5 Reasons The Bucs Could Lose Tonight

November 3rd, 2016

Not much to say on ASJ.

For the legions of pessimists among the Tampa Bay faithful, Joe’s got you covered.

Here’s five reasons the Bucs could fall to the Falcons tonight:

*America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, isn’t playing well, and he is severely weapons-challenged. Bucs fans have heard repeatedly from Dirk Koetter that the Bucs must get their running game rolling in order to win. Well, who exactly is carrying the rock tonight, against a defense that will be dialed into stopping it? Ancient newcomer backup Antone Smith? Undrafted rookie Peyton Barber? Mike James? He’s had more injuries than carries since 2014.

2. The home curse. Dirk Koetter was talking culture change in September, as in the infectious culture of losing and learning how to win. Well, the Bucs have yet to change the culture. Tampa Bay is 0-3 at home. The rest of the NFC is 34-21-1 at home. Ex-Bucs are usually at the center of a home loss, and the Falcons have a few to choose from.

3. No pass rush. Usually, when the Bucs lose, you can point to their anemic pass rush. Joe’s hoping DE Robert Ayers’ invisible day last Sunday was just rust being shaken off following his ankle injury. Why were the Bucs blitzes failing against the Raiders? Jake Matthews is another tough left tackle opponent, and center Alex Mack has been dominant up the gut of the Falcons’ O-line.

4. Coaching. Bucs fans don’t want to hear it, but until proven otherwise, Dirk Koetter is the fourth best head coach in the NFC South. Defensive coordinator Mike Smith had an historically brutal day against the Raiders on Sunday.

5. El Asesino, The Assassin, Roberto Aguayo. The Bucs and Falcons have played very tight games in their last three contests. If kicking is the difference, Joe would give the edge to Atlanta and Matt Bryant.

HEY OPTIMISTS! Here’s 5 Reasons The Bucs Could Win!

10 Responses to “5 Reasons The Bucs Could Lose Tonight”

  1. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Only 5 reasons?

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Agree with all five Joe, but each could be softened somewhat:
    1. Bucs run game could be significant if our OLine does its’ job. Remember what Dots said … “Doesn’t matter who’s back there (at RB) if we do our job.” (or something like that).
    2. No such thing as a ‘home curse’. Bucs have simply played lousy football in those games that they lost.
    3. Bucs pass rush should be better against the Falcons. Raiders starting OLine is HUGE. Average height: 6’4″. Average weight: 327 lbs (take out the 300 lb center Hudson & the rest of the OLine averages 334 lbs … that’s HUGE). Average NFL experience: over 6 yrs. Sorry, but the Bucs DLine didn’t have a chance.
    4. Bucs coaching staff is still developing their own chemistry. Only so much any coach can do with minimal weapons.
    5. I’d take Matt Bryant too, but Roberto has the talent. He just needs to get his head on straight. Tonight’s a good night to start.

  3. Chucklehead Says:

    I think I quit caring if we win or not this week when we hit the trade deadline and did nothing. Im hoping the the Glazerd stopped Licht from going after people ratherthan him just not finding it necessary to make some moves.

    Anyways, Im just gonna try to enjoy Bucs football for what it is and not get too down on the guys if they shmitt the bed tonight.

  4. Louis Friend Says:

    The reasons to lose look a heck of a lot more solid than the reasons to win. Especially the first point. It really doesn’t matter if he’s without weapons if he can’t hit them anyway.

    He looks a lot like Josh Freeman on these bad days, and that pisses me off. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

  5. BucsFan90 Says:

    Koetter better not quit on his team again. Let the players play

  6. Sydney Says:

    Grimes is a step slow and Hargreaves is a step hesitant. That will be tonight’s loss in a nutshell.

  7. Louis Friend Says:

    Even with my previous comment, this is the NFL. Even bad teams can beat good ones on these short weeks. Atlanta had a tough one themselves against GB on Sunday evening, so I’m not sold on them playing at their peak.

    And the defense can only rebound after that modern art masterpiece they painted on Sunday.

  8. Kobe Faker Says:

    Dipstick dan quinn seattle zone defense

    Unlike the winning defensive coordinators who know how to manhandle koetters offense by blanketing me13, stacking and blitzing jameis, and forcing the other receivers to beat man coverage….

    We are 3-0 because idiot quinn plays majority zone where it gives our talent challenged so called playmakers enough openings for us to score and win

  9. pick6 Says:

    hey remember when matt bryant was our kicker and we didn’t have to worry about MRSA, snapped achilles tendons in offseason charity basketball games, getting brinza’d, or wasting premium draft picks on a position most teams fill off the street? that was fun

  10. unbelievable Says:

    Matt Bryant….. hmmm…. why does that name sound familiar?

    Oh! He was one of our most reliable kickers to ever suit up, and also happened to set our franchise record for longest FG ever kicked.

    Why was he let go again?