Aguayo Channels Stenerud

November 20th, 2016
Troubles behind him?

Troubles behind him?

Joe used to mock Bucs kicker Roberto Aguayo as “Jan Stenerud,” the Hall of Fame kicker who perfected his craft on the very turf that Aguayo kicked on today, Arrowhead Stadium.

Of late, Aguayo has been, well, Stenerud-like. No, Aguayo has not made 50-yard field goals that got Stenerud a bust in Canton. But he has been damned accurate, which, depending on your perspective, is either shocking or reassuring after his early-season struggles.

Aguayo has missed just one field goal attempt in his 10 attempts and in his last two games is a perfect six-for-six on field goals.

Two weeks ago, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said Aguayo has improved in practice. Of course, that’s practice and not games. Big, big difference. Koetter said he wanted to see Aguayo’s practice improvement translate on the field on gamedays.

Joe asked Koetter if today was that day and Koetter said, “I hope so.”

It was chilly (not cold, but crisp) and sunny at Arrowhead Stadium and Koetter waved off any suggestion that Aguayo had perfected kicking in adverse conditions.

“It’s not like we were in Siberia today,” Koetter said. “Shoot, for Kansas City at Thanksgiving time, it was a beautiful day.”

It seems, however, Aguayo may have taken his practice habits onto the NFL playing fields.

9 Responses to “Aguayo Channels Stenerud”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    His stance/approach to the ball looks far better these days. Maybe CobraBoy got ahold of him for a much needed tutorial? 🙂

  2. Destinjohnny Says:

    Kid was a big reason we won!
    It’s been years since we have had a slight reason to believe

  3. LakeLandBuc Says:

    He’s still not worth a 3rd and 4th round pick.

  4. R.O. Says:

    So.. the leading scorer on your team isn’t worth what would have been either players who were career backups/special teams players or out of the league in 2-3 yrs… Really?

  5. Doctor Stroud Says:

    I see another Castrol EDGE Clutch Performer of the Week Award in his future!

  6. AceofAerospace Says:

    I still believe when all is said and done, he will be one of the steals of his draft. Only time will tell, but, I for one, believe it.

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    Have to give credit when credit is due. Aguayo had a great game. Six of the points scored by Bucs outside the kicker contribution. He should get a game ball also.

  8. godzilla13 Says:

    Roberto Aguayo is the player he was drafted to be. His accuracy is back and he is a great asset to this team for the home stretch. Notice his kicks of late are all dead center? Team is firing on all cylinders.

  9. Dick Butkiss Says:

    Lakeland Buc is just salty because he is from Lakeland LOL.