go to their website.

    They have a list of a good amount of players at every position and they cut down the actual game footage down to about 10 minute clips to show only the snaps that that specific player is on the field for. Its really useful to see the videos and form your own opinions on players instead of having to rely on what the experts say

    and on the topic of Mixon. You gotta watch the game vs Texas Tech and Aubrun on that site. Really Impressive

  130. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Ap has spent an extensove amount of time in Norv Turners offense. Which is also derivitive of Don Coryells 4 verticals attack. So I think he would catch on rather quickly.

    And precisely dude. Adrian Peterson is the best running back of the ladt 10 years. Any knowledge he has to offer at the position would be extremely valuable.

    This is an opinion thing, but mine happens to be that the potential reward of signing Ap outweighs the risk of him not panning out on the field.

  131. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    This is an opinion thing, but mine happens to be that the potential reward of signing Ap outweighs the risk of him not panning out on the field.

    An opinion I share Blake. Sweezy? Carl Nicks? Ghost Johnson? None of these guys is an HOFer…they are not generational yet we still dumped a ton on them and took the chance.

    Remember when AP came back after his suspension and he ran wild. He was motivated. I think AP feels he still has something to prove. I love hungry players.

  132. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Stpete- I’m not sure your argument with the stats I put up. My point was that both AP and DM played part-time over the last 5 years and have similar numbers. My argument is against signing AP. In no way would I ever put DM and AP in the same sentence in terms of accomplishments nor talent. Simply put, we got the same production from DM over the same 5 years.
    AND….we are not ONE player away from being a great football team. If we were, it would be a no-brainer. I don’t see the HUGE benefit of signing a guy that’s 32 and in all likelihood has 1-2 years left regardless of his HOF status.
    It’s just my opinion. Would he help the Bucs if they signed him? I’m sure he would.

  133. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Sorry for my bad reading comprehension. Sometime I get excited. 🙂

    Your points are all valid and as Blake points out we’re all just expressing opinions anyway.

    I’m a sucker for great players. But perhaps I’ve got too much Chucky in me and just can’t give up on them.

  134. Pickgrin Says:

    AP is a generational talent and has shown before that he has “come back” abilities that no one expected.

    I would not be shocked at all to see AP lead the league in rushing next year if he has a decent Oline blocking for him. But he could also be 2016 VJax the sequel…

    This is certainly something to consider if I am Licht.

    If AP WANTS to be a Buccaneer and is willing to play for less than $10M in 2017 – I would definitely want the GM and HC to talk to him and see what their impression of 2017 AP is. It never hurts to talk…

  135. Phillip Says:


    I am not thrilled with the FA WR that are out there currently.. DeSean while extremely fast is a one trick pony.. Ted Ginn = Hot garbage.. Garcon is fast but I think he is more YAC fast than burn someone deep… Jeffery will take the most money he can get imo.. Kenny Stills was traded from WR happy NO to Mia and couldn’t lock down a consistent spot.. Patterson is 4 years into the NFL and still can’t run routes.. Aiken isn’t anything special.. Britt is a poor mans Jeffery.. Pryor stated he actually wants to go back to CLE which alone should be a red flag 🙂

    Josh Gordon while talented can’t be trusted

    I can see a Maclin, Marshall, Cobb, or Decker type being cut though be it because of age, injury, or underperforming on a big contract

  136. 808BUCS Says:

    I’m all for it, bring him in!

  137. Phillip Says:

    Closing in on 2 hrs and my comment still hasn’t been approved.. I remember why I don’t comment much here anymore (before the past couple days it had been since Koetter got hired I last commented I believe).. There is nothing malicious in it or swear words.. I don’t think someone who hasn’t really commented in a year would be on “Joe’s” naughty list either.. Oh well off to BN

  138. Grt Says:

    Did he not lead the league in rushing a year ago

  139. Joeypoppems Says:


    Yea I know its not a good free agency class for WR. Gotta get at least one of them tho. I agree that Desean Jackson is a one trick pony, but it is the trick we need lol. I wouldnt mind Jackson, Garcon, or Britt as a #2 receiver. Randall Cobb is really interesting if he becomes a cap casualty. Maclin is another guy that would be a great fit of what the team is looking for. Either way, IMO, it would be nice to go into the draft knowing that your #1 need has been addressed in some fashion. May not be a complete fix, but improved

  140. Joeypoppems Says:


    Well said. Completely agree.

  141. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Sorry, but I HOPE he goes to the New York Giants.

    Why? Because then they will not have the money to keep JPP. And I would take him over Peterson, since he is younger and less injury prone.

  142. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    @ Bonzai

    Lol, good point dude, not gonna lie, I wouldnt be disappointed if we got Jpp over Ap.

    Way to think outside the box.

  143. Bucs4821 Says:

    I’m sure a number of people thought Dwight Freeney & Julius Peppers were over the hill and here they are in the playoffs. I specifically remember a lot of posting about Peppers on, “this here corner of the Interwebs.”

  144. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Before his injury this year, AP was doing worse than doug martin was.

    I drafted AP and Doug Martin wih my first 2 picks in fantasy football. So i paid close attention to how he was doing. Not sure what his YPC was but i guarantee you it was horrible.

    Funny how a 28 yr old Martin was too old for Joe before this season. Yet a 32 yr old AP is a savior? On a ticket selling level it would great, but on a realistic level i dont expect an injury prone 32 ye old RB to be what he once was.

  145. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Is rather take a risk of drafting a Rb than signing a Rb who has 1 or 2 yrs left, and taking 20 mil a yr that could be used toward anything more deserving than a declining RB.

  146. Buccfan37 Says:

    I call it a tie, those for or against getting AP. Similar to an Aguayo longer FG attempt. Drop kick me Jesus through the goalposts of life.

  147. Architek Says:

    Pass – draft a younger back instead of renting someone else used goods.

  148. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    He’s not 32…he just turned 31 this year. But 32 is a good number. You must have missed the part about Ricky Williams rushing for well over 1,000 in half a season for the Dolphins when their starting RB went down. At 32 Williams became the first player to have six years between his 1000 yard seasons…talk about washed up an over the hill.

    AP is 6-1 220 lbs and has been clocked at 4.4 Surely he’s slowed some…but if he put up a 4.5 he still blows the doors off of turtle Martin.

    I’m totally receptive to all the arguments for and against AP…but I”m sorry…you cannot compare a decent RB….a freaking two year wonder..Doug Martin to a player headed to the HOF!!! Doug Martin HAS NEVER done one thing as well as AP except perhaps for blocking. What’s next…compare Martin to Jim Brown? Martin isn’t as fast as AP…he’s not as powerful…he doesn’t cut or run in the open field anywhere near as well as AP…and it’s not even close.

    AP has more long rushing TD’s in any one of his 8 seasons where he actually played than Doug Martin has his entire career. AP is fast, powerful and a gifted runner who can make you miss or run over you.

    Someone wanted Frank Gore. I have a ton of respect for Gore because of his longevity and the fact that he has taken a ton of big time hits but is still rolling.
    He’s NO A.P.

    AP at 70% of his former self is better than any Buc running back in the past decade.

  149. USFBUC Says:

    I’ll pass on AP but if Brandon Marshall gets cut by the Jets I would love for the Bucs to pay his 7.5m salary. I would still bring in some combo of Patterson, Stills, and Britt. Our new RB could be Murray if Oakland moves on from him.

  150. Buc fan since 76 Says:

    Pass, too old and too much money.

  151. Buc1987 Says:

    He’s not allowed to carry Dirk’s mutha-f-in stick though…

  152. Berdj J. Rassam Says:

    I don’t know how much gas is left in his tank, but Peterson might be a great addition to the Bucs running game.

  153. NCFlorIdiot Says:

    Love your posts St.Pete… Keep these folks balanced!

  154. IE Buc Says:

    I’d say let the Bucs roll with Peterson, Mike James, and an upcoming drafted rookie.

  155. PRBucFan Says:

    I watched the interview and New York was thrown at him and he went with it, but his original answer was Tampa Bay as his first team listed.

  156. PRBucFan Says:

    Rodgers will be the change of pace back

  157. StarBuccs Says:

    I think it will be cool if we signed AP and keep Dougie. We could have the best one two punch in the league. I dont think either one can be an alldown running back right now. After a few years maybe dougie will be back to his old self. Hope it happens.

  158. Gerald McRuud Says:

    Screw Doug Martin.

    If that MF cared more about this team than those little blue pills, we’d have made the playoffs.

    Screw Doug Martin.

  159. Eric Says:

    Wow a lot of responses on this one huh?

    I see the argument for both but to be honest, I say take AP HANDS DOWN! This isn’t a question. The guy is arguably a top 5 rb all time. He was elite two years ago and had a small injury last year. Look what happened in 2015 when he came back from a much more serious injury.

    The guy is a freak. He is not the same type of rb that won’t last past 30, evidently. Can you imagine the play action with 8 stacking the box and jameis’s elite level of play action? We could win with Hump at #2 not to mention we will have huge upgrades to the receiver positions as well.

    I don’t think it will happen, but to me this isn’t a question. He is NOT arian foster. Arian has been hurt more times than I can count.

  160. pick6 Says:

    @Eric, you are leaving out the part where Jameis gets splattered because AP can block to save his (or his QB’s) life. and the part where Jameis can only line up in the shotgun because that’s what AP is most comfortable with

  161. pick6 Says:

    can’t block

  162. Eric Says:


    okay so lets assume that AP is still the freak athlete that we know he can be. You’re suggesting to look elsewhere because he can’t block? really?

    I certainly hope for AP’s sake that considering his level of elite play, he is able to line up outside of the shotgun position. Maybe Jameis could even adjust to this as well.

    Again, I don’t think it happens and I see the argument for both sides but I wouldn’t mind an elite rb that would help our passing attack as well. A blocking tight end would do wonders for his blocking issues that you suggested.

  163. Gencoimports Says:

    AP turns 32 in 60 days. If he were 26 or 27, it would be a no brainer. But he is not the back he once was. I can’t believe some of you people.

  164. Eric Says:

    Come on man, you can’t believe some people?

    Why, because they believe he could perform as long as emmitt smith did?

    Sorry dude but that is not irrational, whatsoever. I’m sure a lot of people can’t believe your perception that their opinions of this matter aren’t feasible.

  165. Tony in Los Angeles Says:

    uh… no.