Ex-Player & Personnel Man Hammers Mike Smith

November 2nd, 2016
Bucs corners get roasted again

Bucs corners get roasted again

Former NFL safety and personnel exectutive Louis Riddick is definitely one of most interesting men chattering about the NFL for a living.

Few (if any?) have his perspective on the game.

So it opened Joe’s eyes when Riddick was hammering on Bucs defensive coordinator Mike Smith yesterday. Riddick to took to his Twitter account and fired away.

He believes the Bucs’ secondary is playing too soft and not utilizing the talents of its cornerbacks.

“Bucs defense refuses to challenge receivers at the line of scrimmage & play aggressive. Becomes 7 on 7 passing drill for good offenses,” Riddick wrote. Small corners and high volume soft off man/zone coverage = 28th ranked defense in pass yds. per play.”

Vernon Hargreaves is a “sitting duck” in Smith’s scheme, Riddick added.


Again, Joe respects Riddick, who is a true up-and-coming analysts, certainly one of the very best at BSPN.

Joe’s very interested to see how and if Smith adjusts tomorrow night against Atlanta.

37 Responses to “Ex-Player & Personnel Man Hammers Mike Smith”

  1. pick6 Says:

    i think we will play ATL slightly differently. Sanu had a big day vs us in week 1 but generally speaking i think we will try to erase the Falcons #1 with safety help and more contested releases rather than planning for Grimes and VH3 to contain a talented duo like cooper and crabtree.

  2. mac Says:

    I agree our defense sucks… But it is due to lack of talent especially our cornerbacks and safties… Good thing our brilliant GM decided to move up to draft a kicker instead of selecting a talented safety that could start for the next ten seasons… What a total tool…

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    Vh3 plays like a duck

  4. celly Says:

    I was JUST saying this last week.

    I’ve noticed that the DBs NEVER seem to press or jam the receivers at the line. They’re always playing off. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1st & 10 or 3rd & 5.

  5. 813bucboi Says:

    let them play bump and run….let them get physical…let them play aggressive…you have to play to the players strength…let both cb’s be physical…GO BUCS!!!

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    grimes and VHG aren’t the problem…its the scheme their playing in….combined with trash safety help and no pass rush…GO BUCS!!!

  7. Brandon Says:

    Mike Smith is a joke of a DC. He hasn’t had a decent D under his watch since he left Jacksonville. 9-23 the past two years at Atlanta under this duo should’ve been enough of a warning.

  8. Ed Says:

    Great points about challenging receivers on the release. Can’t get no worse than giving up over 500 yards passing. They have nothing to lose at this point.

    Soft zone only works well with a good pass rush and linebackers lie the Bucs used to have- Brooks, Nickerson, Quarles and Rudd could drop into zone and make plays, these linebackers on the Bucs aren’t in that class.

    The corners are playing ok but the def line has to do something to make the quarterbacks hurry or feel pressure. I’d start playing more 3-4 d to give the offense a different look and use Spence and David as pass rushing linebackers.

    With the dough David and McCoy get paid Smith has to find a way to get his 2 fastest defenders in Ryans face

  9. D-Rome Says:

    Gee, what ever happened to this “aggressive defense” and “hybrid schemes” we heard so much about during the off season?

    What happened to “You Win In The Locker Room First” by Mike Smith?

  10. Matt Cavallo Says:

    I’m still recovering from sunday, I hope I’m not in a k-hole forever.

  11. ElioT Says:

    Our defense will go as far as the pass rush will take it.

    We have no pass rush because Jason Lichtmyballs felt comfortable with a bunch of injury prone and/or unproven horses on the D-Line. They can’t get there with blitzes because the 220lb LBs get stonewalled as soon as they’re touched by the O-Line.

    Half way through the season they’re already decimated, worn out and ineffective.

    Add in 93 defensive snaps three days ago and you’ve got a recipe for disaster tomorrow night.

    Barring some kind of Matty Ice meltdown, the Falcons are going to put this game away quickly.

    #Go Sucs

  12. Dubcity Says:

    He’s correct. I’ve only been saying that for 3 years.

  13. JonBuc Says:

    It’s a real shame Mike Smith remains on several head coaching wish lists. Now about fetching a 3rd round pick for El Roberto le Whiff….

  14. Bob in valrico Says:

    he might be half right on VH3 who can play physical, but is still a rookie that might make mistakes with this style..But Grimes appears to be easily knocked down or brushed aside.

  15. cmurda Says:

    Riddick is spot on. I’ve been saying it all year. Teams just salivate when they go up against Mike Smith’s sorry defense. It’s not a lack of talent. it’s a lack of coaching scheme. Having VH3 play off coverage zone scheme is the dumbest thing for a guy who has the capability of being a shutdown corner. you want to know why VH3 got toasted? Mostly because our D Line gave Carr the opportunity to sit in the pocket, write a Christmas Card to his favorite fan and then find the open receiver. If we insist on remaining in a 4-3 defense, then VH3 and Grimes need to press, safety help over the top, and LB’s covering TE, RB and maybe Qb spy depending on who we are playing. LB and CB blitzes should be mixed in and they should be mixed in much more often particularly on 3rd and long. It’s not rocket science but then again nobody ever accused Mike Smith of being a defensive genius, unlike Schwartz who we made zero attempt to land.

  16. 813bucboi Says:

    @Cmurda…I agree…GO BUCS!!!

  17. Dave Says:

    He’s right. Can’t play like that without a pass rush

  18. Tampa Tony Says:

    Truth hurts!!! He’s saying what all fans smart fans know. VHIII played and excelled in man coverage in college why play him 15-40 yards off?? Where are the creative blitz packages?

    Smith sucks

  19. Tkingfsu@gmail.com Says:

    When do passive soft coverage defenses ever work in the NFL. Didn’t we hire Mike Smith to be an attack style defense. Good defenses make the opposing QB feel uncomfortable, teams can do this with limited talent (bears, chargers)

    I believe we are a way better defense talent wise than what we are putting out on the field. Which means our struggles against the pass are scheme related. We missed out on Jim Swartz just to be coached by Mike (Lovie) Smith.

  20. Tbbucs3 Says:

    When do passive soft coverage defenses ever work in the NFL. Didn’t we hire Mike Smith to be an attack style defense. Good defenses make the opposing QB feel uncomfortable, teams can do this with limited talent (bears, chargers)

    I believe we are a way better defense talent wise than what we are putting out on the field. Which means our struggles against the pass are scheme related. We missed out on Jim Swartz just to be coached by Mike (Lovie) Smith.

  21. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Time to hire Jimbo Fisher as OC for Jamies and Will Muschamp as DC for VH3. They were untilized better in college than they have been in the NFL this season.

  22. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Finally somebody with a voice said it!!! We have all been screaming this for god knows how long now. I mean why is it that every DC we get doesn’t attack the receiver at the line!?! Why!!!?

  23. AtlBucFanDan Says:

    Our D this year looks softer than Lovies.

  24. Bob in valrico Says:

    Still think Grimes is too easily knocked off balance or off his feet to play press coverage.I have never seen a cornerback fall down so much.
    But I have to admit taking a dive against Oaklaqnd worked, but it won’t always.

  25. Big HogHaynes Says:

    Softer than Cotton?!^^^

  26. Bob in valrico Says:

    as for the pass rush Oakland employed a 6 and 7 man line against us. In this instance Del Rio outcoached our staff.
    we should try that and see if Jameis game improves.Because he is the leader and he needs to control the offense and stay on the field.Too many three and outs.

  27. mike10 Says:

    The whole defense is awful. We make “improvements” every offseason and still regress.

  28. Kevin Says:




  29. unbelievable Says:


    We’ve been screaming to see some press coverage for over 3+ years now…

    The more sh!t changes the more it stays the same.

  30. BringBucsBack Says:

    It seems OBVIOUS to everyone, except the people that can make the change! What is it going to hurt; we give up 550 yards per game?

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    [Repost] LUVMYBUCS

    January 27th, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    The reason I question Mike Smith defense vs Jack Del Rio’s.

    Is because no matter where Jack Del Rio has coached – he’s turned out top 10 defenses (7 to be exact ). But Mike Smith has NEVER had a top 10 defense without Del Rio.

    The intensity Jack Del Rio displayed – as tough as nails linebacker for 11 yrs in the NFL. Shows up in his defenses – as a coach.

    January 15th, 2016 at 6:07 am

    Concerning Mike Smith

    Ask yourself – Why would you want to hire Smith as the new DC

    When the moment he was fired – Atlanta asked permission to interview former Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin? Finally settling on Seahawks DC Dan Quinn.

    Because Smith couldn’t field a tough, physical Defense

    January 15th, 2016 at 6:12 am

    One of Arthur Blank’s biggest complaints-The last 3 yrs under Coach Smith.
    Was that his team wasn’t tough enough.

    That’s the guy you want – running the defense?

    May 17th, 2016 at 6:35 am

    Mike Smith’s – Atlanta Falcons Defense || Total Points Allowed

    Under Defensive Coordinator: Brian VanGorder
    • 2008 – Allowed 325 points (20.3/g), 11th
    • 2009 – Allowed 325 points (20.3/g), 14th
    • 2010 – Allowed 288 points (18.0/g), 5th
    • 2011 – Allowed 350 points (21.9/g), 18th.

    Under Defensive Coordinator: Mike Nolan
    • 2012 – Allowed 299 points (18.7/g), 5th.
    • 2013 – Allowed 443 points (27.7/g), 27th. ← Sub Par Defense
    • 2014 – Allowed 417 points (26.1/g), 27th. ← Sub Par Defense

    So went the Defense – So went the Falcons
    • 2008 – 11-5-0, Finished 2nd in NFC South Division
    • 2009 – 9-7-0, Finished 2nd in NFC South Division
    • 2010 – 13-3-0, Finished 1st in NFC South Division
    • 2011 – 10-6-0, Finished 2nd in NFC South Division
    • 2012 – 13-3-0, Finished 1st in NFC South Division
    • 2013 – 4-12-0, Finished 3rd in NFC South Division ← Sub Par Record
    • 2014 – 6-10-0, Finished 3rd in NFC South Division ← Sub Par Record

    Note: One of the Main reasons why Mike Smith was fired – was the decline of defense. Outside of that Arthur Blank – was not happy with the overall physicality of the team.

    Per: JBF
    Dominant History Of Mike Smith

    This what happens when – “HISTORY CHALLENGED” – Nutt huggers – don’t do indepth research.

  32. Eric Says:

    How many schemes do we have to try?

    Possibly these guys can’t play any?

  33. Stanley yelnats Says:

    Press makes no sense if you keep getting beat by the receiver and missing tackles. Soft coverage let’s the corners get a better reaction to the quicker more shifty WRs. There’s alot of teams who play soft coverage they just have a better way of doing it. That showed in the game on Sunday. If you can’t isolate your man in press then bumping him is useless cuz hell most likely get a step on you like Amari Cooper. Its a chain reaction if the D-line don’t penetrate then you hope the corners are on their man. Then if their beat, you hope that they get help on the top from safeties. AT this point lovie smith as the DC wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

  34. Dislocatedbucsfan Says:

    Press man to man won’t work with the pass rush we have. You can’t expect the corners to hold that coverage for 6 seconds while GMC plays who peekaboo with a guard and nothing off either end. We just have too many holes. The kicker was a bad choice

  35. Jersey Buc Says:

    So, let’s not jam the WRs because the corners can’t cover for 5 or more seconds, have the QB complete 40 passes for yardage totaling a quarter of a mile…..all because the pass rush is weak. The same pass rush that has run a grand total of 3 stunts/twists so far and was supposed to have Spence stand up on the edge the way Oakland and Denver uses Mack and Miller. Re – routing WRs will always help any pass rush. It’s about making the QB hold the ball that much longer. Playing soft hasn’t helped. How many deep balls did Carr have last week? How many deep balls have they given up so far this year, especially those deep in routes? Yeah playing soft is working out just fine. Lol.

  36. Jersey Buc Says:

    These QBs have seen every kind of zone, ever designed. Either you get in the WRs face and make them work to get off the line of scrimmage, or you play match up zone like the Vikings who always have safety help over the top. I know the Bucs don’t have Denver or Minnesota’s pass rush. My point is that teams with the same talent level aren’t getting destroyed through the air, like the Bucs, because they’ve committed to either one of these coverage principles. Don’t expect Smith to change 7 games into the season, because if he did it would mean he has no idea what he’s doing…and that we who’ve been saying what Riddick said, actually have a clue.

  37. R.O. Says:

    Get over the Agyauo pick… 3rd or 4th Rd CB or Safety and you think the defense is any better? Rediculous and flawed logic.