November 4th, 2016
Has some explaining to do.

Has some explaining to do.

Joe knew Mike Smith and his defense had a bad day last Sunday. Joe also saw the same defense simply fail to get the job done last night.

Joe has several times likened the defense to a Pasco County high school 7-on-7 summer league defense, if not worse.

Well, Joe saw research unearthed by Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times and Mike Smith’s defense the past two weeks is beyond horrid, if there is such a thing. In fact, Smith’s defense is historically putrid.

The Bucs have given up 1,087 yards of total offense in a two-game span — in the last 50 years, out of all the games played by all teams, that’s the fourth-worst two-game total … close to 10,000 games.

This is simply unspeakable. Joe knew the last couple of games were bad, but not this bad. This is truly unsettling and demands immediate action.

In fact, after reading this, Joe is of the mind that Team Glazer or Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht needs a meeting with Smith for a detailed explanation. The topics are what is going on and exactly how this is to be resolved.

Joe understands that Bucs coach Dirk Koetter is pretty much hands off when it comes to the defense but this is the time when a head coach has to man up to the title of his job. He’s the head coach, you see. Now is the time to earn that check.

Koetter is doing an admirable job getting production from a shambles of an offense. He wasn’t the one who didn’t bolster the wide receiver roster in the offseason. But he is making due with what he has.

The same cannot be said for the man Koetter hand-picked to run this defense if it is historically this bad. Yes, what is Smith going to do to fix the defense? Just as important, what steps will Koetter take to help his long-time friend? At the end of the day, those “L’s” are hung on Koetter’s name, not Smith.

Koetter could easily hide and make excuses for his injury-ravaged offense. Yet the Bucs offense is still able to score enough points to win.

Smith’s defense is pretty much at full strength, so he can’t hide behind injuries. Smith can’t use injuries as a crutch. The collapse of the defense is fully on him.

59 Responses to “Unacceptable!”

  1. LovieBall Says:

    Meet the new Smith, same as the old Smith.

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    get rid of the two highest paid quiters on the defense that will help. LVD is a joke and has learned very well from GMC you don’t have to play hard to get PAID…

    How many coaches / cordinators do we need to go through with this GMC led defense before it’s determined GMC weak attitude and lack of passion for football is killing this team. The guy is a complete and utter fraud. Glad he got his first half clean up sack last night so he can keep his nut huggers spewing garbage but the fact of the matter the two highest paid and supposed star defenders are heartless jokes who do not make plays when it matters. you could have jerome brown, reggie white and deakon jones next to mccoy and they would not breathe on a QB… he makes players around him worse not better… real stars make lesser players better.

  3. mike10 Says:

    Now I can’t stand the defensive play calling I’m seeing, and the announcers will even pile on. But Mike came in as a renown D coordinator, with supposed play makers on defense, and we’re abysmal.

    There is something greater at work here than simply coaching.

  4. 404Buc Says:

    And we ran Lovie out of town for what?

  5. D-Rome Says:

    What a joke! There isn’t anything Dirk Koetter or his staff have done this year that anyone can call admirable. The Bucs are 3-5 on pace for 6-10. The team is under performing in a way I didn’t think was possible. The defense is worse this year than in years past. Dirk has lost faith in his offense and he’s lost faith in his defense. Pretty soon the players are going to lose faith in Dirk Koetter and tune him out. Once Dirk loses the locker room it’s only a matter of time.

    Dirk, Mike Smith, and Jason Licht are not the ones to turn this thing around and we all know it. The sooner you all accept this the less outraged you all will be when the Bucs finish 6-10 or worse.

  6. DB55 Says:

    Lol, this is hilarious. You it’s are bent!

    Not sure how a 5’2″ CB is supposed to cover a 6’4″ beast WR, I think a few fans mentioned that on draft day but again WT F do we know? VH3 gave up almost 300 yards of offense, 3tds and some penalties that just killed us. Go gay-duhs.

    I also saw Neal (safety) destroying or WRs and running backs meanwhile Ryan Smith is struggling to down a kickoff.

    It’s a Bucs life!!!

  7. Desanova Says:

    I thought Mike Smith fell asleep up there. We ran the same defense almost every play. Rush 4, show cover 2/do cover 1, man under. When down by 12 in the 4th with 4th and 3, we should have went for it instead of bringing out the tired, Kwon-less D. I think I counted 3 blitzes.

  8. DB55 Says:


    Did you see GMC press conference? He’s quitting. He said he needs time for “self-reflection”. How cute!!!

  9. Chris Says:

    F that guy DB. And I think I’ve been beating the Heartgraves drum. But he is a Gator…. so …… . They hid him as a nickel early but got to make Licht look good after Aguayo so we started him . 4.5 forty speed, combine says slow recovery speed, we’re seeing that. Too short, gets eaten up by big receivers, we see that.

  10. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    Iam very frustrated with this team..I’ve been watching bucs ball since 1976 and I am almost as frustrated as I was with H Culverhouses…we haven’t had a decent defense since Raheem Morris left..yes I said R Morris he was crap as a head coach although I think that was.a money saving move by the Glazers but when he took over his team’s defense who were proforming the same as the bucs D have the pass 5 or six years they at least were decent

  11. tmaxcon Says:


    Yes, I saw her trying to be all reflective… i am so sick of his routine it’s pathetic… but hell in this gender neutral PC world he is just a swell guy….

  12. Cobraboy Says:

    I saw some quit in that defense last night.

    What a horrid performance.

    I wonder if the last two games set some sort of NFL record for yards given up in back-to-back games…

  13. tmaxcon Says:


    as far as the midget. I was sold on him initially thought he played hard but man there is no way being as slow as he is and short he will not survive sorry it’s a different league and time now…. i hear there is room at Glennon, Murphy and Bell insurance though.

  14. Stevek Says:

    Defense must be scrapped. Guys are now playing for a spot next year. This level of sucksge and a lack of passion is sick.

  15. Chris Says:

    Yeah TMax, they pointed out Revis in comparison. Well Revis is 5’10. Yeah well Revis also runs like a 4.3 in his prime. 4.5 to 4.3 world of difference. That five straight passes to Jones on the same route made me want to either laugh or kicked the tv

  16. nate12345 Says:

    LoL remember how #54 david said this was going to be the best defense of all time…

  17. Stevek Says:

    I know our defense was tired, but they lacked passion and focus in the second half. It appears that these guys are ok with losing. The only way the culture will change is if we make bold changes to the player personnel of this defense. Talent doesn’t equal heart, activities don’t equal results, and kindness is weakness. We need a hardworking, tough, gritty mentality to play defense in the NFL. You can play hard and clean football. Right now we play lacksidasical, tired ass focus lacking football.

    We need a new defense for starters. Anyone who makes the 2017 roster on D needs to show something these next 8 games.

    The acceptance to lose on this team is sickening. They do know there are no participation trophies in the NFL, and only onr is handed out to the winner?

  18. DB55 Says:

    Tmax and Joe

    Beating up on LVD huh? Although I’d love to defend him I’m not sure that I can. (Tear). I’m gonna TRY to watch the game again but I do agree that he seems lost and out of position. For what it’s worth I did see him make a goalline stand (tfl) late in the game. Hey might not be much but it’s still more than what Rainbow Dash does out there.

    Does anyone have the clip of Marshall Faulk calling out GMC? I was there when he said it and the crowd looked at themselves like “daaaamn did he just say that?”

  19. DB55 Says:


    The most mind blowing stat you posted today = 0 punts.


  20. Chris Says:

    I have seen DB some lack of hustle from LVD. Last night on a running play away from him he just jogged after the play, by the time he got there the rb had just been tackled. He makes an occasional play, but no one on this d is a difference maker

  21. Joe Says:

    Beating up on LVD huh?

    Hardly. Pointing out the obvious.

    Just from his history, it seems he responds best to hardarse coaches. Just go back and look at his best seasons. They weren’t for guys who like to pat folks on the back and ask how they dinner was the previous evening.

    (For the record: Schiano worshiped Lavonte David. Thought he was the ultimate pro.)

  22. sho nuff Says:


  23. DB55 Says:

    Just from his history, it seems he responds best to hardarse coaches.
    Real football player do, divas don’t. Hence why GMC and Revis ran off schiano. Imo

  24. DB55 Says:


    Last nights podcast was epic. Ira had me rolling

  25. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Well they’ve even beaten down the blog optimist.

    The D played well enough in the first half…holding stupid turnovers to FG’s.

    But the stat that really disturbed me…when NBC compared our run defense in the first game to last night. They were gashing us on the run. We knew Matty Ice and JJ were going to get theirs through the air, but if we can’t stop the run we have no chance whatsoever.

    I do not know what’s wrong with this D. Perhaps we’re too small and get run down by larger teams like the Raiders. Being small and fast didn’t seem to hurt out SB defense but this year’s version seems to get pushed around.

  26. Jonesy514 Says:

    It’s all good and fine to blame the coaches for this performance, but there is simply not enough talent on either side of the ball to get any kind of results.
    How we traded picks for a kicker when we clearly don’t have enough depth on D-Line or in the secondary (especially safety) is shocking to me. We also traded or cut useful players (Revis, Smith, Clayborn etc. etc.) and used high picks to replace them.
    The result is that we lack depth at most important positions. Just not good enough.

    I think Licht has to take most of blame for this.

  27. Chris Says:

    Because St Pete, they were fast. These guys are small and slow. LVD, combine 4.6 forty, D Brooks, 4.4, hell Sapp ran a 4.6/4.7 at combine. VH3, 4.5, small and slow

  28. Chris Says:

    And I’ve been beating that drum. These soft asses haven’t played hard on D since Schiano left the house

  29. tmaxcon Says:


    Stay strong my man…. your optimism is needed to keep the balance…

    This team is hot garbage on defense…

  30. WhatdaBUCisthis Says:

    Easy TMax
    I mentioned getting rid of #93 n #54 and the posters on here wanted my head… Before the trade deadline I said do it.. now everybody will echo my words
    C’mon BUCS

  31. tmaxcon Says:


    you are dead on… soft… i am sick and tired of hearing the lack of talent garbage when we have two stars and several other potential decent players it’s the lack of heart and effort each week. they simply don’t have any pride… they give up the booty way too easy… the bucs home games are like a craigslist NSA sex advert 41yr old loser franchise in search of pounding… We host, no hugs, no foreplay just come into the house and pound away…

  32. The Buc Realist Says:

    2 of the NFL hottest offense came to town in a 4 day period!!! They played a game and a half then 4 days later played the best offense in the NFL. They were gassed in the second quarter!!! And the offense has not given the defense a break yet!!!! And the pass rush is never that good on their best day!!!!

    Thing will get better though!!!!

    At least we knew this was coming!!!!

  33. Mojiska Says:

    Let’s let up on hargreaves for a bit. He got beat badly by the best wr in the league this week. And last week they had his number. But football is a team sport and we are drastically weak in all phases, from line to safety to coaching. They can’t press cause there is no help from safeties. They can’t play soft cause there is no pressure to force a throw before the receiver finds an open zone. They are not executing as a whole, and it looks like the scheme is trying to mask too many overall defeciencies. He has played 8 nfl games, against cooper, jones (2), benjamin, fitz, Demarius Thomas. That’s a tough lineup for a veteran, let alone a rookie. Couples with no help in front and no help behind.

    The major issue was communication, safety play and line play. Tight ends were wide open all night, and backups no less. The d had multiple points where people were running on last minute, lining up all over the place, confused. The d line couldn’t get a rush to save their life, whether it was mccoy, gholston, ayers, Spence. We need a new mentality and it starts with Kwon imo. Lvd and mccoy are good, but need to follow his lead or get out of the way. Also need 1 pro safety and an nfl pass rusher. I think it doesn’t matter who is coach I ng the d, with that lack of overall talent they will give up 28+ to every team they play.

    I want the coaches to stay for 3 years, not because I think they are great or I think they can right the ship, but because we need some sort of consistency somewhere for a change. Nothing will work if we try to impliment a new system every 2 years schiano should have gotten another year and lovie should have gotten another year. 2 off seasons is just not enough. You never have enough time to groom your own draft class, instead you have to resort to free agency and get other teams cast aways.

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs as a team seem to be shorter & lighter at quite a few positions in comparison to their opponents on defense (CBs, Safeties, LBs and yes DEs overall). Much of that (but not all) was as a result of what Lovie was looking for in players. As several have mentioned, most of these undersized players aren’t particularly fast either. Worse yet, there seems to be very little chemistry on defense. Overall, not a good combination in today’s NFL.

    Focusing just on defensive leadership, Bucs 2002 SB team had 3 leaders on defense (Sapp, Brooks, Lynch) … one basically at each ‘level’. Our 2016 defense just doesn’t seem to have that same quality of leadership on the field. Until that leadership square is filled, I doubt seriously that we’ll see any dramatic improvement.

  35. JonBuc Says:

    Bucs had better promote Smith to head coach next year or simply risk losing him…

  36. Chris Says:

    Lol TMax, I’ve gotten two good laughs today, after last night needed them, your Craigslist ad vert post Kobe Fakers Arab women.

  37. JonBuc Says:

    Soeaking of Lynch, Brooks & Sapp….the way the Bucs treated each
    one of them at the end of their Buc tenure may have something to do with the current $hit$how on defense. The football gods must still be angry…

  38. Chris Says:

    I realize these past couple of games but haven’t we seen worse than this? Remember the Ravens game where they rolled up 5TDS on us in the 1st quarter? Remember the Falcons game a few years back where the score was 42-0 in the 2nd quarter? Maybe the Falcons monday night debacle like 2 years ago? I get that this year isn’t awesome on defense but we must have short memories if we can’t remember anything worse than this under Raheem, Schiano, and Lovie. We used to get blown out by the Jags who were terrible. Now we are getting blown out by two of the best offenses in the NFL.

  39. Greg Schiano Says:

    Someone stated not holding coaches responsible for players not playing…ask Jamie Collins what the philosophy is in the Patriot’s locker room? No one fears being sent to Cleveland so no one makes the effort.

    Dirk gets 1 more year tops, then it is time to clean house and 2 more years of the next wannabe! The center was whining on the WDAE (Big Poodle Show) about his body not recovering from a Sunday night game in time to play Thursday night.

    Jose’ hates on Belichick, but even the greatest QB ever to play (Brady) admitted today he could see being traded from the Patriots when his time is over! No fear in the Buc’s locker room!

    Greg Schiano

  40. Mojiska Says:

    I do agree with that jonbuc. That was disappointing to say the least. The organization couldn’t keep them yet will pay v jax 10 miles for leadership purposes… not a knock on paying Vincent, I am glad they kept him, but wish they would have done the same for at least Brooks and lynch.

  41. Chris Says:

    Geez positive Chris goes against me at every turn

  42. Jersey Buc Says:

    And just think, we’ve yet to face one of the sickest passing attacks in the NFL. Wait until the Saints come marching in!!! Good times. Lol.

  43. Joseph Mamma Says:

    He didn’t hire the best man for the job, he hired his good buddy.

  44. Tampa Tony Says:

    This is why you hire the best coach available not your friends

  45. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    I have 1 more big question for buc fans…1 buc fan has already mention the situation with GMC not giving it his all at all times and this was something that came from GMCs mouth which was an issue with Schiano. …do you bucs fans think it’s time to trade GMC for some decent draft picks and sign or draft some D linemen and start to create a different defensive atmosphere

  46. Mojiska Says:

    M.Stevo- I’m starting to think so. I like GMC, but I’m thinking this may not be the best place for him. We could get a lot for him I would think, and it may be best for all parties involved. The big question is who we would be able to replace him with. He is a quality starter, even if he isn’t really contributing to the team other than his decent play.

  47. tmaxcon Says:

    Mojiska & M.Stevo

    GMC be should be moved immediately. The team will not win consistently until he is gone. The part where you are misguided is the fact he will bring a lot of picks he will NOT… No GM is going to give up a lot of picks for a an overrated, overpriced, ALWAYS HURT DT with questionable heart and determination… you are asking a GM to give up multiple picks for a part time player that does not impact games… sorry you might want to think again.

  48. Kobe Faker Says:

    We need a experienced GM to takeover

    Fire licht and koetter is in a 1 year trial

    ***jeff fisher will probably be fired and defensive coordinator greg williams will be available

    New gm will demand koetter to get experienced offensive coordinator to share the load

  49. Patrickbucs Says:

    DB55 Says:
    November 4th, 2016 at 12:15 pm
    Lol, this is hilarious. You it’s are bent!

    Not sure how a 5’2″ CB is supposed to cover a 6’4″ beast WR, I think a few fans mentioned that on draft day but again WT F do we know? VH3 gave up almost 300 yards of offense, 3tds and some penalties that just killed us. Go gay-duhs.

    I also saw Neal (safety) destroying or WRs and running backs meanwhile Ryan Smith is struggling to down a kickoff.

    It’s a Bucs life!!!

    VH3 will be fine, he’s a rookie without any help or pass rush. Btw Neal is also a rookie Gator lol.

  50. Kobe Faker Says:

    Atl safety neal has pro bowl written all over him. Going to be a force for the next 10.

    The true elite players dont give a damn if they are rookies or not.

    My guy who i wanted is healthly now and will play his first game. Sheldon rankins still will more sacks than our redhead at the end of the year.

    11th- vh3
    12th- rankins

    39th- no edge spence
    40th- sterling Shepard

  51. Hell Hound.....Section 318 Says:

    The 4-3 defense is a thing of the past.
    Your best Ds are 3-4.
    Look it up!

  52. Big HogHaynes Says:

    What goes around, comes back around again l And it’s gonna keep on coming!!!! I told you LOVIE was not the problem, so now you turn on the players!! If you BLOW IT UP………I’ll see you in 2025!! COACH THE LOVIE OUT OF THEM!! GO BUCS GO COLIN STEP/UP AMERICA DON’T BOO VOTE!!

  53. Mo_Downs Says:

    Reality Check…..

    The Bucs ain’t got the horses.

    A few talented players = a few wins.

    A few injuries = fewer wins.

    Koetter/Smith will not be judged by the same standard as Smith/Koetter.

  54. Doctor Stroud Says:

    A few weeks ago, there was the possibility of Mike Smith jumping ship to be the head coach of another team; today, we are talking about him just surviving the season.

  55. Big HogHaynes Says:

    Talent, talent, talent ……..don’t like it..So…talent, talent, talent! CIACH THE LOVIE OUT OF THEM …..its not working!!

  56. DB55 Says:

    Btw Neal is also a rookie Gator lol.
    I know right, weird, every now and then they manage to recruit some stars but very few and far between. Lol

  57. AZBucsFan4life Says:

    I get that everyone is tired of losing. But say what you want about GMC…That D line looked lie a college team when he isnt on he field. What needs to happen is more blitzing Then our corners do not have to cover as long. We will get beat sometimes. But, so what, they are anyway. Do a Todd Bowles when he was in AZ. Blitz and more Blitz. And also lot more Stunting on the lines. Hell Denver came at us all game with 5 rushers. We need to stop all this just 4 man pressures and get after the QB…… Even if we still lose it will be exciting……

  58. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    It’s the punter Anger’s fault for all of the offenses yards, if he did not punt the ball so far, the opponents would not be getting so many yards.

  59. Tomcin Says:

    IMO the week the backups had to play on the D-line did as good if not better than the regulars. Two things that need to change DC & GM.