Raheem’s 10-6 Survives Another Year

December 24th, 2016

raheemcropppedOnly once in the past 10 seasons have the Bucs finished 10-6 or better.

You can cry.

You can laugh.

You can stand in amazement that 34-year-old Raheem Morris pulled that off in 2010 with a 22-year-old quarterback and starting 10 rookies during the season.

Joe’s taking a 12-minute break from current Bucs depression to hearken back to this glory year. Yes, angry Bucs fans rip those 2010 Bucs because they only beat one “good” team, as if that makes any sense in a competitive football league.

Finishing 10-6 is a major achievement and mandatory lately to sniff the playoffs in the NFC.

Chucky got fired after back to back 9-7 seasons.

Yes, 10-6 will always be a big deal. Thanks for the memories, Rah.

7 Responses to “Raheem’s 10-6 Survives Another Year”

  1. mike10 Says:

    Another underwhelming season. Hopefully we finish the year off in good fashion and maintain an upward trend.

  2. Bucs14 Says:

    Look at the bright side, the worst we can do is .500.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bucs had their chances. They lost to the better team in New Orleans. Its hard to beat Brees twice in a row unless you are a very good team. The beginning of the 3rd qtr sealed our fate. No playoff pressure on Bucs now. maybe they can just..let it fly and leave it all on the field against the Panthers. We shall see. You are what your record says you are. We are a decent team. Just not a very good team yet. Bring in some Beef for the Line next year.

  4. Buddy Says:

    Great post Joe! Rah’s 10-6 is still something to marvel at with everything that was happening within the team back then. Where is Koetter with his carrying of the big F$&@ing stick? Now? Or the arrogance of his press conferences talking down to the local reporters. Who have covered this team longgg before him. NFL is a lot easier when you’re just the OC coach.

  5. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    All the while the moronic Buc fans bashed and clowned Raheem but yet still idolize that clown Schiano who sucked almost worst than Lovie. Freeman had his problems but he balled for Rah. That whole team played above their ‘pay grade’ or as most said over achieved. Proof positive that Schiano is the one who drove Freeman into the ground. Sure the young man had thin skin. How many exciting come back wins did he have under Rah?Yet the moron Schiano wanted the Galloping Giraffe instead! Then theres the clowns who think he deserved a 3rd year. Priceless!

  6. Tampa Tony Says:

    2008-9-3 to 9-7
    2015- 6-6 to 6-10
    2016- 8-5 to 8-7

    This team is the opposite of clutch when it counts

  7. JMN Says:

    @David….obviously you blocked out the horror show of the 2011 Buccaneers! That team completely gave up on Raheem and the players had absolutely no respect for him. Raheem had to be fired. Check out the December scores. The games weren’t even close. Say what you want about Schiano but even he didn’t have a streak of blowouts like Raheem did. I gave up my season tix after the 2011 season and have yet to buy them since.