Kwon Savors Gas-Station Love

December 2nd, 2016

Talks life on the streets

Folks across Tampa Bay aren’t partying like it’s 1997 (or 2007), but there’s a vibe thumping through Bucs fans that might soon emerge on a grand scale.

Kwon Alexander feels it.

Speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network this week, Kwon said he ventured out amidst the masses after spanking the Seahawks and found happiness in the streets.

“I went to the store [Monday], the gas station, and I seen some fans. They was excited. You know, they was happy about how the team played, how the defense played,” Kwon said. “It’s a great feeling, man, to see the fans behind us. They need to stay behind us.”

Kwon acknowledged he’s a got a bit of a chip on his shoulder because of doubting media of all kinds. But Kwon said “they always do us like that” so it’s no big deal. They’ll “hop on the boat” soon, he added.

If Kwon really wants to see excited fans, he might just get them at the airport early Monday morning. This Sunday’s game is that big. A four-game winning streak for the Bucs? Joe might just throw a pool party of epic proportions with all current and former cheerleaders invited.

7 Responses to “Kwon Savors Gas-Station Love”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I remember a time in Tampa, when the only way to get a seasons ticket was to have someone die, and leave it to you. Fans here seem to vacillate between the Bucs, and their old home team. When the Bucs are losing, they bail, and support their old home team. But, when the Bucs are winning, they will support their team.

  2. JWBUCS Says:

    These guys, the entire team have earned our 100% support… It is really exiting to see them playing as a family and the recent rise in level of intensity that can take this team places, they have not visited in many years…. My praise to leadership, coaching and I honor every guy who truly buys in! Go Bucs… Thank you for the tremendous effort of late!

  3. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    If I lived in FL still, I would be a season ticket holder… Much to my wife’s dismay… But you bet your sweet a$$ I will be there in Carolina screaming my a$$ off! No question about it! I just handed down my creamsicle jacket that I had when I was 2 to my two year old. The bucs will get love at Bank of America Stadium!

  4. teacherman777 Says:

    Teacherman always supports his brothers!

    I have been loyal since I was 13. In 1996, when Dungy came to town.

    Donnie Abraham was the man!

    So was Brad Culpepper.

    I will always love and support these guys!

    They are doing the best they can!

    Show some LOVE Bucs fans!!

  5. big serious Says:

    i will be at the game this sunday rooting on my SQUAD

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    A heightened Bucs effort will be there Sunday. That much is clear. The weather change, the Bucs change to a competitive opponent. These ain’t those Bucs of the losing past. The new Bucs have arrived. Right on time.

  7. 1999Bucsfan Says:

    I’ve been with them since I popped out my momma in 99 lol. Yeah I’m 17 but I’m always behind my team through thick and thin. Love to see them winning finally. I was to young to remember the glory days but you better know I’ve watched that SB VHS 50 times😂😂