PODCAST: Playoff Weaknesses Exposed

December 26th, 2016


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One Response to “PODCAST: Playoff Weaknesses Exposed”

  1. Patrick in VA Says:

    It’s fun to explore the idea that Commish floated out there about the likelihood of either Cook or Fournette being there where the Bucs choose. It’s enticing for sure. But I still think that building a premier line is the way to go. You get that established and you can make any back look like a super star. Plus, they have a longer shelf life and you don’t find yourself in the cap hell situations with the line the way you will when you get a skill position player to make up for line weaknesses. Build up a top shelf line and make the RBs look like super stars. Then you can trade them when they start asking for their huge pay days and continue to build the team up using those draft picks.