Cameron Brate: “I Support Mike”

November 14th, 2016

cameron brateMike Evans’ has a teammate speaking out nationally in support of his public and now famous protest of Donald Trump’s election victory.

For those who missed it, Evans sat on the Bucs bench during the National Anthem before yesterday’s Bucs-Bears game. After the game, Evans explained he was only protesting Trump’s victory and only Ashton Kutcher can get him to stop.

On NBC Sports Radio this morning, PFT Live host Mike Florio celebrated Brate’s huge game against the Bears — seven catches on seven targets and a touchdown. Florio also wanted to know if Evans’ actions took Brate by surprise.

“I was a little surprised yesterday, to be honest,” Brate said of Evans’ public protest yesterday.

“But I support Mike. I was at his wedding in the offseason. Mike is one of my good friends. So part of me knew it was coming. You have to respect his opinion. I’m not going to comment on how I feel about the situation, but I stand with Mike. It’s tricky. It’s a tricky situation, you know, to be in. But I stand with my teammate.”

This could be a great time to drop a Make America Brate again reference, as many Bucs fans have this season for the tight end with the most touchdown catches in the NFL. But maybe not.



173 Responses to “Cameron Brate: “I Support Mike””

  1. Chris Armstrong Says:

    Sry politically correct answer from Cam. Good for him. I don’t support it, but I refuse to actively protest these protests. Life goes on, and I’m glad our team is close enough to look past these differences and maintain. Go Bucs!

  2. jo_mama Says:

    Mike Evans needs to go to Canada.

    Can’t wait until he is traded.

  3. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Joe’s flavor of the week – the nasty, disrespectful, communist Mike Evans!!!

    Gimme a frickin break, Focus on football, not your silly politics!!
    OK. So Joe should ignore things of interest coming from Buccaneers. This isn’t the newspaper, pal.–Joe

  4. Mitch Says:

    Kudos to Mike. Complex issue. Anyone who is familiar with the creation of the 13th amendment and the history that followed it would understand the “why” behind these demonstrations.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Mike Evans needs to go to Canada.

    Can’t wait until he is traded.”


    LOL. You’re not really that dumb, are you?

  6. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I support Mike Evans 100%..

  7. veteran Buc fan Says:

    If he don’t like this country and the choices it made there’s always Canadian Football for him!! Bye Bye Another spoiled ass kid crying because he didn’t get his way.

  8. Warren Says:

    I support Mike

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    nawl…mike evans needs to stay right here in tampa and have his name in the ring of honor…..I stand with kap and mike….how about we let the native Americans decide who should stay and go….I mean it is their land that was stolen from them by YOU KNOW WHO….GO KAP GO MIKE GO BUCS!!!!

  10. mike10 Says:

    Focus on football Joe. What does everyone expect his teammates to say? The real story would be anyone in that locker room disagreeing…
    Joe is all about football. More football postgame stuff here than anywhere else since the end of yesterday’s game.–Joe

  11. Brutusbangdingo Says:

    Looks like the elitist left are getting really desperate with the psyops. No way in hell Mike really cares about this issue because he said it himself he doesn’t follow politics nor did he vote! As a Cuban American of color and veteran , seeing Mike do this disapoints me because I think he’s not being genuine about it . I voted for Trump and am not a racist rather someone tired of the left and their identity politics and lack of real progress

  12. Dave Says:

    If they dont sign evans to a long to a long term contract because of this bullsh** i will lose it, thats all im worried about lock him up long term hes a beast

  13. jo_mama Says:


    First home win and this total DBAG takes the after win focus away from the team.

    Leave town.

  14. veteran Buc fan Says:

    Cancelled my Season Tickets for next year over this idiot. I wore a uniform too that defended that Flag. That defended that anthem. America spoke, if you don’t like its response there are many other countries out there for him to choose from.

  15. mike10 Says:

    Then that’s a shame… because this certainly is overshadowing a long-awaited home victory.

  16. RealityCheck Says:

    If anyone is complaining about this, then they should never again be allowed to call anyone else a “crybaby” in their lives. The hypocrisy is astounding. People are threatening to boycott the team and demanding that an employer fire and employee bc of his beliefs. I go to watch the best players play football. It’ll be nice when all of you complaining fans cancel your tickets and leave the rest of us to enjoy our football team.

  17. Warren Says:

    Two things I would bet money on:

    Season ticket holder “veteran Buc fan” is neither a season ticket holder or a Veteran 🙄

  18. D-Rome Says:

    You have to respect his opinion

    No, you don’t have to respect his opinion. I’m indifferent about his opinion and the opinion of the protesters. I support a person’s right to peaceably protest even if they are protesting something that will never change. He’d have a much better chance throwing a 50 yard touchdown to himself than preventing Trump from taking office in January.

    This is the process we have and it’s worked for over two hundred years. It was a fair Presidential election. If anyone should be protested against it’s the DNC and Hillary Clinton for colluding against Bernie Sanders. Now *that* was unfair.

  19. Warren Says:

    So let me get this straight…Trump supporters are TOTALLY against politically correct speech….unless it goes against their personal political beliefs? Got it 👍

  20. bucsfaninchina Says:

    @Warren Yep, and it is the OTHER side that is supposed to be so butt hurt

  21. veteran Buc fan Says:

    USN 93-99 USS Philippine Sea CG-58, Been a Season Ticket Holder Since 2006. So wrong on both. How much Money you got Warren? I like easy Money!!

  22. Bucsfanman Says:

    SMH at the vitriol that some spout here.
    @813- Don’t speak the truth now. “Some” people don’t want to hear it!
    @Warren- That’s probably a safe bet!

    Do your thing Mike! It’s your right and I fought for it!

  23. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Joe, this is too funny! The Bucs fan in China is calling Evans a Communist! Thanks for making my day!!

  24. 98bucsfan Says:

    Obviously I don’t like the decision he made but I mean that is why we all have opinions. I’ll be honest I don’t like the whole sitting during anthem thing. I believe there is a different action you can take to protest but however, he is just trying to correct an issue and he’s on my favorite team so I support him and hope all of this gets cleared up soon.

  25. LakeLandBuc Says:

    What I don’t support is a man that brags about groping women. A man who is twice divorced, 5 children with 3 different women. A man who hasn’t paid taxes in over 20 years. A man who filed Chapter 11 four times. A man who successfully avoided being drafted, while poor innocent boys were sent to the slaughterhouse of Vietnam. But that man is now the President of America ( The country with no morals or values). Also kn own

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Still don’t get why everyone cares so much. Why do you care so much what Mike Evans thinks? Do you have to agree with what everyone says? It’s totally fine and understandable if you don’t like it. Hell, I don’t like it. But in the grand scheme of things, what does it matter? I care about how he plays on Sundays. I’ve yet to hear a logical reasoning why you should care so much about what a 23 year old football player thinks.

  27. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Hawaiian, stop talking! Poster aren’t supposed to make so much sense here. Haven’t you figured that out yet?! Lol

  28. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The country also known as ” The Great Satan” now has a Venomous Serpent as President.

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yeah Hawaiian! What are you trying to do? Make sense?!

  30. Pit Says:

    What’s was Brate supposed to say.

    ME should find some of his communist friends and get out on 275 and stop the traffic. Come on Mike do it. I wou

  31. Maze Says:

    No doubt WHO CARES? Lmao

  32. Artemis Rand Says:

    Clinton got a child molester off on the charges and then laughed about it. Check and Mate liberals.

    BTW. Juanita Broaderrick.

  33. Mark Says:

    If you cancelled your season tickets over Evans than that’s your prerogative. If you take issue with someone expressing their constitutional rights, however disrespectful they may appear to be, you take issue with what it means to be an American. Our veterans fought to protect this very right.

  34. rayjay1122 Says:

    As a veteran myself, active duty Army 1992-1997, I am disappointed in Evans decision to sit especially with it being veterans day weekend. That being said, we served to defend freedom and that includes the freedom not to vote or stand during our national anthem. It is classless in my opinion but his right nonetheless.

  35. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    I support Mike, Trump and America!

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    @Lakeland….preach!!!!!!…GO BUCS!!!!

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I wouldn’t cancel my season tickets if the entire team sat for the anthem. Who freaking cares? Get over yourselves. The only people who I can understand getting upset are those in the military. Everyone else needs to worry about their own. All the problems in this world, and people are upset because a 23 year old football player doesn’t stand during a song?!

  38. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    LakeLand, Trump wasn’t elected because our country lacks morals, he was elected because our country is tired of career politicians. When you have the two worst major party candidates of all time, the one with the least connection with the elites will win. If Clinton didn’t have her private server I think she wins. The biggest thing Clinton could use against trump was lack of experience. She lost that argument when Trump and the media could go after her for being nonchalant with national security. Perfect storm for an outsider to thrive in. I wish they both lost.

  39. rayjay1122 Says:

    The other thing that everyone who is unhappy over the election results have is the right to choose a new country to call home. Many citizens were unhappy with Obama for the past 8 years yet dealt with it. If you do not like Trump, either deal with it or leave. Simple.

  40. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Artemis- Sean Hannity called! He wants his shtick back.
    @Eric75- For the most part, AMEN!

  41. rayjay1122 Says:

    Hawaiian Buc says

    All the problems in this world, and people are upset because a 23 year old football player doesn’t stand during a song?!

    Just a song? Is the Flag just a piece of cloth? Why not find a Bald Eagle to shoot since it is just a bird? SAD!! SMH!!!

    A nation divided cannot stand. Some of you will know who said that.

  42. Eric Says:

    Joe next time you see Mike ask him if he knows who Francis Scott Key is.

    Follow up would be where he was located when he wrote the lyrics.

    I am putting the chances at 1% that he knows either.

  43. Waly Says:

    Done with the Bucs until mike stands.

  44. The Buc Realist Says:

    all is not lost for ME13, while it was a mistake to protest on salute the services weekend!!! He can still salvage the P.R. nightmare!!! And its words from Derrick Brooks that should be the path!!! First ask the team to put him in 48 “concussion protocol”!!!! Next start a grass roots movement to have a lobbyist or an adviser for race relations to the cabinet for the president!!! Call the organization Bureaucratic Urban of Transformation, Wellness Health Equal Treatment, Sensible Adjective Yourselves Socially, Organization of Teach American Youth!!!! or But Whet says O-tay for short!!!! But the name is not important right now!!! The fact that you can protest in way that are productive!!!!!

  45. Eastsidebuc Says:

    Shout out to Cameron Brate leaving his white privilege at the door and supporting his brother. It takes a real man to do that. No shoutout to all the colonist being patriotic when it’s convenient for them.

  46. Pit Says:

    Jameis never ever throw a TD pass to him. Use him to get us to RZ then switch to Brate.


  47. 911bucs Says:

    I said it yesterday and Howard stern said it on his show today, wait until the man gets in office and if you don’t like it then do your protesting and gearing up for the next election in 2020.

  48. RealityCheck Says:

    @Pit – Yea, I’m sure Jameis cares more about your opinion than he does about Mike Evans. He’ll no doubt sacrifice what’s good for the team and the fans so he can help out with your adult temper tandrum. What planet are you people from?


  49. ChanEpic Says:

    Can someone tell me why Pres-Elect Trump can run a whole campaign on how bad America is(has gotten) and people vote for him. But when someone like Mr. Evans says essentially the same thing, that America has gone backwards and is getting bad, those same Trump voters get really offended? How does that work exactly?

  50. RD Says:

    Long time visitor and Bucs fan. Was actually impressed how the team did not get caught up in this noise. Now to see the team openly getting political is too much. Done with the NFL from here on out until they get the act together.

    Getting too deep here but our society gives athletes/actors these truly undeserved platforms to begin with. Time for us as a nation to look in the mirror consider priorities in life.

  51. Ryan Says:

    So to all of you so vehemently opposed to Evans’ stance who have likely spent the past year+ complaining about how politically correctness was ruining America, can you all collectively concede that your opposition to political correctness has simply been a masquerade hiding the fact that you’re just too emotionally immature to handle someone with a differing opinion? Mike made a stand that even myself, someone who was also strongly opposed to trump’s candidacy, can’t help but disagree with. But you all as trump supporters are contradicting the very bones of your logic by crying so hard over somebody’s opinion. Grow up. Feel free to disagree with him as I do too but if you were actually genuine in your views and not so hypocritical this issue wouldn’t bother you lot nearly as much as it is. But since it is bothering you all so much might I recommend finding a safe space where the spooky opinions of others can’t contradict with your predetermined life views.

  52. Jim Says:

    I don’t support Evans…but it’s just like the country…this will be a split decision…but speakin
    For me…and that’s all I can speak for

    No Evans jersey ..and if opportunity arises for pro bowl vote…nope

    That’s my right

  53. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Only the Sexual Predators, Tax Cheats, Womanizers, Draft Dodgers, Mentally Disturbed support Trump. Birds of a Feather, will flock together.

  54. C2 Says:

    My respect for Mike Evans just INCREASED. I hate these fake disingenuous patriots who rattle on about their rights but don’t give two whatever about others rights. You have the right to be a flag waver, anthem stander if you want and he has the same rights to not if he does not want. It’s arrogant to think your discomfort with what he thinks and does regarding a song or politics should effect his employment if he is performing his job at a exceptional level. How bout I go to all your jobs and demand you are fired for telling your little N word jokes and disrespecting the current President?

  55. Doug Says:

    Mike Evans lost a huge fan this weekend. Trade him ASAP!!!

  56. 911bucs Says:

    You’re a douche,

  57. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    Sorry but ME is making an ignorant statement by doing this protest, the man has no skin in the game HE DID NOT VOTE.. if he really wanted to change things step 1 would be to vote, he took a knee on 2 days apparently

  58. Bucs Nihilist Says:

    When Barry “The Community Organizer/anti-semite/Marxist/liar” O’Bama was elected then re-elected…I thought “well that sucks” and then went back to work. Get over it and work harder for your candidate in 2020. Have a feeling he didn’t do much to promote his candidate. However dumb the kid is, he does have the right to be dumb. Speech we disagree with is the speech we need to protect the most.


  59. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t go to Bucs games for Politics. I don’t hate those that feel differently about it. Sunday is where we can all come together and unite as Buc fans. Evans blew it for me and I will not attend another game or watch on tv until the Bucs deal with this clown.

  60. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hate the fact that Mike Evans is causing us to even talk politics here. I come here for Football and Mike Evans can shove that ball up his A$$!!!

  61. orlbucfan Says:

    D-Rome Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 11:02 am

    If anyone should be protested against it’s the DNC and Hillary Clinton for colluding against Bernie Sanders. Now *that* was unfair.
    LakeLandBuc Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 11:12 am

    What I don’t support is a man that brags about groping women. A man who is twice divorced, 5 children with 3 different women. A man who hasn’t paid taxes in over 20 years. A man who filed Chapter 11 four times. A man who successfully avoided being drafted, while poor innocent boys were sent to the slaughterhouse of Vietnam.
    Can I pick my friggin’ pieces up off the floor???????? AMEN and kudos @D-Rome and @LakeLandBuc!!!! Since this is a POLITICO thread, I agree with ME13. 🙂 GO BUCS!!

  62. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “I don’t support Evans…but it’s just like the country…this will be a split decision…but speakin
    For me…and that’s all I can speak for

    No Evans jersey ..and if opportunity arises for pro bowl vote…nope

    That’s my right”


    Exactly. This guy gets it.

  63. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Mike Evans lost a huge fan this weekend. Trade him ASAP!!!”


    You’re delusional if you think that would happen. It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s your right to boycott the Bucs, but it’s really silly in my opinion. He’s one guy in an organization of 100s. It’s also an organization that does tons for the military. If you don’t like Evans now, that’s totally fine. You have that right just like he has the right to sit. If you want to burn his jersey, go for it. If you want to boo him every game, knock yourself out. But to punish the entire team is something I will never understand. It’s a game. Nothing more, nothing less.

  64. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe, I’m curious about what you feel are the differences between Kaepernick & Evans….
    I’ll take a stab at that….correct me if I’m wrong. Kaepernick is theirs and that makes his actions objectionable…..Evans is ours so it’s OK by us.

    Kaepernick was the first….so, he’s the one to blame for this style of protest….Evans is simply a follower or “sheep” as Realist would put it.

    The two protests are totally different…..Kaepernick’s is more general and much broader and Evans is very specific to Trump.
    My perspective is that it is impossible to object to Trump without objecting to all his supporters also. After all, they elected him. The problem is that many Buc fans are Trump supporters, so Mike’s actions speak directly to them. You can’t have it both ways….I support our Vets but want to sit during the anthem…..I support Trump voters but not Trump. What about objecting to the 43% of eligible voters that stayed home (Kaepernick included) I presume Mike voted but we don’t or never will know for sure.
    All of this will blow over when many others use the anthem as a method to air whatever grievance they have. Then it will be meaningless.

  65. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Tom Brady refused to go to the White House with his teammates, and their was no backlash. But now these Sickos are hating on Mike Evans, because he took a stance against a Sexual Predator.

  66. lightningbuc Says:

    The Glazers have to be ecstatic today. Evans sitting and a mediocre cornerback’s wife calling the fans racist – who needs a PR department at One Buc? And Koetter wonders why season ticket holders sell their tickets to other teams’ fans!

  67. LakeLandBuc Says:

    When you have a 59 year old man bragging about groping women, something isn’t right about him. Also a 69 year old man making fun of the handicap. This guy has to be Mentally Unstable, and to think that people actually voted for him to become President. I wouldn’t want those Wackos who voted for him in my circle.

  68. RealityCheck Says:

    This is going to work out so nicely. Shorter concession lines, less traffic, and less idiots at the stadium. My Sundays just got more enjoyable.

  69. lightningbuc Says:

    LakeLandBuc Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 12:47 pm
    When you have a 59 year old man bragging about groping women, something isn’t right about him. Also a 69 year old man making fun of the handicap. This guy has to be Mentally Unstable, and to think that people actually voted for him to become President. I wouldn’t want those Wackos who voted for him in my circle.


    Good, I don’t want to be in your “circle” jerk anyways.

  70. Rod Munch Says:

    Instead of talking about football and being 4-5 and still having a chance in the NFC South, the cuck Evans had to make everything about himself. This moron is protesting a free elections because he doesn’t like the results – and doing so by disrespecting the military on a day we’re honoring veterans. He’s a moron and will soon be, if he isn’t already, the most hated person in town. I hope for his sake and the teams sake he realizes what a petulant child he has been and eats he screwed up and chose the wrong form to make a statement, since if not an already apathetic fan base will only get smaller.

  71. 813bucboi Says:

    @Lakeland….damn it preach!!!!!!…..GO KAP GO MIKE!!!!!!

  72. Rod Munch Says:

    When Obama was elected in 2008 I was so mad I went and stood in the McDonald’s drive through.

  73. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Everyone will hate Evans, right up until he has another 2 TD, 150 yard game.

  74. Rod Munch Says:

    LakeLandCuc- the old rich white lady who was a career criminal and will still go to jail for the massive corruption that is the Clinton Foundation, the old corrupt career politician that sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians, the old hag who was accepting gifts of millions of dollars as Secretary of State and not reporting it, the fat ankled slit who destroyed evidence after it was subpoenaed and lied under oath – that pig of a woman lost.

    But yeah I can see why you’re so concerned. I mean Trump isn’t a career criminal and he once made a joke about how when you’re a billionaire these groupies will come up to you and let you do anything you want to them – I mean you as a cuck I can see why that’s the most important thing in this election – but you have to keep in mind everyone isn’t like you cucks and thus the reason you lost.

    Anywho all crying makes no difference now. Political correctness is dead. Cucks are yesterday’s news. President Trump will take office and when he does, he’s your president too.


  75. Couch Fan Says:

    You can tell who actually does their research into things they know nothing about and those who believe anything the media tells them. Comical.

  76. CreamsickleBananaHammock Says:

    If he don’t like this country and the choices it made there’s always Canadian Football for him!! Bye Bye Another spoiled ass kid crying because he didn’t get his way.

    He says as he puts his tri-corner hat and Gadsden flag tshirt back in the closet

  77. Rod Munch Says:

    Good afternoon private Hawaiian Cuc, the cuck army is growing and soon we will be able to do our cuck invasion where we meet a rest stop with drills and make sure every stall has a hole in it.

  78. CreamsickleBananaHammock Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the Big Dog on this — the guy cut players from his fantasy football team (LOL that’ll show ’em) because they sat for the anthem

  79. Ryan Says:

    “oh my sweet baby Jesus this is going to make the fan base even more apathetic! Let’s get rid of our best offensive player and Jameis’ only weapon to throw to! THAT’LL get the fans back in the seats!”

    Miko nailed the gutless and moronic nature of our fan base right on the head.

    Jim’s comment above also got it right: Don’t agree with Evans? Don’t buy his jersey, don’t vote him into the pro bowl. That’s an incredibly level headed and appropriate response.

  80. unbelievable Says:

    @RealityCheck and @ Warren,

    Yep, a large majority Trump supporters are some the whiniest hypocrites you’ll ever find. Not really surprising though.

    Shout out again to Hawaiian and LUV for being thoughtful, respectful and reasonable last night.

    As for Artemis douche and cuck munch, you truly are EVERYTHING that is wrong with this country.

  81. unbelievable Says:, where racist, a!t-right bigots can post whatever they want, but normal, level-headed people get moderated for typing the words “a!t-right”. The horror!

    The Joes really are showing their true colors the last few days.

  82. lightningbuc Says:


    Sounds like you have a bad case of butt-hurt from last Tuesday’s ass whoopin’.

  83. mark2001 Says:

    Cam is a bright Harvard educated athlete..anyone with a good education and a degree of understanding of our constitution would feel the same way. Notice…he said “You have to respect his opinion”. Obviously many do not Cam…those don’t that aren’t well educated about such things or have no respect for the constitution.

  84. unbelievable Says:

    Nope, I just call out the a!t-right, racist f@cking douceb@gs like artemis rand and cuck munch on this site.

    And by ass-whoopin, I assume you mean winning the general vote by over 600,000 votes so far, but losing the electoral college? When 46% of the country didn’t even vote? Yea, quite an ass whoppin indeed… I guess you probably think the Jets got an ass whoopin in the their 9-6 loss yesterday too.

    Thanks for showing your ignorance, come and play again.

  85. Kobe Faker Says:

    Im a jameis winston/jenna laine fan…

    I dont see why me13 is CONNECTING his nonsupport of trump with our natinal anthem and…..

    I dont see why buc fans are CONNECTING me13 stance with their support of the buccaneers franchise and other players

    The buccaneers org has been and always will be pro military and displayed countless times their devotion to the veterans in every way possible

  86. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Unbelievable, the joes don’t control the moderation, it’s automatic if it catches certain words. Do you really think the joes just sit there all day to watch what people write about trump in the comment section? Lol

  87. Steven007 Says:

    HawaiianBuc makes a great point: the Bucs as an organization do a TON for the military. Always have. So go ahead brand new Mike Evans haters, punish the entire organization for your dislike for #13. If you let your distaste for one young man ruin what I’m guessing is years of fandom, for the sum effect of nothing (selfish pride I suppose – certainly no one else will benefit from this particular “stand” of yours) then you clearly have better things to worry about than football. Namely your anger issues and general mental health.

  88. mark2001 Says:

    Lightening…those that are “butt hurt” are the low educated, low wage morons that think Trump will “make them great again”, when he will only make himself greater again, and the poor that rely on government for help. Evans won’t be hurt. I won’t be, as I’m relatively financially blessed. I just don’t want to hear the moaning and B’ing when many of his supporters can’t sit down.

  89. martinii Says:

    It basically comes down to the First Amendment. I fought in Vietnam to stay alive and protect my fellow Marines. However I was indirectly serving to protect our Constitution that includes the First Amendment. Evans and Brate have every right to express their opinions. Now, “Please” lets get back to football. Its a great day in Tampa Bay, we won a home game!

  90. mark2001 Says:

    Well said martinii…..

  91. unbelievable Says:

    BuccaneEric, I’ve built dozens of WordPress sites so I understand very well how the comments work. The Joes set up a list of words that filter comments into moderation, or in some cases just delete the comments automatically.

    My point is I get moderated for typing the words “a!t-right” and no other profanities, while these clearly racist bigoted posters can sit here calling people cucks all day.

    So choosing those specific words to filter out is showing someone’s true colors.

  92. Tony Says:

    Conformity is the recipe for disaster of every fallen empire and the vehicle to which many a democracy has been destroyed over the centuries. Our great nation was founded based on a group of dissenters who refused authoritarian rule. Our President elect ran on a platform that was completely contrarian from politics as usual, i.e. conformity to the way things had been for a long time.

    Mike Evans isn’t what is wrong with America. He is a product of why America is great. None of us should ever conform, ever… because to do so would kill the very spirit on which our country was founded.

    Disagree with him, absolutely. But never disagree with the rights he has to disagree with you and vice versa. Because that is truly why America is ALREADY great.

  93. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I am good with ME or Kap doing whatever it is but walk the walk, they both don’t proving they are both ignorant to what they are actually doing. I do not live in Hillsborough County nor the area of Texas Mike Evans was at one point registered but I am sure that if he voted in either place or sent his absentee ballot in and educate himself on both Trump and all issues he stands for and behind his taking a knew would be as stated above whatever he decides. But I am pretty sure he has no clue on any issue Trump actually stands for or wants to try and help America. Bringing jobs back to America and taking away foreign companies that are killing the US. Vetting islamic countries where there is a large incident of people wanting to kill Americans. Now ME is from Texas, so I am guessing that there are people in his hometown that may get jobs taken from them from illegal aliens, so some of Trumps American first ideas may help his hometown I do not know but it is pretty obvious either does ME since he DID NOT VOTE

  94. BucinJAX Says:

    I’m older than most of the posters here. I remember that most of the companies I worked for would fire you if you did anything significantly detrimental to their business, at least while you were at work. You always had the right to protest or do anything lawful while on your own time. But, you couldn’t do it on company time. I think it should still be that way. Protest all you want – on your time. But, do something while at work that loses the business any money and disciplining actions should be taken.

  95. ChanEpic Says:

    Still would like a Trump voter to explain why Trump won you over with the “America is not great” message but Mike Evans’ sentiment, “America is not great” is somehow making you hate him. How are the two sentiments any different? Trump = “america is not great because of Obama” Evans = “America is not great because of Trump”

    Why can’t both be true?

  96. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I hear that GMC paid Mike Evans to sit… change the subject from him.

    I hear they have placed a toilet seat on the Jets’ bench in case ASJ wants to sit/$hit.

  97. ChanEpic Says:

    BucinJax – You’re whole post assumes that Mr. Evans’ expression will definitely negatively impact the Bucs’ bottom line. I see no evidence of this and I doubt Mr. Evans’ contract’s behavior clause does not penalize him for this action so, what’s the big deal?

  98. BucinJAX Says:

    Dusthty, I agree about knowledge. Kap has already shown his ignorance of our history. I’ll bet ME is also just being manipulated by those around him.

  99. lightningbuc Says:


    Electoral College 306-228. That’s an ass whippin’. SCOREBOARD, BABY!

  100. Destinjohnny Says:

    It’s his right and I applaud anyone who stands up for there beliefs whether I agree with them or not.
    Having said that A lot of cats died hard hard deaths giving us our freedoms.
    I’m pissed what the Clintons did to the Haitians
    I’m pissed that over 55 thousand of my black brothers between the ages of 18-44 have killed each other in the last 12 years.
    Protest some of that 13.
    look behind the curtain
    Donald hasn’t even been sworn in yet.
    He is sucks vote him out and protest the whole way.

  101. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Trump won me over because he spoke out to what obviously a huge silent majority was thinking and feeling that this country is going terribly PC and letting other countries take advantage of the greatest country of the world. There is a great showtime series called “The Circus” that one of the liberal hosts of the show states that for the past 26 years the US society and politics have moved away from middle america and this election stated that fact and many americans are ready to go in a different direction. Im fine with Mike Evans doing whatever, but he needs to actually do something to change stuff and not voting nor getting involved in areas he is saying is wrong is just showing that he has not actually thought out this whole thing. I mean MLK and others of the 60s and before got their brains bashed in so they could vote and force change, taking a knee and that is all, just makes him a millionaire ignorant person. Go vote mike go get involved take all the knees you want, its america greatest place in the world, except for all these snowflakes that are in varying stages of grief over an ELECTION…that will occur again in 2 years….go vote then Mike and let trump do his job and try and clean up the mess of the past 8 years

  102. Bucsfanman Says:

    Semper Fi Martinii!!!

  103. ChanEpic Says:

    Dusthty Rhothdes – Thanks for the reply and I agree that those who do not work towards their goals are not to be taken too seriously. I agree that Mr. Evans can/should vote FIRST but I don’t see how you can safely assume ALL he is doing is sitting during the National Anthem, but I see no difference between Trump saying America is not great and others saying the same thing from a different perspective and it is my humble opinion that people are talking past each other instead of finding the common ground we all seem to be standing on, AMERICA NEEDS FIXING. I’m not ashamed to say it, nor should you be, or Mr. Trump or Mr. Evans.

  104. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    ChanEpic, Im with you I do not know if he is doing anything, hope he is, maybe he volunteered for Bernie or Hillary. He is 23 and will mature and learn from all of this and be a productive positive force for the bucs and the community in the future and by doing those things as well as vote he will be making america and the bucs great again, I hope.

  105. Artemis Rand Says:

    Oh gee, what a (not) surprise. The dumbass didn’t vote but is pissed off nonetheless and wants to tell us what to think.

    Memo to dumbass: the day of protest was election day, november 8th. you missed it dumbass.

  106. BucinJAX Says:

    ChanEpic, a whole lot of people on the left don’t think AMERICA NEEDS FIXING.

  107. ChanEpic Says:

    Dusthty Rhothdes – I think WE’VE found common ground. Here’s to everyone else learning by our example! USA USA USA! Go Bucs!

  108. ChanEpic Says:

    BucinJAX Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 2:21 pm
    ChanEpic, a whole lot of people on the left don’t think AMERICA NEEDS FIXING.

    BucinJAX – Apparently Mr. Evans, who I is probably left of you, does. I think you may be to partisan to understand grey areas but those of us who are disgusted by partisanship understand quite well, by watching both “sides” of the political spectrum of the USA I love act like blooming children.

  109. crazy Says:

    I’m starting think Evans was pretty smart – nobody’s talking about him dropping the ball or eyeballing the refs for missed calls anymore.

  110. BUC IT Says:

    The bucs have enough issues with fan support…. they surely didn’t need their star wide out doing something stupid like this. I originally thought that the NFL was too big and popular to be hurt by player protests. But I changed my mind after yesterday. I’ve been a diehard bucs fan for 25 years but I’m very insulted by the lack of respect for our country and president whether you like Trump or not.

  111. Rod Munch Says:

    So it comes out today that the moron Evans didn’t even vote… and he’s complaining about the results of an election?


    Mike just come out and say you were a moron who threw a hissy fit and it won’t happen again and apologize for insulting the troops. Please Mike, I’m begging you, you’re making yourself out to be the biggest dolt in America.

  112. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    crazy that is great!!!! GIG EM, him and jonny football and that TAMU ed are planning a big reunion in England with the Liverpool Jaguars

  113. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    ChanEpic….rock n roll…normal clear thinking people realize they still have to wake up on Monday and go to work and crack the big boulders into little ones down at the quarry and in 2 years there is another election to try and vote the bums out or change political institutions but there will always be bucs football and jason licht cannot be voted out as gm or he would have been thrown out months ago…..i voted laremy tunsil over VH3 and lost that vote and still sucks but life goes on and this was agreat MONDAY because the bucs and gators won

  114. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable cuck – the election was last Tuesday, you and Evans should have voted if you wanted your voice heard.

    Anywho you lost and the rich old white career criminal lady lost. PC is dead bro- you’re obsolete. We won all three branches of government and have the guns – so things are going to change. Should have thought of that when Obama was ramming through stuff like Obamacare without a single Republican vote. Should have thought of that when Obama was ramming through stuff like his failed trillion dollar “stimulus” without a single vote. BTW to put that in perspective, that trillion dollar stimulus which failed to meet every single one of its stated goals, that cost us – the ones paying taxes – $10,000 each.

    As for your opinion of who voted for Trump, in Florida 36% of hispanics voted for him despite the nonstop media attack. Additionally as for your low-wage uneducated comment, the majority of those making over $50,000 voted for Trump, the majority of those making under that voted for Hillary, that is true in all income brackets that break at that point up and down. As for uneducated, well as I sit here in my country club home with multiple luxury cars in my garage with only a 2 year degree – I’m part of that “uneducated” white voter class since you must have a 4 year degree to be considered educated. So while I do that the server at Starbucks that is $100k in debt who votes for Hillary because she says you won’t have to pay back your student loans – that person is the “educated” one. LOL.

    You lost cuck, move on. We have a new election in 4 years, if you actually show-up to vote then you can have a say.

  115. LakeLandBuc Says:

    These Crackpots just voted a 69 year old NUTCASE as their next President, and they are bragging about it. I want to see their stupid faces in a few years.

  116. BigMacAttack Says:

    Ford scraps plans for Mexico plant in favor of Ohio. Russia and Syria both ready to restore relations with the US and Israel. Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and things are improving. Even if you hate Trump, these are steps in the right direction and it’s only the beginning. Seriously, give the guy a chance before you condemn him. Ask the question one year from now “are you better off? Is the country better off?” If not, then by all means, bash him until the cows come home. If things do get better then ask why and give credit where credit is due. Term limits for Congress is a priority for me. Get rid of all the corrupt Republicans and Democrats alike. Take away their massive lifetime pensions and healthcare parachutes. Let Congress inact no law that doesn’t apply to them equally. Are these right or left issues or American issues. And please audit and takeover the Federal Reserve.

  117. Couch Fan Says:

    I am loving the childish name calling and pouting over mine and your next President. Keep the Symphony Of Tears coming. I just love musicals.

  118. mark2001 Says:

    Couch…most guys never even called Obama, President Obama. Why should the shell game huckster deserve any better treatment?

  119. unbelievable Says:

    BigMacAttack – terms limits is something I would love to see but will never happen. Congress will never pass that.

    Infrastructure – another idea I support (btw Obama tried to pass this as well, but Congress (the GOP) wouldn’t let him), and GOP already told Trump it’s not on their list of priorities, AKA it won’t happen.

    Overturn Citizens United? Won’t happen either.

  120. Rod Munch Says:

    Mark – Most people never said President Bush ever – it’s shorthand. Not saying president before a name isn’t the same as taking a dump on a bunch of veterans and then admitting you care so much about the issue you didn’t even vote.

    Anywho you cucks don’t seem to get the issue. You’re allowed to not like the president, whoever they are. They I didn’t like Obama yet I wasn’t onboard with Kap disrespecting the flag. The office of president is bigger than the person in it, and if you had even a basic understand of the country you’d get that. It’s a large part of the reason you cucks lost this election- you’re out of touch, and now you’re out of power and there will be political payback.

  121. Couch Fan Says:

    What Rod said is true. It doesnt matter if you add president to his title or not but to say “He’s not my president” is completely different because yes he is your president whether you want to add President to his name or not.

  122. Dave Says:

    They need to shut the hell up and play football. They are finally getting fans back to the stadium and now some idiots are going to alienate them.

    We do not protest over losing an election. That’s called being a whiny biotch.
    It’s ridiculous.

  123. Trevor Tyler Says:

    What is the purpose of this? What does this have to do with how he plays?

  124. Rod Munch Says:

    Dave, you’re right – and to think it was Hillary just over a week ago saying that refusing to accept the outcome of the election threatens democracy. Yet you have riots in cities where people march around saying they won’t accept the results of the election and Trump isn’t their president. But in fairness to them since many seem to be illegals they’re actually correct, Trump isn’t their president, the one in Mexico is.

  125. ARGH_M8E Says:



  126. Kelvin Says:

    I, being not a US Citizen nor resident, simply an admirer of many things of the American Culture and so many great people I know in the nation; and huge NFL & Bucs fan, will say the American Nation is looking very unfortunate right now. People showing not acceptance over the different ones starting with the president elect himself is a real shame. True is the whole world is feeling ashamed for you so proud nation and the way you are acting among your own selves.

    Also, and pointing out the Mike Evans protest in particular, I do believe there are infinite amount of ways of showing full rejection of what your own nation has elected as your president that will go further and will not create this much ill advised buzz to you personally and your teammates and organization.

    However, he is 100% right to feel embarrassed for what is happening in “Rome” according to Greg Poppovich (The great american nation). It´s very sickening to think that very questionable & disrespectful human being is the most powerful man in the world in a couple of months. So bad that USA is moving to that direction when the whole world is moving the complete opposite way! Time to revise as a nation where you guys want to be and become because it´s not nice what we are looking at right now!

  127. EP Says:

    Evans missed his call to action which should have been before the election if he wanted a his candidate to win. He has four years to make that change. Sitting not he bench will not get hat to happen. It is sad. Stop Joe Stop! No attention to this non football related thing.

  128. Dave Says:

    He did not even vote?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    MIKE- stfu

  129. BuccaneEric75 Says:


  130. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    See, unbelievable, it didn’t moderate for me. Must have been something else you typed.

  131. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    The joes only get angry or delete comments when people trash Duemig on a personal level, and when they do, they show it in their responses in the comment section. I’ve never seen any political censorship on JBF.

  132. The Buc Realist Says:

    try alt + F4 and it will get it by!!!!

  133. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    My only argument with Evans is wondering what exactly is he hoping to change. If he was serious about getting Trump out of office he should be focusing his efforts on 2020. 2016 is over. What he is doing now will end up being just for show, intended or not.

  134. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    Sorry listening to sports radio right now and I think evans is wrong but I also think he is a young uneducated person, he is only 23 and some of the things I am hearing is way out of bounds, he is growing and will mature and figure things out in the way he finds works for him and his beliefs once he gets some more education on voting and issues that impact him

  135. Eric Says:

    I was kinda hoping Trump would deport our kicker………..

  136. jb Says:

    I’m all in on the Evans-Brate ticket for the presidency! They’d do a much better job than the misogynistic, bigoted, xenophobic, hate filled bunnwipes about to take office!
    I’ll be in DC January 20th protesting along with several million others. Keep up the great work Mike! We’re (my family) behind you both on and off the field!

  137. jb Says:

    Never realized soooooo many Buc fans were soooooo incredibly stupid.

  138. unbelievable Says:

    Buccaneric, it ended up going through either way, eventually. Pretty strange subject for you to keep harping on though, considering everything else that is being discussed.

  139. BigMacAttack Says:

    Evans can protest all he wants, just don’t do it at the games.

  140. BigMacAttack Says:

    This just in: Trump was allegedly born in Canada. I need to see his birth certificate lol

  141. unbelievable Says:

    I demand to see Trump’s birth certificate! LOLOL

  142. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Mike Evans sitting is not gonna put us in the national spotlight, that media coverage is a month old. What will put us in the spotlight is a win over the Dallas Cowboys. If we stop their run a make DAK throw we will have a chance at beating the 2d best team in the NFL.

  143. buc15 Says:

    While I don’t agree on how Mike went about it, I know it takes big coconuts to stand up for what you believe in sometimes.

  144. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    veteran Buc fan Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 10:58 am
    Cancelled my Season Tickets for next year over this idiot. I wore a uniform too that defended that Flag. That defended that anthem. America spoke, if you don’t like its response there are many other countries out there for him to choose from.

    No, U defended his right to do exactly what he did u twat.

  145. wesley Says:

    Calm down people, this is America, he has the right to be dumb.

  146. wesley Says:

    veteran Buc fan,

    Cancel your tix over one persons actions? WTF that makes no sense.

  147. Shane Says:

    Maybe just MAYBE Evans didn’t vote because he didn’t like either of the candidates and didn’t wanna waste his vote on someone who isn’t going to win anyway. Could that be that Mike thinks that America has taken a few steps behind politically?? Probably a good chance this is true. You act like if he doesn’t support Trump hes automatically for Hillary. SMH

  148. Shane Says:

    hE DOESN’T have TO VOTE TO PROTEST Especially if he doesn’t like the candidates.

  149. Rod Munch Says:

    buc15 – Standing up against free elections? LOL. That doesn’t take balls, that takes having a tomato in your head where the brain is supposed to be.

  150. Rod Munch Says:

    wesley – Exactly, he does have the right to be dumb, and everyone has the right to point and laugh and call him a world class piece of garbage. He has his free speech rights as does everyone else. The guy is a dope and I hope for his sake he figures out what a moron he looks like, to be protesting the results of a free election – then not even bothering to vote. It’s OK not to vote, many people shouldn’t since they don’t know the first thing about politics – for example how the electoral college works and why it exists. However if you’re going to complain about one candidate winning and you didn’t even do your part to vote against that candidate, even that is OK so long as you get people are going to mock you. However when you sit for the national anthem, on a day where they’re saluting the troops, when they’re doing fundraisers for Pat Tillman’s organisation, when you sit down and take a stand against that, and that is what he did – you’re a world class moron and people are not going to like you.

    From what I’ve heard Dirk only has one player jersey in his office, that is of Pat Tillman. For Evans to pick that day to make that statement, to do it in that way, I hope Dirk straightens him out. If Evans wanted the old white woman to win so he could have his Driving Miss Daisy world come true, then great for him. But when that doesn’t happen, to do something as petulant as sit out the anthem you must realize that is going to be taken personally by most of the military there and at the very least half the country.

    Evans messed up big time and I truly hope it’s just the case of a dumb kid not really understanding what he was doing because he lives in a PC bubble. Hopefully he comes out, says he screwed up and say nothing like that will happen again. People don’t watch football to learn about politics. I don’t care and didn’t want to know that Tom Brady supported Trump, I don’t care and don’t want to know that Mike Evans doesn’t like Trump. But just knowing that is very different than taking a stand (well sitting) against the country, which is what he did. Protesting free elections, it’s just insanely dumb and typical of a product of the modern school system.

  151. DB55 Says:

    ChanEpic Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 12:05 pm
    Can someone tell me why Pres-Elect Trump can run a whole campaign on how bad America is(has gotten) and people vote for him. But when someone like Mr. Evans says essentially the same thing, that America has gone backwards and is getting bad, those same Trump voters get really offended? How does that work exactly?
    That’s a damn good question. 🤔

  152. orlbucfan Says:

    LakeLandBuc Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    These Crackpots just voted a 69 year old NUTCASE as their next President, and they are bragging about it. I want to see their stupid faces in a few years.
    Me, too. Will somebody tell Rudy Guiliani to get his teeth fixed? He looks worse than the TV zombies!

  153. Bucs Ace Says:

    I guarantee you this….if the TV ratings continue to slide……the owners will find a way to get them back……with or without Mike Evans

  154. lightningbuc Says:

    “No, U defended his right to do exactly what he did u twat.”


    Calling a United States’ veteran a twat? Stay classy!

  155. AtlBucFanDan Says:

    DB55 Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    ChanEpic Says:
    November 14th, 2016 at 12:05 pm
    Can someone tell me why Pres-Elect Trump can run a whole campaign on how bad America is(has gotten) and people vote for him. But when someone like Mr. Evans says essentially the same thing, that America has gone backwards and is getting bad, those same Trump voters get really offended? How does that work exactly?
    That’s a damn good question. 🤔
    I think it is the vehicle in which he chose to make his ‘sit.’

  156. Bronco62 Says:

    Unacceptable. I retired last week from the Army after 30 years. While I agree with anyone’s right to protest, do it on your own time. Those idiots running the NFL should acknowledge the players right to protest anywhere or anytime as long as it is not in an NFL stadium or in an NFL uniform.

  157. Chris Says:

    Although it’s his right, it’s a boneheaded move. You’ve got very little to gain, but you are going to alienate at least SOME of your fanbase. For a team that is struggling to sell tickets and generate fan interest, it’s just not smart. I would say the same thing if he wore a shirt saying Hillary for prison.

  158. Willy D Buc Says:

    Looking to buy a Mike Evans jersey.

  159. Buccaneers Says:

    It’s a beautiful thing that we are allowed this freedom of speech while those in other countries are persucated for less. The thing that bothers me is this kid represents our town when he puts on that jersey. From this display its obvious he cares less about this area and its fans…… he even took a dump on veterans in the process. Why is this my team….why? I hate being a fan of this garbage team with garbage players…….Somebody said classless.Yep

  160. Buccaneers Says:

    And ya know what. Screw this. It is not his right. He is at work. He needs to do what he’s told………Im certain there are no labor laws giving a right to protest on the clock. It’s a spineless league and we have spineless owners who will let this clown prance on the sideline as an entitled jerk0ff……….And for you Mike, everybody thinks your great but your a choke artist. You dropped two balls each on a game winning drive vs Oak and you do the same whenever the games in the balance. You got no guts………you best kiss that flag cause if cholera like you had to fight for it itd be long gone.

  161. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    If you want to know why a black guy might have a problem with Trump, do a little research on Trump’s new chief advisor. I still can’t believe he chose that guy!

  162. Owlykat Says:

    Evans is an incredible talent this team needs and showed against Oakland that he is as great as any receiver in the NFL. But for him to say he has common sense–no he doesn’t. At a critical time when his team because of so many injuries needs all hands on deck to keep their focus to beat a very talented Kansas City Team this coming Saturday, he picked this time to create the biggest distraction this team has faced in a long time, and even picked a day honoring our Veterans to disrespect our flag!!! So Wednesday the press will be pestering every Buc on their take on Evan’s distraction. That is a recipe for disaster for our upcoming game. And when we lose many of the dedicated Bucs fans will blame him for the loss too. This also will cost the Bucs a loss in support and revenue too. All employers have the right to regulate the speech and actions of their employees at work despite the First Amendment. So if the Bucs fail to take the same stance as the Dallas Ownership requiring all their players to stand for our flag, they will lose about half of their fans who elected Trump and a lot of their Veteran support. Mental problems resulted in all of Evans drops last year but our WR Coach has gotten him over that problem. Hopefully Koetter will have a heart to heart talk with him on teaching him he is not here to be a political pundit, he is paid to catch passes and support this TEAM and never make this mistake again!!!

  163. cmurda Says:

    I support Mike demonstrating what he believes is right and I certainly support him as an integral part of this team. Regardless of how I find his protests offensive, I also respect that he made it clear it was not a knock against the Vets.

  164. RealityCheck Says:

    @Buccaneers – seek mental counseling. Mike isn’t secretly browsing this site so who are you spouting off to exactly? Grow up crybaby.

  165. James Walker Says:

    There is a reason why it was THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

  166. James Walker Says:

    If you don’t like Evan’s freedom of speech please move to Russia where you can have all the censorship you can stomach.

  167. Rod Munch Says:

    Buccaneers – Evans is a piece of trash in my opinion for doing this, and you can read about above where I’m mocking the cucks that support him, however I don’t ever want any company to be able to force anyone to stand and salute anything. In school, it’s a different story, they’re kids and it’s part of learning discipline and respect – but as an adult you’re free to make your choices, and live with those choices, which means he’s gets mocked and made the most hated person in Tampa. But back to the force standing, even if it held up in court – and I don’t think it would – I don’t want any employer having that power to make you honor something since liberals would abuse that and threaten you with your job to do stuff like honor the inventor of the glory, or honor the first man in a dress to take a dump in a girls bathroom at an elementary school, etc.

    Apparently Dirk is going to sit him down on Wednesday and talk about this and I’m really hoping Evans understands what he did and perhaps with more context to his actions and how he made everything about him on a day they were honor veterans – and part of that honoring had to do with money going to Pat Tillman’s foundation – and the fact Dirk only has one jersey in his office, that of Pat Tillman. I really hope Evans understands what he did and just comes out and says he messed up and it won’t happen again. No grovelling apology needed, no donations, no photo ops, just hopefully he says he messed up, choose the wrong forum to do that, and I and a lot of people can go back to wanting to see him do well and not thinking about politics every time he is targeted, and not yelling you f-ing cuck everytime he drops a pass – of course from home since I won’t be attending any games.

  168. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Such a soft @ss, butt hurt fan base. The guy has a right to not stand for the false idol that is the flag. This is MERICA u want him to respect the decision of the electoral college then you need to respect his decision to excersice his rights.

  169. Rob Says:

    He has every right to do what he’s doing, and it’s guaranteed by the constitution.

    However, he’s protesting the winner of an election he didn’t participate in. This is probably the single dumbest protest I’ve ever seen.

  170. FormerFan77 Says:

    What a shame like the protesters afraid that Trump will destroy America so they go out to destroy America. This fool decides to protest the national anthem at the same time disrespecting military members attending or watching the game. Find another soapbox, until then the Bucs and NFL ratings and fanbase will continue to fall.

  171. Clint Says:

    Brate is this years Gary Barnidge. It’s clear he will never be heard from again

  172. pick6 Says:

    after 18 months of our NEXT PRESIDENT doing and saying wildly disrespectfulthings to (according to him) draw attention to his message that this country is in a bad place, we still have to have hypocrites wanting to punish an ENTERTAINER for 60 seconds of disrespect to draw attention to his message that this country is in a bad place?

    i do not agree with the method of protest, nor do i agree with protesting a fairly contested election, but most of the people taking issue with it endorsed a much cruder protest from a man interviewing for job we used to have much higher expectations for

  173. Buccaneers Says:

    I ain’t ever said to force him to salute munch. My point is for the organisation to not allow for its employees to protest on their dollar. Pretty simple. They make the rules for the players.