Dirk Koetter Must Put His Foot Down

December 19th, 2016
"You're not the leader you think you are. Not yet."

“You’re not the leader you think you are. Not yet.”

There’s a very disturbing behavioral pattern with America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, and Dirk Koetter needs to jolt his QB and finally slam his foot down.

Enough already.

Turn on the film from last year and watch Jameis lose his cool in December against the Rams and in the season finale against Carolina.

This year? Go watch Jameis throw a punch and expose himself to injury in Week 2 at Arizona.

How about that senseless personal foul chewing out officials in the red zone when the Bucs were trailing in San Francisco this season?

And then there was last night, with Jameis head-butting a Cowboys player with the Bucs knocking on the door in the red zone. That’s a critical penalty in a six-point game.

In between and before all of that, consider all the blocks Jameis threw when coaches repeatedly told him not to throw blocks and expose himself to needless risk.

It all adds up to Jameis not listening to coaches and putting himself before the team. Period. No spinning out of that.

Joe loves Jameis more than nearly everyone, but this nonsense must end. It’s a pattern. And it’s absolutely not cute.

Jameis talks about “family” all the time, but his own message isn’t getting through to him. You don’t recklessly disregard your family’s needs the way Jameis has done too often.

Frankly, if any other Buccaneer pulled the nonsense Jameis has over the last 16 games, every last fan would be calling for the guy’s ousting. In reality, the player wouldn’t have a job in Tampa.

Jameis knows he’s the tone-setter. He understands he’s the leader. But Jameis must realize the standard of discipline starts and ends with him — after it starts and ends with Koetter.

Joe believes it’s time for Koetter to send a message to Jameis that the BS has to stop.

Koetter must find a way to hold Jameis accountable.

86 Responses to “Dirk Koetter Must Put His Foot Down”

  1. Architek Says:

    I agree.

  2. mike Says:

    well said

  3. greg Says:

    He has done much better than I thought he would…but I am pretty sure that Marcus Mariotta has not done any of these childish and immature things

  4. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    Koetter needs to get Mike Evans open. Simple as that.

  5. ndog Says:

    Now this is legit criticism and is 100% accurate.

  6. Rob Says:

    Well said. America’s turnover machine has great passion to compete. Problem is, he often lets that adrenaline rush get the best of him and takes stupid risks resulting in catastrophic penalities and turnovers.

  7. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    I agree with you on the message not on the way it’s written.

    I don’t think Jameis is putting himself before the family, I think it’s the opposite.

    He so much wants to be the protecting father of the family, that he is getting involved in fight that doesn’t concern him.

    Sometimes, you have to let your kids messed up and teach them that they have to clean the mess themselves.

    Look at how he came to protect Doug Martin on this particular penalty, first he came to push behind him and then headbutt the defender who tackled him even if the referees blown the whistle first.

  8. J Says:

    When winston acted the fool at fsu jumbo fisher sat him for a game. Maybe koetter needs to sit jameis for the first series Rivera did with cam Newton in carolina. I’m a big fan of winston but he is getting to emotional for his own good.

  9. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Absolutely Joe. The “head butt” was ridiculous, both in stupidity and for getting the penalty. Jameis needs to grow up

  10. Supersam Says:

    I for one actually like the intensity and fire, would you rather have a dead fish on the field that don’t care about his running back getting slammed to the ground late?? I like the fire Winston. Keep it going.
    You can have intensity and fire and not headbutt and listen to coaches. –Joe

  11. YeahISaidIt Says:

    @Greg STFU Jameis is our qb not Mariotta. Go cheer for the Titans

  12. 404Buc Says:

    I have more problems with the 3 picks than the penalty. If he doesn’t turn it over , Bucs win. When he does, Bucs lose. It’s that simple.

    Was Cherilus on skates last night or what?

  13. Rob Says:

    He just needs an o line line that blocks and a running game.

    2nd and 2, 3rd and 2, one of those should a been a run. 2 incompletes. Unacceptable coach, our d can’t do it all and I pray will is ok

  14. old man says Says:

    We need to draft or acquire in free agency a top flight quarterback. Unless Jameis grows up very quickly he will negate all the good he does provide and all the good the other players bring to the team. His play is so inconsistent and that can only be from three things, his emotions and lack of maturity, his inaccurate passing, and an offensive line that is not very good. Our O line is not getting the job done for running plays, they no longer push the pile, they have deteriorated in the past few games in pass protection. But Jameis has to grow up and become a professional mentally and not a college player emotionally.

  15. Rob Says:

    Jamis is still only 22, all you who say he is not a good qb. You all will be praising him in a few years when he has a Super Bowl rings. He just needs help

  16. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Jimbo Fisher has the same troubles with Jameis at FSU and the problem persists. This 22 year needs some matruity. Koetter has a balancing act on his hands trying to keep harness the passion and channel that into productive energy on the field.

  17. Patrick in VA Says:

    My initial reaction, in the moment, was excitement for that level of intensity. Being a step removed now, you’re right Joe. He’s losing sight of how we can really stick it to the other team, which is scoring and beating them at the end of the game, not in the moment.

    Again, he’s 22. I’m pretty sure that I would’ve been way worse than that at 22.

  18. Tampa Tony Says:

    Cue the excuses for Jameis from the FSU fans thankful he made them relevant again…

  19. cmurda Says:

    The passion is there and you never want to take that away from a guy. That could really negatively affect the guy. I’m sure JW would say right now that it was a foolish decision. I watched a lot of Dallas holds and personal fouls go uncalled and I can certainly understand the frustration. The play Joe is referencing should have been a pers foul against the cowgirls for slinging Martin down way after the whistle. In the end, the average defense, Winston missing huge plays, and Cherilus cost us this game. The O Line wasn’t great but would have been serviceable without turnstile Gosder. How many times can a 300+ pound guy get b-slapped to the ground. How soft is this dude?

  20. MattSpy05 Says:

    Ah the post loss hit piece….a joe staple….

    Head butt was stupid…get it

    The throwing blocks and aggressive play? If the Bucs win then he’s a leader doing what he can to win. But they lose so instead its immaturity.

    Bucs were in a game on national television and had a chance to win against the best team in the NFC. They win one more game and they exceed all expectations….but no let’s stir up the crazies over a loss.

  21. grafikdetail Says:

    cue the hate from the mariota and glennon haters… get winston a running game, an oline that can run block & pass block, and more than just 1 drafted receiving threat surrounded by a bunch street free agents, or a coach that knows to use kick throws not 5 & 7 step drops every play to help out his below average oline first before you start complaining

  22. Armando Says:

    I didn’t see a head butt, I saw Jameis reaching for Martin and the Dallas payer was in the way

  23. Jim Says:

    Winston’s lack of maturity was well known and repeatedly demonstrated before he was drafted. Koetter has a problem and he’s been well aware of it for some time…

  24. Rrsrq Says:

    Let your linemen handle protecting the other players, if not that play, then the next. I agree with Joe on this one, can’t hurt your team with controllable penalties, rarely seen a ref change a call

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    I of course disagree.

    Let Jameis be Jameis.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    That’s not defending his actions either….

    Most of you are saying take the tiger out of the tiger.

    Good luck with all that!

  27. D-Rome Says:

    Jameis’s game frustrated me last night. It reminds me when I play Madden on the PS4 against a tough opponent. I see an open guy and say “Yes!” only to mash that button too hard and overthrow my target. I don’t know why Collinsworth was oohing and ahhing over Jameis’s throw to Humphries for the TD. It was a bad decision and it should have been an interception.

  28. Brandon from Philly Says:

    I think the convo should be more on him overthrowing the balls consistently. That touchdown to Adam should of been intercepted. Media love that play as a highlight but every QB knows not to throw on the run, not to throw across the field while scrambling, not to throw off the wrong foot and etc. Everything about that touchdown pass was bad. But since Adam caught the deflected pass, we are excited.

    This will forever be a team that lives and dies by Jamesis. That is the type of QB he is. Things are great and he is our hero when we win. But when we lose he is also the problem. I love him to death, but we need him to mature. He consistently plays with a drive and more focus after a turnover he committed. I don’t want him to be a game manager but if he can make more calculated risky plays/ decisions then we will be better. He needs help but even with help, he shouldnt get use to overthrowing all of his targets. His passes aren’t the best, but Evans, Brate and others make the catches so we don’t talk about it.

  29. Defense Rules Says:

    Not into making excuses for stupid plays … and the head butt was stupid … BUT that’s Jameis. Like it or not, that’s Jameis. That same fire that drives him to know that he can bring the Bucs back from any situation is the very same fire that consumes him in plays like the head butt. He’ll grow out of it, sooner or later. It amazes me how fans and media grasp at straws when a team loses.

    Bucs were totally outplayed last night on BOTH sides of the ball, period. They’re probably 2 years away from having the same quality offense as teams like the Cowboys. Defensively they’re also probably about 2 years away from the same quality defense as teams like Seattle. Bucs were in last night’s game for only 2 reasons last night in my opinion: (1) Jameis struck real fast in the 3rd qtr when he threw those 2 TDs; and (2) our defense buckled down somewhat in the 2nd half & held Dallas to FGs. Other than that, we were outplayed. Time to move on to New Orleans, Part 2.

  30. Jf Says:

    Trade for MM

  31. Matt Says:

    Certainly, Joe is not going to permit your personal attacks. –Joe

  32. Buc53 Says:

    Laughing at this. You’re saying he’s being selfish by blocking, but how often do we hear how admirable and unselfish it is for a QB to lay it on the line for his team by blocking. We also hear how players “respect” QBs who physically lay it on the line. Can’t have it both ways.

    Now, the head butting and the punching are crap. Yelling at the refs?—whatever, tons of players yell at refs.

  33. denjoe Says:

    If brady did it it wouldn’t have been a penalty. we all know they aren’t going to the super bowl this year, but we are closer and those guys are playing harder because of him and his passion to win. He cares about his team mates and he has fight in him. I think he’s what we have needed to turn it around. He takes responsibility for his mistakes and does his best not to repeat them, he’s only 22 yeah it was a mistake but his heart was in the right place. I think the defense even responds to his leadership. IMO

  34. Change is here Says:

    Maybe dirk can learn to stop running on first and goal every single time every single game.

    Maybe try a pass on first and goal.

    So predictable it’s pathetic.

  35. Cgmaster27 Says:

    Haha I’m laughing at those talking about mariota. His last two games , you know against actual good defenses , he’s completed 42% of his passes with ZERO tds and 3 turnovers. You know why his team still one? Oh yeah they have a running game and an offensive line.

  36. tdtb2015 Says:


    Is time to be an adult and play aggressive but smart. Bucs fans know the opportunity to compete in January comes with discipline mind with a fiery heart. This is the NFL. If you are not mentally ready, your heart will only create hopes and fantasies. A disciplined mind makes those dreams a reality.

    I hope Jamie’s is taken back to earth by Koetter. We have something special still brewing. An exit by DC Smith next year can dissolve all.the possibilities presented this year.

    Go Bucs!!!

  37. orlbucfan Says:

    We have a rookie HC, and a 22-year-old fireball for a 2nd year QB.
    We give an 11-2 (now 12-2) team 10 points in turnovers. They only beat the Bucs by 6. Think about that. Cowdungs couldn’t do better? They were home, and the refs were awful, but it was expected for them to be one-sided. They didn’t cost the Bucs the game (true, dat). Tampa Bay beat itself. This long-time and long-suffering fan is looking forward to the final 2 games, and next season. Bucs are maturing just fine. 🙂

  38. 813bucboi Says:

    I agree with @joe…dirk needs to get a handle on jameis….GO BUCS!!!!

  39. buc15 Says:

    here we go with the typical knee jerk reaction to a loss. If we would have pulled that game out, most of you would be praising his passion. While I do agree he has to work on keeping his emotions more in check in those situations, I love the passion. We are building something special & I for one am thrilled it seems to be happening way sooner than expected.

  40. Patrick in VA Says:

    I remember seeing games when Jameis was at FSU and he was always squinting at the sidelines to get the plays. Could it be that his deep ball is so inaccurate because his vision isn’t great? Not sure if he’s gotten that corrected or not.

  41. rayjay1122 Says:

    I am not an FSU fan but am a Bucs fan. I will continue to pull for Jameis and I really do like his competitive spirit and drive to win. That being said, he has got to learn how to have better composure and accuracy. I believe that Mariota has shown himself to be better than Winston in those areas. I am not trying to say that I wish we would have picked Mariota instead of Winston, but Winston has a lot he needs to vastly improve on in order for us several years from now to not think that we picked the wrong guy. C’mon Jameis, get your act together. Go Bucs!!

  42. ChanEpic Says:

    This is, IMHO, the realest article Joe has written. I’m a big BIG Jameis fan but I would argue his bonehead play(s) inclusive of fumbling, were the deciding plays in the game. Had they not happened, the Bucs may have won the game, regardless of lackluster play on Defense.

  43. Back up kicker Says:

    I agree. We are maturing and I’m happy with the progress. Next year eliminate overthrows and improve composure and we are in business.

  44. Buccfan37 Says:

    Winston gets that psycho look on his face and seems to fail miserably at crucial times. Accuracy issues most glaring downfall. It’s not all on him obviously. The entire team played sub par but were still hanging around with a shot to win the game late. I give the effort a C grade overall.

  45. VOLBUC2 Says:


  46. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Mariota has as much personality as a dead fish. He would never fight for his teammates because he has no feelings for them. So no, mariota would not do the things Winston has done.

    As for winston, i do agree joe. Winston needs to be held accountable for his blunders on the field. Even if it is just a sit down talking to from the head coach. A heart to heart just to let Jameis know that he is far too valuable to this team as a role model and leader. And having these blow ups of emotion are not good for him. Winston needs help managing his emotion. Mike Evans seems to have dealt with his emotion issues. I think it is just a matter of time before Winston does to. But koetter can possibly kick start it and get happening sooner rather than later.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    orlbucfan…..here here.


  48. CalBucsFan Says:

    OrlBucFan has it in the proper perspective, even Rome wasn’t built in a day!

    As much as we all wanted to see the Bucs win, this game was THEE big ? on the remaining schedule. As bad as the lines got man-handled in the trenches on both sides of the ball, a completion to Evans down the left sideline during that last possession could very well have put the Bucs in perfect position to a Bucs victory.

    They still have a good chance to make the playoffs and it all starts with going 1-0 next week. Go Bucs!

  49. utbucsfan Says:

    WOW all the bucs fans on here are crazy you guys don’t know sh$&!!!!! he all about family that’s way he did that he is going to fight for his team everytime..
    last night are QB had D linemen all over him and no one was getting open all night . so what he did was the best he could and I think he is one of the best QBs in the nfl you all know this too but we lose a game and you think that he suck or needs to do this or that come on guys pull you heads out.. what about are D last night to me it seems that we played lots of zone and not man when we play zone more times then not we get are butts handed to us. like lovie was still here.. the last few game we played more man and did well and the WRs last night where not better then what we played last week but yet its like the coaches thought that we could not cover them.. but we will be fine so sit back and watch us kick butt the next few weeks bucfans..

    GO Bucs

  50. Mo_Downs Says:

    This year I’ve been rooting for the Bucs and the Cowboys. Dak is playing behind the best OL in the league. That is the difference between these 2 teams, period. It all starts up front.

    Our defense, with the influx of talent, is playing Lovie’s scheme and the 4-man rush is working because our new corners actually have the talent to win solo match ups.

    Regardless of their final standing in NFL ranking, the Bucs have made measurable progress and have been quite entertaining. While going deep into the playoffs is every fans dream, I just want to be entertained and, like most fans, I would like the Bucs to have a shot at playing more than 16 games.

    Go Bucs..!!

  51. Couch Fan Says:

    Being intense is one thing, being stupid is entirely another. This doesnt change my opinion of Winston but the headbutt was just flat out stupid and it hurt the team at the worst time. You can play passionate and smart, plenty of players do it. I trust Jameis will learn from this and not let it happen again. I hope.

  52. Wes Says:

    It seems like Marpet may need that lesson as well. He had an unnecessary holding call last night. And although you can’t help it sometimes if you get beat, he has had a number of boneheaded plays all season long

  53. DraftJameis Says:

    I think Jameis’ intangibles are what will make him an elite QB, and we as Bucs fans have a decade full of joy ahead of us.

    But speaking strictly about on field play, is it crazy to suggest that Mariota is ahead of Winston, with the gap widening? Dude is accurate, efficient, and I’ve never watched a Mariota play and said “wow that was awful.” Again, in the long run I’ll take Jameis 10/10 times if I’m building my team, but I think we’re seeing way too many cringe-worthy plays out of Jameis.

  54. satchseven Says:

    I remember seeing games when Jameis was at FSU and he was always squinting at the sidelines to get the plays. Could it be that his deep ball is so inaccurate because his vision isn’t great? Not sure if he’s gotten that corrected or not.

    i wondered about that too

  55. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    The only thing Fameis needs to do is work on his accuracy! That bomb to ME13 down the sideline even some of the worst qbs in the league would’ve made that. How many long passes must we watch go for stop tackled because the receiver has to adjust back to the pass behind him instead of being out in front for some YAC? How about wide open guys being thrown too high? That’s his biggest problem. He cannot throw slit passes because they’re always thrown behind. It’s not a windup thing because I’ve noticed even Drew Brees has a long wind up. They’ve known this problem and haven’t corrected it. This off season he really needs to work on that, maybe trying to hit cars doing 65 on the highway.

    Last night I know I saw a completely missed roughing the passer call. Jameis had already thrown the ball and 2 seconds later then the lineman pushes him down with the ref standing right there and no call. How bogus is that? A shadow hits Brady and every ref is throwing flags, but this happens all the time to Jameis.
    Everybody needs to remember it took Scam Newton 3 seasons to really become an elite qb so Jameis has another year.

  56. Buc 4 life Says:

    They lose and the coach needs to put his foot down! When they were winning the coach was doing all the right stuff! He did lose his cool that hurt the team, but that’s the fire in him!

  57. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    satchseven that’s a good point. They can get him some of those real ugly glasses and play Wild Thing every time he takes the field just like in Major League. Contacts just might help him!

  58. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I get it, Joe. He has to use the passion in a smarter manner. Use the fuel and take it out on the other opponent in between whistles, not after the whistle.

  59. Phred Says:

    “Defense Rules” nailed it.

  60. pick6 Says:

    continues a pattern from college of sorts. i think Jameis can figure out how to not cross the line just like Mike Evans apparently has. that doesn’t mean you lose the fire….philip rivers and tom brady can lose their cool with refs\opponents\teammates with the best of them, but they’ve figured out how to not get flagged along the way

  61. TRUE BUC Says:

    Seriously? This article was only written because it was an L against Dallas. The Winston haters love to come out of the woodwork when the Bucs lose lol and that includes Joe bucs who claims it’s one of his biggest supporters lmao. Player pours his heart and soul to bring the team back from the dead and he is criticized for bringing the fire. Might as well trade for Jay cutler
    First, Joe would have written this regardless of the score. In fact, Joe started writing it before the game was over. Second, Joe is no Jameis hater. Be real. Third, head butting linebackers after the whistle is “the fire?” No thanks.–Joe

  62. BigBucs_GA Says:

    Winston made mistakes and that’s part of the game. He used his head but not in a good way. The past 6 weeks the offense had been streaky. I hate that get long drives and then stall and settle for FGS. I wish Koetter would quit calling the same plays st times. For example that dive out of the dingle back set with bot TEs and motion the WR to the backside. Will he quit call long developing route passing plays. We have no speed at receiver. We have to upgrade on the offensive line.

  63. Trotter Says:

    True buc and big bucs are both spot on! All the “fans” that are criticizing Winston sound like a bunch of ducks. We lost. It hurts. It happens. That’s life. The kid is 22 and shows more fire than any other QB out there. If he was 5 or 6 years in like Cam, then I would understand the griping. But this kid is headed towards throwing for 4000 two years in a row. Relax and thank God we won’t have another losing season this year!

  64. DiscoYak Says:

    The guys is 22 years old FFS, he will learn his lesson as we all did (for the most part).

  65. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Yeah, this site has really gone to $hit, I think that the “Joes” should split and we can have an ALL negative bucs hater / Mariota lovers site. Yeah we lost. I was Astronomically upset, but it happens. We lost to the best team in the NFL. And if we had a decent Oline it might have turned out different. This team was not quite ready for the Bright Lights. But the Zebras didn’t help either. We will be ready next year. PLUS all of the expectations around here were 8-8. We are currently 8-6, so let’s not act like the sky us falling, and our QB sucks and is imature. By all accounts he is well beyond his years. (Acept Negative Joe and his Trolls)

  66. HardynickersonforBucsROH Says:

    If Tampas Offensive play calling was nearly As good as Dallas…whatever

  67. Milenkosoe Says:

    Joes, he is learning his way. Not one or two plays decided the outcome. It is what it is. He is learning. Go easy on our franchise QB. Just wait. Like they did for Favre.

  68. Travis Taylor Says:

    Somebody take this guy pen and keyboard away from him cause he just like a typical American don’t understand they lost stopping looking for b.s to write about when Brady,rogers and rivers do it its passion when cam,jameis and anyone of those guys do or say something they putting there self before team get the F outta here please.

  69. You Are Not Joe Says:

    [Not cool to gloss yourself after the guy who owns this website. Might want to change your handle. — Joe]

    Y’all are crazy if you think this team is close to 8-6 without Jameis. Reality check, this team has one, ONE, explosive offensive player. Which OL would start on another team in the NFL? You think his penalty hurt the game? What about his right tackle? What about dropped passes? What about the fact that there has been a non-existent running game for weeks? You can be pissed at Jameis for turnovers (one on a Hail Mary,one on a broken play on 4th and 12) or penalties, whatever, but don’t come praising him when he brings the team to their first playoff appearance in over a decade. Unreal how fans of this franchise can be spoiled. We’re 8-6, beats the hell out of 2-14.

  70. DBrad67 Says:

    Okay everyone we’re well aware of the shortcomings on both sides of the ball lets do our part and continue to support OUR BUCCANEERS!!!! Because if you’re like me you’ve seen the good and the bad through the years and from experience if we continue to lift them up they WILL soon be Champions again but if we continue to down and doubt them it will most definitely be our expectations forward!!!! Let’s Go Bucs!!!!

  71. DBrad67 Says:

    Thanks for the love JOE

  72. Usfbullygrad Says:

    Pure overreaction after first loss in 6 games. You guys in Tampa are idiots and pathetic fans. If the bucs had won, and they had MANY chances, no one would have remembered the head butt. Since the lose (again 1st game in last 6) you guys shrivel up and go bad to bed scared to death that the end is nigh again. Too funny. The team is progressing big time and Jamies will be fine.

  73. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    AGREE with

    Travis Traylor
    Mike Evans

  74. ZZIPIT Says:

    Don’t get it twisted, If it wasn’t for JW the Bucs wouldn’t be 8-6. Besides, DK is the Bucs head coach because of JW. It’s funny how African American QB’s in the League such as Cam / JW is looked upon as playing out of control and disciplinary actions from the coaching staff is routinely needed. But QB’s like Brett Favre and others that played or play the game with the same tempo, it’s considered passion that’s always good for the game. The head butt shouldn’t have happened but this young man is 22 years old. He needs to be coached up not disciplined…..Go Bucs!!

  75. You are not Joe Says:

    I don’t keep track of who owns what website I post on. It’s just my name.

  76. Usfbullygrad Says:

    Preach ZZIPIT!!

  77. Joe Wisterman Says:

    Dude, relax. He’s 22 years old. TWENTY-TWO! He’s still got some maturing to do, but considering his age and the pressure that’s on him, I I think he’s handled himself quite well. Remember the immaturity he showed at FSU? He’s come a long way.

  78. Talking about playoffs! Says:

    The reality of this is that we got physically dominated for the majority of the game on both sides of the ball, hurt ourselves in many aspects and yet we still had a chance to tie the game at the end against a now 12-2 team who played almost flawlessly. I don’t like silver linings but this game showed that we are growing into one of the better teams in the league and a big reason for that is the passion that Jameis displays for his teammates and for the game of football. Yes he needs to not commit the things that can cost us, but you never want him to be anything less than who he is. His teammates know that he will fight with them until the end and they will do the same for them. I would love to see a rematch between these two teams where we play mistake free football! #PleaseFindaRT

  79. BrooksBucs Says:

    Winston is the most exciting thing to happen to this team since 2002. He could still be at college, instead on Sunday night he was involved in the most high profile game for 8 years. His third quarter performance was beautiful to watch, not just for his ability but also the excitement he brings. This remember is entertainment, yes he will make mistakes, he is learning. He will continue to learn, forgive him some of the minor indiscretions now and reap the joy he will bring over the next decade!

  80. MikeTampa21 Says:

    The head butt was a dumb play but a guy that reacted to protecting a teammate that you could argue was thrown down way after the whistie., What I see….a guy that could be another Brett Farve with passion, competitiveness and with that will come some bonehead plays….remember Farve and Sapp going at it? Let him play, he will settle down but hopefully not lose that Farve passion to compete. Go Bucs

  81. Chris Armstrong Says:

    1) Terrible perspective and conclusion in this article. I’m a fan of Joe, but Joe is not the end all be all Bucs aficionado. So please, calm your tatties with the demolition of young Jameis Winston.
    2) If your brother was getting picked on, what would you do? Joe Hawley gets a PF almost every game…..where’s the Hawley article?
    3) While realizing our fan base is thirsty for relevance again, we mustn’t embody qualities of those that we label as “spoiled brats” (dolphins, cowboys, jets)… We cannot lose track of our goal, and that’s to support our team, and stop crying about every little thing you think you would’ve done, if only you decided to play football for a living. A QB lives and dies by multiple factors out of his control. While he can control the decision to headbutt, this is a human reaction in defense of his brother. Nothing more. The only problem I see is a group of men who wouldn’t do the same.

  82. m&m Says:

    I agree with some of the things said about Jameis. He’s young, passionate and emotional, even that Coach Koetter should sit down and have a talk with him, which I think he probably has. But maybe even sitting him out for a little bit. But that’s not the problem. His accuracy and decision-making is killing us. If he won some of these games with accuracy and decision-making then we wouldn’t be talking about all of this. But there’s hope. He is young with much to learn. Hopefully sooner than later. Let’s start by winning these last two games. Go Bucs.

  83. scott Says:

    Jane is is the best quarterback we have had in over a decade. He is young. Every game he gives us a chance to win at the end. He well keep improving. Go Bucs!!!

  84. Vic Says:

    I love how everyone is bagging on Jameis about his 4 turnovers against the Cowboys. Out of all his turnovers in that game only one was because of a bad decision. One was a Hail Mary Jump ball to end the half, one he had his arm pushed by the Cowboys D-line, and the fumble was a QB hit as he was throwing the ball. Fact is he has very little protection, he is the most hit QB over the last 2 years in the league.

    I do agree that sometimes he takes un-needed risks and that has to be quelled, however anyone with the mentality that he doesn’t need to be our QB is dumb. Everyone is talking about our relevance as a team, and to be fair he is one of the only reasons we are relevant. We wouldn’t have gotten flexed to a SNF game without a relevant QB. Will Jameis be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning ever? most likely not, but I firmly believe he has the Talent to lead this team to a Super Bowl. He’s so young as well, he could feasibly be our QB for the next 15-18 years if he plays til 40 and barring injury. It would have been a damn shame if the Colts gave up on Peyton Manning after his first couple abysmal seasons. Peyton manning INT Numbers for his first 5 years in the league, 28,15,15,23,16. He only threw less than 10 pick 1 time in his career and that was in 2006.

  85. Thomas J Bowery Says:

    Amen to all the previous comments. Jameis bas just got to learn to control his excitement to some degree. Don’t get me wrong man I love his aggression I love his leadership I love everything about him but he does have to learn how to make smart decisions.. we have to remember he is only a second-year quarterback and he has shown remarkable composure and leadership, I think he’s turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I think we all need to have a little bit of patience and understanding and be glad glad that we have him. He can’t do the whole job himself like he says about family and your family has share the load.

  86. You're an idiot Says:

    Don’t waste our time writing this nonsense