Power Of The Backups

December 5th, 2016
No, Dirk Koetter wasn't referring to flawless Jessica Alba when he referred to a Bucs player as "Honey."

No, Dirk Koetter wasn’t channeling flawless Jessica Alba when he referred to a Bucs player as “Honey.”

Joe has long ignored the practice squad for a variety of reasons.

Why should Joe spend time on a practice squad player who can’t play in a real game when Joe can spend time writing about a guy on the active roster who, you know, might impact a game.

But with Dirk Koetter, practice squad guys are pushed all the time and are never allowed to forget their time may come sooner rather than later.

This is why with Cecil Shorts likely gone for the season, and who knows when concussed Rudy Humphries will be cleared to play, Joe can see the inevitable return of misplaced Calgary Stampeder receiver Donteea Dye.

Koetter talked about how backups this season have been so critical to the success of the Bucs after yesterday’s big win in San Diego.

“How about Javien Elliot?” Koetter asked, referring to his undrafted rookie cornerback out of Florida State. “He was on the practice squad just a couple of weeks ago.”

Koetter said Elliot was anxious about his status with the Bucs and the coach told him.

“‘Hang in there, honey. Hang in there, man. Just hang in there. It’s almost over. Just hang in there. Hang with us.’

“I’d feel exactly like that.”

This season has shown how important it is to groom practice squad players to be ready at any given moment.

While that was cool to know Koetter referred to a player as “honey,” Joe will still largely ignore practice squad players until they are on the active-53.

21 Responses to “Power Of The Backups”

  1. Rrsrq Says:

    Showed a stat during the games that the Bucs have the most players on IR

  2. Jason Says:

    I saw that stat too, that we were tied with league lead with 10 players on IR, but if you google it we have 15, and San Diego leads with 21 players on IR. Not sure what they were showing yesterday.

  3. Warrenfb12 Says:

    I would expect Huff to be the promotion.

  4. tmaxcon Says:


    I believe huff is injured

  5. Cannon Says:

    There was one play, mid way through the second half, in which our offense went 5 wide with no one in the back field.

    With all of the injuries to skill positions, I honestly wondered how we could even field that formation…

  6. NutterBuccer Says:

    10 players since September 4th was what they showed. We have guys like George Johnson who were put on before so gonna guess the numbers they showed were just for start of season.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Did you have to put a pic of my ex?

  8. Kobe Faker Says:

    You cant stop Freddie Martinez, You can only hope to contain him

  9. rayjay1122 Says:

    Hopefully Humphries will be back soon. Evans and Shep are not bad and Martino certainly stepped up every time called upon. If Simms returns, he can also split out and be used as a receiver which he is probably better at than RB IMO. Brate will also continue to do his part, we just can not afford anymore injuries at this point.

  10. R.O. Says:

    We can stop Freddie Martinez… Freddie Martino on the other hand you can’t. Nice try though… r’tard.

  11. DB55 Says:

    Hang in there, honey. Hang in there, man. Just hang in there. It’s almost over. Just hang in there. Hang with us.’
    HA! I thought he was talking to jeanna lane or some other “bored” lady reporter.

  12. gilhealy Says:

    I think he was, DB55.

  13. Patrick in VA Says:

    @DB55 – I watched the interview as well, it was directed at a person that was there. I don’t know if it was Jenna, but he wasn’t talking about Elliot.

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    I was very critical of this coaching staff but this is what very good to great teams do…..they coach up the players they have….they turn street guys into solid production….even the fullback a.cross has stepped up and made plays when his number is called….for players like martino, cross, Elliott and Russell to have good production when starters are going down is a testament to the skills of the coaching staff….hats off to them….GO BUCS!!!!

  15. Nick2 Says:

    So one more name, Josh Huff currently on our practice squad we picked him up after gun and pot charges forced the Eagles to cut him . Troubled player but the guy has some serious speed and moves a legitimate deep threat and a great kick returner from the Oregon Ducks. We could use a dynamic kick returner and since Shorts is gone this guy is without a doubt our most talented WR not on the active roster. Anyone think he hits the field for us this year with the playoffs in site. If we keep getting WR’s injured is there any reason why this guy hasn’t seen the field yet besides that he doesn’t know the offense well?

  16. Pickgrin Says:

    I found that “honey” portion of Koetter’s press conference very odd. Thought he was talking to his wife at 1st or some woman in front of him – and then the maniacal laughter.


  17. unbelievable Says:

    Huff and/or Dye will get called up.

    We still have Russell Shepherd and Martino is getting more involved.

    Charles Sims will be back as well. I think we will be okay.

  18. Matt B Says:

    Love me some Jessica Alba. You can post a photo of her anytime you want Joe. It’s fine with me.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    What Matt said! I don’t know that I even read the article. Gorgeous!

  20. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    We should all thank Jason Licht, who has brought us many of these no name players.

  21. Warthog Says:

    Martino 4 lyfe!!!!!!!!!