“Trying To Get Away From That Standard”

December 25th, 2016

jameisfalcons3Is there an internal struggle among the Buccaneers, a culture-change battle that’s still raging on?

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, had interesting comments tonight in New Orleans.

Jameis was cool and calm but drained at a postgame podium in the bowels of the Superdome. He had no interest in chatting about benched Doug Martin, but Jameis was happy to respond to a question about whether he’s been considering how getting nine victories would mean his first winning NFL season.

“Not at all, man. I wanted to make the playoffs,” Jameis said. “That’s my ultimate goal: is to win a Super Bowl. Trying to get away from that standard of just being OK. We want to be great. I mean, I didn’t play great tonight, but I’m going to keep working my tail off to keep helping my team get better.”

So what the heck is Jameis saying when he claims he and/or the team is “trying to get away from that standard of just being OK.”

Jameis made it seem like it’s an ongoing struggle.

And who set that low standard?

Was it Lovie?

Was it fans? Remember this text to Dirk Koetter.

Was it media too used to reporting on a losing franchise?

Joe is quite confident Jameis was talking about the mental state of the Bucs roster and the internal effort to transform the team into angry warriors who won’t rest until the NFC South trophy is listed.

Man, the Bucs need to beat the Panthers so damn badly next week. This team desperately needs to end the season on a high note.

39 Responses to ““Trying To Get Away From That Standard””

  1. JameisDungy Says:

    So much hate for Lovie. Yet Dirk’s offense remains average.

    So much hate for Lovie. Yet we saw Dirk sit on 3 timeouts that could have been used to get us in fg range before the half.

    So much hate for Lovie. Yet Dirk’s offenses have struggled when we needed them the most.

    The real fear may be that we hired a good OC to be an average HC for us. When he becomes the HC suddenly his play calling gets worse.

  2. Zaza Says:

    @JameisDungy The Bucs already have more wins than the previous two years combined. I’d say that’s an upgrade, the Bucs are only going to get better. Believe that, next year it’s playoffs or bust.

  3. Lamarcus Says:

    I don’t care about all these pro bowls these playes have but will always remain losers I e Mccoy, david, etc. These guys have to step up to keep us mentality tuff. McCoy is not a winner of football scores and team success and that bothers me. Sometimes u have to start over cuz it’s hard getting the loser mentality outta of players who experienced too much losing. I know that’s has to be first on the list it’s to rid the illness of losing.

  4. Tampa Tony Says:

    Dude needs to look in the mirror and change his approach. He’s not learning from his mistakes he’s not improving from week to week. Too inconsistent, inaccurate and turnover prone to be so highly thought of by intelligent fans.

    22 turnovers is gifting teams points. He’s had 3 games all year without a turnover in those games I believe the Bucs are 2-1.

    As a leader he’s gonna start to get tuned out if he can’t get his play turned around. Give him better receivers but it’s on him to get better

  5. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    I believe in Jameis and the the YOUNG BUCCANEERS!



  6. whatever Says:

    they can stop with Gerald’s pre game pep talks… they do nothing to get the team ready for a mission to win. plain and simple. nothing else matters, you have fun when you win… not have fun when you dont win

  7. JameisDungy Says:

    The Bucs have got more wins, but I’m not sure they’re “better”

    Panthers gifted us a couple game.

    Very lucky to beat the Saints as well. Dropped td was huge.

    Meanwhile the offense has been pedestrian for over a month. The play calling a mess. Best offense when Jameis is in no huddle running the show.

    Mike Smith has been great for the defense, but he may be gone soon.

    Lovie would have us with 7 or 8 wins as well. I don’t think he’s great, but he could have bought us some time until we found the right HC. Dirk Koetter was a very uninspiring choice.

  8. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:


    IS YOU!!!

  9. FR Says:


  10. Tampa Tony Says:

    @Nole-truth hurts. Take the blinders off and let’s hold our #1 pick to a higher standard than the career trajectory of Jay Cutler who he resembles a lot right now

  11. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    Jamis do make a lot of mistakes and bad throws..but also there is some bad play calling when we’re in the red zone…is this Jamis changing the play or the play caller? Nonetheless, iam a buc fan and I am not gonna criticize no one individual. ..this entire team have been making mistake including play calling on offense and defense

  12. NashvilleBuc Says:

    This team has exceeded my expectations formed after the first few weeks. Fun to watch… sometimes painful… but they are fun to watch again. Go Bucs!

  13. JameisDungy Says:

    I’m a big believer in Jameis, but he does have flaws. However, I think the worst of him comes out when he feels shackled by the play calling. He’ll make the bonehead throw because he knows the offense has no juice. So he just does something to try and get it going. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    It’s very important Lich/Koetter have a solid off season/year.

    Would hate to see Jameis fall off like Blake Bortles did this year because of coaching/poor management.

  14. Rat Pack Sports Says:

    Well I will say this. Mr. Winston your a professional now and all of that Rah Rah don’t work if your not putting your end up. Stop worrying about everyone else mindset and get your right and stop repeating the same mental and physical errors every week and than all you fall back on is “I’m a competitor” man competitors also don’t keep putting their team in bad situations and also aren’t 2nd in the NFL in turnovers. Say what u want those are facts. While he’s still young. There’s a lot of really bad habits he’s put on tape now and NFL defensive coordinators have figured him out. All I’m going to say is he keeps doing these things and the players will start to tune him out

    With that being said. You have an off-season coming up very soon. Need to see some improvements in decision making and accuracy come year three.

  15. Tackleblockwin Says:

    We are headed in the right direction. Proud of our team. Need a good draft and need to pick up some pieces in free agency. Truly feel like we are close to being a very good football team. Go Bucs!

  16. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Tony ima let you have that because you don’t see things the way I see things. You gotta pay your dues. dallas went 8 and 8 how many years? They use those inept years to draft o linemen in the first round. We’ve finally begun to see some success but it is a process people. Offensively we lack,my belief is we go heavy offense next draft. Hold your head high man we showed some potential but be patient family our time is 2017. 😥 you coochie mofos gone see.

  17. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Agree on that last paragraph. The bucs cannot finish the season 0-3 after we had a playoff spot in our hands. Missing the playoffs, im not too mad about, but losing the final 3 games would be a disaster. Can’t let that type of drop off again. Finish strong. Get the win and stay respectable.

  18. NFLNut Says:

    It cracks me up that some Bucs fans rag on Jameis … I mean, are you kidding me? The kid is the greatest 22 year old QB in the history of football whether you like him or not and that’s just a fact.

    Check Peyton Manning’s stats … Peyton throw ONE HUNDRED INTERCEPTIONS in his first 5 years … 100!

    People were raving about Derek Carr because the Raiders TEAM was winning, but Jameis had a higher QBR as a rookie (and it’s even higher this year) than Carr had in either his first or second year! In fact Jameis has a top 10 QBR right now … as a 22 year old.

    Even “rookies” Dak Prescott and Carson Wentx are older than Jameis.

    And, Jameis is putting up numbers and turning around one of the worst franchises in the NFL all while having his line, receiving corps and running back corps decimated by injuries all year long.

    You “fans” crack me up. There are 31 other teams in the NFL that would basically kill to have Jameis on their team and outside of the absolutely elite QBs in the game like Brady and Rodgers, there aren’t many that would rather have the QB1 they have starting for them if they could have Jameis either.

    Jameis inherited a horrible 2-14 Bucs team and TRIPLED their win total as a rookie and is going to add another 2-3 wins on top of that this year … all while putting up back to back 4,000+ yard seasons (something Mariota and Carr have NEVER done even once in their combined 5 years in the NFL) and showing tremendous leadership in both the locker-room and in the community.

    All you Bucs “fans” that bash this kid … be careful or you could have an Orlando with Shaq situation on your hands and could drive this kid right out of town … and in 4 years you could be watching him win MVP’s and SuperBowl’s on another team!

    Open your eyes, do so research (compare Jameis’ first two years with those of Manning, Favre, etc), realize how blessed you are to have this young man leading your franchise … and stop acting like nonsensical nutjobs!

  19. Tampa Tony Says:

    @Nole- I love your optimism. I wish I had it after seeing 8-5 evaporate I’m just not there. I need to see Jameis improve in 2 areas before I get all rainbows and unicorns towards him. Decision making and accuracy have gotta improve.

    @NFLnut- Stats mean nothing if your QB is turning the ball over and gifting the opponent points. 22 turnovers and counting for #3. I think he has 50 turnovers in almost 2 seasons. Last two weeks have shown he’s not clutch either. I’m pretty sure I can name at least 12-15 teams who are happy with their current QB’s over Jameis.

    Even if Jameis had 1-2 more good receivers until he improves his accuracy he’s a mediocre qb. The throw behind and high to a open Humphries today shows how much work he needs. Being 22 is no excuse especially with him consistently making the same mistakes

    I’m a fan but I’m gonna be critical especially of a #1 pick.

  20. NFLNut Says:

    Tampa Tony … you’re non-sensical.

    Jameis was the youngest Day1 starting QB in the NFL this year and is playing behind a BAD offensive line with a bad group of running backs and a bad group of receivers (outside of Evans) and with a defense that was horrible for all but 5-6 games the entire year … and yet he has a top 10 QBR (that’s not just a useless “stat” like TD passes … it actually means something) and has led THAT team to 8-9 wins … that is absolutely astounding any way a sensical “fan” or even mere observer looks at it.

    If the NFL’s last season is next year, sure, gimme Brady, Rodgers and Brees over Jameis … maybe even Stafford, Luck and Roethlisberger but that’s it. That’s six guys, six. And again, Jameis will be TWENTY-THREE next year and still younger that some ROOKIE qbs I’d bet.

    However, since the NFL isn’t on schedule to end after next season, if you’re asking me as an NFL fan (my home team is not the Bucs but I like the game itself more than one particular team) to choose just one QB to ride with fo the next 15+- seasons, I am taking Jameis 100% of the time … ahead of every other QB on the planet.

    Now, am I saying the kid is perfect … no, not even close to it. I’m saying he needs to grow into the dominant superstar he is almost sure to become and his front office needs to do it’s job and surround him with legit talent and not scrubs.

    There was no excuse for the Bucs signing Sweezy (who never played a snap all year) over the most dominant offensive lineman available in Osemele … the Raiders grabbed him to protect Carr and look how dominant that Oakland O-line was when Osemele was healthy!

    The Bucs have around $68mil in cap space this summer and that number could go up to around $75mil if they cut Verner or even higher if they trade Doug Martin who some seem to think may be traded this offseason … they need to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND to surround Jameis with talent. I’m taking a decent safety, a quality corner (think Stephon Gilmore) a decent lb, another decent d-lineman and a quality starting WR (Alshon Jeffrey would be my pick) and then draft wisely and they can be a playoff team next year and a legit SB contender within 2-3 years and for the forseeable future.

  21. Poor Glennon Says:

    Nflnut insert Freeman in for Winston. It’s the same thing we all thought after his 2nd season. I mean 25 TD and 6 INT and 10 wins. RG3,Kap Foles all had great seasons as youngsters. Winston has way more doubters after his 2nd season than Freeman did.

  22. loggedontosay Says:

    Tampa Tony,

    Did you not just recently express how you rely on facts? Now that someone responded to you with facts favoring Winston, you are no longer interested in facts? I get that you don’t like Winston and you want him to fail, but he will not fail. Spin hatred for Winston any way you want. I think Winston problems reflect directly on Dirk, but I still want Dirk as the coach. Wish the Hlazers had waited a year.

  23. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    Tampa Tony only shows up to bash Winston. Yes Winston has not been perfect but damn if you look what he has done with what he’s got it’s pretty impressive. No online, inconsistent running game, and only having Mike Evans and Brate to throw to would make most QBs suck. You can tell he is forcing throws and that’s because he has to because of reasons above. Let’s place the right guys around him and then Tampa Tony I’m sure you will disappear. Go Bucs! Bucs fans never lose faith. Let’s support them and be there this Sunday.

  24. dis Says:

    Tampa Tony you have never posted a single comment on this site other than to bash Jameis and then pretend you’re a fan. I’m surprised you have nothing negative to say about any other player on our team. It’s obvious Jameis is the only reason we have lost any game in the last two years, right?

    I’m wondering. Are you a Tampa fan at all? Or more likely, is it that you just can’t stand to see a young black man leading your team? Well either way, go away!

  25. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Disappointment is justified, however, the team improved and we will be fighting for a slim chance at a playoff spot in week 17. Next year? Well, if we beat Carolina like a drum in our final home game, the Bucs will be everyone’s chic pick to make a run.

    One last thing. If the Cowboys proved anything this year, it is that a great OL will make THE difference. Draft another starter in first round, and a fast WR in round two. And bring in some quality FA’s for DL and secondary.

  26. Sunny Says:

    Do you even know what the word “agenda” means. Joe doubts it. And if you do, then your comment was highly irresponsible since it’s flat out inaccurate. Joe does not come to your house and make up stuff about you. And Joe certainly isn’t about to tolerate that here, just as you wouldn’t. Joe doesn’t hide from the fact that Joe’s opinion is firm and easy to find around here. Call Joe clueless or ill-informed, if you wish. No problem there. But incorrectly reading between the lines on motives is bad form. Joe simply writes what Joe believes based on a life devoted to covering the Bucs. Don’t like it? Off to the newspaper you go.–Joe

  27. RawBucFan Says:

    There is a definite need for another young WR (Corey Davis) or RB (Dalvin Cook) on offense. The defense should improve with continuity & a few more pieces on D-line & S. Jameis is a great leader but his biggest improvement will come when he learns to take what the opposing defense gives him. The object is to move the sticks because the big play isn’t always there. Jameis MUST learn to tuck & run to move the sticks. He constantly looks to throw when there is plenty of green available to move the sticks. 1st downs are not touchdowns but it’s another OPPORTUNITY for 3 more plays. Run Jameis run.. just avoid the big hits. Live to play another down💯

  28. JimBo Says:

    Where was the ‘energy’ that we were seeing during the past weeks? If there was energy it wasn’t evident. The team’s body language had the look of ‘oh sh&t, we’re going to lose today’.

  29. BUCS_Fan_w_Big_@&*!_Stik Says:

    Jameis is 100% right all that matters is winning Superbowls. Also I am not sure you guys were watching the same game I was but the whole reason why the game went the way it went was Cameron Brate got injured.

    Brandon Myers sucks and they double covered Evans almost every play and when they didn’t Jameis made them pay. Could Jameis have played better, sure. I am sure he is the first one to tell you that as well. He is exceptionally driven, hard working and competitive and a great leader.

    However, if we had a better O-line and more weapons we could definitely be able to do more. Also a dynamic running back would help too. Either Martin turns back into last year Martin and we should draft another RB in the later rounds.

    I have faith in Licht to draft the best player available and also find a few diamonds in the rough. Definitely we need some weapons for Jameis, a Center, D-line and safety help too. Oh and a right or left tackle.

    To all the Haters out there football is a team game and I am not sure what the BUCS who are league leaders in injuries are supposed to do when they loose their #2 receiver and their up and coming tight end is a binge drinker and is on the injured reserve of the Jets.

  30. Rrsrq Says:

    What NFLnut said, exactly.

  31. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    There is nothing wrong with Fameis. The only thing he needs to work on is his accuracy. He’s a baller and the type of leader this offense needs. He has no fear and never plays tentative. For the person who spoke about him always trying to pass downfield, that’s his main job to pass the ball it’s the rbs to run. Did you watch any of his games when he runs? It’s obvious to me the staff got into his head about not running so blame that on them.

    As negative as TampaTony is he still has valid points about Jameis but Tony you have to look at his good as well. He’s forcing things because he has compensate for the lack of talent on the offense plus it’s obvious play calling has changed as opposed to last year. Jameis has that Brett Farve gene so there’s going to be turnovers so get used to it but once they work on his accuracy and get him a speed receiver a better line and and a new runningback things will be better.

    Things are looking up in Tampa people. Look how long it took the Raiders once they got Carr or Dallas sucked all those years but built pieces and now look at them. It took Scam Newton mamas boy 3 years to become an elite qb. Fameis will be in his 3rd year and that’s when the Bucs will emerge.

    After watching that pregame speech by GMac last week I am now of the mindset like so many others. He looked and sounded like a clown and has no place in addressing the defense. I wonder how many guys were saying in their minds YO SHUT UP! He’s gotta go.

    Dirk Digler and Jason Licht if you sit pat on our receiver group again like you did this year you gotta go. Even Stevie wonder called up asking what were you seeing! Do your jobs and fix this team!

  32. Oxycondoms Says:

    Curious how many 22 year olds are the best in their sport . I know football fans aren’t the most intelligent bunch but how about some common sense . Jameis was stripped of his starting running back , 2nd rd tight end that everyone seemed so high on , oline troubles , Vincent Jackson, etc. This isn’t women’s Olympic gymnastics . 22 year old qbs don’t tend to dominate the nfl in the past history of the game.

  33. Sunny Says:

    @lee & Steven , it is no secret , this business is a scratch my back, and I will scratch yours , IE why some people are rockstars with no data to back up the claim , and out of football all together, I didnt say your were wrong , again like I said before I enjoy you site ,your coverage of the Bucs is great , but enough already , trying to spin JW as the be all and end all of QB is ill-informing your readers and a disservice after a certain point , yes the team is promising,yes with WR he can be better , he still needs a lot of work i.e. throwing accurately, progressions, reading defenses , overthrowing receivers, pocket awareness, internal clock , footwork . . . To make it seem like he is flawless with anything to work on , just better coachs , better receivers , better RB , hell better ball boy is a bit “curious” to say the least.
    Joe has written many times — and said on radio to a bigger audience — that Jameis’ big challenge this year was to not be the fourth best QB in the division because that would mean the Bucs would finish in last place. Jameis ascended in many ways and perhaps next year will take himself out of the conversation for worst QB in the division. He’s America’s Quarterback, but Joe has never written that Jameis is a finished product. Joe has been very hard on Jameis through this season, just like Joe would be on any player screwing up at times. Heck, if Jameis played better against the Rams, Bucs fans would be in a happy place right now. Not sure what “business” you are talking about, but you clearly have no clue how this site operates.–Joe

  34. Sunny Says:

    Come on Americas writers Lee/Steven , the business is when u want locker room access , press conference, combine interviews etc etc etc , u get a wink and a nod from king ,Barrett , Luis , etc etc etc . . . Americas quarterback ???check national polls or better yet other fan bases to see what they think outside of your bubble

  35. richbucsfan Says:

    Sunny, good idea to drop your rant. This is their site to run as they see fit. I support that. I think you’re way off base about your accusations about them. You won’t win this one. They are kind enough to allow me to rant about the Bucs and I thank them for that.

  36. Kevin Says:

    Does Jameis make mistakes? Sure he does, but its not all on him. Yhe cowboys SHREDDED our defense and Josh Huff put us in bad positions the last two weeks.in a row with his crap arse return game. Pass rush has been non existent the last two weeks and once evans is locked up wiyh double coverage there is nobody else. Winston has been.getting hammered with pressure and the run game is below average. Koetter has done a very good job in his frist rookie year and will too learn from his mistakes. Raheems 10 win season was a fluke and this was the best season we as fans have had to watch in the last 9 years. Shut up and be happy things are getting better. If you.think they get better over night you are an idiot!!! GO BUCS LOOKING FORWARD TO 2017!!!!!

  37. LakeLandBuc Says:

    We all agree on one thing….The BUCS Sucs

  38. JameisDungy Says:

    So much complaining about Jameis accuracy yet its the same as Mariota and the same as Carr in his 2nd year.

    Carr throws way more short passes from what I recall as well. So its not even a huge difference this year.

    I swear some Bucs fans would be happier with Carson Wentz or Jared Goff.

  39. Lamarcus Says:

    Jameis Winston is the best single player in the NFL. And he plays for our team which is great.