Did Conte Screw Up On Pick?

November 21st, 2016
Bucs S Chris Conte picks Chiefs QB Alex Smith.

Chris Conte picks Chiefs QB Alex Smith. (Photo courtesy of Buccaneers.com)

Joe watched Sunday night Kansas City sports wrap-up shows and Andy Reid took a beating.

The Chiefs coach was the playcaller when Alex Smith threw over the middle in the fourth quarter and Gerald McCoy tipped the short pass that Chris Conte picked in the end zone.

Per Reid, he gave Smith specific instructions not to check off on the play. And Smith, like a robot the local pundits claim him to be, threw the ball as ordered, despite Conte clearly being in position for a pick.

That pick and 53-yard return set up the game-winning drive by the Bucs.

Reid explained, in a roundabout way, that Conte was supposed to bite on the play-fake leaving the middle of the field open. Conte did not take the bait.

“Yeah, 23 [Chris Conte] didn’t bite on,” Reid said. “He’s not supposed to do anything, but he has been biting on that, and he didn’t do that.”

So did Conte luck into a pick by making a bad read or making a mistake, or did Conte and the Bucs predict Smith would force the ball over the middle?

23 Responses to “Did Conte Screw Up On Pick?”

  1. Edward Ross Says:

    I guess we’ll never know. All I know is that for the last few games, Conte has finally started playing decent football. I sure hope he continues this growth.

  2. John Says:

    By the way he has been playing this season…my money goes on bad read by Conte lol but hoping not.

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Fascinating tidbit Joe. Could be a great read on Conte’s part, could be a bad read on his part, or maybe it was just pure luck on his part. Could probably say the same thing about Jameis’ 10-minute scramble through the end zone in the previous game. NFL players are good but they’re not automatons. Bottom line’s the same: without plays like those, Bucs would’ve had a much more difficult time winning those games.

  4. R.O. Says:

    Huh? Don’t get me wrong. CC sucks. But saying he made a bad read because he didn’t get fooled by the play action is flawed logic.

  5. Scurvy Dogs Says:



  6. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The chiefs hoped he would bite on the play fake, for maybe the only time in his career he didnt! And was in position to make a play. Good for conte. Im glad mike smith has coached the run first defense put of our safeties and Lbs. We jave stopped biting so hard on play fakes and are now in better position to make plays against the pass. Good job conte.

  7. ATrain Says:


    Joe writes an article on Conte..

    MCCOY did nothing yesterday…Oh wait he tipped a ball…Oh and fell on a no nothing fumble..

    Really JOE BE FAIR..Call out the Highest Paid Player to earn his money…NO TACKLES NO SACKS…100MILLION

  8. BucTrooper Says:

    No , Joe. You missed the point.

    Conte sucks so bad Reid made a play that took into account how much he sucks. Talk about massive disrespect…. Reid says “When Conte PREDICTABLY gets out of position complete the pass for a TD.”

    This tells me Reid saw tape on Conte and realized how terrible he is. But Conte getting that INT was the broken clock being right twice a day.

  9. Buc believer Says:

    I would LOVE for Joe to come clean and tell us the REAL reason he defends McCoy all the time. There is no doubt Joe knows football so I see no basis for Joes defense of the indefensibale. How about it Joe? Come clean with your readers. Give us an early Christmas present.

  10. IsrBuc Says:

    I don’t think Conte deserves the constant bashing. I like Conte. He plays hard and leaves everything on the field. I saw #28 getting burnt by a TE on the sideline and no one says a word about it. Conte is not the best safety. I get that. I hate the way people talk about him. Is it his fault he’s a starter? I didn’t see anyone suggesting another player that should start instead of him.

  11. Not there yet Says:


    I had to read comments to make sure I wasn’t the only saying what the hell. Only at this site can you be at fault and the savior all on one play that is unless the name is gmc. You’ll get a pass for being invisible

  12. DallasBuc Says:

    Nonsense. Conte is not very good and gets burned regularly but when a play was there to be made he made it and set up the winning score. 14 point swing to win the game. Give the kid some credit when deserved.

  13. Philip Says:

    A-Train, can you stop with the Mccoy hate. It looks like you have posted on every thread complaining about him. The Bucs just had a huge win, so let us enjoy it. Seriously man, stop being such a whiner.

  14. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Beyond McCoy, no one on the defense registered a sack. Still, I’ll take the win!

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    Conte made a great play. Let’s leave it at that.

    ATrain you’re constantly whining about McCoy. Where was Lavonte yesterday? And the Sunday prior? Get over it dude! We won!

  16. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    I am with RO. He made a good play. Good read. I cant recall what our formation was but that’s why we had 8-9 players in the box for the run. It very well may have been his responsibility to play the pass and by doing so… Made a great play better by taking it back 53 yds.

  17. grafikdetail Says:

    conte said it himself… he just did his job & handle HIS responsibility & not try to do too much…

  18. unbelievable Says:

    Can’t understand how Conte not biting on a run fake, that was designed to fake him out, somehow means he screwed up on the play according to Joe.

    Really scratching my head with this one Joe.

  19. ThunderSack Says:


    You have been spewing this Gerald McCoy hate across every thread since the game ended yesterday. He had no tackles and no sacks. Just a tipped pass for Conte to intercept and a fumble recovery to seal the game.

    Enjoy the win, baby!

  20. A-Train Says:

    I will stop bashing the 100 million dollar player

    When Joe stops bashing the 5 dollar player who has two interceptions in the last two games

    McCoy needs to be called out.. He is paid superstar money he needs to put up superstar numbers

  21. ThunderSack Says:


    “He is paid superstar money he needs to put up superstar numbers”

    I was under the impression that he was paid that money to impact games. What would be “superstar numbers” for a DT in your opinion? I actually have no idea.

  22. ATrain Says:

    A sack , or atleast being on the top of the tackles list …

    He does not pull the double team as much as people say..

    He should have atleast one stop for a loss

  23. ThunderSack Says:

    I looked up some data to understand what you are looking for.

    Here is the Top Rated DT in terms of tackles.
    NYG DT
    Damon Harrison
    Tackles: 54
    Sacks: 1.5
    Forced Fumbles: 0
    Passes Defended: 1
    Interceptions: 0

    Compared to McCoy.
    TB DT
    Gerald McCoy
    Tackles: 20
    Sacks: 4.5
    Forced Fumbles: 2
    Passes Defended: 3
    Interceptions: 0

    Leading DT in sacks in NFL:
    MIA DT
    Ndamukong Suh
    Sacks: 5.0

    McCoy is playing in a different defense where they funnel tackles to LBs and FS/SS. So of course he is not going to be high in tackles. He is also .5 off the lead in sacks. This is with missing a couple of games and not really having the greatest supporting cast.

    I get your frustration, but you have to look at it in context.