Ira Goes Deep On Kansas City, Gruden Chat, Mike Evans & More

November 17th, 2016

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to hear from Tampa Bay’s only Hall of Fame voter, columnist eye-RAH! Kaufman. Shocking as it may be, Brooklyn-bred Ira is a serious Chiefs fan, and he offers a lot in advance of the Bucs-Chiefs game on Sunday.


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8 Responses to “Ira Goes Deep On Kansas City, Gruden Chat, Mike Evans & More”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    Maybe the Bucs O-tackles should take a page out of donald penn’s book and dive at the knees like he did against the Bucs!!!!!!! My knees still hurt from just watching that game!!!!!!!!

  2. Jim Says:

    Try “wrangle”, not “wangle”…

  3. Jim Says:

    And let’s look at this negative “financial impact” for Evans and his protest. Of 32 NFL owners, how many are black? So just another case of white guys keeping the Blacks in line…

  4. Joe Says:


    1. obtain (something that is desired) by persuading others to comply or by manipulating events.
    “I wangled an invitation to her party”

  5. Jim Says:

    I concede the point. Apologies to you and Ira…

  6. Chris Says:

    I doubt you read this Ira. Where’s the love for Simeon Rice? He had more to do with the Super Bowl victory than Lynch. When the Bucs acquired him, it made this defense into one of the greatest of all time. I know, he’s out there mentally , and he’s not a pretty boy like Lynch or camera friendly and media friendly like Bsrber and Lynch. Nothing, no Ira going to bat for Simeon.. the only guy who truly appreciates the greatness of Rice is Sapp.

  7. Willy D. Buc Says:

    To be honest, I turned this podcast off when y’all began talking about Make Evans protest.
    Let’s hear about Buccaneer football.

  8. Mike Johnson Says:

    Yeah BUC Realist..You faker.. Didn’t the Raiders whip the Bucs A..? Diving at the kness? This ain’t no pretty boyz game Buc Realust. Its called FOOTBALL. You get away with whatever the refs don’t see or call. Its a dirty game. Not like those pom poms you waive candy butt!! The Raiders whipped our A’s. Thats all that matters. We lost. I get so sick of you..go bucs go kids. Hell, knock somebody’s GD teeth out Bucs!! WIN SOME GD GAMES!!!!!!!! I can guarantee all of yas, The Chiefs be lookin for some Bucs scalps come Sunday. Straight up headhunting. That’s the attitude we need.